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    Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Sets Here

    The site is missing set #75878 - Lego Speed Champions Bugatti Chiron. It was officially released on February 17, 2017. I've been checking periodically since early March to try to add it to my set list but it hasn't yet appeared in the search. If you could please add it, it would be really appreciated, as I use your site to catalog my collection (in addition to your other fantastic features). Thank you in advance and for all you do for the Lego community, ~TheBeerHunter
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    Technic 40th Anniversary chassis

    Never tried it. I like the Idea. Maybe this should be moved to the suggestion topic so it can be voted on.
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    Extra Part in 41230-1

    Hi, I just noticed the part list of set 41230-1 list says it has 43121 x 2, but the set only comes with 1. Cheers, Brian!
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    How do I get the green box price?

    I've made some changes to the page which should hopefully make it clearer. The scrollbar is now always visible too.
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    Dubious My Lost Parts info

    Fixed the estimate %. It's not supposed to change with the filtered view. It shows the unique count in brackets because that filtering section is the same for all lists of parts/sets and is based on number of results only. It's not aware of each item's quantity and to do so would make it much slower.
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    Got one here for you. A minifigure that was included if you did a preorder of Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham video game. Figure of Plastic Man. Seen on bricklink under 5004081 on their site. Don't know if this is the correct place to mention this, but all the minifigures from Lego Batman Movie are in the catalogue, but are not connected to the list for the minifigures in the search drop down list for Collectible Minifigures>Lego Batman Movie. It still says zero figures and nothing comes up when you search that way. Thanks
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    What you'll need: ExoForce Light brick (obviously) A small screwdriver (or other item with a long, thin shaft) (my s'driver was 2mm (0.07 inches) thick) A small 3V battery. Put the point of the screwdriver into the hole in the brick (where you'd normally put the fiber optics cord). Using quite some force, lever the screwdriver until the 'lid' pops up at the front. Insert the screwdriver into one of the small gaps at the side where the 'lid' pops up, and lever the lid up again. the lid should come right off. From here, you can shake the brick and the battery should fall out. Simply slide the new battery in and click the lid back on.