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  2. It depends on why you are considering using Rebrickable for storing your inventory. Since Rebrickable doesn't include instructions, boxes, and whole minifigures at the present time, trying to import those items from a BrickLink store inventory will give errors. If you just want to list your set parts and loose parts for building models, I would suggest using Rebrickable first.
  3. Thanks TobyMac, that is exactly what I need. I have follow up question, is there a way to set it to default so every time a new set is added I don't have to remember to uncheck that box? I dind't find anything under settings.
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  5. I depends on the list in question but it is normally a brief note about what set I need a part for or information about replacement parts I'm currently using so I remember what parts to return to my loose part Storage if I ever obtain the part on my "wishlist" list. If Custom Lists supported the same Pro feature part notes as Part Lists I could easily move this info to a Custom List and that would solve my needs ideally. I specifically don't want these parts counted in my part counts and currently Custom Lists aren't. I'd appreciate any effort you can make and truly appreciate all the hard work you always put into making this site an amazing tool.
  6. No, there's simply too much this change would impact. Can you tell me what kind of info do you store in the Notes? Perhaps I can update the Custom Lists to add similar functionality.
  7. When browsing MOCs, why not just show the price instead of “Premium” so you don’t have to click through to see the price?
  8. There's loads of extra spaces. I removed them on all parts and correctly named those ones that still had the Lego Name.
  9. Sometimes if the text is copied from another source the spaces are actually different which causes them to appear at the top of a search, I've come across this with heads recently. I'll have a look at a couple in your example and see what happens.
  10. I agree and this is only truly achievable with crowd support which I try to provide where I can. However, in this case, I can't seem to figure what's broken to recommend it be corrected. I strongly suspect it is leading spaces but on the web presentation those are getting eliminated and I can't see them to be sure. Hence my forum post. Perhaps someone with more rights or a direct view to the database can confirm that is the problem. If it is, a scripted scan to eliminate similar cases (no part name for any category or part should ever start with any number of spaces or other white space) would fix some portion of these problems in one fell swoop. This one isn't so much about naming standards and consistency as it is with a incorrect name entirely (one starting with a space). While I presented this as directly with 3003 since that highlighted it easiest, I actually first encountered this sorting my own part list when one of these numbered 2x2 bricks showed up at the very top of my bricks section ahead of every other size brick which seemed odd until I realized that if it's name was likely "<space>Brick 2 x 2..." it would always appear before any "Brick 1 x ..." entries. In the 3003 example at least its only a few rows away from correct placement. On my parts list, this is actually two pages away from correct and would easily be overlooked if I wasn't currently systematically going through that list as I redo my storage system.
  11. Every category needs some maintenance on part names to make them all consistent. It’s a long, slow process but we’ll get there eventually. You could do a search in any category and discover similar results.
  12. Good catch but not the solution to this problem. While the date being a factor would have been odd, it still includes 3003 even in that restricted range (on the picture, it's on the bottom fully visible row two before the green two eye version). That said, I just reran this same test with the dates set to 1945 to 2019 (the full range) and the results are identical. I still think this is some odd issue with the names of the offending elements. Any other ideas?
  13. Including what information I can for an official LEGO Movie 2 book, which includes a minifig: I can't find reference to this anywhere, however it's ISBN13: 9781338387445 The Lego Movie 2: Vest Friends Activity Book with Minifigure 2019 Book Contain: 1x Minifig Lower Body Black Knee Caps, Black Belt, Steel Tooth Boots - 970c00pr1624 1x Minifig Torso Shirt, Pockets, Straps, Yellow 'R' Print with Yellow Arms with Dark Blue Cuffs Print, Dark Blue Hands (Rex Dangervest) - 973pr4545c01 1x MINI WIG, NO. 235 - 40938 1x Minifig Head Dual Sided Eyebrows, Stubble, Open Smile / Open Mouth Angry Print (Rex Dangervest) [Recessed Stud] - 3626cpr2778 1x Weapon Gun / Blaster / Shooter Mini - 15391 Black 1x Weapon Gun Trigger - 15392 dark bluish grey 1x Plate Round 1 x 1 with Solid Stud - 6141 trans-light blue 2x Plate Round 1 x 1 with Solid Stud - 6141 trans-bright green 1x Plate Special 1 x 1 with Clip Vertical [Thick U Clip] - 4085c Black 1x Weapon Lightsaber Hilt with Bottom Ring - 64567 Black
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    Search A Parts List

    I'm sure this has been asked before but after looking and searching for awhile, I haven't found an answer yet. I want to edit a part in my parts list. I haven't found a way to search my parts list for a particular part number. It seems the only way I can get to a part is moving through my list until I find the color and part I want. This can take a very long time! I'm sure I'm missing something. Intuitively, I thought I would see this option as a tab on the parts search result dialog along with the part and "my parts" tabs. Thank you for any assistance.
  15. Cool! Much better indeed. Many thanks!
  16. Your search is limited to 1990 to 2019. 3003 is much older than that.
  17. In your Set-lists page, you can see all your sets. Under each set is a pencil, whit which you can make changes to the set in the list. Here is an option to uncheck the 'I still have the spare parts'-box. This way, they are not included in your inventory.
  18. I want to know if it is possible to copy or transfer my inventory from bricklink to rebrickable OR is it better to enter inventory into rebrickable and transfer to bricklink. I dont want to key the inventory 2x. Please help
  19. Is there a way to ignore spare parts in a build or an option to complete ignore them in our individual part counts? I use a specific parts list for my spare parts as I pull them for other sets I want to build first. It would be nice to have an option to ignore them on the set pages.
