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    Part with different number

    Looking at part #25047pr0001 My part has 23766 as the #, can't find that part number anywhere
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    Newest Sets Theme Link on Home Page Incorrect

    That link is meant to be a filter - but only relevant for pages like search results or Set Lists. Since the code for that is very generic, I'm not sure what to do here, will think about it.
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    Two more parts: Brick Owl http://rebrickable.com/parts/973pb0019c01/torso-pirate-imperial-armada-brown-belt-and-blue-print-red-arms-yellow-hands/ 122461 Brick Owl http://rebrickable.com/parts/3626bpb0020/minifig-head-moustache-curly-and-split-long-wavy-eyebrows-print-blocked-open-stud/ 762973
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    Part with different number

    That's interesting. Normally Rebrickable uses the element id of the plain part (if available) as part number. But it seems the element id of the printed part is used as base number in this case (also for pr0003 and pr0004). Probably an error that nobody noticed. Bricklink does uses 23766. What I think needs to be done is all three parts should be renamed to 23766prxxxx and they should be linked together (related parts) to a plain version of 23766. But I'd say someone like @thea should give a second opinion. Maybe I'm missing something here
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    Unusual pieces

    I believe the left part is part 42042.
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    Unusual pieces

    The blue is the lower part of a Fabuland roof.
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    Two parts to report: Brick Owl http://rebrickable.com/parts/3004pc0/brick-1-x-2-with-tv-screen-and-3-buttons-print/ 806488 Brick Owl http://rebrickable.com/parts/3037px1w/slope-45-2-x-4-with-headlights-1-print-white-lines/ 676511
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    Upgrading to v3

    The user token is based on the username, password and email address. If any of them change, the token is recalculated. Have updated the profile call to return the extra fields: username, email and avatar_img It does now!
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    v2 vs v3 search -newbie dev

    You have to remove the slash and question mark in front of your key. So an example url would look like this: http://rebrickable.com/api/v3/lego/sets/?search=test&key=[KEY]
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    3658-1 Police Helicopter

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    Part list of a group of sets

    This is the only way I know as of now: Create a Custom list and append each of the 16 set/bag parts. Export the list and then Import it to a Submit Set for 71013-18.
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    Problems getting past Step 1 in submitting an MOC

    Thanks, I've fixed this problem now, it was specific to IE.
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    Storage Bin Location For Parts

    Hello, can't await Version 3! Maybe one suggestion for new version: It would be very helpful to have an additional field on each part (set parts + loose parts) where I can write in the location where this part is stored in my collection (~60k parts). Maybe other users have the additional wish to have that per part-color key (when they store same part but different color in different bin). Showing this location in the overview of a Set (MOC or TLG) would b very helpful then to find the parts needed for the build. Additionally a remark-field on a per set base (for My Sets) would be nice. If multiple set of the same ID are in My Sets (for example 2 times 42030-1), there should be a comment for each of them (for example one with "build", the other with "sealed" or "new"). Many thanks!
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    Voting for Suggestions

    Vote in the Suggestion Category by using the ^ and v arrows to the left of the Topic Title. Using the green square next to the Heart icon gives reputation points to the individual post. If you previously posted a possible suggestion in another category, (Help or Bugs for example), please re-post for voting in the Suggestions (unless Nathan has specifically said NO, I can't do what you asked.)