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  4. It looks like it is ignoring printed part differences - check your build settings:
  5. first of all I thouhgt… look another Variation of Batman...
  6. really great… I like it that is almost made of classical bricks...
  7. It’s because the set is set up with its sub sets as separate sets, not sub sets. It’s how things were done on older versions of the site. It’s a lot of work to change them all over, something that will happen eventually. mom the meantime I’ve added the whole inventory for 60063-1. It is unchecked so there may be errors as it’s an old set (when scraping the inventory from LEGO they use their most recent version of parts meaning if you scrape an old set some parts or colors may be incorrect). I’ll check it later, for now please be aware. thanks, jared
  8. I have lost part 2489 from set 60063. For some reason set 60063 has no parts but there are sets for each individual day of the advent calendar, and according to my set list, I own 60063-1 through 60063-25. If I visit it says "You have 1 of this Set in your LEGO Collection". On that page, I click the barrel, then click My Lost Parts, then click Add Lost Part, but then it says "You must have set 60063-21 in your Set Lists collection before you can Lose parts from it". I'm very confused. I'm guessing there's something weird about 60063. I doubt I added each one of these sets individually to my set list, so presumably at some point the set got autosplit or something? I'd much rather that set be handled the same way other advent calendars are handled (as one set), for what it's worth. Browser: Chrome. OS: Linux.
  9. To check what parts that are needed in addition of the parts available in sets 42096 and 42056 when building MOC-35921 ( I created a set list consisting of sets 42096 + 42056 and ran the building options. MOC-35921 requires an additional pair of mud guards and the missing parts list is displaying 2 equal mud guards but should display one of each (mirrored) as it is done when using the compare option:
  10. You mean you don’t want to buy your own MOCs?! Why? What’s wrong with them? Haha.
  11. I’m moderately confident that the site is UTC not London. However I think that’s also the same as the UK in the winter so I’m not being very helpful.
  12. Once a MOC purchase is executed a list of other suggested MOCs is displayed. I made a purchase today and the suggested list displayed 4 (!!) of my own MOCs, refer to the attached screenshot. The suggested list should exclude MOCs published by the purchaser.
  13. thanks a lot… well done… that is exactly what I'm looking for… i didn't try it this button before… and it works fine… I could export the list of missing parts and store them in an extra list…
  14. I'm located in Iceland which now in winter time has the same time as London.
  15. Not sure if I understand your question correctly (haven't had my morning coffee yet). If you want to know exactly which parts you need besides the ones you already have, there is a green button on the right 'Build this MOC'. This gives you the list of missing parts, with links to add them to a Bricklink or Brickowl wanted list. This button is basically why Rebrickable was created
  16. Hello friends-of-bricks... I hope my question is right here… otherwise switch it to the right forum please... my question/suggestion... in the different inventories of the great-made MOC's is a partlist shown compared with my owns sets... my problem is to sort out the parts I missing to built up the wanted MOC... I found the possibility allready to highlight these missing parts (red marked) and those I haven't not enough for complete building (some like brown/dark green(?))… it is in my oppinion quite inconvinient to click the part and sort them by-hand step-by-step in a custom list… is it possible to sort, or filter the missing parts and send them by actuall options, or implement an extra option in menue to manage..? thks-a-lot...
  17. Greetings, I am new to this website and figured I'd give this a shot. Recently I've been wanting to do some new stuff for the New Year, and one of those smaller items on my list, is to build a "MOC" or replica LEGO set of my first vehicle. I will try to attach a photograph of her in this forum post, but I do not know where to go from here on how to even began. I am not experienced with 3D modeling, so I'm hoping someone can help me out by creating this vehicle into a LEGO form. I recently went to my local "Bricks and MiniFigs" store and spoke to one of the part time owners, who recommended this website to me, and while we were discussing the idea, they had a LEGO vehicle from the James Bond movie. Why am I bringing this topic up you may ask? I have seen several official LEGO sets published such as the LEGO Volkswagen T1 Camper Van, LEGO Creator Expert, James Bond Aston Martin DB5, and the sizes of both vehicles actually impress me. I got to see in person how big and wide the James Bond Aston Martin vehicle is, and that is the Exact size I am looking to make my creation. The 1958 Ford Edsel vehicle is something very unusual and unique to it's own personality, the version I have currently is a 4 Door Corsair, however the color is a unique Copper color, which I was informed would be near impossible to recreate in that color. I do not mind using mix match colors, such as Orange, but I need advise, suggestions, tips on how to even get started. For another question answered, yes, I would like to try and build the actual inside of the vehicle, interior wise similar to the Volkswagen Van, if I can attach a photo of the inside I will gladly do so. Anyway, I do hope to hear back and hope to start on this special project. Thanks for reading.
  18. Could this be a timezone thing? I believe the site uses London time, maybe that causes a day skip.
  19. In the screenshot it looks like the latest MOC was published February 20 when in fact it was published today, February 21st. All MOC releases are displayed 1 day offset in the analytics graphs.
  20. Confirmed both working as expected now. Thanks for the quick turnaround!
  21. Earlier
  22. I was not impressed with the tires supplied with 42099 4x4 Extreme. I found references on another website about different tires for Lego. The rims for the 42099 take 1.9" tires. When I started my build I ordered R/C rock crawler tires from Amazon "4.7 Inch Outer Diameter RC Crawler Tires,1.9 Inch". I'm not posting the Amazon link as I'm not pushing the product, just showing personal results. The tires are Pro-line knock offs, they have multiple, really wicked cool tread patterns available. The tires are very soft, real rubber with foam insert. I have not taken it outside, but I am 100% confident they will perform substantially better than fairly hard, slippery stock tires. This was my first Technic kit, built on 2/18/19. I am already going to disassemble, build efferman's ultimate MOC, then tear down and build the "Rocky" MOC. This is more a learning process before I actually take it outside to play. I'm off work for shoulder injuries (torn ligaments), first surgery 2/21/20. Up to 6 months recovery, then 2nd surgery. I was going stir crazy around the house coz I had nothing to do, that wouldn't affect my shoulders. Walking by the Lego isle in Walmart triggered the proverbial light bulb (DING!) Building LEGO would be a FUN zero impact activity I can do! Browsing the Lego website I saw the Technic kits and all the other Lego themes. WOW lego has come a LOOOONG way since my childhood Lego days of the 70's! Between the other Technic kits I've ordered (current / retired), and the Creator 3in1 sets, I will not be bored during recovery, and beyond! I also have the Briksmax light kit that I will install on build I will run. A huge kudos to all the MOC creators for sharing builds! A huge kudos to Rebrickable for making a place to share! The greatest thing about Lego is being able to build something, take it apart an make something else with the same parts.
  23. Hi - I am getting the same issue. see below. Anyone else having this problem?
  24. Nathan

    I blocked myself

    Sorry I don't know. This forum software is hard to figure out sometimes.
  25. Fixed, as well as the save settings button.
  26. @NathanAbout the images...I can regenerate the images and get the thumbnails to reappear in my All My Parts list on a part by part basis.
  27. (in Elton John's voice) It's the ciiiircle of buuuuuugs.
  28. I fixed something with it the other day, probably broke something else... sigh.
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