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  2. Please check your Account >Settings>Notifications>New MOCs You Can Build are set to your specifications. There is also the possibility that the MOC inventory was changed between the time the notification email was sent and your reading of it or your inventory was changed between those times by yourself or a part adjustment by an Admin.
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  4. What do you think about my latest moc? Mercedes Benz SL300 Gullwing in scale 1:9.
  5. Is it possible to include one’s personal building options in the moc suggestions we get via e-mail? eg: I got a mail which suggested the new white Lancia Stratos (MOC-32084) and the mail stated that I have 99.8% of the 1469 parts. With my strict color building options however, I have only 82.1% which is significantly lower.
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  7. Where I have to send you his username/email? Because he asked for a chargeback to his bank directly, that means paypal not only has to refund him, but I even get tax to pay that costs MORE than the files itself. He's actually making me spending a lot of money on chargeback taxes! I want him to stop taking anything from me.
  8. You can see who downloaded your files via the link under the files on your mocs admin tab. If you have refunded someone who purchased via PayPal let me know their username/email. If they are a repeat offender they then get banned from purchasing.
  9. I'm having problem with a user that keeps buying my MOC instructions and then ask for a refund. I have to prove the website actually sent him the file, where I can find the receipt? I checked the MOC sales section but there is no email or transaction code. How can I prove your website did the job?
  10. Hello, First let me say that this is more of an oddity that I spotted, than a complaint. I only have 2 MOCs that ever sold, and only 1 left after the other got "stolen" by the Chinese. Not even complaining, they're both of "a popular license", thus I'd attribute it to that anyway. So that one MOC sells regularly, but it got rather quiet recently. I browsed the "top-selling premium MOCs" pages, to see where it was, because it has been on the main (top-selling premium) page for like over a year. It wasn't on the main page anymore, and that's ok, I don't even think it deserved to stay there for so long, however it also was in none of the 20 pages. And that's strange because my MOCs that don't sell at all, some of them were there. Thing is, I was logged off. I logged in, and there, my MOC was there (not on the main page anymore but on page 1). Strange, so I logged off, and again, it wasn't there, the pages are totally different than when I'm logged in. I'm sure there is a reason for different things to be displayed when you're logged in, however I still think there has to be a bug, because I can't have my (by magnitude) top-selling MOC not any visible while I'm seeing other MOCs of mine that have only sold 1 or 2, not even this month. Any idea? Thanks Edit: trying again, there is now another bug that I had already seen in the past. Right now I'm logged off and I'm not even seeing the premium MOCs anymore. When I click on the premium MOCs tab, it's exactly the same as the discounted MOCs tab now.
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  12. Minor bug: when clicking on a partlist in the change log, the URL points to the setlist path, and returns 404. See screen cap. The "Cement Truck" list is a Part list.
  13. When I look at the full change log with no filters (no text search, what = any, action = any), I get 40 pages of results that goes back to Sept 14 2019. However I filter by action (add, delete, change), I get results going back to August 9 2019 (which is about the time Nathan announced the feature, so i assume that's as far back as it is available). I know the feature is limited to 6 months of history, but it seems I can't get all the way back when looking at the full results. A related question: are the action = add|delete|change filters mutually exclusive and comprehensive of all available change log results? I really like the change log feature. I've used it a few times to undo mistakes or figure out why a part count doesn't match what i would expect. For me, who spends a bit of (happy) time managing my Lego collection each week, it's totally worth the cost of the pro plan to have this. Thanks!
  14. I don't have the set, but the instructions are available for download in the instructions tab of the set page. It's a tedious job, but then you're certain where the parts are needed.
  15. Hi! On a fully assembled 75252-1 UCS Star Destroyer (excluding the blockade runner, stand and minifigs) - what bricks are visible that is not Light Bluish Grey in colour? Reason for question should be obvious : I am missing something like 20% parts to be able to build this set with my existing LEGO and would like to know what parts I can just get any colour of ;)
  16. Also #4 is also doable by using No Color/Any Color in the inventories
  17. Hi, I've got same import problem on my new order: 1) place order on rebrickable with 67678 item in dark red color that appears in CSV as 61678,320,4 2) import order from rebrickable and save it as CSV so this item become 11153,320,4 So I have to look for it by comparing MOC list/order/remainder by eyes :) I am using Python script for subtracting lists. I think its time to fix import again. Thank you.
  18. Hi all. I have seen stands for various editions for the Millennium Falcon, but not one for the 10179 UCS that came out in 2007. Does one exist? Where can I get it? Thanks!
  19. 1. I believe this is sort of possible already, at least for premium rebrickable-hosted MOCs. You can send buyers a message that the instructions have been updated. 2. Depends on how you offer the instructions. If you have them rebrickable-hosted, you can upload multiple files. If you use, you can link to a folder that can contain multiple files.
  20. Polymaker

