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    Build Option For Minifigs Only?

    I think so too! But...It won't happen in v3. This is a bricks and plates(especially Technic ones ) kind of site. I've managed to infiltrate it, and get some minifig stuff past the bouncer at the door. Just give me a little more time.
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    31058-1 Mighty Dinosaurs

    The official release was in 2017, but it was already available in 2016.
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    Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Sets Here

    Yes, it's a known issue. There are (much) more 2016 sets with missing parts (but I'm slowly working through them so it's getting better), but the Ninjago sets are a little more 'difficult'. Rebrickable gets most of the information (part numbers, images, names etc.) from Lego, but for whatever reason pretty much all 2016 Ninjago minifigure parts are unavailable.
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    Build Option For Minifigs Only?

    There are choices in the build feature that can help you with finding blind bags. In the drop down menu under your name at the main site, Choose Settings and then Building LEGO Tab. Scroll down to Build Search Filtering Options. Set the Number of parts to 0-50. Tick the Include Accessory/Supplemental. Not my optimum choices, but the best I've been able to come up with as a work-around. I'll ask Nathan about the possibility of lowering it to 0-10.
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    "Add to cart" not working

    This is a known problem, and Bricklink is looking into it. There were some recent changes at BL that caused problems with importing orders also.
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    I submitted a picture of a yellow u1126 attached to a yellow 4276b. I don't have 4276a in yellow and those I have in other colors are tied up in MOCs at the moment. Hope that does the job.
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    OK, had a look, leveled up, change request submitted...
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    Ok here again for the same part and again 6932a is gone, when you look at this page i have non. http://rebrickable.com/parts/6932a/scala-accessories-bottle-perfume-with-pyramid-base-and-atomizer/ But if i look at my inventory of loose parts it says 6932a Medium Orange 1 6932a Medium Green 1 Is also for the other 3 the b/c/d This makes it very difficult to order parts, when i know i have them but they do not show up on the part detail pages.
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    B Model link from main model

    When you type a set number in the black bar search(magnifying glass), it will show the b models by name. You can choose a specific model or just click on the Green 'Search' and it should give you thumbnails of all of the models listed. Please try it with set 40222-1. If you don't get a page with 25 thumbnails, let us know.
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    B Model link from main model

    There is quite a lot of set page improvement needed, to see relationships between sets. That why I posted this suggestion: If you want it implemented vote it up.
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    Either set at lego.com will give you instructions you can download for the extra model. You want the gray ones that say Extreme Police Racer.
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    This is fixed, hopefully no more blank emails. Today's batch run has completed and sent far fewer emails so looks correct now. The watch is triggered by any store except Amazon and eBay as their prices are too unreliable.
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    I was feeling generous, so I forwarded 2. It was 2for1 sale day, so you got 2. A forwarded email is worth 2 in the inbox. Is there a way to choose the sites from which you want notification for the watchlist? I don't do ebay, so if the sale is there, I don't want a notification.
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    Great, I hope your inbox can cope
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    I have duplicated this on my Mac with Safari. MOC was not found, but 21 other official sets imported correctly.