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    Updating LDraw Images

    Greetings, Folks During the last three month we have been working on a set of updated LDraw part images, and with the new hardware that Nathan added recently, we can now slowly start implementing the new images. In this post I want to outline the problems with our current set of LDraw part images, describe the scope of the update project, present a schedule of the implementation, and look forward to more improvements during the coming year. In the next post, I will show examples of current and updated LDraw part images. Backgrounds Our current set of LDraw part images is based upon 11,000 LDraw part definitions and it was generated in 2016 with some small updates in the following years. As we need an image for each part in every used color, and we had about 135 different colors back then, our current set of LDraw part images totals about 73,000 items, varying in size from 100x75px to 250x250 px. There are some problems with our current LDraw part images: some images seem to have a wrong color (black and red most obviously) the quality of the some images (transparent parts) is not so good white and transparent parts are difficult to recognize the viewing angle of LDraw images is the opposite to the angle of element images some parts are better displayed full front photos can be zoomed out to 500x500px, LDraw images can't we current have 178 colors and many new colors don't have the right LDraw images most important: there are many new LDraw definitions that we currently don't use Scope November last year we started researching these problems. Our new set is based upon 14,364 LDraw definitions, consisting of full LDraw official and unofficial libraries, and several third-party libraries. The rendering of the bulk of the new images took two month, December and January, with ten quad-cores running simultaneously for 16 hours per day, approximating some 10,000 hours computer time. All bulk rendering was done with PovRay with image generation by L3P. Our new LDraw part images are four time as large (500x500px), rendered at the highest quality. Viewing angle and colors problems of all solid colors are all corrected. Most importantly, we will be adding about 4,000 new LDraw images, and our total image set is expected to grow to about 100,000 items. For special colors, such as transparent, metallic, chrome, speckle, glitter, glow-in-dark, rubber, pearl, PovRay is not delivering the most perfect results. For these colors, we are going to use Studio's Eyesight renderer instead of PovRay. For the most common parts, these Eyesight images have already been rendered, and they will be part of the initial update. The remainder will follow afterwards. Schedule Knowing that a large update like this will inevitably produce new errors, we are going to implement the new part images in small steps. I am still working on those Eyesight special color renders, and it will take at least four month to finish those, so the entire update will take at least that period. We will start by updating the Unknown images, which are used when we do not have an image in the right color. An example of this can be seen here. The color Vintage Green was introduced for parts from the period 1945 to 1958, but the thumbnails are shown in blue, because we do not have rendered those parts in the right color yet. This means that for many parts for which we now haven't got an ldraw image, an new part image will occur, but with the default color for Unknown, which is a Medium Dark Blue. We already have a lot of these unknown colored ldraw images, but if you notice some new ones, there is an easy way to check: if all the colors of the part show the same image with the same color, then the image is newly added in the unknown color. When we add all the other colors during then next few month, they will replace the unknown color images automatically, and eventually, all parts for which we have an ldraw image should show all available colors correctly. When the new Unknown images are available, we are going to take a couple of weeks to check for errors and correct them. Then all corrected parts need to be re-rendered in all the right colors. When that is done, we will slowly, color for color, update the existing set of images. More Improvements For the second half of this year, we hope to implement even more improvements of the LDraw images, including Eyesight renderings for all transparent, metallic, chrome, speckle, glitter, glow-in-dark, pearl colors, and using rubber black for all black tires and such. The latter will NOT change the color code for black tires, but it will make the images look more natural. Conclusion In a perfect world a quality improvement such as this might even go unnoticed; but in the real world many will immediately see some differences, and wonder what we're up to now. I hope by announcing this update in as much detail as I can, I have taken away some of your worries. I will be updating this thread to keep you informed of new developments, and if you have any questions, or you think you see an error or a problem, please let me know. Take care, Simon
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    I seem to have both, so if I have enough light tomorrow, I will create a function comparison image that shows both parts, and add links in the part description of both. They are not the same, but very fact that the length difference is difficult to see, means a good comparison image would be helpful. (If I have bad light tomorrow, it might take a few days... -smile-)
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    Set 10152

