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    I had photos ready for my new part submits but couldn't submit them at the same time, looks like I have to wait for the part to be approved before I can submit photos. That is very inefficient an it doesn't give the admin all the information to base a new mold or print entry on. Would be good if I could upload at least one photo during this process.
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    Help with pieces please

    Greetings, JB, A 100 kilo, right? That's gonna take a couple of month... -smile- On the other hand, with a bit of perseverance, you might find some real treasures! All the tips you've had are valid and good, but here's a few more. First, check your privacy settings (your name top right > Settings > Privacy tab). At the bottom you'll find your LEGO Collection Privacy, that controls what other's can see about your LEGO Collection: Public My Sets (all Set Lists will be shown, estimated values are hidden) Public My Parts (all Part Lists will be shown, estimated values and Part Notes are hidden) Public My Lost Parts Set everything to Yes. Now you can copy and paste the link to your part list into a forum post, and others can view your parts and, perhaps, make some suggestions. Secondly, as Przemos notes, look for markers. Those are parts that were only used in a few sets, and some are even unique and only used in a single set. If you can identify a marker, you can more easily find the set to which it belongs. Good markers are all printed parts - use rebrickable to find them (just try searching the text or a description) stickered parts - use google "lego sticker [keywords]" large parts - like those plane noses and wings and such special colors - most common colors are white/black/blue/red/yellow find some orange or brown or tan - search the right part category with an additional color filter doors and windows - all kinds of them, but easier to list (windows and doors), and lots of doors were only used in a few sets. special parts - things like flags, traffic signs, battery boxes, light bricks, ladders, wedges some are used generally, but others only in a few sets Finally, try to get a feel for the age of your bricks. Look at the amount of non-common colors - the more special colors you have, the newer your bricks. Look at the gray bricks. In 2003, LEGO changed the color of Light Gray and Dark Gray into Light Bluish Gray and Dark Bluish Gray. The older gray colors, when seen in sunlight, are somewhat dull, the new colors seem more shiny. If you find the new grays, then your sets are from after 2003. Look at the bottom of your 2 x 4 bricks. If you see: pat pending - bricks are from 1958 to 1974 pat pending obscured - 1974 to 1979 clean (nothing) - 1979 to 1984 3001 (part id) - 1985 to current Now look at the studs, is there a tiny point in the middle of one or more studs? That's a moulding pip. It used to be on de side of the part, but LEGO changed that and put the pips were they can't be seen so easily. So: moulding pip on the edge (short end): 1949 to 1963 moulding pip on the side (long end): 1963 to 1974 moulding pip on the studs: 1974 to current When you know the age of the bricks, say before 1974, it can't be from a set from 1980. -smile- Bricks older then 1963 have a different font used for the logo, but looking at your image, that's unlikely. Good luck, and when in doubt, just ask. Take care, Simon
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    Diniz Vilhena

    Help with pieces please

    first thing to do: certify that all parts are Lego... every time I buy loose parts, always have some non-Lego mixed second thing to do: take some patience pills
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    Wow, you guys sure know how to make a new member feel like they joined the right community. I was expecting a couple of responses from other users about how they live with issues like this...or maybe, at best, an explanation of what I was doing wrong... For anyone keeping score, this comment thread has likely made me a rebrickable evangelist for life!
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    Firstly, some clarifying info is needed. As you've discovered, we inventory levers by assembly. Base and handle, we don't inventory this part separately. Do your parts have handles? Then you say Gray Base, but what gray. You need to determine if it's Light Gray, Dark Gray, Light Bluish Gray, or Dark Bluish Gray. Secondly, in our database the assemblies are inventoried by Handle color. If, for example, you look at 298c01 you'll see they all have Yellow Handles (as stated in the Part Name), then the Yellow handle has appeared with a Yellow, Black, and Blue base in Official Lego sets so they are on the table as options. Under them you'll see the options that Users have created to use in MOC's. These are not Official Lego assemblies as they have not appeared in a Set. So you need to determine the color of you Handle, find the assembly, then add it to your List in the color of the base you have. If it's not one of the official Lego assemblies the part will display as having a Part Error or Color Error on your list. That's just telling you your part shouldn't exist, it will still be represented on your list for Build Calc purposes. Lastly, if you only have the bases you can inventory them on your Parts List using the same numbers BrickLink use (4592, & 4593). These will also show as Part Errors or Color Errors as they haven't appeared as a separate part in an Official Lego Set but they will still be on your Parts List. Hope that helps, Jared
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    It will now store the country against your user profile instead of a local cookie (after the next time you set it), so it should follow you when you log in across multiple devices.
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    Possible app for parts?

    Okay so I have thousands of Lego bits a peices that I have no idea which sets they're for ect, is there currently an app I can log all this into? I don't want to be typing thousands of piece numbers into the search and adding them one by one, does anyone think it would be possible to make an app that uses the camera to identify certain pieces? So say I could snap a picture of a part, the app identifys it then I can choose how many I have and add it to my list?
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    Possible app for parts?

