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    Diniz Vilhena

    Help with pieces please

    first thing to do: certify that all parts are Lego... every time I buy loose parts, always have some non-Lego mixed second thing to do: take some patience pills
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    Help with pieces please

    The easiest way to find sets is to enter all your parts on a parts list and use the build calculator to see what sets you have. Almost every part has a part number on it. you can use that number to search the database. If that fails the only other option is to go through each Lego category and find your part (the plane parts will be in Transport - Sea and Air category). A few tips: 1. We don't inventory stickered parts. If your part has a sticker you will not find it in our database. 2. Make sure the Year Toggle Bar covers the years you want (the most common reason people can't find something is because they aren't looking in all the years) 3. If in doubt on a particular part post a picture on here. Someone can usually help. Good Luck!
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    I just figured it out, for anyone new, I went to the API documentation page and there is a link in the paragraph to register. I'm not certain if the account is the same as the Forum account, I already registered in the Forum and did not see any API related settings. With the link from the API Documentation 3.0, you can register. It is very easy and fast. Then you can find the API key generator (Profile > Settings). Hope this helps