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    How do I get the level I need to help?

    I love using Rebrickable for my inventory and I like helping to make it better both to thank you guys and just to like using it even more. I see ways I could help (notably by providing photos of older parts I have) but I'm level 3 so I can't do it right now. What can I do that's actually useful at level 3 and would bring me points? I don't want to just go around liking MOCs or commenting for nothing just to get points. It feel like it's abusing the system and even lowering the quality of the data. I did many things before like correcting parts variants that were incorrectly entered but that was done through forum discussions and then batch updates by the admins so none of that brought points. Right now, there are things I can do to help but it feels like I don't have the access to do them until I do stuff that doesn't help. Also, is submitting part photos really at level 5 or is it a typo? because if it is, why even have a level 4? https://rebrickable.com/help/users-levels/