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    New guy with questions

    You actually don't need to have the set as own to run a build check with it as long as the number of sets are three or less you can manually enter them in the process. So that can be used if you just want to know what else you can build if you get another set or two without committing to buying them.
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    Hi all! I'm Robert, been a long-time user of Rebrickable and the Brickheadz range has made me want to start designing my own MOCs. I've found the Brickheadz format a great one to learn with, gives you enough freedom to make it your own but a compact format so it's not too daunting. This is my work here, it's the character Anubis from the videogame Spelunky (well, and ancient Egyptian mythology...): This is what Anubis looks like in the game: And this is a model of Anubis (and a few other mini bosses): I cribbed an awful lot from existing Brickheadz sets - Anubis's wraps are just Rey's, the arms are just standard, etc. Any advice on where I could improve the model before I post it? I like the ears but I'm not a fan that I'm showing the underside of the bricks. Also I'm a little disappointed that I couldn't make the ankh on his chest any more than a 1x1 round plate as it's a very central part of his character. And only after making the model did I realise that he has a gold-rimmed cloth around his neck which I've haven't featured at all, but looking at it I can't work out how I really could. Also I was hoping to have the actual skull somehow in the sceptre but had to settle for a more abstract version. Looking at the pictures again it feels I should try to have a smoother transition from the top of his head to the back. I'm planning on doing a few more Spelunky characters. The Yeti King in the second image is one of my favourites so he's definitely getting included! I first tried the main character, "Spelunky Guy", but I found his hat to be very challenging so tackled Anubis first.
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    I’m moderately confident that the site is UTC not London. However I think that’s also the same as the UK in the winter so I’m not being very helpful.
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    sort- and filtercritaria...

    Not sure if I understand your question correctly (haven't had my morning coffee yet). If you want to know exactly which parts you need besides the ones you already have, there is a green button on the right 'Build this MOC'. This gives you the list of missing parts, with links to add them to a Bricklink or Brickowl wanted list. This button is basically why Rebrickable was created
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    Click on the part. In the pop-up that appears, you can change the part, color and quantity. Only the MOC designer and admins have access to this.
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    Link one MOC to multiple lego sets?

    You can link multiple sets. In the input field you can type multiple set numbers separated by a space.
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    First of all you probably end up with part problems, most alternative brands has their own parts that doesn't have a counter part in Lego. if you make a MOC that is inspired by another brand you will be fine. even if you get very close to ripping it completely off. if you do the exact same model make sure you alter the instruction flow and don't sell the result. ie post it for free and be honest that it's a copy/based of "brand X set no Y. There shouldn't be any problems since your not profiting from their trademark.
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    Now that Rebrickable has an integrated marketplace for instructions, have you thought about revisiting the 'Tip Jar/Donation' suggestion? I'm pretty sure someone suggested it years ago. I really like the idea of keeping my instructions freely available to the community, but having a way for those who can afford it to show their appreciation via making a donation. Rebrickable could take a small percentage for facilitating the donation. J
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    Part identification

    The windscreen is this one. https://www.bricklink.com/catalogItemIn.asp?P=6070pb001&in=S
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    Part identification

    The heads an easy one. https://rebrickable.com/parts/3626bpx97/minifig-head-forestman-knight-moustache-and-forehead-tuft-print-blocked-open-stud/
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    Part inventory prices

    They are an average of 'for sale' prices from BrickLink, BrickOwl and Ebay. They are often a bit high. That's mostly because there are some stores, espeon Bricklink, that have a high 'for sale' price. Not sure why. Scam would be an easy answer. Some stores don't want to bother with tiny parts, so they raise the price to make the effort worth it. Anyway, is messes up the numbers. We would prefer to look at 'sold for' prices, because they give a more clear view. But that information is not easily available unfortunately.
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    Editing Part Photos

    Can we please add this step into https://rebrickable.com/help/editing-part-photos/, so this helpfull tip isn't lost to new users.
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    sets endpoint to include additional images

    The extra images are not going to be available via the API. Please do not use a scraper to download them, I have tools in place that may automatically ban you if it suspects that is happening. I suggest getting the extra official images from lego.com instead.
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    part 2456a?

    Thank you both for your responses! So my understanding is that unless I have evidence of when the mold variation was introduced, I should just leave it alone under the single part number for now. Might try and do some research at some stage if I have the energy! Unfortunately I do not have a large organised set of vintage lego, the few pieces I do have are from bulk lots I got off ebay, which means an unsorted incomplete mess.
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    There is only one version on Brickset, but on BrickLink, there are three variants of the set, the first is undetermined, the second has no side studs on the landing gear sections & the third has side studs. No idea why TLG released two versions of the set, but apparently they did... & thank you for fixing those sets up. :)
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    Too Small For Premium?