    Found the following which has an extensive discussion about the three versions in case anyone is curious. https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/89612-lego-set-box-differences-by-region/&do=findComment&comment=1771521
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    I've updated the doco, thanks. No point switching if you are fine using PayPal. The main functional differences on Rebrickable is that you can upgrade/downgrade Plans if you use Stripe (with PayPal you have to cancel and then re-subscribe to the new plan). Yes, the level 20/25/30 certainly do apply to you. If you hit 25 and are still on Pro, I will manually cancel your subscription and make it a permanent upgrade.
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    The post about stickers in the Help forum got me thinking. I think there is a way to manage stickers in Rebrickable as is, without development. The key is the alternate inventory feature. Stickered parts would be inventoried as printed parts (Bricklink's term "decorated" would be better but that's cosmetic). The default inventory would stay as it is and have all parts unstickered. If someone has a set for which they want to keep track of stickered parts, they could submit the stickered parts then submit a second inventory where the stickered parts are included instead of the unstickered variations. This would require no development and it would have 0 impact on people who don't care about stickers since the default inventory stays the same. Even if someone includes stickered parts in a MOC, since there is already a feature to ignore printed parts so the stickers could be ignored. Obviously, a separate feature for prints and stickers would be ideal and this solution doesn't take into account cases where people only apply some stickers in a set but it would still be pretty good. The only impact I see is that the admins would have to manage the new parts and inventory submissions. But since these would be added on demand, not systematically for all sets in the database, it would probably not be massive.
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    I think I've figured this out now. For some reason the new load balancer I am using was defaulting to cache all the things. Since some pages might still be cached in your browser, it might take a day or so for it to all get cleared out and start working again properly.
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    Profile - Your changes

    Pro users get do get a personalised CL for changes made to their collectoon.
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    Profile - Your changes

    Hi, lorien_tirith, welcome to the forum! The FAQ is right, if you have a set, inventory or moc submission in progress, a message is displayed on your home page. Below an example: under Your Changes you will see I have set 12345-1 Test Set in progress. Hope this helps! Take care, Simon
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    Folks, I have had a lot fun with this, and looking at end result, knowing that this is done by several people from different parts of the world, I am really content with it, and I believe that this kind of images are a great help for many thousands of Rebrickable users. I want to do a lot more of these images, and for most, I have the same problem as I had with this one; that is, I have one or two parts I need for the image, but I don't have one or two others. So next week, I will create a new thread in Other Data, entitled "Part Comparison Images", and start posting images there for which I need your help. With this kind cooperation, we can create great images together. Thank you all! Simon
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    I received a photo of Vokhev (THX Alex) with 9244 and 61903, and with a bit of magic I combined that with my own photo of 9244a. If all agree I will add this photo to all three parts. This is the result:
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    [high] BUILD CALC - negative part count

    I just saw a negative build %. It happened when I had marked a MOC as assembled, but also had the inventory of that MOC as a part list marked as not buildable. So for those parts that I only have enough of for the MOC, it's like they were being subtracted out of the build calculation twice. When I removed the MOC from my assembled list, I got an accurate build calculation. Hope that helps track it down, @Simon
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    I should have a few 61309's, but some are in my Bugatti, which I am NOT taking apart, and I can't find the others. I will order one thru Bricklink and when it arrives, add the comparison photo. Have added some info to 9244, 9244a and 61903.
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    Updating LDraw Images

    Here are some examples of the improvements: Camera angle and color corrected: Transparent: Metallic: Chrome: Speckle: Glitter: Pearl:
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    There is a setting to exclude Stickers and other gear as well as minifigure parts from the Build Function. You can toggle it on by going to the ME drop down menu, choose Settings and then the Building Tab. The Ignore Sticker category was created fairly recently. Before that stickers were placed in the spares to keep them out of the Build Function. We are still working on changing many stickers that use the stk in the part number, and moving them from the spare parts to the regular inventory. The goal is to have the box total match our inventory as much as we can. There are going to be cases where this doesn't happen because packets/sprues of small parts are listed as 1 item in the instruction book inventory. Rebrickable lists these individually.
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    Hi, seejay. My apologies, I am the culprit -smile- I am working on basic bricks, adding new part images and link lists, and I added and LDraw mapping for 3002a to get the system to display the LDraw image (as the top of 3002a looks exactly the same as the top of 3002 - the difference is with the bottom of the part); and I forgot to switch off the import/export translation. I switched that off now, so your import should now be OK again. To be sure, we do have an import/export translation for 3002old (Bricklink) and 3002a (BrickOwl). So those still get translated to 3002. If that is still a problem for you, please let me know. Take care, Simon
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    Help with technic organising

    You can only have too little room I have it divided in 2 sections. 50,000 Technic parts in the attic, and about 70,000 parts in my kids playroom, 2 rows deep:
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    Help with technic organising

    According to my Rebrickable inventory, 72170 parts.