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  2. In addition to this, along the same lines, add a feature to the Build Calculations that lets you say "build these 3 models at the same time" so you can make sure the MOCs or sets you want to build don't have overlapping parts from the same sets or part lists.
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  4. Great thanks
  5. Either set at will give you instructions you can download for the extra model. You want the gray ones that say Extreme Police Racer.
  6. Hope this is the right place to post - could not decide which was best board to put it!! Anyway I have technic sets 42047 and 42046 (Getaway racer and Police interceptor) and they can be combined together to form a third model but I don't seem to have any instructions for it. Where can I get them from? Not knowing if it has a set number designation or its name I'm not sure where to begin. Thanks
  7. I believe the set was approved to a different member name from Enrico. If you wish to keep the name confidential, please send me a private message.
  8. As with many other things, the way b models were done in v2 is changing in v3. Going back and reviewing v2 b models is a project that has a low priority. There needs to be some additional features/programming put in place to get these older models where they need to be. The guidelines I posted are for current submissions. Current b model submissions must have instructions available online from or included with the LEGO set. b models can have sub-sets. Example of how they would be submitted. I'm currently working on another set that has 2 b models, each with 2 sub-sets, and the main model also has 2 sub-sets. All of these models are in 1 instruction book that came with the set, and the instruction book is also available at Once these are all verified and approved, I'll post the set number here as another example.
  9. Hi, some weeks ago I've submitted a new set and it went to approval. Days later I received an email saying my set submitted was approved and published. I've checked the set and it is present on Rebrickable database now. I was expecting to have a new badge issued after that but nothing happened. Am I wrong or something didn't go as expected? Thanks!
  10. They have pictures on box or instruction but does not exist as offical printed instructions
  11. and so on...
  12. Can you give an example of a b model without instruction? With the use of custom lists available for public view in v3, there have been changes in what will be accepted as b models.
  13. The solution should be a way of handling "instructions" in sets in general. ie not used for building but still there for collector to be marked lost or owned. one entry per instruction book. What we really need is a way to mark a set a LOC ie a LEGO own creation, where parts aren't added to your collection if you mark the set owned since there was no parts in the set from the beginning. ideabook submissions and the old super set instructions comes in mind.
  14. There has been some discussion about this and we are trying to come up with a good method for cataloging Books/magazines with/without parts. The best solution we could come up with for now is this.... 1. Book/magazine without parts should be submitted by sending me a private message with as much info as possible. That way we can determine if the book is useful enough to be added as an Ideabook. You'll be notified of the decision and how to proceed if it's approved. 2. Book or magazine with insert that contains regular loose parts, as part of the binding, should be submitted as a Set by the usual method with only the regular parts in inventory. 3. A boxed set, or a magazine, that has a separate normal book/magazine(no inserts in the binding) and a package of parts should be listed as a Set, with the book/magazine as a part in the Non LEGO category. If the package of parts has an official LEGO number on it, the package will be added to the Boxed Set as its own set with inventory. If there is no number on the package, the parts will be added to the set by the normal method. Magazines must include the country and date(month/year) of publication. Send a private message to me if your level is not high enough to add a part. I will add the book/magazine part to the database and notify you when you can proceed. These guidelines are meant to be temporary. There will be some changes in the future that may impact how books/magazines are catalogued.
  15. like you can see the book is a part so you have to submit the new "book" part and then add it to the set.
  16. in that case we have b-models that are ideas already in the rebrickable database. not every b-model submitted so far has had a instruction, but they have always had at least a picture and only used parts from the set.
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  18. Official instructions are those that came with the set(or are available for download from that show steps for building a second or third model. If the box shows these steps, it would be a b model. If it's just a very detailed picture of the final build, it's simply an idea, and not a b model.
  19. Hi, I am having some trouble in understanding how to submit sets without parts, eg a Book. For now i already register the "5004854-1 - LEGO® Star Wars in 100 scenes" and it is with "In Progress" status, but is impossible to finalize the submition because there is no part in the inventory. Someone in the forum (Set inventories Topic) sugested that i have to include the book itself as a part... with makes no sense at all, since the part is not in the database either. (or is possible i understood wrong?) So, how do I proceed? And if it not possible for me to finalize the submission, i gently ask if one of the admins could do it for me. Thanks!
  20. I have read this request now a couple of times and seen this type of request time after time. Ask for a non profit, but then they wanted sell instructions and parts
  21. So will there be an official position on how those features should be used. If so, I'll submit some changes to match. I could just check the ignore checkbox on the alternative builds that keep popping up in my classic space searches and that would solve my problem but I'd much rather help get the site's data better as a whole, not just for me.
  22. Oh right... Wrong button in the first place... 😶.
  23. You should upvote then
  24. I would prefer it to be set by the designer of the MOC. They can set whether or not the parts they used end up being visible in the final product and that would determine if the colour needs to be exact or not. Then this only has to be a checkbox under Build Options "Use original designed colours" OR "Hidden part colours don't matter".
  25. The book should be in the inventory. see the already existing ideabooks.
  26. So true! The only thing I recommend using IE for, is downloading other browsers
  27. Hi, I just start to submit a new set (actually a book) : 5004854-1 - LEGO® Star Wars in 100 scenes. For now it is with "In Progress" status, but it is impossible to submit because there is no part in the inventory. How can i proceed to finish it?
  28. This is fixed, hopefully no more blank emails. Today's batch run has completed and sent far fewer emails so looks correct now. The watch is triggered by any store except Amazon and eBay as their prices are too unreliable.
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