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  2. Is there a way to create a list of the pieces I have (ex. Lego 8285 + Lego 42041 + etc.) and then cross reference it and see which moc builds I could build using what I have?
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  4. I would use the rebrickable Rest API to query for part images, that way you can refresh your database when new images are added.
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  6. Hi, I'm building my now database of my sets. Using the list found on this site, it is for personal use only. I want to add the images with it, but how must i see all the images, i downloaded the first two sets, and saw multiple images with the same name ? Is there also a compute zip with images of all the parts i can use ?
  7. Question about these 2 parts for set 8365-1 from 2003 they are with the non removable pins, these have no Lego numbers, these engine blocks should be changed to 46452c01 & 46453c01 here you can see the part in the instruction of set 8365-1 Even do bricklink does not know them, you can not remove the pins without braking them, these parts are factory made and they are just like these parts with the ad on numbers, 45403/ 45403c01 with pins 47974/ 47974c01 with pins 32531/ 40344c01 with pins (the 40344c01 is not renumered to the real Lego number 32351 and has stil the bricklink number, 32531 is not in use for this part on bricklink) From this one i do not have a picture of my own, but it can be found here 32351c01 Here the 2 engine blocks from set 8365-1 with the non removable pins. 46452c01 46453c01 And here the version of 46452 for sets 8651-1 + 8649-1 And here the version of the 46453 for sets 8146-1 + 8682-1 (+8376-1) I do not have the set 8376-1 so for that set i can not check it but if i look in the instructions they use pins 2780 to connect it so that is also the 46453 Please can you make these parts free for use in set 8365, and oye bricklink is not the al mighty if they do not know it does not mean it does not excist. Bricklink does not have filed the version with pins, Peeron only has the version with pins and brickowl is a copy of all others.
  8. Thanks for the quick analysis and fix! I changed the names and everything's cool now. Walt
  9. I believe the problem comes from this image: %231.png And I think I know what the problem is. The filename contains the character #. While that's not a problem perse, it is in this case. Compare the following two links, the first one is from Bricksafe itself, the second one is the one Rebrickable tried to use: As you can see, the link from Rebrickable directly contains the hashtag, while Bricksafe encodes the hastag to %23. You can fix it for now by renaming the file without the #, but I think it's something that @Nathan needs to fix anyway. Maybe other special characters don't work either?
  10. Is there a way to sort the parts list by two factors? For example, when I sort by Category, it defaults to sorting by color after that, but I want to see the elements sorted by part #. I know about the drilldown, but I am not looking to isolate one category of parts, so that doesn't work. So is it possible to somehow "sort by x, then by y?" A somewhat related question is, is it possible to specify how to sort the parts list when exporting to an html table? It seems to default to sorting by part # there and "category" is not a column.
  11. This is very interesing i only do not understand why nobody is taking any action to give the numbers free so as Nathan did ask. I think it is for you Thea. I'm waiting a long time for these parts to use.
  12. I've got five images plus a PDF of building instructions plus an LDraw data file in Bricksafe at My Rebrickable page referencing those files is at The problem is that the Rebrickable slide show of those Bricksafe images includes a "Brick Not Found" image. I can't figure out what that error image references, or how to correct it. Any ideas?
  13. I tried a custom list with about 400 parts. I even added a known color error part to the custom list and a part list to see what would happen. The only thing I can think of is that your Custom List was created with the idea of using similar colors or one of the other options. This type of build isn't available with Custom Lists. When I used a 'similar color option', it showed I had 98% of the parts and was only missing 8 parts. But there is a notice on the Find My Parts page that warns you it will only look at your inventory for exact matches. After using my parts list, that page tells me that I am missing 67 parts.
  14. Well that would turn Nathans job into a management position more then it is already today running all the admins and moderators today. I think it's better that he works on adding good tools for the community to contribute with. rather then having to manage and test all "code snippets" the community want to plugin. where most probably have a negative impact on the server performance due to not really understand the full complexity of the source code. If you have some cool functionality idea you can probably outsource it to your own software/app/webpage by using Rebrickables Rest API. When you done that successfully you can show that to Nathan and perhaps get it integrated as a new feature.
  15. I agree there should be a window of a week or so when signing up for contributing with a set. If you signup for adding a set task and as long as you keep updating new stuff the task is owned by you. if nothing is added in a week the owner ship is released and anyone can request to continue the task. (not losing any work). Beyond that a user should be able to request a takeover which the task owner either can accept or reject. if they accept it, the task owner ship is transferred as is. ie with whatever work the first owner did. ie this way one can do inventory and then transfer to a another which do the photos.
  16. How old are your computer? 30 seconds is not normal startup for even most heavy softwares, I mean windows takes less that to start from cold boot, so either your computer is ancient or you have something very wrong with it. if you have privacy issues you shouldn't really have installed windows 10. because it's worse then 7 and 8.... I don't think you can trust it even if you toggle of all those settings that are ON by default. I guess that is a more and more avoidable future with more and more software running google analytics or similar kits which is a kind of boxed spyware because it tell the author how you use the program as well as any problems you encounter.
  17. Yes seen it but it stil does not work by me and not going to instal a 5th browser for this, i am going to do it on the old way just reducing part by part takes me a few days but it is only 1 set 2100 parts.
  18. Thanks thea, I appreciate your help
  19. I'll see if I can replicate this, but I won't be able to do it until tomorrow.
  20. I have a custom To Build list and am trying to determine if I am missing any parts. I have a Parts list that has almost all the needed parts. When I try to "Build this List," the system finds only a small number of the parts that I have in my inventory. My Parts list is set to "Use These Parts in Build calculations." I am unsure how to correct the problem or to track down the cause. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  21. I have tested the process using Opera (similar functionally to chrome) and it works as Thea (and the screen text) described. Taking the majority of items from the selected set and them using another set for the remaining parts, you don't have any control over the additional sets and it doesn't tell you which parts were taken from where so I would suggest using the "Build this Set" functionality to work out what will be used before combining. This is the screen just after I combined my sets, you can see the sets used at the bottom (note the second set appears at the top).
  22. Tags are currently part of an Admin Catalog Discussion. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
  23. Then he has to choose all loose ore all combine not the way it is now also for the Technic turntable.
  24. I did bring this to Nathan and his answer was to leave them the way they are now.
  25. About part 6051c03 i do not understand why it is so difficult to ad this part ore combine the loose parts to this. The other 3 are allready in the database see 6051c02/ 04/ 05 and from the loose parts there is only remaining the black one that has to be combined into 6051c03 Because if you click them together you can not seperate them without harming ore damaging the parts, and that was the policy on of adding parts if you can not seprate them in an easy way they have to be added as combined parts and it has nothing to do with Ldraw. This is also for the parts 2855 and 2856 they are also all combined behalve the 2856 black and the 2855 LBG these have to be done under number 2856c03
  26. awesome done that was easy enough
  27. When I view my set lists and then try to filter by a set tag I get told that the setlist is empty even though the filter would only appear if there were relevant sets and the link tells me how many sets there should be. For instance my set lists page tells me I have 33 collectible minifigures: But when I click this link I get this: This error occurs in both Chrome and Edge when using Windows 10, I don't have access to test any other combination currently. The same issue also occurs when filtering search results on the search page. Although it's slightly harder to reproduce as the available tags also apply to any MOCS which are not on the main sets search page.
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