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  2. I also noticed searching by just the set number no longer returns results.
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  4. Missing BrickLink 3001pb072
  5. I've been working on updating a web app to use V3 and have a few questions/issues: How long is the user token valid for and is there a way to refresh the token (without storing user/pass)? Why does the user profile call not return the same data as before. Seems some basic fields are missing in the response (username, avatar image, etc).
  6. Hello. Are there any restrictions on the IP address for accessing the site and forum? Here are a couple of ranges of addresses for my providers: - - When I try to go to the site or forum via http — I get a 502 error, the https protocol is completely unavailable. wget log for example: >wget -vv -O- --2017-05-22 13:31:59-- Resolving (, Connecting to (||:80... connected. HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 502 Bad Gateway 2017-05-22 13:32:00 ERROR 502: Bad Gateway. >wget -vv -O- --2017-05-22 13:35:46-- Resolving (, Connecting to (||:443... failed: Unknown error. Connecting to (||:443... failed: Unknown error. Retrying. --2017-05-22 13:36:29-- (try: 2) Connecting to (||:443... failed: Unknown error. Connecting to (||:443... failed: Unknown error. Retrying. --2017-05-22 13:37:13-- (try: 3) Connecting to (||:443... failed: Unknown error. Connecting to (||:443... failed: Unknown error. Retrying. ...
  7. I've tried many combinations of OS/browser and screen resolutions, but have never reproduced this. I can't find anything that might point to the problem. Given that the dropdown has a filter to reduce the size of the list so you can still access any list you like - I'm relegating this as a low priority.
  8. I'm running small shop on Bricklink site. I maintain my brick list here on Rebricable and there on BrickLink to Build/sell parts respectively . I found that there is no easy way to delete parts in here after sold them - there is only manual option brick by brick. It would be cool to generate xml from sold list in BrickLink and apply deletion in here with that list.
  9. Yes and again a solution that does not solve the problem, but works around it. The drop down menu has to scroll automaticly up if i do not now which list i need i want to see them all.
  10. In your picture it seems that you have a set in '25 New' that you want to move to a Set List that is cut-off on your screen. Sometimes it takes longer for the light bulb to be switched on. All our fancy directions didn't take note of the fact that you weren't typing anything in the box. When you have so many set lists and you want to move a set, you need to make the list smaller in the drop down menu. Type the first characters of the set list name where you want to move it. If it's still cutting some off, keep typing in the rest of the set list name. I also found that if I typed in a character and then deleted it, the drop down went to the top with all the lists showing. The key is to get rid of that -------- that appears at the top of the menu when it's first opened.
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  12. Can you see any errors in the browser console? eg in Chrome open Developer Tools with Ctrl+Shift+I
  13. When I search for 973pb0321c02, it shows 973pr1192c01. Part 973pb0321c01 exists in the database; c01 has light flesh hands while c02 has yellow hands.
  14. The minifig head, which bricklink lists as 3626cpb0122b, is missing. It is similar to 3625cpr1665 except that the missing part has red eyebrows rather than brown ones.
  15. The "Save and Next Step" button on step 1 of MOC submissions doesn't work...
  16. Thanks a lot!
  17. You have to remove the slash and question mark in front of your key. So an example url would look like this:[KEY]
  18. In v2 I could query with something like this: '' I am struggling to figure out how to do this in V3. I tried this: '' but I keep on getting credential errors... help?
  19. Maybe it is wise to set the level also on 1 for change requests then that problem is solved. And al these post are not necassery anymore.
  20. Oh, wow, didn't know that there was a level requirement for that button. Ah well, I haven't said anything then
  21. Hi, The set "5004931 - Birthday card" is missing. see this page for inventory : Regards,
  22. Sorry, but I have not the level required,
  23. Just spotted this one - I have a set which is missing two of one piece, and the set comes with one to build with and one in spares. I've added one to the Lost Parts list, but it won't let me add the other, saying I've already added it to my list. If there were two or more of this element used in the build, I could work around it that way, but it won't work in this situation.
  24. It's an easy mistake to make. I had to correct my post after I got the two confused.
  25. As a suggestion, it would be useful to have an additional toggle option in the Inventory Options on the a Set page to "Highlight Lost Parts". Perhaps since missing parts are red, owned parts are green, lost parts should be orange? Alternatively, instead of yet another toggle option, just extend the existing "Highlight Missing Parts" toggle to also highlight "Lost" parts (but in a different colour like orange)? And since it's related, perhaps either an additional toggle to "Hide Lost Parts" or, again, extend the existing "Hide Missing Parts" toggle to include "Lost" parts as well. (See attached) My personal preference would be to extend the existing "Missing Part" toggles to avoid more clutter in the Options menu, but I'm sure there will people who use the existing functions in a particular way which would get disrupted I actually assumed that this was how it worked from the start, because when you start out with not many sets, it effectively does. It's only once you get multiple sets with the same part that the difference between how "missing" and "lost" parts becomes apparent. I realise there is the "Lost Parts" view under the MY LEGO menu, but that's like an overall summary across all sets. I feel that a quick way of checking which parts are lost from a given set when checking it's inventory list would be useful.
  26. Oh, damn. I can't believe how many times I've looked at that and not realised that "missing" != "lost". It's clearly saying that it will highlight "missing" parts, not "lost" parts. Ok, consider this "not a bug" and I'll submit a suggestion to highlight "lost" parts as well. Thanks for pointing out my oversight!
  27. This was allready opened a long time ago by me but there has been nothing done with it. Problem now in LDD part 3794 is the old one without grove but rebrick makes it the b version with grove and that gives an error in every moc i make. So when i use in LDD part 3794(without groove) rebrick has to load it as part 3794a can that be changed. Also part 58120 is now changed to Orange but is only made in lbg/dbg so there is a further error is also new. And the horses is also still a mess also the same problem with cowes it can be easlily solved but someone has to look into it. Can't we make a special topic for read errors from LDD/lxf files, then we can solve all these problems for the future. I build without errors but after uploading my file i allways have to correct many parst by hand, and that should not have to be so.
  28. I don't see an option for highlighting lost part. Are you using the highlight missing parts? Missing parts are parts which you don't have in your buildable collection., while lost parts are the ones which you have highlights as being lost. If you want to see what you have lost from a particular set you need to open "My Lost Parts" under the "MY LEGO" menu. At the bottom of the drill downs you then have an option to select a single set and see what you are missing from it. I'm not sure that this is a bug but it's certainly a good suggestion to add an option to the inventory options to view lost parts.
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