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  2. Great community...thanks for all the replies!
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  4. This is MOC Lego stop motion video about Indonesia 74th Independence Day ceremony Youtube : Lego MOC Video About 74th Indonesia
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    ...want to use missing stickered parts or not.
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    I think that standard stickered parts should be added as items that are not used in build calculations, but are there only as an information part. And a user can mark them as missing. I would not change existing inventory or build functionality, but I would focus on giving users a method how to track missing standard stickered parts. Users then can choose whether they
  8. Hi Hannah, I think there a couple of things to think about. If you just want to get rid of as much of it as quickly as possible and are less concerned about maximizing the value, something like ebay is your best option. However, even in that case, I think spending some time researching prices on Bricklink would help you know what prices to aim for. The secondary lego market is very active these days. Even if you took the average current price for each set on Bricklink and added it all together as a single price to sell all of it, I bet you'd find a buyer. If not, knock 5 or 10 percent off that price and for sure someone will snap it up. If you want to maximize the value and don't mind spending more time managing the inventory, packing, and shipping, you could set up a Bricklink (or BrickOwl) store and put everything you want to sell up there. You'd probably be selling them a few at a time. That involves building an inventory of the sets and keeping that inventory updated as you sell them off. In all cases, you'll need to distinguish between the different states (sealed box, built and rebagged, etc) in order to figure out the right price. This article talks about an average increase in the value of lego sets of 12% per year since 2000, so I hope you'll be pleasantly surprised by the value of what you have. Good luck! --cj
  9. Thanks will try it this week, very busy whit rebuilding a part of my house very little time on the moment.
  10. They look perfect as is. With these all-round heads it's impossible to not use a neck or other bar.
  11. Thank you. I followed the advice in the Editing Part Photos help page, which was quite easy to follow. My photos show the head attached to a body, instead of a free-floating head, and thought about cropping the neck also. But my Gimp skills were lacking - I did not manage to erase the neck in a way that was non-ovbious. So I uploaded them as is. Hope that's OK. I intend to upload the other heads that I own in the same pose, because I got really confused trying to tell them apart just from the title and Element images. 🙂
  12. I've swapped them. Letting us know here is good. Change Request is also possible.
  13. I just submitted photos for 11816pr0002 and 11816pr0127, but mixed them up. Can I see my submitted photos and withdraw them? Or should I just do what I am doing here, and announce the mistake, so they will be swapped when accepting the photos?
  14. I cannot answer your question, as I have not yet used the feature of marking parts as missing, but can share what I did when I started separating the parts of several sets, which were thrown together into a single large box. To keep track of what I already found for each set, I created a custom list based on each set's parts (there's a button on the set page for that). I use these custom lists when searching for parts, and remove the parts I found from the lists. The custom lists now only contain the parts I have not yet found. This may help collecting parts for each set. Of course, the missing parts are then not marked as missing. If there are few enough parts missing, you could then go through the custom lists and manually mark the parts as missing in your set.
  15. Yeah, Bricklink would be my suggestion also.
  16. Nice! Searched the forum for an answer to my problem and finally found a post. Read it without looking at the author. When I realised that guy had the same issue that I have I saw... well he is me just some months ago! Still no one with a suggestion?
  17. I recommend signing up to Bricklink or brickowl. You’ll get the most money that way. They may take time to sell it all though so if you’re want to just move it eBay is probably your best bet
  18. Hello My husband was an avid LEGO collector. Since his death last year i have questioned what to do with his lego collection. Going through it all and it is very extensive, there are three groups of lego that i have. 1. Boxed lego that he bought that never opened 2. Built Lego 3. Lego that has been built with manuals then so carefully was broken back down ,cleaned ,labelled and sealed. What on earth do i with it all,? there are some parts that are sentimental that i will keep but i am surrounded by so much that it is impossible for me to keep all of it. So i come to you with some questions. Firstly are there collectors out there who would wish to know more about what he had and would possibly buy and secondly where is the best place to look for other collectors who could help me Thanks Hannah
  19. The image for black 6019 instead shows a black 61252.
  20. Unfortunately the Remake project has stopped
  21. That's awesome! Thanks!
  22. Under tab MOC the link to the site Remake is dead. Any suggestion?
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  24. The search has been upgraded to do this. If you type the EID number 6071246 in the search box and just hit enter(don't select anything from the drop down menu), it will take you directly to the Medium Azure page.
  25. That's what I thought also. If there is a way to trigger the mail only on changes that affect the inventory, that would be perfect.
  26. Totally agree this would be of massive help!
  27. Whenever I try to search using set number, it tells me my account credentials did not work even though I have already logged in. Any fixes on the horizon?
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