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    But, aren't the discussion functions on the site all either in MOCs, sets or parts? That's ok if you want to talk about one of these but for general discussions, you would never find them if they were in the comments of MOC #28495. Funny, maybe it's because the MOC part of Rebrickable is not the interesting one for me, maybe it's because I'm used to discussing possibilities for community projects like Rebrickable on a forum, but it feels much more natural to talk about this here. For people, mostly interested in talking about specific items (a MOC, a set or a part), it's ok to not come here. This is a place for more general discussions. It's unfortunate to not have more people interested in talking about ideas that are more "big picture". But if they're not interested in developing the site itself, we can't force them to be interested. But there's at least 3 of us here. So even if it's just between the 3 of us, what do you think of the idea in the original post?
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    The post about stickers in the Help forum got me thinking. I think there is a way to manage stickers in Rebrickable as is, without development. The key is the alternate inventory feature. Stickered parts would be inventoried as printed parts (Bricklink's term "decorated" would be better but that's cosmetic). The default inventory would stay as it is and have all parts unstickered. If someone has a set for which they want to keep track of stickered parts, they could submit the stickered parts then submit a second inventory where the stickered parts are included instead of the unstickered variations. This would require no development and it would have 0 impact on people who don't care about stickers since the default inventory stays the same. Even if someone includes stickered parts in a MOC, since there is already a feature to ignore printed parts so the stickers could be ignored. Obviously, a separate feature for prints and stickers would be ideal and this solution doesn't take into account cases where people only apply some stickers in a set but it would still be pretty good. The only impact I see is that the admins would have to manage the new parts and inventory submissions. But since these would be added on demand, not systematically for all sets in the database, it would probably not be massive.
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    Editing my MOC description

    In the row with tabs (Comments, Inventory etc) there is also and Admin tab. Here you can make most changes to your MOC
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    Premium MOC name restrictions

    Hi Kristof; The term Star Destroyer is a trademark of the Disney Corporation and should not be used commercially. Premium MOC are a commercial product, and by using trademarked terms in the MOC title, both the designer (as seller) and Rebrickable (as shop) are risking legal claims for trademark infringement. Fair use does not apply as Star Destroyer is not a term commonly used in normal conversation. We are in the process of removing trademarks from MOC titles, and, to make sure no new problems would arise, we have placed restrictions on the MOC title. In other words, the other Premium MOC you refer to also need to remove the term. This is just a precaution, we don't want to get you or anyone else in any trouble. Hope you understand. Take care, Simon
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    find parts

    Middle is this https://rebrickable.com/parts/bb85/swan-neck-trailer-base-4-x-13/. Unique to a tractor set.
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    Importing inventory from IO files

    Hi, When submitting a MOC and attempting to import parts from IO files that have submodules, the parts in the submodules are not imported. I am using stud.io 2.0 beta, on a Windows 10 machine, and chrome. [I realize this is probably stud.io's fault, and I am not even sure it is a bug, or just a UI issue. However I wanted to let you know, because I suspect a lot of people will be transitioning to stud.io from LDD now that it has almost all the desired functionalities in one place] Thanks!
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    Is there a way to add a location to a set in our set list? I keep my sets in zip lock bags. Then those bags get put into organizers. Each drawer is labeled with a number and inside each drawer it is sub divided. It would be nice to pull the set up on rebrickable and quickly know where to look for the set, ie - Drawer 12, section c (12-c or 12c). Obviously this would only be a field we could edit and see but it would be nice especially when we are pulling parts to build other sets. Any thoughts?
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    Currently when creating a ''color switch'' MOC it is added to the ''other'' custom list. However there is no ''Mark as built'' option. Thus I cannot plan my next MOC as I do not know what parts are in use. Can we add option of ''Mark as built'' to color switched MOCs
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    Storage Bin Location For Parts

    Hello, can't await Version 3! Maybe one suggestion for new version: It would be very helpful to have an additional field on each part (set parts + loose parts) where I can write in the location where this part is stored in my collection (~60k parts). Maybe other users have the additional wish to have that per part-color key (when they store same part but different color in different bin). Showing this location in the overview of a Set (MOC or TLG) would b very helpful then to find the parts needed for the build. Additionally a remark-field on a per set base (for My Sets) would be nice. If multiple set of the same ID are in My Sets (for example 2 times 42030-1), there should be a comment for each of them (for example one with "build", the other with "sealed" or "new"). Many thanks!