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    Mark set as build/assembled in SetList

    In the "My Sets" overview of the sets (in a setlist) add a button to mark a set as "build/assembled" (see attachment for suggestion) This makes it easier for owners of bigger collections, who have maybe a lot of sets assembeld and don't want to use them in build calculations. Going into each sets details and then doing the same is a little bit awkward. Best regards Dietmar
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    From forum back to the main page

    Is it me or can't I find a link back to the main rebrickable.com when you're on the forum?
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    From forum back to the main page

    Clicking the logo now takes you back to the main site
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    Lore Zyra

    Multiple sort criteria

    Even better would be to remember my last filter so I don't have to always select these options!
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    Part photos

    Small suggestions regarding the new part photos feature: 1. Allow magnification of photos. 2. Add additional categories of photos: mold variations, alternative angle (e.g. undersides of parts) etc. 3. Allow adding photos to assemblies, kits and other unusable parts (which is currently not possible) - this may be helpful when searching parts from other catalogs. 4. Show who submitted the photo (compare to Bricklink).
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    My Sets/Part Lists page suggestions

    1. I miss an [Add Set] button on the My Sets page There is an [Import Sets] button, but that's for uploading a file or retrieving set data from external site. I miss the v2 functionality to add a set by SetID right on the My Sets page. I know that I can use the global search bar to find a set then add it to a list but it is counterintuitive. 2. Too easy to [Add new Set List] that you didn't wanted Bit related to the previous point, what I was looking for the option for add a Set I clicked on [Add new Set List] which immediately created a new Set List with default parameters. To remove it, I had to select it, open the Edit Set List Details dropdown, click [Delete Set List], then confirm it on a popup - tedious a littlebit. On the other hand who would like to have Set Lists with default names "Set List 36264"? To change the default name one need to go through the same procedure. What I suggest is opening a popup (Like the Delete one) when clicking on [Add new Set List] button where user can change the default list name, decide if it should be used for build calculations or click [Cancel] if he didn't mean to create a Set List. Part Lists could profit from this feature as well. -geever
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    Either set at lego.com will give you instructions you can download for the extra model. You want the gray ones that say Extreme Police Racer.
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    See only my sets

    This was already posted elsewhere but I'm posting it here so people can vote on it. I remember at least a few people who were interested in this feature when it was first brought up. When I'm on a part's page and click on one of its colors to see which sets it exists in, there is a little number indicating how many I own of each but there is no way of filtering the result to see only the sets I own. With the little blue number more discrete than v2's completely green box, that would be even more useful now.
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    Clabrisic: Medieval Wolfugrod

    Hello there I am new here, but I am a fan of classic LEGO from some time now. I am maintaining the clabrisic.com, where you can find reviews, sceneries and MOCs of classic era. I invite you to check it out if you haven't been there yet. I would like to present one of my latest medieval scenery: Wolfugrod. You can check wider description under the link below. Let me know what you think about it. Thanks! http://clabrisic.com/scenes/medieval/Wolfugrod
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    Been away from the site for a while and was re-inventorying my pieces, and realized I must have had this set as a kid because I have the blue 4861 slope, and I definitely never had any of the other 3 sets that piece was used it (I've have had for as far as I can remember, which adds up considering I would have been 2 or 3 years old when the set came out). I also have all the other pieces of the set (although the propeller has one of its blades snapped off ), except for the white 6232 "Brick Special 2 x 2 with Pin and Axle Hole". What I do have is a white 4730 "Brick Special 2 x 2 with Pin and No Axle Hole", which seems more era-appropriate and matches the instruction scans. So basically I'm pretty sure the 6232 in the set is supposed to be a 4730. I'm not 100% on that, since we're talking about a 28 year old set that I forgot I even owned and have just had in my loose parts for all my life... But I am pretty sure. I'm still only Level 1, so I couldn't submit the Change Request myself.
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    By coincidence that's a set I'm interested in too. I'll put it on my watchlist and see what happens. The more info Nathan has, the better.
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    Adding parts from an almost complete set

    1 Add the set to a MySets list. 2 Click on the set from the MySets list to see the inventory. 3 In the Inventory, click on a part that is missing. 4 There will be a Lost Parts Tab to the right. 5 Click on that and enter the number of parts you are missing. Repeat from Step 3 for any other parts that are lost from that set.
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    Clabrisic: Medieval Wolfugrod

