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    I just noticed that there is a function to move the set to another list in the exact same screen. It's not a bulk move but it can do the job.
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    If you go to your set list, there is a button on each set "Edit the set". There, you can change the number or delete it. But I also wonder if there is a way to move sets from one list to another, ideally in bulk. Removing and adding sets again forces you to reenter things like lost parts and whether you have spare parts or not. I didn't find it that important before but with the new limits on how many sets can be in one list, people will eventually need to split lists in two or more lists.
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    Robo Riders issue

    Which disks 5x5 were in Robo Riders sets? For example 8512 Onyx has 2 Disks Glow in Dark Opaque. Are these 2 disks with print-pattern randomly chosen during packaging? Do you have any personal experience with Robo Riders sets bought MISB?
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    In this topic, you can report any missing or incorrect official LEGO sets, and we will get them added or fixed as soon as possible. Please note that any requests to update the inventory of a particular set should be submitted using the 'Submit a Change to this Set/Inventory' button on the bottom of the set's page. In case of a missing set, please include: Official LEGO set number (check Brickset if not sure). For instance: 12345-1. Set title (use BrickLink or Brickset for inspiration). Year the set was released (check Brickset if not sure). Set theme (roughly). Use the set search to see which set themes are available. In case of incorrect set information, simply state the Rebrickable set number and what exactly should be corrected. Thanks in advance!
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    Sorting Sets

    Hi, and welcome to the forum! If you still have the instructions for your sets, you'll have the set numbers. Go to the Rebrickable website, select Sets > Search Sets and enter the set number. For the Black Seas Barracuda that is 10040-1. If needed, click the Inventory tab and you'll see all the parts in the set. If you don't have the set numbers, try browsing a specific year or theme and see if you recognize any of the sets. In Search Sets you can select a single theme or a period of years. If all else fails try to find parts that might be special: for example, the sails of the Black Seas Barracude were only used in two sets. Lots of bricks with a decoration, and minifigs, and such, are only used in a few sets and can be used to narrow the search. Good luck! Simon
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    How to buy from a Brickstore xml

    I have purchased a parts list in Brickstore.xml file. How do I order all the parts from brickable? (I'm brand new: need step by step instructions). Thanks. Michael I find a place to drag and drop the file. Then only choice "check verification". It finds "one part not in catalog". But I can't get past that.
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    Hi Arjen and welcome to Rebrickable! Currently the only one who can help you is Nathan, the owner of Rebrickable. I'll bring your message to his attention @Nathan, and you can also send him more detailed information by using the private Messenger feature. It's the white envelope icon at the top of the page. Thea
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    Can help me anybody out in german

    Hallo, habe mich in der Webseite mit einigen Hürden so in etwa eingefuchst, aber ich komme jetzt nicht mehr weiter. hier mein Problem: ich besitze 3 Sets und eine weitere „unabhängige“ Liste von Teilen, jetzt möchte ich ein MOC bauen. Dafür brauche ich aus jedem Set einen Teil der Parts. Erste Frage, wie kann ich auflisten welche Teile ich aus welchem Set Entnehmen muss ? zweite Frage, wie kann ich dann die verwendeten Teile aus dem Inventar herausnehmen. würde mich freuen wenn mir jemand helfen kann. Gruss Stefan
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    Now that Rebrickable has an integrated marketplace for instructions, have you thought about revisiting the 'Tip Jar/Donation' suggestion? I'm pretty sure someone suggested it years ago. I really like the idea of keeping my instructions freely available to the community, but having a way for those who can afford it to show their appreciation via making a donation. Rebrickable could take a small percentage for facilitating the donation. J
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    Can help me anybody out in german

    may I have to reformat my question again, If I have one big Part list what show my available inventory and I build now a MOC, for example MOC-7202. How I can find out what is left in my stock after I finish the MOC-7202 ? the function I search for how I can substract Part List MOC-7202 from my Part List Inventory, so that I know what is left to build an other MOC Thanks for your help
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    someone build me a MOC

    just use it as inspiration.
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    someone build me a MOC

    Why, just buy tons of grey pieces and build your own, that's what's fun with building castles. copy others work is just a lack of imagination.
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    FYI - Private MOCs are now Custom Lists

    Just trying to clear up the most asked question!
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    I notice that the architecture set was added in their diffrent colours. they used 3023a (old) as 1x2 plate mold so did the box version when it was released.
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    yeah I started that work, I could continue it but there was some question mark on how to proceed, especially when images where missing and on how to get the right samsonite versions. there is also a need for splittin many of the 50 sets to exist with both tube and none tube version of bricks. so they don't endup with invalid parts notes.
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    Spilt request off arround 100 old pre 1970 supplemantairy sets They all have to be split in 1 color a box, it are arround 100 sets that have to be split, biodreamer did ask it a year ago but there has been done nothing whit it. I have a list off those sets which have to be split, if they have been split users can add them to there set list whit the right color. And not 2 to 7 colors a box, after spliting there will be arround 300 suplementary boxes more from that period as there are now. There are 2 sets numbers allready split 1 is 520-yellow-2 they should be done in this way i think, and the wrong version 520-2 The other number was done by biodreamer see 918-black-2 and the wrong 1 is stil filed 918-2 I hope biodreamer will help with this to file all supplemantairy sets right, most off them are easy they only have to be split in the right color and the existing set has to be removed. Even on peeron and bricklink they are filed right whit the comment also availible in and then the other colors. If i do this whit the submit change button i will be finished arround christmas i think, there is no hurry whit it but it has to be done. I have a list if you want i can post it here.
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    Export To Ldd Lxf Format

    I recently discovered an unpublished feature of Lego Digital Designer, that allows a user to create a custom parts list for building LDD models. For details, see this Eurobricks forum topic: http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=92265 Basically, you add all of your bricks to a LDD model, save the lxf file, and then copy it into a "UserPalettes" folder. Within LDD, you can select this lxf file to populate the bricks you can build with - the best part is that the number and color of each brick appears, so you know exactly how many of each you can use. Currently having to build this palette model by hand, based on loose parts list, which can be a problem due to large number of parts and constantly changing My Parts inventory Would be great to have an option to export some or all of my parts and/or my set parts to a basic lxf file. I imagine so thought would have to be put into this so that all of the bricks can be placed in valid (x,y,z) locations and with proper part numbers and color codes that LDD recognizes. Just simple stacks of parts would be sufficient.