    Part relationships

    HI Nathan, Would it be possible to include the sub parts in the "lego/parts/{part_num}/" API? (and possibly also when using inc_part_details=1 in other APIs) Like for example, a technic shock absorber (95292c01) is composited of part 109 and 2909. This information is already present on your website so it should be technically possible. If it is possible, can you also include this information in the downloadable part relationship file. It would be greatly appreciated. Also, I was wondering how the "inc_part_details" parameter behaves with the "lego/parts/{part_num}/" API. The changelog says it was added but from my tests I don't see any differences. Thanks again for all your hard work! I can't tell you enough how useful your API is.
  21. Rolling this all into one post I would like to suggest a few things: An on-site revision history. It would help if there was a visible info for users how often an instruction may have been updated. I often keep fixing typos and other minor errors after the initial publishing and it would help to inform potential users to keep track just in case they may have downloaded an outdated instruction earlier or from some obscure external source that redistributes them in some form. I would like to see support for adding more than one link/ page to an instruction. As a German I occasionally go through the trouble of creating a localized version for my peers, especially when I include additional info texts, so it would be useful if they could be linked as such from the instruction main page with a secondary source reference and/ or have a second, language specific info page on a tab or so. It would be welcome to have multiple inventories under one build, especially for "Modifications", as you call them. In my current instruction ( I have included a few alternatives to reduce parts usage and make it more economical for some users and it might be helpful that they could pick from the different inventories directly without manually having to comb through the different BOMs. If possible it would also be useful to have an option to mark parts in specific colors as "switchable" in the inventories. In my Octopus model the Dark Blue is more or less just one of many possible colorations and having the option to change the colors right away might make it more attractive and easier for users to order the parts through your system, especially when certain parts in certain colors are rare and expensive while in other colors they are a lot cheaper and readily available. Of course this could be an endless tangle, so perhaps for the time being it should be limited to externally visible parts and leaving it to the user to also substitute invisible interior parts. Otherwise you'd likely need a method of designating color groups... Mylenium
  22. thea

    A short question

    A technical question: Does the survey take into account the possibility of multiple responses from the same IP address?
  23. Looks like this one:
  24. kapibara

    A short question

    Hi LEGO people... It is not a question really but I need your favor :) So for my master thesis, I am researching the field of open innovation and motivation. I would like to find out what are the key motivational factors, that drive a person to collaborate in online communities and what motivates you to share the ideas. So as fans of LEGO you are all part of the open innovation process and if you have a few minutes to spare, I would love to hear from you. It won't take longer than 5 minutes ;). The survey is completely anonymous and findings will be used for research purposes only. I would also kindly ask you to forward the survey to other LEGO fans, who can help me get better results in this research. Thank you all in advance! P.S.: I hope this kind of post is allowed on the forum ;)
  25. HiI am new to buying used lego and this piece has me confused. It doesn't feel like lego to me and yet it has Lego stamped on it. Is it a fake? I would appreciate any help at all. Thank you.
  26. thea

    Can't find a part...

    I thought at first glance it was Fabuland Window, but that doesn't come in Red. So my thanks to Vokhev too.
  27. niceThierry error

    I'm glad for you, thanks
  28. jaredhinton error

    They did just do an update so maybe it’s caused issues for you. I used it on windows 10 this morning with no issues.
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