    Hi and Welcome to the Forum at Rebrickable. Your first post is so Awesome, it's earned you a Reputation point. I visited your site and saw the comments about Idea Books. You can check out some of the Castle Sets from Idea Book 250 right here at Rebrickable. To see the actual Instruction scans, check out peeron.com Another Idea Book for Castle builds is 6000-1, although these are more dependent on the early Classic Yellow Castle 375-2. I'm looking forward to any updates you want to share. edit--I forgot to say-- I think you have set 6023-1 in your display, but I didn't see it listed in your inventory.
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    How do I get the level I need to help?

    I love using Rebrickable for my inventory and I like helping to make it better both to thank you guys and just to like using it even more. I see ways I could help (notably by providing photos of older parts I have) but I'm level 3 so I can't do it right now. What can I do that's actually useful at level 3 and would bring me points? I don't want to just go around liking MOCs or commenting for nothing just to get points. It feel like it's abusing the system and even lowering the quality of the data. I did many things before like correcting parts variants that were incorrectly entered but that was done through forum discussions and then batch updates by the admins so none of that brought points. Right now, there are things I can do to help but it feels like I don't have the access to do them until I do stuff that doesn't help. Also, is submitting part photos really at level 5 or is it a typo? because if it is, why even have a level 4? https://rebrickable.com/help/users-levels/
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    Adding spare parts

    In the part popup, if the checkbox "Spare part" is selected, the number of parts in the previous field is reset to 1. I guess this was made with good intentions, but it's actually quite confusing because the next field resets the previous one, which is supposed to be correctly filled already, and it's not easy to notice that something has changed. Remember that there may be more than one spare part of each type in some sets.
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    Part out set with lost parts

    I did some testing and I can confirm that 'Add set to parts list' doesn't take into account lost parts or the flag indicating you don't have the spare parts, even if there's only one copy of the set in a list. I did what Thea suggested in her first post and then used export/import to move all the parts to my main parts list and it worked. Thanks for the help!
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    The part_id is an internal representation, you'll have no use for it. I've changed it to show what part it is, and also expanded the color field to be consistent with other calls.
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    Adding spare parts

    Auto-fill with 1 was actually a suggestion I made before beta testing. About 90% of the time, the number of spare parts is only 1. Entering 30-50+ different spare parts for one set, was very time-consuming when you had to change the number of parts on most of them.(Yes there were several with that many that I did, thanks to lego increasing the use of 1x1 plates and tiles 70751-1 Even sets with only 700 parts now have as many as 39 unique spare parts. 41232-1) It has taken a little time to get used to needing to click the Spare box before putting in a larger number, but it really is no different from remembering to change to 1 spare part in v2. Except that you don't have to do it as often. The auto fill of the set was TobyMac's suggestion. In fact we both made our suggestions within a short time of each other. And are very pleased with being able to add the spare parts much quicker now.
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    Parts List - Import (from BrickLink)

    Because every operation on your parts needs to be specific to a part list. Those backup/export buttons are for all lists combined. I have plans to modify this page to make things a bit more obvious and easier to use, later.
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    Parts Export / Import error

    Ah you're right, that used to work then I changed it. I've increased the limit to something more reasonable. It's a big issue for some people trying to rank higher. Those stats aren't in v3 anymore mostly because of these fake accounts.
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    Error 504

    I've tuned the deletions, should be much faster now.
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    Search within parts lists

    It would be nice to be able to search for parts within parts lists/inventories etc. For example if I want to see how many of a certain part I have in stock, I have to filter it and then manually look through the parts, OR search for the part (and leave my parts list)
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    From forum back to the main page

    Me too! Would be nbice to have it! @TobyMac: Put it in the suggestions-area; than we can vote for it...
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    Finding how many of a specific part you have

    Wasn't aware of this behaviour up to now... I just tested /api/v3/users/{user_token}/parts/ with the somehow rare "70496" (I know I've got texactly two of them; one in a set (8285-1) and one in my loose parts). It returns only the one from my loose parts. From the description of the function it should " Get a list of all the Parts in the user's LEGO collection. "; so I also understand both (sets and loose parts). @Nathan, is this an error? Best regards Dietmar
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    Multiple sort criteria

