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    3rd party parts

    Greetings, all. Let me be as clear as possible: I am totally against adding non-LEGO parts to Rebrickable. Both @legolijntjeand @Xfingalready stated good arguments against it, and even those in favour of it have noticed the complexities and risks involved, but I wish to make the case for newbies and occasional users. With all due respect, Rebrickable is not just for MOC designers. To be sure, when Nathan invented Rebrickable, his primary goal was this: "Rebrickable will show you which LEGO sets you can build from the sets and parts you already own." (Note the LEGO) And in "Who am I", Nathan states "After buying some large Technic sets, I figured it must be possible to build some of the smaller ones with the thousands of LEGO parts I had.". (Again, LEGO) Currently, Rebrickable has 120,865 registered users. There are 6,236 MOCs present, so at best, there are 6,268 MOC designers registered (probably a whole lot less, as some designers created dozens of MOCs). In any case, there are, at least, 114.629 registered users who are NOT MOC designers. These people, the overwhelming 95% majority, don't care about SBricks and Chrome wheels. Even rare TLG made parts don't interest them. They want to do want Nathan wanted six years ago: to find out what they can build. Or what parts they need to buy to upgrade from one set to another. Or what other sets become available if they add a basic brick set. Or, don't understimate this one, if you just bought a box of unsorted second-hand bricks, to find out which sets might be hidden in there. And for all those tens of thousands of users, and I am most cetainly one of them, adding all that complexity of different brands, part-numbers, colors, and materials; and all the associated risks of bad quality, non-fitting parts and vendors that go broke and disappear; all of that is a complete waste of time and energy. So if you do want to add an SBrick to your MOC, then please, build a look-a-like using basic LEGO bricks (identical dimensions in a contrasting color), and add a simple comment to the description: "The pink SBrick look-a-like should be replaced with an SBrick Plus¨. Problem solved. Take care, Simon
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    CSV Import fails to read file

    Hi, rzen, I had the same problem a while ago, and it turned out to be quite simple, my csv had the wrong number of fields. -smile- A setlist for Rebrickable needs to have two fields, set-number and quantity. If there's another field in the list, like theme-number, the system returns the error message you mentioned. Hope this helps. Take care, Simon
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    find these pieces

    From top to bottom: 3788 53969 or 98313 (not clear from the picture) 44674
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    B Model link from main model

    Well, I know which set would win. This dude has made 114 alternate models for 1 set so far
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    Part numbers

    If you mean the large numbers with with 7 digits (for example 6123815); it's called an 'element id'. You should be able to type the number in the search-bar, then hit enter and Rebrickable should direct you to the correct part (unless the id is unknown on Rebrickable of course, of which the chance is slim). Note that real-time search results in the search-bar don't work for element ids; you just have to type in the whole number and hit enter.
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    Part Images

    I indeed have a scanner that looks almost identical to the right one in the picture on that article. It's from Canon and it's very good for scanning negatives (of which I've scanned about 2000+ so far)
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    Unknown piece

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    B Model link from main model

    FYI I created some BIs for the set 6881-1 (also some Alt builds, but those are under the approval process at the moment). Can you check my temporary solution if it's okay or not? link: http://rebrickable.com/sets/6881-1/lunar-rocket-launcher/#parts This way it's visible, whatever tab you choose, and once Nathan finds the final soluton, it can be easily removed.
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    Dragma; I just checked this on my own laptop (if you reduce the browser screen size, the website thinks you're using a mobile device, and changes the layout), and I see what you mean, but I don't think it is a bug. Here's how it works: the website use five different layouts, depending on screen width, device height and orientation. below 1024 pixels (I think) the menu is not displayed on the screen, but hidden behind the top-right button with three horizontal bars. below 800 pixels the top information line (# sets, # badges, level, etc) can no longer be displayed in full and is replaced by a more simple version, containing locale, level and username. In both cases, the menu button seem to work correctly, as far as I can tell. Does this solve your problem? Take care, Simon
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    DUPLO (at last)

    A quick update- I'm currently in the path of Hurricane Harvey. We are supposed to be under heavy rains for the next 4-5 days. My internet connection comes and goes, so I've just been adding Duplo sets directly from the download now while I can. I'll make corrections/additions whenever I can. Please hold any change requests or Forum posts about missing Duplo parts.
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    I will keep this in mind. In this case I am not able to help since I have never owned the actual packages and also only have a subset of the parts. I was looking at these sets just to understand what I actually have and what I am missing...
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    As a suggestion, it would be useful to have an additional toggle option in the Inventory Options on the a Set page to "Highlight Lost Parts". Perhaps since missing parts are red, owned parts are green, lost parts should be orange? Alternatively, instead of yet another toggle option, just extend the existing "Highlight Missing Parts" toggle to also highlight "Lost" parts (but in a different colour like orange)? And since it's related, perhaps either an additional toggle to "Hide Lost Parts" or, again, extend the existing "Hide Missing Parts" toggle to include "Lost" parts as well. (See attached) My personal preference would be to extend the existing "Missing Part" toggles to avoid more clutter in the Options menu, but I'm sure there will people who use the existing functions in a particular way which would get disrupted I actually assumed that this was how it worked from the start, because when you start out with not many sets, it effectively does. It's only once you get multiple sets with the same part that the difference between how "missing" and "lost" parts becomes apparent. I realise there is the "Lost Parts" view under the MY LEGO menu, but that's like an overall summary across all sets. I feel that a quick way of checking which parts are lost from a given set when checking it's inventory list would be useful.
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    Working on it. Also 41322