    I guess if you sign up for the pro plan you could see the number of downloads. Or you host the instructions somewhere else where you can measure the number of accesses, but I don't know of any online services I could recommend for that.
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    I think the addition of all measurements will be more work than to just go for it. Especially when your collection is continuously growing. I use takeout food trays. When a tray is full, I pick a larger one, ore I sort on on color. The images for the labels can be downloaded here: https://www.bricksafe.com/pages/TobyMac/div/ldview file images.rar
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    I am located in Australia, which means most online Lego stores are located far away and have expensive postage that often outweighs the cost of the set. I have set my region setting to only show me sets/parts located within Australia to help save on postage. I am watching a number of sets and frequently get e-mail notifications saying this set is on sale! only to click through and see no copies of the set available in Australia. At all. Let alone on sale. I would love to get notifications of sets I can actually buy, but I am never going to see them because I am used to them all being false alarms.
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    Well, as far as I recognised, there was no change to Rebrickable. But you can add a search tag "freemium" to your model. If you search for it, there are some results. I don't know if most of the people don't want to use it or just don't know about it. For me this year worked ok, as I at least got the money for the 4x 42084 sets back. But I think the freemium concept needs more promotion directly from rebrickable to become more famous. On the other side, they just earn money if instructions are sold... Concerning your donation link, in a quick search I couldn't find any restrictions not to do it. To be sure you should ask over the official Contacts...
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    Oh, and I just found this great article explaining the whole thing! https://rebrickable.com/blog/2016/mysterious-slope
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    Checklist for gathering parts before build

    When I'm starting a build, I often first gather all the needed parts before building (due to the way I store my LEGO,I don't want to stand up for each part ) I think it would be handy have a page with the partlist with part, color and needed quantity, and behind that a column whit a checkbox that you can mark when you have found that part, maybe with a textbox where you can fill in the number of parts you have found if you don't have them all yet. Ideal would be some kind of refresh-function that refreshes the part-list and leaves out all parts that you have already found. For commercial purpuses: add the link that makes a BrickLink/BrickOwl wanted list of all remaining parts? Hope I'm explaining it clearly enough like this
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    Set identification

    Thanks, worked perfectly. I'd seen that input bar but never paid attention to it. Would be slick if you can build a parts list and have a button that would show what set those parts belonged to.
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    Hi, First off, great site. Loving it. Signed up for a month of Pro to see what is possible and I'm really enjoying it. My question: Is there anywhere I can see the "Storage Location" when I choose to build a "Lego Set" or "MOC" from my parts list? I know I can see it when I browse my parts list. Right now I have added a few small sets (100 parts or less) to a custom list. Example set - 30285. Is there a way in the inventory of this set to see the "My Part Notes - Storage Location" or do I need to add the parts to a "Part List" or is there some other way. I can'f find an API call that exposes the "My Part Notes". I also know I can "Build This Set" > "Find My Parts" > "Find Parts" and this will show me in what Part List (Row 02) my parts are but I have a lower level such as Part List "02-03" (Row 2, Box 3) If you need any more info just let me know, any help would be appreciated. Steven
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    Hi Nathan, Thanks for the update. Looking forward to future updates. Steven
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    Sorry for the delay - the notes are specific to an item in your Part Lists only. There is nothing there at the moment, but I will be adding it soon along with an upgrade to the notes system.
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    It's back up! (Sorry for the downtime.) I added a setting for hiding pieces once all their checkboxes are marked. Put "completed=hide" in the URL* For example: https://chkno.net/lego-pieces/?set=8820-1&completed=hide Also, I added a reset button at the bottom to clear all the checkboxes on the page, since clearing checkboxes is hard in completed=hide mode. (* Using the normal URL rules of &-separated a=b things after a ?.)
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    Multiple sort criteria

    It would be nice if we could have multiple sort criteria. For example, sort by category, THEN by colour, THEN by part name.
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    Finding parts

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    Finding parts

    Wow, thats great! Is it also possible to display the Setnumber (not only the Setname)?
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    Finding parts

    I have added an option to view these My Parts tables by Sets instead of by Set List if you prefer.
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    Finding parts

