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  2. Retrieverfalcon

    Stickers and Part Lists

    I have been adding some recently purchased loose brick into a Parts List. I have discovered that some of the brick have stickers already attached. Since I know that Rebrickable doesn't include counterpart entries, I have these pieces added as the unstickered version and then ticked the "Is there a sticker on the part" checkbox and noted in the General Notes information about the sticker. This works fine unless I have two or more of the same element - some stickered and some not. Using the Part Notes to capture this info, forces the entire quantity of that part to be reflected as "Stickered" in the Drill Downs. Is there some way to include this sticker information (ideally with the associated set / exact sticker) on a per-piece basis? Or am I best just splitting the stickered pieces out to a separate Parts List to avoid this issue?
  3. Eddy

    Part pics and more

    Hi Nathan I did already have contact about this with an admin but he did not want to respond anymore, i also did leave it because i have my bit of bad response already had this year about the rules on rebrickable, and to let it not escalate i will not answer but they want a satisfying answer from you because you are the owner of the website. It seems to be more serious as i thought and already commented. On the moment more and more pics are removed completely from the website and not filled as second pic, you can see that in the change logs of the parts. A local Lego group in the Netherlands where i also working for did discover that after reading my comments about the pics, they made a lott of searches for them and discovered a lott of these so that seems a bad thing, and they are from many different users just vanishing from the website. Further some ldraw pics are now replaced by part pics and that is also bad thing, in the parts list these parts show up in the wrong color because the ldraw is missing and the added pic has the wrong color, seems to be several i only did find 1 on this moment but that one was send by email to me, I have no time to look for more between my 25000 parts, sorry i have really no time for that. They also did discover in the forum that the members who did start making the rules, that one of them is now an admin and stated then in 2014 very clear that the rules could not be bend and that these most be the basic rules 800*800(preferred was 1200*1200 but did not make it), most be always on a white background all other most be rejected and not to be admitted, and no other parts on the pics. So with the new wave baseplate part pics there are several conflicts with the basic rules many are just to small and have a with border to meet the required 800*800, others have more then 1 part in the picture the base plate is also a part, and the background is not white. I have no idea were this is in the forum but I think you can find it you're self with a normal search. The members of the group all did have more ore less the same answer to the new pics, shit. They look like peeron, even Bricklink and Brickowl are replacing them by new ones on white background. Other statement was, we rader see no image or pics, then the ones now uploaded they look bad. I’m only placing this because i was asked to do so, i'm the only one who can write a bit in English.
  4. Yesterday
  5. LEGOmuell

    I have -407.6% of the parts in this set.

    XobSob, In step 5 you state "Tick out: Include 9 of your 9 sets in My Sets.", does that mean you unchecked/unticked the checkbox next to "Include 9 of your 9 sets in My Sets"? I randomly selected a MOC using the steps you listed and at your step 5, I unchecked the checkbox I just asked you about and re-ran the build with new options. This replicated your problem showing "Out of 732 buildable parts, you are missing 15713 parts" and "You have -2046.6% of the parts in this set". So this is definitely a bug of some kind in the system, but.... if you are indeed unchecking the checkbox to include all the sets in your "My Sets" list, them I'm pretty sure that defeats the whole purpose of running the build calculations. If you are looking to buy all the parts of the MOC you wish to build, therefore excluding all the sets in your "My Sets" list because they are already built and you don't want to take any of them apart to use in building a MOC, then what you want to do is mark your 9 sets in your "My Sets" list as "Assembled/Built Sets". Any sets you mark as "Assembled/Built" will not be used in the build calculation. Here is the link to the help page on Rebrickable discussing how to add a set to "Assembled/Built Sets": Hopefully this helps. Kind Regards, LEGOmuell
  6. TobyMac

    Extra Parts Used To Build New Sets

    That should work. Only thing besides a bug could be: There is an option where you can check 'I have the spare parts'. If that is turned off, the spares are not counted in the build calculation. Go to the setlist you have the set in, and press the 'edit' button (hamer) at the 8110 and look if this option is checked. If that doesn't help, please let us know and we'll dig deepr on this.
  7. Odurt

    Extra Parts Used To Build New Sets

    Hi, I know that if extras are presents in a set we own, we should be able to use these extras to build new sets. Here is a situation that I have encountered: I own 8110 Unimog U400. There is 16 light bluish grey parts 32123b in this set plus 2 extras. If I want to build 8109-1-b1 with exact colors, it requires 17 light bluish grey parts 32123b. When I click on Find Parts to Build, there is only 16 light bluish grey parts 32123b available from 8110 Unimog U400 and not 18 (16+2). Is there something I am not getting here? Thanks, Sebastien
  8. Last week
  9. Capes are included in the Flags, Signs, Plastics and Cloth category because they are made from fabric. They are intentionally in that category. Although we admit the minifig and minifig acc. categories are 'messy'. Discussions are underway on how to improve these.
  10. FROM Flags, Signs, Plastics and Cloth TO Minifig Accessories: [part]50231[/part] [part]50231px1[/part] [part]50231pr003[/part] [part]19888[/part] For some reason the part linking is not working.
  11. silverdoctor

    find parts

    There ar't code. Are write al letter and number. In oreder: A, A 2 and 2 01 Thank you
  12. lucky1967

    Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Sets Here

    hello , would it be possible to add set # 45804-1 Names : Hydro Dynamics Year : 2017 Theme : FIRST LEGO league thank you in advance
  13. Przemos19

    2555 with rounded clips

    I found a part which looks like 3rd from the left but has mould number 2555. It proves this shape (with lenghtwise depression) was manufactured with both 2555 and 12825 mould number.
  14. Diniz Vilhena

    set watch currency

    I'm following the market price of a few sets, and, as requested, I settled a threshold value in my local currency (MOP). But it seems that assumed currency is US$... is this a bug or I did something wrong? thanks
  15. Dustin

    Import parts using LEGO Element ID

    Sorry Nathan for my delay. I actually did it a different way and got it to work. Not sure why it wasn't working before but it seems to be now.
  16. Dustin


    Is there a way to sort the result list when using the "Build Set - Find My Parts" function? It would be nice to be able to click on a set and it sort all the parts you need from that set to the top (so by number of pieces needed). It would also be good to be able to sort the parts by type. Lastly, is there a way to export this data to an excel file or a CSV file?
  17. Dustin


    Is there a way to add a location to a set in our set list? I keep my sets in zip lock bags. Then those bags get put into organizers. Each drawer is labeled with a number and inside each drawer it is sub divided. It would be nice to pull the set up on rebrickable and quickly know where to look for the set, ie - Drawer 12, section c (12-c or 12c). Obviously this would only be a field we could edit and see but it would be nice especially when we are pulling parts to build other sets. Any thoughts?
  18. LegoOri

    Importing inventory from IO files

    Hi, When submitting a MOC and attempting to import parts from IO files that have submodules, the parts in the submodules are not imported. I am using 2.0 beta, on a Windows 10 machine, and chrome. [I realize this is probably's fault, and I am not even sure it is a bug, or just a UI issue. However I wanted to let you know, because I suspect a lot of people will be transitioning to from LDD now that it has almost all the desired functionalities in one place] Thanks!
  19. jaredhinton

    find parts

    @silverdoctor without meaning to sound obvious are there any numbers molded underneath? I love the second one, can't figure out what it could be used for but now I've got to find out.
  20. Eddy

    2555 with rounded clips

    Hi Prezmos19 The numbering is right the 2555 is made in 2 versions but also the 12825 is the same shape as the 2555 only if you look at the number on the inside you can see that inside of the newer version there is 12825 this has to do with where the mold pip is on the part. Just like this part 4085 If you look at 93793 and 60897 they have the same shape but the number inside is different that is the mold number from Lego. Hope this will clear some for you.
  21. silverdoctor

    find parts

    Hi I have some parts not foud in more lego db Someone can help me? The parts are old can be 60/70 years Enrico
  22. Diniz Vilhena

    Part pictures

    a few months ago, while I was updating my sets list here, I submitted hundreds of pictures which were missing. Definitely, I'm not a good photographer and I trust the admin judgement to replace all the pictures for a different ones, that might be submitted later. I did my best, if someone do it better... great. Dear Eddy, with all my respect, this is a minor issue, just a detail that should not prevent you to continue to give us your cooperation. This site have some many great functions, and its greatness is due to the good will of all users.
  23. Eddy

    Part pictures

    No this is also my last and my last submission, if i'm doing things for nothing then i'm completely finished with it..
  24. jaredhinton

    Part pictures

    The bear photo you talked about it vastly superior to the original, it shows a truer colored Dark Orange Bear. That is actually a good example of what I'm talking about when I say its a photo-by-photo decision. On that same part the Brown colored bear still uses the original photo even though a gray baseplate photo was submitted because the original is a good enough photo and represents the part and color correctly. This part (6060) had no photos on it. Now it does, I fail to see how that is a bad thing? You're right there's no reason to do that on a baseplate, but like I already explained, the member, a long time ago put them on a baseplate. They had no way of knowing our submission criteria back then as we didn't have one. We understand it takes time to upload photos, it takes us Admins just as much sorting them out, but we do it to make our community better. If you're uploading photos for the glory of having your photo on the website then I'd say you're doing it for the wrong reasons. You're photos might always get replaced by better ones, that's the nature of a community of almost 200,000 people. There are hundreds of photos that could be improved upon, including the gray baseplate photos. Give us as good photos on White and they'll be replaced. This will be my last reply to this post, I have nothing more I can say on the matter. Again, I'm sorry you're annoyed and I hope you aren't discouraged by this issue.
  25. TobyMac

    How to Show Parts from a Specific Set List?

    Not sure if that is possible. As far as I know you can only see: All parts All parts in all part lists All parts in a single part list
  26. Hi, I am building MOC-15805 and the "Build this MOC" option says I have 100% of the parts. Now I had to stop the building because I am missing 4 x part 62531 in red. This part is not in my parts list, so it should have been reported as missing. I am using Mozilla FireFox latest release on Windows 10. This looks like a bug? Regards, Martien.
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