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  2. Well, thanks Corona! My full time work has closed until further notice and I have a whole week to build LEGO IRL, I’m looking to design and build a MOC with my family and then share it online with step-by-step instructions, but I’m not sure what imaginative world will guide me, so that’s up to you happy builders! Here’s a link to my other builds to give you an idea of my building style and capabilities: · ·[email protected]/ I plan on building a detailed modular and/or large build comprising at a least 32x32 Stud plate but no more than a 48x48 stud plate, or at least limit the piece count to below ~4000. So what will it be? A detailed Modular MOC with all the Mighty Marvels? A trip to a galaxy far, far away in a hive of scum and villainy? Or maybe even a place where the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives? Or even Back in time? YOU PICK! Post will end March 30th @ 5 pm Central US Daylight Time. Choices: Tatooine Mos Eisley Spaceport : Hill Valley 1955 (Courthouse, Lou's Cafe, The Delorean): Modular Avengers Tower and Grand Central Station: Modular Gotham City (Iceberg Lounge, GCPD, Arkham City, etc.): Reimagined Eldorado Fortress: Winterfell Castle:
  3. Hi I am becoming familiar with the API, new user. I entered parts in my parts list using the website. I want to use postman to view my parts list. /api/v3/users/{user_token}/partlists/ What do I put in for {user_token}?
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  5. Might be just me but I like the color, looks more natural to me for some reason, but for CD's I don't think it would really matter.
  6. gumalca


    When you upload a moc paste the link to the bricksafe folder in the detail link field, it says so in the description next to it. Then a preview of the images should appear. If you don't see the images on the page after the moc was approved, then you have the same problem like described in this thread: There is no solution for this. They just randomly load or don't.
  7. Pioneer4x4

    Editing Part Photos

    I am trying to post scans of some Bionicle CDs, and when I go to submit them it is cropping off the circle. I added space, and it still does it. Can I just upload them somewhere? I have them named with the number on the face of the CD, and the volume label when read in a PC.
  8. What about CDs? I have several 3" CD-ROMs from Bionicles I just found after moving. I would prefer to scan them, what resolution, and should I choose color or greyscale? They don't have color, you get a bit of the iridescence that way, but grayscale looks wrong as well. Pic1 is color, pic2 is greyscale. Both at 300DPI. I will upload them as as greyscale 300, let me know if you want it another way.
  9. Weegordon


    I'm sure I must be missing something but I can't workout how to add a slideshow to my MOC creations. I've tried following the Rebrickable instructions and I've set up a Bricksafe account. I deposited a small number of pics as a trial but I can't work out how to link these back to my MOC. Can anyone help me please?
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  11. Yes, but still in the annoying colours. I want alphabetical, in black and white, at the top.
  12. Isn’t it alphabetical after the most popular list?
  13. Holy crap, what sadist designed the drop down list of colours and how do you change it?! It lists by most used colour instead of alphabetically and then writes the name in that colour making some colours practically impossible to read. I want it black on white, alphabetically.
  14. Thanks for the info . . . I look forward to seeing if the rumors are true . . . would be great to get some official Mosaic sets!
  15. Great, it works! I am loading the pieces by color and it works. Thanks a lot for the support!
  16. It's erroring because of a time out. I can look at improving the performance, but I'm not hopeful. In the mean time try splitting the file into smaller chunks.
  17. Okay, I'll ship right away. Thank you
  18. In addition to the MOCs that JaredHinton already mentioned, there are a few officially issued sets that are mosaics. Unfortunately, the only one that is Star Wars related to date is SWMP-1 and Rebrickable doesn't have a photo of this set (hint: there is a photo on BrickLink). Perhaps with the obvious skill you have at these you can transform the parts list on Rebrickable and the photos from BrickLink into something amazing! There are rumors of some Star Wars mosaics possibly being released officially by LEGO later this year but for now those are only rumors.
  19. Most people use from Bricklink, another popular tool is LDD (Lego Digital Designer) however support for LDD ended a few years ago so it doesn't necessarily have all the newest parts and will no longer be updated.
  20. Hello, I'd like to start a new project but this would be my first time doing an MOC and I don't really know where to start. Is there a software that people use to build the models? Is there anyone for hire to help design the model based on images of the yacht I want to build? Hoping to connect with someone to get some help.
  21. For new Ideas set 21322-1 (consistent with how we handle the other Ideas sets): Based on Fan Design by Pablo Jiménez
  22. Thanks - I'll check that out!
  23. You are very talented, these look great. If you search our database for mosaic you'll find a handful of star wars ones. Lot's of other too if you're interests vary.
  24. Hello all - I'm new to this forum and this is my first post but thought I'd come here for some ideas. I recently finished my first 2 Star Wars mosaics (Boba Fett and Stormtrooper - see pics attached), and am absolutely in love with how they turned out. I was wondering if anybody had some other Star Wars Mosaic designs that I could build to pass the time during all this craziness. It would be very helpful if there were Studio/LDD files and/or part lists to make ordering parts and building easier . . . I'm not very creative but am GREAT at following instructions =) I found a great Darth Vader mosaic on BrickLink Studio but it's waaaaaaaaaaaaay too big (160 x 160): The Stormtrooper mosaic that I built was 96 x 96 and that's about as big as I'd want to go. My Boba Fett Mosaic is 48 x 48. Any ideas and designs would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much in advance! Steve
  25. Hi All, I hope you are doing well. When I used Rebrickable more than 10 years ago it was possible to Hide/delete parts after you checked if you had all the parts for a moc. So you could Hide/delete parts from the Missing Parts list so you could easily see which parts you really needed. That is not possible for many years already. At this moment you need to export all parts to Bricklink and delete parts over there. Or make separate list and delete parts over there. But it would be great if it was like 10 years ago. You would click the "Build this MOC" button and would see the parts you're missing. But there are parts showing that you don't want to buy. So you want to delete them already so you have a nice short list. In the attached example there are electric parts I don't need and also the tires. If I could already delete them I could get a better price estimation when I click the Buy Parts tab. When you've already delete some parts you will see different sellers. I hope you understand what I mean. Let me know! Thanks!
  26. Hi All, Hope you are doing well! It would be great if you could see all mocs that include a certain part regardless of the color. At this moment you need to select color by color to see the mocs made with that part/color. I don't mind which color so would be great if I can see all mocs made with that part no matter which color. Some parts are in almost 10 colors so need to check each color. Attached example you see the same part in all these different colors. To see the mocs you need to click every color one by one. Would be great of there was a "All Colors". Please let me know if it's a good idea. Thanks!
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