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    bugs on 79115

    Added Similar Image-relation to 3626bpr0472 Fixed
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    There was an incorrect mapping on 970c00pr1711. I've removed it.
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    There's loads of extra spaces. I removed them on all parts and correctly named those ones that still had the Lego Name.
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    Better sort the search results

    The search results and ranking should be much better now
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    LEGO Database Download page - suggestions

    Hi Ian. It's in python 3. I'll send it by DM. For uploads into your parts lists, Rebrickable has great import functionality from almost any source you care to work with via the interface. For my initial inventory (for which I spent a long time counting a lot of parts), I entered the inventory into a csv and imported that. There's nice error reporting in the interface to help catch mistakes. I've also imported directly from Bricklink and Brickowl orders using the Rebrickable interface. All of those work reliably for me, so I haven't felt the need to build anything for uploads (or even set up a local db beyond the CSVs the script generates), but of course everyone's workflow is a bit different. It's awesome that Rebrickable makes that flexibility possible via the API.
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    It was supposed to include accessory sets unless specifically excluded via the advanced form. Fixed now. And I want these bug reports or I wouldn't know of the problem
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    LEGO Database Download page - suggestions

    Hi Ian, I have an ugly little workflow that I knocked together in Python (mainly using Pandas), with Dropbox to move the result around, and Google Sheets to view it. It runs nightly from my local machine and pulls out all my parts list into a single CSV (with a column indicating which Rebrickable part list the part is from). It creates a date-stamped version of the CSV (for backup) and a "always the latest" version. The latter is synced to Dropbox and I have a Google Sheet that reads it live (using the IMPORTDATA function). This workflow gives me a backup of my parts lists and and a quick way to search for parts in Google Sheets if I don't want to go through the Rebrickable interface. I find that I use both Rebrickable and the Google Sheet depending on what I'm doing. Also, as an intended benefit, I can go back through the date-stamped versions to see how my parts total has changed over time, which is probably about the nerdiest thing I've ever done for fun. If that sounds like it might be helpful to you, send me a DM, and I can send you the script. You'd need to be comfortable in python to make any sense of it, but it sounds like you probably are. --cj
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    Part ID

    Thanks to retrieverfalcon. I've added "with axle hole" to the description to help the next person find it easier.
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    Vonado - Stolen MOC designs?

    @Simon, did you notice the footer: I'm going to guess that they don't have any agreement with Rebrickable to be a "Trust By Brand" site. (Whatever that actually means.)
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    Vonado - Stolen MOC designs?

    It sure looks like it, but Rebrickable is not authorized to represent MOC designers in such matters. In other words, only the copyright holder (the MOC designer) can issue a cease and desist letter. Perhaps you could inform the designer(s) by posting a comment to the MOC involved. Take care, Simon
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    Finding parts

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    Part ID

    I've never seen one in person so can be sure but https://rebrickable.com/parts/2983/electric-9v-micromotor-pulley/ looks like it might be this part.
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    Pretty low priority, but it would be nice if a couple of improvements could be made to this. The most useful, I think, would be to include all the parts that are displayed using a 'similar image'. Right now, they aren't in this list, despite having no images. Another useful addition would be the ability to filter out Stickers and parts in the Non-LEGO category. Somewhat related, I think it would be cool to be able to choose which images are displayed when viewing an inventory - Photo, LDraw, LEGO or 'Best' (which would be the current implementation). Obviously default to best. That way, it would be really easy to see which parts are missing photos when viewing a set inventory. Could be applied to any list of parts for that matter. J
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    New Set, New Part

    Ah, now it makes sense - that is gear set, and as Rebrickable's primary use is about building, we don't add mugs and key-chains and such to our part library. That's why your part submit was rejected. Now for the sets, some people do like to add those to their set lists, so we add them with an empty inventory. You have to add an inventory when submitting a new set, so in this case, I'd suggest adding a single 3001 to the inventory, and then in the notes to admin request that the 3001 be deleted. Does that make sense to you? -smile-
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    That’s because you have the show printed parts box unchecked. So the results are ignoring parts with print relations. Tick the box and they all should appear
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    I have uploaded on GitHub a piece of software that I have developed to manage my LEGO collection. It heavily relies on the Rebrickable API and I would like to thank Nathan and the whole Rebrickable community for having made it possible. My hope is that some of you will find it useful. You can find it here: https://github.com/aburgueno/lego-collection And a thread to discuss about it here: