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    Well, as far as I recognised, there was no change to Rebrickable. But you can add a search tag "freemium" to your model. If you search for it, there are some results. I don't know if most of the people don't want to use it or just don't know about it. For me this year worked ok, as I at least got the money for the 4x 42084 sets back. But I think the freemium concept needs more promotion directly from rebrickable to become more famous. On the other side, they just earn money if instructions are sold... Concerning your donation link, in a quick search I couldn't find any restrictions not to do it. To be sure you should ask over the official Contacts...
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    Checklist for gathering parts before build

    When I'm starting a build, I often first gather all the needed parts before building (due to the way I store my LEGO,I don't want to stand up for each part ) I think it would be handy have a page with the partlist with part, color and needed quantity, and behind that a column whit a checkbox that you can mark when you have found that part, maybe with a textbox where you can fill in the number of parts you have found if you don't have them all yet. Ideal would be some kind of refresh-function that refreshes the part-list and leaves out all parts that you have already found. For commercial purpuses: add the link that makes a BrickLink/BrickOwl wanted list of all remaining parts? Hope I'm explaining it clearly enough like this
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    New guy with questions

    You actually don't need to have the set as own to run a build check with it as long as the number of sets are three or less you can manually enter them in the process. So that can be used if you just want to know what else you can build if you get another set or two without committing to buying them.
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    Looking into it... I've uploaded the new certificate but am having trouble figuring out how to convince the browsers to use the new one
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    Set Inventories for 2020 Sets

    The first sets for 2020 are available in stores. And while you're adding the sets to your set lists, you'll probably notice that most sets don't have an inventory yet. We are asking for your patience. Normally, when a new set comes out, LEGO adds the inventory to their Bricks & Pieces site. We have a bot, that can import that inventory with a single mouse-click This time of the year however is the busiest for The LEGO Group, so there is some delay in this process. One way to handle this, is by manually adding all inventories. But there are some drawbacks, mainly it being extremely labor intensive. It takes a long time to add all parts one by one. Besides that, every new part en print need to be submitted as new part. Mistakes are easily made. So to save you and the admin team a lot of work: Wait it out. This goes for every set that is tagged Pending. These are waiting on release by The LEGO Group. I know, I want my collection to be complete too. And we really appreciate that many users are willing to put in the effort. But in this situation, it's just not worth it. There are other ways you can help! Some parts are not available through Bricks & Pieces, and therefor not added by our bot. These are Stickers, and most Plastic Sheets. For these parts, we are fully relying on user input. For Stickers, here is a short how-to: Each sticker sheet has a number on it, in the format xxxxx/yyyyyyy The xxxxx section becomes the part number for the Sticker Sheet. The yyyyyy section is the Element ID. Please add this number in step 3 of the Part Submission process. Part name standard: Sticker Sheet for Set 00000-1 Category: Stickers Material = plastic Please also upload a photo of the sticker sheet when possible. You are our only source for these. We can't accept photos from other sites, only home-made. Also, when an inventory is added, there might be mistakes in it. For some reason, LEGO sometime leaves out parts, other than Sticker Sheets. If you have the set, grab the building instructions and check the inventory against the list in the back, If you spot a mistake, send us a Change Request. You don't have to submit an entirely new inventory, just let us know which parts are missing. If everything is okay, please let us know too, so we can tag the set Checked/Complete. That way, other users don't do double work. Thanks for your support! Regards TobyMac
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    Set Inventories for 2020 Sets

    And don't forget the list the spare parts!
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    Can't find a part...