  20. Step 1: Search for "3003" in the Part Catalog Step 2: Sort by Part (technically Part Name) in an Ascending direction Expected result: Somewhere in the list, likely near the beginning but accounting for some odd-ball parts that include the characters 3003 that aren't actually a 2x2 Brick, you'd "3003 Brick 2 x 2" followed by all the multiple printed variants (3003pr0116, 3003pr0103, etc) in somewhat an alphabetized list based on part name. Actual result: The photo below. The first three make sense - those are new parts imported by the bot that haven't been renamed yet so they are named as "Brick 2x2..." (note the lack of spaces around the 'x'). This makes sense and is a quick and dirty way of spotting parts needing new names. Then comes one of the oddballs (30030p1). But then we get 31 bricks named Brick 2 x 2 with Black "XX" Print where XX is a number. I can't figure out what's causing these to appear early. My guess is that they have an extra space at the beginning of their names that isn't appearing on screen but is impacting sorting. This is causing these parts to appear out of place in more robust part lists. Anyone have any ideas? Side note 1 - part 3003p03 has its own error of using single rather than double quotes in its name. Side note 2 - it would be cool if these parts actually were in numerical order somehow rather than 1, 10-19, 2, 20-29, 3, 30-31 as they appear now. Side note 3 - if this really is an issue with spaces, a scan of the whole part catalog for this extra starting space would be useful but would have to be done by someone who can access the database directly (and a safety check to avoid it in the future would be great).
  21. Man, that is fantastic - that is going to save me hundreds of hours or work! And I shamefully admit that by looking at that page, I finally start to understand the numbering system LDraw uses for printed parts. -smile- As to the minifig torsos - I want to create a whole series of unofficial shortcuts to render images of torsos with precolored arms and hands, which is the way LEGO delivers them in sets, and the way Rebrickable stores them in the parts database. With that overview page that project also becomes much easier. In other words, thank you so much for your information, and if there is anything I can do for you or LDraw, please let me know. Take care, Simon
  22. If I understand your question correctly, you want a URL for a person to quickly look at all the patterned parts for a given element to match the Bricklink/Brickowl designation to the LDraw equivilent. If that's the case I can point you to the patterned parts summary portion of the Parts Tracker: The default is minifig torsos (973.dat) but if you append ?p=<basr part number> to the url, you'll get a listing of all the patterned parts (official and unofficial) for the given base part.
  23. Would still need part dimensions if the system should calculate storage size requirements of your parts. How many cubic meters of Lego do you have kind of statistics...
  24. Thank, Orion, good to meet and welcome to the forum! That's good to know. We're not using LDraw images from your server: we created our own images for each part/color combination, and I am currently re-rendering them at a higher quality (example1/example2). Currently, Rebrickable uses 7,765 LDraw parts from a base library of 14,361 parts (official/unofficial and some third party). 6,110 of those are found by part number match, another 1,655 by manually added LDraw map. For each part in our database we have an automatically created link to the Part Tracker. Our main problem is the following. Consider a relatively new part like this: 3010pr0041 Brick 1 x 4 with I Incredibles Logo print That part number does not exist in LDraw, so our automated link results in No Matches Found. A Parts Tracker search for 3010 gives 136 results, and I have to read through all those descriptions to find out that Ldraw probably doesn't have that pattern yet. But there is no way to be sure, and a part that might look right based upon the description, like: parts/3010pz1.dat Brick 1 x 4 with Yellow Batgirl Logo with Black Border Pattern doesn't have a link to an image to verify that. If the Part Tracker would display these images, or have a link to an image, just like the details link for unofficial parts, it would be much easier for us to add that LDraw map, and make our own LDraw image available for our users. And if that map is present, Rebrickable can provide the mapping from LDraw to Bricklink, Brickowl, Birckset and Peeron, and the list of LEGO element ids connected to that part. So I am hoping for some kind of cooperation between LDraw and Rebrickable, firstly to make sure that Rebrickable accurately uses everything the LDraw organization has generated so far (some 6, 596 LDraw dat files are still not used by RB), and maybe, in the future, to provide LDraw with an automated list of newly released LEGO parts that might be included in the LDraw Parts Request forum. I welcome all your thoughts about this subject... -smile- Take care, Simon
  25. I agree with this. In inventories the system reports: "There are XXX parts in this inventory, with YYY total quantity. Based on your Build Settings, you own ZZZ of them." But XXX parts is actually XXX part/color combinations. It could be one part in XXX colors; XXX parts in one color, or anything inbetween. It would be useful to have both numbers reported: "There are XXX parts (AAA ids/BBB colors) in this inventory, with YYY total quantity." That info is available within the system, and it would allow the generation of some interesting statistics: - current LEGO sets with the most different colors - current LEGO sets with the most different parts To be sure, this could be used for a "part diversity index" (PDI) and a "color diversity index" (CDI); which are interesting to know for people who more interested in parts then in sets (designers? -smile-) Good suggestion, Stephen!
  26. I tend to use a few part lists as 'wishlists' or 'parts needed'. This is because Part Lists support Part Notes while Custom Lists do not. I have these lists unchecked so they don't impact build calculations which is perfect. However, if I check the "My Parts" tab of the Part Summary pop-up or the My Parts List master listing, these parts get added to my total ownership of the part artificially inflating the number of these parts I own. Would it be possible to somehow create a flag on a per-Part List basis to exclude the contents of that Part Lists from the My Parts totals?
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