    If you'd develop that, you'll be a rich man.
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    Star Wars VIP card display

    https://brickshow.com/2018/12/lego-black-vip-cardholders-from-2017-receiving-commemorative-card-case-stand -smile-
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    Help with pieces please

    The easiest way to find sets is to enter all your parts on a parts list and use the build calculator to see what sets you have. Almost every part has a part number on it. you can use that number to search the database. If that fails the only other option is to go through each Lego category and find your part (the plane parts will be in Transport - Sea and Air category). A few tips: 1. We don't inventory stickered parts. If your part has a sticker you will not find it in our database. 2. Make sure the Year Toggle Bar covers the years you want (the most common reason people can't find something is because they aren't looking in all the years) 3. If in doubt on a particular part post a picture on here. Someone can usually help. Good Luck!
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    I just figured it out, for anyone new, I went to the API documentation page and there is a link in the paragraph to register. I'm not certain if the account is the same as the Forum account, I already registered in the Forum and did not see any API related settings. With the link from the API Documentation 3.0, you can register. It is very easy and fast. Then you can find the API key generator (Profile > Settings). Hope this helps
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    Books 1 and 3 build, so I have the entire rocky foundation ready. No missing missing 2x2 plate or 1x1 brick. I did ran into a problem with the potion bottles in Prof. Snapes office; from the instructions it looked like I needed an Trans-Orange 6141 Plate Round 1 x 1 with Solid Stud, and I really couldn't find it, so I took one out of my own collection, only to discover, a few steps later, when I seemed to need a Goblet in the same colour, that the actual colour was Pearl Gold, and that it was just a weirdly print problem, not a missing piece. So up to now, no real problems...
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    Rebrickable Themes

    Yeah, but saying "There are exceptional sets that don't fit nicely into a theme, so let's throw away the entire theme structure" is exactly the same as "There are a few exceptions in English, so let's throw away the entire English language". -smile- (couldn't resist it... LOL)
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    Cad-program for dummies!

    The most popular CAD tools nowadays are: LDD LDCad Stud.io LDD is made by LEGO itself, though it's not really maintained or updated anymore nowadays (it does sometimes get a sudden Brick update). It has brick-snapping and collision detection which makes it really easy to use and learn, but it can sometimes be a pain to work with (especially with more advanced models and Technic models) due to that same system. Cause it's a proprietary system there's not a whole lot of tools that use the LDD file format (but there are a few). LDCad is based on the LDraw parts library which is open-source and thus has many, many more parts than LDD. LDCad has become the go-to LDraw CAD nowadays (there are many more such a MLCad, LeoCad, BrickSmith etc. etc.) because it's modern, fast and has brick-snapping (no collision detection though). The opinions about the UI are mixed; some hate it, some don't mind at all. LDCad does have a steeper learning curve than LDD or stud.io but it's also more advanced. The file-format is open source and thus there are a bazillion of tools out there that support the LDraw format. Stud.io is the new kid on the block. It's made by Bricklink and is a hybrid between LDD and LDCad (or any other LDraw CAD). It has both brick-snapping and collision detection and it can connect with the Bricklink database to show which parts exists in which colors and what the price is. The file-format is a bit weird though. It is proprietary, but based on LDraw. The .io files itself can thus be easily exported to LDraw. If you want to build Technic models, I'd recommend you use either LDCad or stud.io with my personal preference going to LDCad (disclaimer: because I'm using LDCad and all other LDraw tools for years and years now :P). In the past, there was a great tool called SR3D-Builder. It was a bit like LDCad, but its main focus was (Technic) simulation. You could move gears, open doors, extend/retract pneumatics etc. etc. It was a great, great tool! Sadly the author passed away a couple of years ago 😥
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    You can submit a CR for a Set Image change. Just make sure you put a link to the image in the CR for us.
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    Christmas is Coming

    Greetings, Folks; The busiest time of the year is approaching for you, for us, and for the LEGO Company: Christmas. For LEGO it seems all personnel is put on sales for that period, while also a lot of new sets come out. For the last two years, and probably even before that, this resulted in some issues with our automatic part retrieval and inventory update system. It takes well into February for new Element IDs to become active, and for LEGO inventories to become available to us. This is one of the reasons why last year we decided to add sets prematurely with the 'Pending' tag, and Nathan added the Submit Inventory feature. This allows our users to add new sets to say a Wanted List, even though the inventories for those sets are not yet available. It also allows users to add new 'empty sets' (thank you, Diniz -smile-). Last year there were a few users that put in hundreds of Change Requests to manually add new element IDs to existing parts (based on instruction pds of newly released set that were still without inventory) and others who submitted (partial) inventories for the December/January wave of sets, which was a lot of work for us, even though, of course, it was very nice that users took the time and effort to do this. And this year, with our new Levels System and Level Prizes, we fear that there is even more incentive to submit change requests and new empty sets. Now, for sets released in 2018 or earlier, it is relatively simple: we only accept complete sets, with all set info, image and inventory. For newly released 2019 sets we will accept sets without an inventory, but only with all info and image. Newly released 2019 sets without an image will be put on hold until an official image become available and is added by whomever submitted the set. Obviously, the set number and set name need to be correct. We do not accept sets with confidential or prematurely leaked images. We will not accept single part change request for new sets without an inventory. If you have bought such a new set, and you really want that inventory to be available, you have to use Submit Inventory for the full inventory of that set. We ask respectfully that you do not submit Element ID Change Requests for new sets, as long as we don't have an element image for that particular part/combination. Our automatic update system will add Element IDs and element images simultaneously when LEGO releases that information. Obviously, if you spot errors in 2018 or older sets, we really appreciate your input, and submitting a Change Request in those cases will still get you additional points. Thanks for your cooperation, Take care, Simon
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    LDraw line images