    It would be nice if we could have multiple sort criteria. For example, sort by category, THEN by colour, THEN by part name.
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    Apple Store MOC instructions

    ** Update It seems the administrator or the guy who runs the site has been away on holiday (which is understandable ) and he sent an email saying the automated download system had failed. Instructions were provided by FTP and as a way of compensation I can have a free set of instructions so it has been resolved. Vassily, hopefully you will get the same message !
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    Finding changes in the database

    I've been trying to work out an easy way to determine additions (and changes) to the sets list using the V3 API. I'd prefer an approach that did not require downloading the entire list again. The entries have a field called 'last_modified_dt' which looks like it could be used for this purpose. Is it possible to search based on that now or could this be added to the API in the future? What I think I would like would be able to have a set search where I get the sets with a modification date after a timestamp in my request. Thanks
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    Raspberry Pi

    I have no chance of reproducing this, so will be nearly impossible for me to do anything about. Some quick googling indicates it might be a memory issue as the v3 pages use a lot more javascript and higher resolution images than the old site did.
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    Add a submit photo button on set pages

    You have a submit photo button on parts, you should have a similar button on sets and perhaps even on mocs. Some sets are missing images while other have bad quality or none square images. allow the community to upload new pictures, where admins decide if it's better then the old one. regarding mocs it could be good for those who only have a digital image, where someone that actually could build it with real bricks could suggest a image. Here either the moc designer or admins (if moc designer doesn't seem to be reachable) can choose to allow it.
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    Fix forum sorting

    Most Votes does not make sense for the forum at all, good as have as a sorting option but that will hide all new suggestion that needs voting. So any new good suggestion will never bubble up that list because they are buried below all old, which most forum dwellers has already read and voted on. The issue will only increase the more suggestion that being made. besides you already have popular threads in the top that fills that whole purpose. Recently updated should be the only default sorting in any forum any where. That is if you want people to visit the forum more then once.... It the same with the "recommended mocs" who in the heck want to see the same four mocs everytime you visit the main page? new mocs and sets you want, some kind of random list of old sets to get them some spot light, I wouldn't mind but a more or less static list is worthless. it just waste space. either I have already checked them out or I am clearly not interested. either way they are old news and should be dismissed.
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    Spoilers in change log

    No longer auditing changes to pending set/moc inventories. Old ones will still be in the log though.
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    Error message when creating a new account

    Hi, I'm new and found the site tonight when trying to compare two Lego sets to decide which to buy. That feature worked well and I'm excited to use other features but I'm having problems creating an account. In the forum area, I seem to be ok but get an error message telling me that my user name and password don't match when I try to login via the main rebrickable.com area. Just me? I'm using Safari right now but maybe I'll open Chrome and try again before I go to bed. Thanks for any help with this. Awesome site and helpful for my purchase earlier tonight.
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    3rd party parts

    Is there a possibility to add 3rd-party (non-lego) parts into the database so that they can be used in MOCs? It's becoming increasingly more common to use 3rd party tyres and SBricks (amongst other things), so it would be a good idea if these could be used in MOCs. I think that custom parts would probably need to be approved by site admin first to ensure that people aren't adding unnecessary stuff and/or duplicating parts. Obviously some of these parts (like the SBrick) are available from Bricklink, so that should factor into cost calculations. Anything that you can't get from one of the lego shops should probably cause a warning to appear next to the total cost of the parts for a given MOC saying something like 'this total cost does not include costs for the following 3rd party parts:" (and then a list). 3rd party part submissions from users should also specify where the parts are available to buy from, and an image (e.g. photo).
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    Set 710-3 inventory discrepancy.

    Thanks all. I've just found part of the instructions I had for this set and it seems the instructions available on line at toysperiod and peeron are missing 4 pages. Mine has on the centre pages the instructions to build the camper van and sail boat plus instructions to finish another model so it looks like Rebrickable need to update its inventory.
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    Set 710-3 inventory discrepancy.

