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    Comment Spam?

    I missed the parts of the thread which have been edited by Nathan, so I am not sure excatly how 'bad' things became in the comments, but I can sense that there was something which was not ideal in what remains. I am pleased that this site has a policy of non offensive comments. It is nice to be able to enjoy the creativity of others abilities and comment and read comments from others without worrying about whether you will come across offensive language etc., such as I sometimes see in comments sections of you tube videos about most things, but even videos of lego creations seem to get polluted with bad language (and often it is not the creator of the Lego model, just other people). Thanks for encouraging a nice clean and polite site.
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    Liking comments

    Something similar to this was in v2 and no-one used it so I didn't bother with it in v3.