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  2. Hm... the error is back
  3. Hi hope you like the moc, searching for a way now to give it free for everybody, the guy from the website whit the pictures does not respond on my questions but it is from 2011 so ???? And superboy it is nice you gave my email but that is not so as it should go, it's a pitty you did that whitout asking me first. I only did meat you once on a Lego exhibition don't misuse my email and name, i do not visit the forum often only when i have a question, so leave my out of you're discusions.
  4. I know which it was, a big Ferriswheel 8750 parts but it is removed from the site number was moc-1908, i have it but you have to buy it from the designer itself. There was an illegal LXF file on LDD gallery but that is also removed i can't find it anymore, that is the one i have(i won't give this free). If you are looking for some other fairground models i have in total 37 instructions of fairground models and have to sort out another 500 instructions from the last 5 months there are also a few beteween it. Send me a privat mail by the forum if you want any of the free lxf files.
  5. Hi just a question, i'm working on 15 big moc's(1000+ parts) on the same time, i have finnished 6 of them. But is there a way to mark them as build so i can see what i'm missing, now i can't before i give the set free as a public moc but for me that is to late. My Chevrolet G-7107 is allready 4 months in designing the model and collecting parts so for my next project the GMC CCKW i'm missing a lott of parts which are in the Chevy. So when i can mark the chevy as build i know which parts are missing. To lett them look as much as possible to the original they are completely build in Dark Gray(looks just a bitt like NATO green), and thht is a kind of rare color so the build option would help a lott. So is that possible did i mis that option ore is that not possible to set a private moc to build???
  6. I'm working on cataloging/fixing the Duplo Figures and Animals for these sets. Could you take pictures of the inventories from any of your boxes? This would help greatly in finding parts missing from the downloads we get from Thanks for any help you can provide.
  7. To paraphrase a famous saying- I couldn't see the merry-go-round for the .... HORSES! The other part I was missing was the cash register. It was also missing from the Town Square 10836 download, so 2 sets fixed for the price of 1. The sets have been added.
  8. many of those are work in progress and some should really be sub-parts and combined parts so user can choose to what they want to split up and not.
  9. set 60108-1 has 2x 11297 should be 1x
  10. There is a free file storage site for rebrickable. It's called where you can store images, instructions, or any other LEGO related files. You could post a comment for one of the sets you used for your creation and include a link to your bricksafe files. Or you can do like you have done and post it here in the Forum.
  11. Going with the majority. If we receive more reports that verify your post, it can be changed.
  12. what i mean is resent post where nobody seems to be willing to responding there are more of these but i do not have the time to search for them now. other thing was that i found in the forum that parts that could not be devided without tools they should stay together and not filled seperate shuch as the old ship parts and the turntables other part found 6051c02/ 04/ 05 half of them are combined others are now split up what do you want this was answered in you're name id all has to be split up it has to be done otherwise combine the loose that is what i mnat whit consitansy. you can not seperate them without breaking someihing so they should stay together
  13. Not all delivered were printed mine was delivered with a sticker sheet.
  14. Wanted to show the duplo creation made with my 3 year old daughter, but submitting a moc requires building instructions and part list, and that quite impossible when the reation is destroyec already a few minutes later. Is there a place where creations can be stored without a full instructions and part list Size is about 66x103x48, and contains about 150 pieces
  15. Yeah my Mom has told me she said the same thing to my Dad when he bought me a train set for my first Christmas. Of course I never did that with my son....I waited until he was 2 to buy him 7720-1. Thanks for the pictures. They'll help fill in the missing 5 pieces from the download.
  16. @thea see photos attached, and in the end bought nothing new as my wife is already telling i am buying for myself instead for our daughter
  17. Thanks for responding. Wishing you luck and fun at the play store.
  18. @thea i'm sorry, but the box is already gone, and the information you are looking for is not in the leaflets. But i might be passing in a play store, and the information might be on the outside of the box, and then i'll take a picture.
  19. This is another difficulty we face. The numbers we receive from the download are new design numbers assigned by lego, and not the number molded on the part. I recently had a part that had 4 different design numbers for the same molded number.
  20. ok the canoes are there but the part no is 33590 in inventory but the ones i got are part no 6021
  21. yes i have notice that ...another part that need to be added to database for the set there are 8 in set
  22. I'm currently fixing the mess regarding the Ninjago minifig head-wraps. I'll add them in a minute. The ninjago sets of 2017, 2016 (and possibly 2015) are quite incomplete because for some reason Lego doesn't supply (almost) any the minifigure parts in their api. And nobody really ever took (or wants to take :P) the job to manually add all of those parts...
  23. Thank you thea, your answer was very helpful, I am on level 6 already :). I am a mother and just started to have fun from lego with my son who started his jorney with Duplo bricks, but I think soon he will also build something more complicated. As we already have more then 1000 different duplo bricks I wanted to find more projects that we could build from duplo bricks but unfortunately the selection isn't so wide...So there is a plenty of opportunities to make our own MOCs and present them here So the sets I could not find are 10819-1 (My first Garden, released 2016) and 10838-1 (Pets, also 2017 i think).
  24. 1st thing that can be added is 2x 6021 Boat - Canoe in olive green
  25. Element ids can be found in the instructions, those are not really a problem. If you can make photos of the missing parts (probably all printed minifigure parts) then it would be help a lot with naming the parts (and you can upload the photo on Rebrickable too of course).
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