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    • Question about these 2 parts for set 8365-1 from 2003 they are with the non removable pins, these have no Lego numbers, these engine blocks should be changed to 46452c01 & 46453c01  here you can see the part in the instruction of set 8365-1 Even do bricklink does not know them, you can not remove the pins without braking them, these parts are factory made and they are just like these parts with the ad on numbers, 45403/ 45403c01 with pins   47974/ 47974c01 with pins   32531/ 40344c01 with pins (the 40344c01 is not renumered to the real Lego number 32351 and has stil the bricklink number, 32531 is not in use for this part on bricklink) From this one i do not have a picture of my own, but it can be found here 32351c01     Here the 2 engine blocks from set 8365-1 with the non removable pins. 46452c01                                                                    46453c01   And here the version of 46452 for sets 8651-1 + 8649-1 And here the version of the 46453 for sets 8146-1 + 8682-1 (+8376-1)   I do not have the set 8376-1 so for that set i can not check it but if i look in the instructions they use pins 2780 to connect it so that is also the 46453 Please can you make these parts free for use in set 8365, and oye bricklink is not the al mighty if they do not know it does not mean it does not excist.   Bricklink does not have filed the version with pins, Peeron only has the version with pins and brickowl is a copy of all others.
    • Thanks for the quick analysis and fix!  I changed the names and everything's cool now.   Walt
    • I believe the problem comes from this image: %231.png And I think I know what the problem is. The filename contains the character #. While that's not a problem perse, it is in this case. Compare the following two links, the first one is from Bricksafe itself, the second one is the one Rebrickable tried to use: As you can see, the link from Rebrickable directly contains the hashtag, while Bricksafe encodes the hastag to %23. You can fix it for now by renaming the file without the #, but I think it's something that @Nathan needs to fix anyway. Maybe other special characters don't work either?
    • Is there a way to sort the parts list by two factors?  For example, when I sort by Category, it defaults to sorting by color after that, but I want to see the elements sorted by part #.  I know about the drilldown, but I am not looking to isolate one category of parts, so that doesn't work. So is it possible to somehow "sort by x, then by y?" A somewhat related question is, is it possible to specify how to sort the parts list when exporting to an html table?  It seems to default to sorting by part # there and "category" is not a column.
    • This is very interesing i only do not understand why nobody is taking any action to give the numbers free so as Nathan did ask. I think it is for you Thea. I'm waiting a long time for these parts to use.
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