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    Upgrading to v3

    The user token is based on the username, password and email address. If any of them change, the token is recalculated. Have updated the profile call to return the extra fields: username, email and avatar_img It does now!
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    v2 vs v3 search -newbie dev

    You have to remove the slash and question mark in front of your key. So an example url would look like this: http://rebrickable.com/api/v3/lego/sets/?search=test&key=[KEY]
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    3658-1 Police Helicopter

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    Missing minifigs in Set 3187-1

    Hi, In the set 3187-1 "Butterfly Beauty Shop", the minifig are not in the inventory. 1 x (Black) 92258 - Minifig Hair - Friends - Long Wavy, Partially Tied Back [1 Hole] 1 x (Light Flesh) 11816pr0002 - Minifig Head Modified - Friends - Light Blue Eyes, Pink Lips and Open Mouth Print 1 x (Light Flesh) 92456pr0011c01 - Torso Friends - Medium Violet Top with Flowers Print, Light Flesh Arms with Hands 1 x (Dark Blue) 92818pr0001c01 Friends - Hips and Layered Skirt, Light Flesh Legs and Lavender Shoes Print 1 x (Dark Brown) 92255 - Minifig Hair - Friends - Long Straight [2 Holes] 1 x (Medium Dark Flesh) 11816pr0001 - Minifig Head Modified - Friends - Green Eyes, Pale Pink Lips and Open Mouth Print 1 x (Medium Dark Flesh ) 92456pr0010c01 - Torso Friends - White Vest Top with Squares Print, Medium Dark Flesh Arms with Hands 1 x (Light Aqua) 92818pr0006c01 - Friends - Hips and Layered Skirt, Medium Dark Flesh Legs and Magenta Shoes Print Regards.
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    Part list of a group of sets

    This is the only way I know as of now: Create a Custom list and append each of the 16 set/bag parts. Export the list and then Import it to a Submit Set for 71013-18.
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    Photo reviewing process

    I started taking pictures of the parts I have that don't have a picture on Rebrickable and have uploaded some of them. I don't see these in my change requests but if I go to the part itself, I can see that I submitted a picture. I have two questions: 1) Is there a place where I can see all my pending submitted pictures? 2) How long should I expect it to take before my pictures are reviewed and approved or rejected? I intend to do a lot of them but I want to be sure I'm doing it right before I go through my whole collection.
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    Photo reviewing process

    I accidentally sent a picture for the wrong color. I sent it again for the right one but is there a way for me to cancel the first submission. No point in the admins sorting through my mistakes if I've already spotted them.
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    Change recommendations

    How about simply exclude any previous shown result that month. Personally I rather see the whole feature gone or at least bumped down below the news, I will not buy premium and isn't really a fan of large technic builds and when google fails with all their engineers to figure out what I like, I would deem that your bound to fail and waste space on the first page independent of what algorithm you put there.
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    I don't know if there's a guide for it. Here's a really short one though: Go to you 'Custom Lists': Top Menu > My Lego > My Custom Lists. Press the big green button 'Add new List'. If you want, you can change the name by pressing 'Edit List Details' at the top, just under the list title. Press the button 'Import/Delete Parts'. Select your lxf file and press Append Parts. From here there are a couple of different options: If you want to buy all parts, no matter if you already have them or not you can: Use Rebrickable: Go to the Buy tab at the top of the list and see which stores have the most parts. You can also use the Multi-Buy feature. Use Bricklink: Bricklink has a really powerful multi-buy tool too. From the Buy tab, you can add parts to a Bricklink Wanted List. After you've done that, go to Bricklink, go to 'Want' in the top Menu. Then select your wanted list. Press the green button Buy All. The page you're on now is quite an advanced page with a lot of options such as selecting only stores in certain countries (to save shipping costs), mark parts as really important etc. etc. I really recommend reading the help pages on Bricklink. The easiest (can most of cheapest way) is using the Auto-Finder. Note that it uses the country-filters defined previously. If you only want to buy the parts you're missing, it's almost the same as above, but instead of going to the buy tab on the custom list page, you first press the 'Build this List' button on the Parts tab of the list. Then it lists all the parts you're missing (if you have added any parts to your Rebrickable inventory of course). From there, you can go to the Buy tab and follow the exact same steps as for buying all parts (above). Hope that helps
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    Problems getting past Step 1 in submitting an MOC

    Thanks, I've fixed this problem now, it was specific to IE.
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    Give the Technic 40th Anniversary Set a Number

    fine tuning my suggestion a bit: I vote for combining all sets in the super set as a number 42057+42061+42063-1 so we could have super sets like 42057x2-1 for those super sets that build something of multiple copies of a set. Order of sets in combination should be ascending, so we don't get all the different combination of ordering.
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    Give the Technic 40th Anniversary Set a Number

    If the system supports this name length, I think Biodreamer has the best idea.
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    Give the Technic 40th Anniversary Set a Number

    I vote for combining all sets in the super set as a number 42057-42061-42063-1 which would allow the super set to come up as a result independent on which set you searched on. it also would open up for a common way of marking up any other superset, may it be MOCS or any created by LEGO that is missing number. Superset shouldn't really contain more then 2-4 sets.
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    Rare White Ape

    Give the Technic 40th Anniversary Set a Number

    Hi there. I think this set definitely needs a set number. I really want to build it but I don't want to dismantle my BMW R 1200 set to do it. The best way to resolve my dilemma would be to be able to see the minimum amount of parts I need to buy in order to replace them, so that I can have both of these sets built. When you download the building instructions for it from Lego's website, you need to search for them under 42063, and the filename comes out as 42063_40Years.pdf, so if I was to suggest a set number, it could be 42063-40. It's not likely to clash too much with an official set number.
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    Give the Technic 40th Anniversary Set a Number

    Any other idea I come up with risks clashing with a future official LEGO set, eg 32140 (although I suppose this could be 321-40 but then clashes with an existing set) or 32523 from the number of the commemorative brick.
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    Give the Technic 40th Anniversary Set a Number

    As I suggested in the Inventories thread how about 1977-2017. If the system will allow it that is.
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    What you'll need: ExoForce Light brick (obviously) A small screwdriver (or other item with a long, thin shaft) (my s'driver was 2mm (0.07 inches) thick) A small 3V battery. Put the point of the screwdriver into the hole in the brick (where you'd normally put the fiber optics cord). Using quite some force, lever the screwdriver until the 'lid' pops up at the front. Insert the screwdriver into one of the small gaps at the side where the 'lid' pops up, and lever the lid up again. the lid should come right off. From here, you can shake the brick and the battery should fall out. Simply slide the new battery in and click the lid back on.
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    Storage Bin Location For Parts

    Hello, can't await Version 3! Maybe one suggestion for new version: It would be very helpful to have an additional field on each part (set parts + loose parts) where I can write in the location where this part is stored in my collection (~60k parts). Maybe other users have the additional wish to have that per part-color key (when they store same part but different color in different bin). Showing this location in the overview of a Set (MOC or TLG) would b very helpful then to find the parts needed for the build. Additionally a remark-field on a per set base (for My Sets) would be nice. If multiple set of the same ID are in My Sets (for example 2 times 42030-1), there should be a comment for each of them (for example one with "build", the other with "sealed" or "new"). Many thanks!
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    Voting for Suggestions

    Vote in the Suggestion Category by using the ^ and v arrows to the left of the Topic Title. Using the green square next to the Heart icon gives reputation points to the individual post. If you previously posted a possible suggestion in another category, (Help or Bugs for example), please re-post for voting in the Suggestions (unless Nathan has specifically said NO, I can't do what you asked.)