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  2. Minifig assemblies

    We indeed had that discussion. The main issue is the vast amount of work it would involve to implement this and add all the minifigures. For now, Nathan wants to focus on improving other parts of the site before tackling this issue.
  3. Minifig assemblies

    I believe this has been discussed by the admins before. And If I remember correctly it was agreed it would be a nice feature, but there was some disagreement about the (technical/under the hood) implementation. But don't quote me on that
  4. Minifig assemblies

    I would like to have the ability to see the assembled minifigs in a set as well as my collection. Currently I can only get a list of the parts and would have to look at the instructions or other sites to figure out what minifig parts go together. If users were given the ability to catalog and submit minifig assemblies then it could certainly be scripted to catch up on the existing sets. I'd love to volunteer for that job. Thanks! Rob
  5. Yesterday
  6. Checked rebrickable's change log: it seems that cwmoores chose to flag the set as inactive. Too bad. Any way one can contact a user through rebrickable?
  7. Hi all, I wanted to build this USS Enterprise MOC here: Unfortunately, it just vanished before I could buy the instructions. Any idea why, @cwmoores? Andreas
  8. Plan ändern

    I can imagine that is pretty annoying. I think @Nathan should take a look at this.
  9. Prequel Yoda Torso (two listings?)

    I'll look into it. Directly from your post: The reason the first version has a weird name and non-working links is because this is the version as when we download info from We rename these parts always. You can recognize original versions on the all-caps. We also manually add bricklink and brickowl links. If there are no manual added links, the default is the same as the rebrickable part number. These don't work most of the time for printed parts because bricklink and brickowl have a different numbering system.
  10. Wasn't 100% sure where to post this, hope this is right. I picked up the Yoda's Jedi Starfighter set, and was looking through its inventory here on the site and stumbled upon what I think may be an error? Basically, there's two different listings for what I believe are the same torso piece: PART 973pr3847c01 MINI UPPER PART NO. 3847 and PART 973pr2367c01 Torso SW Layered Shirt Yoda, Olive Green Neck Print / Tan Arms / Olive Green hands The former listing is the one associated with the Starfighter set, and besides having a less helpful name also has non-working BrickLink and BrickOwl links so it's probably the one that's wrong? The latter is only currently in the inventory of the 2013 set 75017-1 - Duel on Geonosis. I don't own that set, so I can't confirm 100% that there's not some slight variation in the prints or something that I'm just missing from looking at the pictures. There's also 75142-1 - Homing Spider Droid, which looks like it should have the Yoda torso in its inventory, but is missing it. (I don't have that set either to 100% confirm that it is the same part, but it sure looks like it in the photos)
  11. Last week
  12. HTML GRID print bug

    Hey I try to print brick list and when i export parts to HTML GRID there is a problem ... it looks the same like topic closed year ago ... I hope you guys will fix this up i need to print lot of lists.... :)) Regards Mieszko
  13. Plan ändern

    Ich habe es schon in der letzten Planperiode geändert und trotzdem ist es wieder auf Designer
  14. Getting Started with MOCs

    OMG! I'm not worthy! This is absolutely beautiful! Also in the style I really like (building the Fishing Store I have realized I really like walls built with flat finish plates that look like bricks or siding). Thank you! Indeed, a lot of French architecture share similar elements like this.
  15. unknown color

    Could it be dark bluish grey which has faded due to being left in the sun?
  16. Plan ändern

    google tells me that you are asking: How to change your plan from designer to pro plan. I have tried it several times and it remains on designer. But I do not need a designer plan and have activated it only by default. For tips on how to change that back I would be grateful. If I understand correctly then any change will not take effect until the end of your current plans period (either 1 month or 1 year) after that you will be billed for the new plan type.
  17. how to request to add a new part, in a specific color?

    There is a thread where you can request them here:
  18. unknown color

    Maybe @Lucky-Ramses knows more? He has a big collection.
  19. unknown color

    I also have some Sand Blue parts, and the colors are distinct... could it be an old, non recorded, color?
  20. unknown color

    Only other color that comes close in my collection is sand blue, but that's too light
  21. unknown color

    thanks for your help, TobyMAc Dark Grey is not, because I have several parts in that color, and is noticeable different... I'm also confused because of the part 4274 ...
  22. where the hell this "gold" came from?

    that explains why I have several examples of different tones of the same color.. in red I have 3 different part tones, according the age of the part, and some of the tones are quite different from the usual color thanks, Thea...
  23. Getting Started with MOCs

    You might find some inspiration from this French Palace MOC.
  24. where the hell this "gold" came from?

    They are both Pearl Gold. To summarize this BrickLink Discussion- Officially 1x1 round plates only ever came in one color of Pearl Gold. Inconsistency in Pearl Gold occurred from batch to batch in the early days. Once LEGO reformulated Pearl Gold to take care of the consistency problem, it became the darker color that you have on the left.
  25. Error 504

    I'll take another look.
  26. Getting Started with MOCs

    So I think I know what MOC I want to build. I'd love to build an MOC of Chateaux Chenenceau, a castle in the Loire Valley in France. Aside from gathering reference photos and the appropriate bricks, I'm thinking of starting with the guard tower in front as a small introduction to the larger castle.
  27. Getting Started with MOCs

    the number of bricks is usually not a obstacle for making your own MOCS only for building others. infact I find that the more bricks you got the harder it is to decide what to build with them.
  28. Plan ändern

    Wie kann man seinen Plan von Designer auf Pro Plan zurück ändern. Ich habe es mehrmals versucht und es bleibt auf Designer. Ich brauch aber kein Designer Plan und habe es auch nur aus versehen aktiviert. Für Tipps wie man das zurück ändern kann wäre ich dankbar.
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