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    • A short description of the bug in question: When I try to use the build search, I get an error 504 (Gateway time-out) error. How the bug can be reproduced by us (if possible): I only have three sets and I am using the following search criteria: Part color sensitivity: Ignore. Ignore printed and patterned part differences: Checked. Ignore mold variations in parts: Checked. Consider alternate parts: Unchecked. Exclude Minifig and Minifig Accessory parts: Checked. Exclude Non-Buildable LEGO parts: Checked. Filter on Theme: Technic (538). Number of parts: 50 to no limit. Year of Release: From 1990 to 2019. Include official sets: Unchecked. Include Custom Sets: Checked. Include Premium MOCs: Checked. Include Sets I own: Unchecked. Sort by: Highest % Match. What browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc.) you were using when the bug occurred, and which version.: I tested both on Chrome on Windows 10 and Android. Thanks!
    • As long as the file is stored within the virtual Empire of Rebrickable, there is no reason to name it anything else than the Rebrickable part number. Plus ".dat", of course. It depends on how many "humans" will have access to your LDraw files. Any rendering software will not care if you even write a header or not. Basically, the renderer just cares for the five type 1 lines (for one torso, two arms, and two hands.) The original work of my shortcut is actually made by Leonardo Zide, and who knows where he's copied it from, or if he used some Minifig Generator. So you are free to put your name there - or omit that line if it's just going to be used by rendering software. So, for 973pr1244c01, where LDraw has one number for the torso, BrickLink another, and Rebrickable yet a third one, you are free to use any file name you like. But I believe it is most convenient to stick with the Rebrickable number. And the lines of the header are all optional, the only purpose for them is to make it easier for those who have access to the actual LDraw files you create/generate.   0 Torso Mechanic Blue Overalls, Tools in Pocket Print / Medium Blue Arms / Yellow Hands 0 Name: 973pr1244c01.dat 0 // torso  1 16  0 -72 0  1 0 0  0 1 0  0 0 1  973p8z.dat  0 // or use color code 73 directly 0 // arms  1 73 -15.552 -63 0 0.9855 -0.1699 0 0.1699 0.9855 0 0 0 1 3818.dat  1 73 15.552 -63 0 0.9855 0.1699 0 -0.1699 0.9855 0 0 0 1 3819.dat 0 // hands  1 14 -23.552 -46 -10 0.942 0.335 0.0072 -0.2404 0.6906 -0.6821 -0.2336 0.6409 0.7312 3820.dat  1 14 23.552 -46 -10 0.942 -0.335 0.0072 0.2404 0.6906 -0.6821 0.2336 0.6409 0.7312 3820.dat 0  
    • Well, I have python on all my systems, and selecting 450 ldraw definitions that start with 973p and using the filename and description to generate a shortcut like the one you posted can be done in an hour or so. The main problem is getting the color of hands and arms, but if I can relate the ldraw torso to the Rebnrickable torso+arms+hands definition, I might be able to grab those colors from the RB part name, and translate them back into LDraw color codes. Let me think about that some more... If I start generating more unofficial ldraw shortscut, what numbering should I use? Original torso number followed by "c01"? Can I put my name in there as author?
    • Like I said, I have to get the making of those shortcuts automized somehow, and right now I have no programming enviroment installed in any of my computers, so it might take a while for me to even get started on this huge project. But at least it's in my pipline.   /SimLego
    • I've updated the doco, thanks. No point switching if you are fine using PayPal. The main functional differences on Rebrickable is that you can upgrade/downgrade Plans if you use Stripe (with PayPal you have to cancel and then re-subscribe to the new plan). Yes, the level 20/25/30 certainly do apply to you. If you hit 25 and are still on Pro, I will manually cancel your subscription and make it a permanent upgrade.
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