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    MOC from The Last Jedi

    Introduction to Virtual Building Guide to LEGO Digital Designer Guide to Bricklink Stud.io Guide to Rendering (will follow in two weeks or so...) If you have any questions, after reading these, please let me know
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    MOC from The Last Jedi

    Hi, JDiM, welcome to the forum! You're in luck, hopefully tomorrow we will have three new help guides, on virtual building, LDD and stud.io. I will add the links to this thread when they available. They should answer all your questions. Check back tomorrow, okey? Taka care, Simon
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    I assume that is because of the bottom. Baseplates are smooth at the bottom as in they can't hold a stud.
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    yep, just keep on pulling till the next param gives you a null value. So similar to this (it is essentially how I do it) while (Next != null) { url = Next Result = API_Call(url) ...Process the result Next = Result.Next } Basic psudo code, but you should get the idea, and this will work no matter how small the page size gets.
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    HangryDave, I had the same problem (also remarked in your mentioned thread from feanferr) and I can only recommend to ALWAYS inspect the value of the "next"-field in the JSON-result: { "count": 263, "next": "https://rebrickable.com/api/v3/lego/sets/7965-1/parts/?page=2", "previous": null, "results": [ {... It is possible, even if you use page-size of 1000, that the API doesn't return you 1000 but for example only 100 (it's per configuration and depends on performance and can even be changing dynamically). So to receive the complete result you've got to call the url given by next (if it isn't null) and collect the results until you have next == null. This is the nearly the only way to determine that you've got the full result. And because this is valid for nearly all GET-API-methods, you should try to handle it in general on all your API-GET-calls. The other way to determine is to count your number of results received (the count of elements in result-array) and compare that to the number given in the "count"-field at the beginning. And then you can use next-URL to receive the next page.
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    OMG, Diniz, now you opened Pandora's box... -smile- Yes, you can do this using CRs (change requests), and that is the way we prefer it: all CRs are stored in a database, each admin can tag a CR when he/she starts working on it, and we can auto email a completed message. However, new RB users (rbbie's) don't have the points you need to be allowed to submit CRs, and for them, we have this thread. As to complete minifigs, we don't have them (yet). I, for one, sure would like have them, but the question is, how we do we store them? A minifig can be seen as compound part, consisting of normal parts, such as head, legs, etc. But a minifig can also be seen as a sub-set, an individual model by itself, but part of a larger set. We already have those, for example, the collectible minifigs. In any case, each method has advantages and disadvantages, and it is going to be a huge effort to make this work, so we want to be sure we choose carefully. In the mean time, our current minifigs are loose parts, like heads, legs and torso's, and those can be added to sets. It is a lot of work to find these individual part numbers, for us just as much as for you, which is why we need to improve this situation. That what I meant when I said we have a bunch of other thing on our minds that also need to solved. Take care, Simon
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    Marchel, with all due respect: the Rebrickable admins are all volunteers, and we are NOT doing this work for ourselves, but for the users of Rebrickable. We all have a family, work to do, meetings to attend to, and bills to pay, and the things we do for Rebrickable have to squeezed into all of that. Surely, we can research part numbers ourselves, but everything we need to research ourselves take some time, and all of that adds up, and we have lots of other Rebrickable related tasks that have to fulfilled, such as answering questions from new users, adding help topics and testing new features. If you want us to respond quickly to a change request, it seems only fair that you give us all the information you already collected, so we can do our job more efficiently. You don't have to re-type, you can just copy&paste. If you can't find a part number, that's ok, make a note and we will search for it. But not adding important information because "for the admins it is a simple step to open BL and look", I am sorry, but is not the way we work, and this will not be a precedent for others that also submit change requests. If anyone want us admins to change something, then, at least, give us the information we need. Take care, Simon
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    Search Filter in partlist

    Please add a search field for my partlist that work together with any already applied filters. ie AND logic. Since I now have to page my partlist the demand of a search functionality is much, much higher.
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    When I'm starting a build, I often first gather all the needed parts before building (due to the way I store my LEGO,I don't want to stand up for each part ) I think it would be handy have a page with the partlist with part, color and needed quantity, and behind that a column whit a checkbox that you can mark when you have found that part, maybe with a textbox where you can fill in the number of parts you have found if you don't have them all yet. Ideal would be some kind of refresh-function that refreshes the part-list and leaves out all parts that you have already found. For commercial purpuses: add the link that makes a BrickLink/BrickOwl wanted list of all remaining parts? Hope I'm explaining it clearly enough like this
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    After starting to catalog all my loose MOC parts, I found the post about the limit on parts lists (the number of parts in my list by this point was 4,329) & had to move all the parts to lists broken down by part types to avoid the limit. This was an extremely time consuming task & would have been sped up if I could have tagged/selected multiple items to move to another list, can we get something like this happening?
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    BrinkLink gives each minifigure an ID and identifies the individual parts that make up the minifigure. It would be helpful if Rebrickable allowed using ids in parts lists or, at the least, treat minifigures as a kind of set with their own parts.
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    Search within parts lists

    It would be nice to be able to search for parts within parts lists/inventories etc. For example if I want to see how many of a certain part I have in stock, I have to filter it and then manually look through the parts, OR search for the part (and leave my parts list)
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    Currently, there is no easy way to edit the parts you own. You can delete via the "delete part" feature (only found on the /myparts page). But that clears all colors. If you only wish to change the part counts for specific colors, it's a tedious, painful process. It would be ideal if I could see the list of quantities of a part for each color in the Parts Detail window but in an excel type of layout. This way, I can individually edit all the color counts for a single part. Then save the changes. The only alternative I have at the moment, is to forgo ReBrickable altogether and simply use excel...