    Wanted to show of the end result. It's been a tiring job, but I'm pleased with the result. Now to see how long it stays organized with 3 little children in the house (and it is their LEGO).
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    New Minifig Part Categories

    Greetings, Folks! Our LEGO parts database is organized into categories, and during the last few years, two of those categories, "Minifigs" and "Minifig Accessories" have grown into almost unmanageable sizes. So, after several month of internal discussion, we have decided to add more minifig categories. Here is a list of our new minifig category system: Minidoll Heads - Friends/Elves figures Minidoll Upper Body - Friends/Elves figures Minidoll Lower Body - Friends/Elves figures Minifig Heads - incl specials like minecraft, molded character, etc... Minifig Upper Body - incl. odd Torsos) Minifig Lower Body - incl. specials, skirts, etc... Minifig Headwear - incl Hats & Hair, anything that utilizes the top stud of a minifig head Minifig Accessories - incl. Tools, weapons, etc... Minifigs - temporary container (for now) The most obvious parts are already moved to their proper categories, and we are now working on the remaining parts within Minifigs and Accessories to move them to their right place. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT CATEGORY CHANGE REQUESTS FOR MINIFIGS OR MINIFIG ACCESSORIES FOR THE NEXT FEW WEEKS! We are working on full speed to get this massive operation completed, and having to spend our time on individual change requests for these parts is a waste of previous time - we know that these parts need to be moved, and we are working on it as fast as we we can. Any category change requests for minifigs or minifig accessories submitted during the next few weeks will be rejected. I will update this post when, as far as we know, all parts have been moved, and new category change requests for minifigs or minifig accessories will be accepted again. Take care, Simon
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    Ordering Parts

    Just don’t use it to download Edge, lmao
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    New Minifig Part Categories

    Anything that doesn’t directly utilize the top stud of a head (visors, beards, plumes) will currently remain in the minifig accessories category. Further discussion may happen to agree a final decision. Users input is welcome. Tell us what you think.
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    Diniz; why not build all thirty of them (two by two) and make some great photo's of each - I would love to have those for our set catalog. To be sure, if I remember correctly, somone years ago posted a zip with 30 pdfs with instructions, and there might also be lxf files for all of these on Eurobricks (search eurobricks ldd lxf). I probably have that zip somewehre in my archive. If you can't find it online, let me know, and I'll search my backup disks.
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    New User - "Missing Parts" Confusion

    I will write an offline check of inventory consistency for b-models, sub-sets and alternate builds. Next week or so...
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    LDraw line images

    I've made most images, skipped a bunch of printed. They are ready for download here Here an example of the end result:
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    Submitting Part Photographs

    Okay, I will see if I can get some time to do some really old parts and mold, but I hope Nathan fix that color page to include only secondary image of that color.
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    LDraw line images

    You certainly can. Not sure if you can set all options through parameters, but there's always the option to pass your own .ini file with parameters which can include any setting. Ugh, no idea why. I shouldn't have included those threading stuff without having used it before Try this one without any multi-processing: import glob import subprocess LDRAW_PATH = 'C:/Users/Merlijn/LDraw' LDVIEW_PATH = 'C:/Users/Merlijn/LDraw/Software/LDView/LDView64.exe' OUTPUT_PATH = 'E:/tmp' MAX_WIDTH = '200' MAX_HEIGHT = '200' PART_COLOR = '0xFFFFFF' # Color format standard HEX RRGGBB def main(): ldraw_part_paths = glob.glob(LDRAW_PATH + '/parts/*.dat') for path in ldraw_part_paths: part_number = path.rsplit('\\', 1)[1].rsplit('.', 1)[0] print(part_number) subprocess.call([ LDVIEW_PATH, '-AutoCrop=1', '-SaveWidth={}'.format(MAX_WIDTH), '-SaveHEIGHT={}'.format(MAX_HEIGHT), '-DefaultColor3={}'.format(PART_COLOR), '-SaveSnapShot={}/{}.png'.format(OUTPUT_PATH, part_number), path ]) main() I think LDView's own batch feature is probably better than such a script anyway, but I couldn't quickly find its documentation