    Cool. That view will help as well. The only criticism I will make of that view is it preferences sets that have the most parts for a build. I am going to guess if you have a set with 100 technic pins, the top 10 sets it will list will be those with lots of technic pins. In my case I am usually chasing < 10 (usually uncommon) parts to complete a set. As I mentioned above. I don't build/store for MOC's (just yet), but I buy bulk boxes, separate out sets, sell what gets me some money back, rinse and repeat. For me the little app I am building using the API will help with my use case. It's really awesome that you have the API available for people to use so I thank you for that.
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    Finding parts

    Just to be sure: as I said before, you don't have to look up every part separately, in the BUILD SET - Find My Parts page you can ALL the parts you need, and ALL the part lists and ALL individual sets that contain those parts. You can't get more detail than that:
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    Finding parts

    I think I have the process worked out. So instead of searching for the parts and finding the list, search and find the part then click on the colour and it will tell me which sets I have that it is in. As for the comments above, I am in the same situation as Longshine, just want to find a part quickly and know which List (box) and Set (bag) it's in. Yes I am not a MOC'er and store my parts in two ways. First it sorted by type and the other way is partly completed sets in bags. I buy used bulk and complete the sets for selling. As for my issue I have found a need for a better way of managing parts searching and want lists etc so I am in the process of building an app using the API as suggested. So the workaround above will get me by for a while but the little app I am working on will really help when I go parts shopping or searching for parts in my sorted sets to help complete other sets.
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    Finding parts

    He, man, relax. I showed you how to do this for a single part, and you said "Thank you, that's a little workaround for some parts, but impracticable for hundreds of parts of a MOC." So let's do the same for hundreds of parts of a MOC: in the Build Results under Find Parts to Build, there is a button called Find My Parts to Build. Press that and you'll get the BUILD SET - Find My Parts page. Press the Find Parts button, and the system will show you every part list and every set that contains one or more of the parts you need for the MOC, and for each part/color combination, it provides a quantity. You can hide sets that you want to keep, unhide sets again if needed, and each time, the system will search backwards and show you exactly where to find each and every part. I think that solves your problem.
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    Finding parts

    Is that hard to understand for someone else? Don't really know how to explain it better, because of my bad english. I tried to explain it in two posts and one picture... And no - it's the same than in xordis example. "Box 2" is just a name for a Set List, for example "Set List 1", do you know? Another try... Example I bought the Lego Set-Box X, Lego Set-Box Y and Lego Set-Box Z (X,Y and Z are Setnumbers). I store it in the original Lego Set-Boxes in my room. I tell Rebrickable, I have this Sets like that: My Set Lists/Set List 1: Lego Set X Lego Set Y (contains Part 3960 in Lime) Lego Set Z (contains Part 3960 in Black) Now Rebrickable knows, which parts I have and in which sets they are, because I told Rebrickable the Setnumbers - not the loose parts of the sets. Want to build something, so I "ask" Rebrickable: "Where is my Part 3960 in Lime?". Rebrickable knows - it is in the Lego Set-Box Y - but it tells me in the Part Summary and in the full Part Detail page: "You have some in Lime and Black and they are in Set List 1". Why do I need to know, that they are in Set List 1? I only want to know to which Lego Set-Box I have to go to take it out of the Box. Why doesn't it tell me "You have some in Lime and they are in Lego Set-Box Y, and if you need more in other colors (Black), you can also go to Lego Set-Box Y? Thats doesn't matter, if this is in "Build a MOC", in the Part Summary, or in the full Part Detail page. Something like: How do you all find your parts digitally? I can't believe, that I'm the only one with that problem.
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    Hi there, having a likewise problem I would also like to know if one can address the "storage location" via an API. I have not found anything. Is there a difference between the plans when using APIs? Oliver
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    Tip Jar/Donations for free instructions?

    First we need more designers using the term "Freemium" in either MOC name or description. I have made sure that the term Freemium is not used within sets, so if you search for Freemium, you only see MOCs. Right now, there are only four Freemium MOC. We need to get more of them. Once we have a couple of dozen; I will ask Nathan to add Freemium as a seperate option in Building Instructions. Then the system can display both Freemium and Premium (different colors would be nice), and the community can keep an eye on the validity of the usage (check if a MOC os really Freemium).
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    I added the numeric count (in addition to the many checkboxes) to the live version: https://chkno.net/lego-pieces/?set=8820-1 The count seems useful for folks that have their pieces sorted into many different bins (and so are unlikely to be tracking the counts of multiple piece types while picking), while the many-checkboxes are essential for folks with unsorted or minimally-sorted (eg: just by color) pieces. Thanks!
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    Tip Jar/Donations for free instructions?

