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  2. Anybody an idea when it will be added i just gave a change request but that has to be to color 219 and not 112. But color 219 is stil not added to de librairy see brickset for more info about 219, it has the same name but is very different in shade.
  3. We don't inventory parts with a sticker.
  4. Still trying to untangle this and match the correct number to the right part. I'm putting it into a change request so I don't forget about it.
  5. Thanks for the links. Easy to work with so it's all done now.
  6. Last week
  7. I'd like to suggest that 3-pin wheel hubs such as 92909 and 32496 be automatically "joined" in the appropriate complete assembly with the respective base/holder in the set or MOC when displaying and checking inventories, as these parts seem well-nigh impossible to separate without damaging one part or the other once they are joined. This would make the list of "needed parts" for building purposes more complete. It's possible that other steering parts that I am unaware of have similar issues. Additionally, the vast majority of available parts in this category seem available (with rare exceptions) as complete assemblies rather than individual parts.
  8. These just showed up in our available list. It will take a few days to research all the new parts and add them.
  9. all the sets from Wave 8 of LEGO Dimensions seam to be missing:
  10. Two parts to report: Brick Owl 806488 Brick Owl 676511
  11. Uhm. I changed my email adres a little while ago but the api token I requested before that change still works At least, I'm 99% sure I got that token before the email change, not 100.
  12. The user token is based on the username, password and email address. If any of them change, the token is recalculated. Have updated the profile call to return the extra fields: username, email and avatar_img It does now!
  13. I can't help with your first query but unless I've misunderstood the question a look at the swagger docs ( might answer the second. There are two calls listed: /api/v3/lego/sets/ /api/v3/lego/sets/{set_num}/ The first of these seems to search based only on the set name while the second allow you to search for a set number. If you are using the second it is an exact match only which is returned (ie you need to add -1 to the end of most official lego set numbers). If you use the first and put a set number in you will sometimes get a result but it will rarely be what you are looking for (eg will return the set 66493-1 because it is "City Super Pack 4 in 1 (60050, 60052, 7499, 7895)",
  14. I also noticed searching by just the set number no longer returns results.
  15. Missing BrickLink 3001pb072
  16. I've been working on updating a web app to use V3 and have a few questions/issues: How long is the user token valid for and is there a way to refresh the token (without storing user/pass)? Why does the user profile call not return the same data as before. Seems some basic fields are missing in the response (username, avatar image, etc).
  17. Hello. Are there any restrictions on the IP address for accessing the site and forum? Here are a couple of ranges of addresses for my providers: - - When I try to go to the site or forum via http — I get a 502 error, the https protocol is completely unavailable. wget log for example: >wget -vv -O- --2017-05-22 13:31:59-- Resolving (, Connecting to (||:80... connected. HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 502 Bad Gateway 2017-05-22 13:32:00 ERROR 502: Bad Gateway. >wget -vv -O- --2017-05-22 13:35:46-- Resolving (, Connecting to (||:443... failed: Unknown error. Connecting to (||:443... failed: Unknown error. Retrying. --2017-05-22 13:36:29-- (try: 2) Connecting to (||:443... failed: Unknown error. Connecting to (||:443... failed: Unknown error. Retrying. --2017-05-22 13:37:13-- (try: 3) Connecting to (||:443... failed: Unknown error. Connecting to (||:443... failed: Unknown error. Retrying. ...
  18. I've tried many combinations of OS/browser and screen resolutions, but have never reproduced this. I can't find anything that might point to the problem. Given that the dropdown has a filter to reduce the size of the list so you can still access any list you like - I'm relegating this as a low priority.
  19. I'm running small shop on Bricklink site. I maintain my brick list here on Rebricable and there on BrickLink to Build/sell parts respectively . I found that there is no easy way to delete parts in here after sold them - there is only manual option brick by brick. It would be cool to generate xml from sold list in BrickLink and apply deletion in here with that list.
  20. Yes and again a solution that does not solve the problem, but works around it. The drop down menu has to scroll automaticly up if i do not now which list i need i want to see them all.
  21. In your picture it seems that you have a set in '25 New' that you want to move to a Set List that is cut-off on your screen. Sometimes it takes longer for the light bulb to be switched on. All our fancy directions didn't take note of the fact that you weren't typing anything in the box. When you have so many set lists and you want to move a set, you need to make the list smaller in the drop down menu. Type the first characters of the set list name where you want to move it. If it's still cutting some off, keep typing in the rest of the set list name. I also found that if I typed in a character and then deleted it, the drop down went to the top with all the lists showing. The key is to get rid of that -------- that appears at the top of the menu when it's first opened.
  22. Can you see any errors in the browser console? eg in Chrome open Developer Tools with Ctrl+Shift+I
  23. When I search for 973pb0321c02, it shows 973pr1192c01. Part 973pb0321c01 exists in the database; c01 has light flesh hands while c02 has yellow hands.
  24. The minifig head, which bricklink lists as 3626cpb0122b, is missing. It is similar to 3625cpr1665 except that the missing part has red eyebrows rather than brown ones.
  25. The "Save and Next Step" button on step 1 of MOC submissions doesn't work...
  26. Thanks a lot!
  27. You have to remove the slash and question mark in front of your key. So an example url would look like this:[KEY]
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