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    • Looks like it is Not the catchiest of names but from the bricklink reference you gave it's easy enough to find that the only set it appears in is and then locate the part in the inventory.
    • I cannot find Yellow Minifig, Head Modified Cube with Minecraft Blaze Face Pattern, Brick Link 19729pb007, in the database.
    • Hi Lord Timzor It most be strong enough, you mention number 5292 that is rebrick/Lego nr 42908 i think, am i correct? If you look ad the sets were it is used you can see they always use 2 units and that is also in most of the moc's made with it. For more strenght you can also use 99499 Grts Marchel
    • Good day y'all, Im new to the whole lego scene so please forgive me if this is the wrong place to ask this.  I recently rolled in the 'serious side' of lego. I've had a few lego sets over the years and they're still on the planks in my room.
      But as of last week I got really insterested in making my own lego RC car. So I went on and bought a bunch of stuff:
      SBrick, Servo motor, some extra lights and a secondhand 42039 set (because it was cheap and the guy even gave me the power functions that he build into it)
      Which makes a pretty decent base to build on. And i found a RC motor (5292). Also used but it works well. Really neat condition it seems. So I started building and building and I ended up with a rat-rod design. I think it looks pretty dope.
      Problem is. I think it's too heavy for the 5292 motor to handle. Which I thought he would be able to because when looking on youtube for RC cars people tend to use that one a lot.
      So I kind of assumed it was an awesome motor to build with. How do i go further with this? Is it because the 6 AA batteries are too heavy and not giving the motor enough power? If so what would i need to do?
      Or is it better to ditch the 5292 and buy 2 power functions XL motors and gear up to a decent speed? Kind regards, Tim
    • Is there a way to create a list of the pieces I have (ex. Lego 8285 + Lego 42041 + etc.) and then cross reference it and see which moc builds I could build using what I have?
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