    I took the liberty to add the Freemium tag to your MOCs... -smile-
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    Hi, I like the idea Simon mentioned and I instantly turned it into reality. My MOCs are all available via the Mecabricks Online editor for free. Users don´t even have to be registered to open them. In the last few weeks I still get some questions about step-by-step instructions, but thats not an easy task as Mecabricks doesn´t support generating instructions. So, I set up my own quite complex "production chain". The resulting PDF file is now available as a Rebrickable premium file. I gradually update the remaining MOCs and will continue this process for future models. Keep on searching! I definitely stick to the term "Freemium" and place it in the descriptions of my models.
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    Tip Jar/Donations for free instructions?

    I'll definitely be interessted in a freemium category.
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    Tip Jar/Donations for free instructions?

    I have been thinking about this: if you want your MOC to be free, and allow people to make a small donation; why not submit that MOC as Rebrickable-hosted Premium, with a minimal price (1 euro?/1 dollar?) and then ADD an ADDITIONAL link to the freely available instructions. You can even put that in the description: "This MOC is FREEMIUM, the instruction are free, but if you want to support me, you can always buy the instructions". If the term Freemium sticks, perhaps that can be shown in the MOC searches. As far as I can tell, this can be done immediately without any technical changes. I am really hoping to see more Freemium MOCs in the near future. For the next few days, I will be searching for "freemium"!
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    I made a simple printable checklist generator using the Rebrickable API. For example, use https://chkno.net/lego-pieces/?set=8820-1 to make a checklist for set 8820-1. Source code is at https://chkno.net/lego-pieces/index.phps if you want to modify it to display differently, sort differently, etc. Screenshot of a generated checklist attached. lego-pieces-checklist-generator.phps.txt
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    Is there a way to add a location to a set in our set list? I keep my sets in zip lock bags. Then those bags get put into organizers. Each drawer is labeled with a number and inside each drawer it is sub divided. It would be nice to pull the set up on rebrickable and quickly know where to look for the set, ie - Drawer 12, section c (12-c or 12c). Obviously this would only be a field we could edit and see but it would be nice especially when we are pulling parts to build other sets. Any thoughts?
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    Tip Jar/Donations for free instructions?

    Indeed, but consider that the amount that people would tip, they would most likely donate more to Paypal than to you. And I would also suggest a switch to accept all currencies, to reduce a bit what Paypal steals. It's safe to say that half is paid in EUR & the other half in USD, I would prefer to accept both (or define a price in both currencies). I think that when you're as low as 1 or 2 bucks to get instructions, it's more or less a tip system. Only, again, it's mainly Paypal that gets the 1 or 2 bucks. I have no solution to this, though. Is there any cheap micropayment/tipping system out there that'd be suitable? If not, a credit system build-in Rebrickable would be welcome. I would have suggested cryptocurrencies, as *some* (not BTC of course) have very low fees (& there's BAT designed for tipping in browsers), but Rebrickable would have no way to tell when it has been paid (or perhaps there is with BAT, I don't know, anything that's not BTC/ETH is not mainstream yet anyway). Other than that, I'd suggest setting up a Paypal.me, it's very simple to insert as an URL. But beware, no one's gonna donate. I've tried it
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    Tip Jar/Donations for free instructions?

    Good idea, you've got my vote!
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    Checklist for gathering parts before build

    Hi, Toby, I am using the same procedure; with all my small parts in the living room, medium parts in the hall, and large parts in the attic, I always need a pick-list before I start building. Upvoted -smile- Groeten, Simon
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    Voting for Suggestions

    Vote in the Suggestion Category by using the ^ and v arrows to the left of the Topic Title. Using the green square next to the Heart icon gives reputation points to the individual post. If you previously posted a possible suggestion in another category, (Help or Bugs for example), please re-post for voting in the Suggestions (unless Nathan has specifically said NO, I can't do what you asked.)
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    VOTE for the changes you'd like to see

    I can't make every change requested, so make it known which ones are the most pressing by voting on them. This question/answer format isn't the best for this forum, but is the only way to get vote numbers
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    Please Read Before Creating A New Topic

    We welcome any and all suggestions to improve this website, but please keep the following in mind: Any requests to update the inventory of a particular set should be submitted using the 'Submit a Change to this Set/Inventory' button on the bottom of the set's page. For more complicated requests, you can also consider posting in the Set Inventories subforum. Any requests to change or update particular parts, colours, images, etc. should instead be posted in the Other Data subforum. Note that we have several pinned topics there for various types of requests, to make handling these requests more convenient. Please only offer a single suggestion per topic. If you have multiple ideas to improve this site (great!), please create multiple topics. Also, try to remain on-topic. This will make it easier for us to categorise and prioritise suggestions. Thank you for your cooperation!