    Yeah I looked closer now and your right there is two more models on the box with more blue in them, so I think rebrickable is what you need to build the three models in the instruction while it misses those extra model parts. or is the instruction missing pages? The site I linked to, the question is how to find out the offical parts, it's not like there is many sealed sets around that anyone want to break if they happen to have them. So the question is what parts should rebrickable have among the spare parts? I guess you could lay a puzzle with the three inventories we have while building everything on that box. and we get a better result. it's not like a collectors guide can't be wrong..... it must have it source which can be faulty as well.
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    Submit Collectible Minifigures complete sets

    Done (Other than needing to fix the quantity of one thing in https://www.rebrickable.com/sets/71017-21/the-lego-batman-movie-series-complete/#parts)
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    Submit Collectible Minifigures complete sets

    Hi, How can i submit a "Minifigures Complete Set" to rebrickable? (for instance: Series 9 - https://rebrickable.com/sets/71000-17/minifigures-series-9-complete/ it is a inventory with 16 sub-sets in it - each individual minifigure). When a i tried to submit the "disney complete series", i was able to pick the individual minifigures, but i was not allowed to finish without adding parts (and there is no parts, only the sub-sets) Thanks in advance!
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    V3: External IDs in GET /api/v3/lego/parts/

    I'm trying not to add too much data into the List views. I could add the external ids endpoints, but first how about this - I've added an extra filter parameter for /parts called bricklink_id etc which you use instead of the more general search filter. Does this do what you want?
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    Submit Collectible Minifigures complete sets

    I approved and added the figs for you quick. Not sure if you could add them the same as I can, basically the same was you add to a set list of your own but using the one that says set inventory. Not sure if that exists outside of admin accounts though.
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    3D models of parts

    Please bring back the rotating 3D models of LDraw parts. They were very useful in v2, and now even Bricklink has them, but not Rebrickable v3. Please add them back!
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    Multiple sort criteria

    Yes, that would be really helpful! Best would be a good kind of grouping (showing headers for groups (with accordiaon or alike; for example for each part-category or for each color) and sorting (example: inside each category-groups sort by color). For an example of what I mean, see an example here: https://demos.devexpress.com/ASPxGridViewDemos/GroupingSorting/Grouping.aspx (I know this will not fit to Rebrickable; just an illustration of what I mean)
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    Element IDs

    I can't find Element IDs of parts on part pages, where are they now?
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    Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Sets Here

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    Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Sets Here

    Is there a form for submitting inventory? If not, here's the parts list for the TRU mosaic: 94105 (Plate 16x16): White x1 3005 (Brick 1x1): White x4, Black x2, Blue x4, Red x2 3004 (Brick 1x2): White x4, Black x2, Blue x4, Red x4, Tan x3 3622 (Brick 1x3): White x4, Black x2, Blue x4, Red x4, Tan x2 3010 (Brick 1x4): Red x2, Tan x6 2357 (Brick 2x2 corner): Tan x2 3002 (Brick 2x3): Blue x5, Red x2 3001 (Brick 2x4): Red x4 2456 (Brick 2x6): Blue x4 71 total pieces
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    Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Sets Here

    Adding Duplo sets was put on hold because of standardizing the minifig part numbers. I'm still working on the project, but had to put it on a lower priority to help out with launching v3.
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    Yes I like this idea. I'll do this, but will have to be after v3 is released this weekend.
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    New Website Legko-Shake.ru - Suspicion Of Theft

    They have contacted me now. I have never agreed to allowing anyone copy the contents of Rebrickable. The terms of use state that MOCs belong to the original designers and not Rebrickable, so I couldn't allow it even if I wanted to. Or course, it's up to you if you want to allow them to use the models. It's not clear to me exactly what they've copied as it requires a login - are they hosting the PDFs? the parts lists? In any case, I replied indicating they do not have my permission and must remove the content until each designer gives them permission.
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    Replace Color

    Is there an option for replacing a color? For example, say you want to build this http://rebrickable.com/mocs/docbrown/deadly-nightshade-off-road-buggy all stylish parts are dark blue. As I do not own a 41999, I , and I guess most people, do not have these parts in dark blue. I might have them in yellow or red. So it would be great if I could check this. My guess would be to tell the system to change the MOC parts dark blue for yellow ones. Is this feature hidden somewhere? Or if not, is it possible to create this option? Keep up the good work!