    Yeah, I got it in a bit bulk lot and it's one of only 2-3 parts I really couldn't find for a while. Glad to be of service.
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    Does this count as MOC

    I modified a Creator Parrot so it would look like my real pet parrot. This involved changing brick colors, and altering the shape of the head and back (see photo.) Does this count as a "real" MOC and should I upload it as such?
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    BrickLink AFOL Designer Program Sets

    Here's the one for The LEGO Story: https://rebrickable.com/users/TobyMac/lists/46696/
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    I would like the ability to search for sets that contain a specific collection of parts. You can now search for a partnumber and see what sets contain that one part, but if you need a specific combination of expensive parts, it sometimes is cheaper to buy a (small) set containing those parts. For example a suspension/steering-combination of: 2x #6571 steering arms 4x #6572 knuckle arms 2x 76138 shock absorbers 1x #6574 small gear rack cost about €20,- on Bricklink. In that case the set 8048 Nitro Buggy - which contains all those parts - and costs about €20 second hand, is then relatively cheaper because you also get a lot of extra parts "for free".
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    Direct links to colour/setlist

    That's simply awesome. This will make inventorying bulk lots so much quicker. I just can't get over how much you're listening to the community for things like this and how quickly you include them. Thank you very much!
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    Well I must assume you can download a instruction you bought more than ones, so maybe someone did.
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    Sort by "count" in Part List

    The title says it all. It would be awesome if we can have this sorting option.
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    Finding parts

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    Updating LDraw Images

    Greetings, Folks During the last three month we have been working on a set of updated LDraw part images, and with the new hardware that Nathan added recently, we can now slowly start implementing the new images. In this post I want to outline the problems with our current set of LDraw part images, describe the scope of the update project, present a schedule of the implementation, and look forward to more improvements during the coming year. In the next post, I will show examples of current and updated LDraw part images. Backgrounds Our current set of LDraw part images is based upon 11,000 LDraw part definitions and it was generated in 2016 with some small updates in the following years. As we need an image for each part in every used color, and we had about 135 different colors back then, our current set of LDraw part images totals about 73,000 items, varying in size from 100x75px to 250x250 px. There are some problems with our current LDraw part images: some images seem to have a wrong color (black and red most obviously) the quality of the some images (transparent parts) is not so good white and transparent parts are difficult to recognize the viewing angle of LDraw images is the opposite to the angle of element images some parts are better displayed full front photos can be zoomed out to 500x500px, LDraw images can't we current have 178 colors and many new colors don't have the right LDraw images most important: there are many new LDraw definitions that we currently don't use Scope November last year we started researching these problems. Our new set is based upon 14,364 LDraw definitions, consisting of full LDraw official and unofficial libraries, and several third-party libraries. The rendering of the bulk of the new images took two month, December and January, with ten quad-cores running simultaneously for 16 hours per day, approximating some 10,000 hours computer time. All bulk rendering was done with PovRay with image generation by L3P. Our new LDraw part images are four time as large (500x500px), rendered at the highest quality. Viewing angle and colors problems of all solid colors are all corrected. Most importantly, we will be adding about 4,000 new LDraw images, and our total image set is expected to grow to about 100,000 items. For special colors, such as transparent, metallic, chrome, speckle, glitter, glow-in-dark, rubber, pearl, PovRay is not delivering the most perfect results. For these colors, we are going to use Studio's Eyesight renderer instead of PovRay. For the most common parts, these Eyesight images have already been rendered, and they will be part of the initial update. The remainder will follow afterwards. Schedule Knowing that a large update like this will inevitably produce new errors, we are going to implement the new part images in small steps. I am still working on those Eyesight special color renders, and it will take at least four month to finish those, so the entire update will take at least that period. We will start by updating the Unknown images, which are used when we do not have an image in the right color. An example of this can be seen here. The color Vintage Green was introduced for parts from the period 1945 to 1958, but the thumbnails are shown in blue, because we do not have rendered those parts in the right color yet. This means that for many parts for which we now haven't got an ldraw image, an new part image will occur, but with the default color for Unknown, which is a Medium Dark Blue. We already have a lot of these unknown colored ldraw images, but if you notice some new ones, there is an easy way to check: if all the colors of the part show the same image with the same color, then the image is newly added in the unknown color. When we add all the other colors during then next few month, they will replace the unknown color images automatically, and eventually, all parts for which we have an ldraw image should show all available colors correctly. When the new Unknown images are available, we are going to take a couple of weeks to check for errors and correct them. Then all corrected parts need to be re-rendered in all the right colors. When that is done, we will slowly, color for color, update the existing set of images. More Improvements For the second half of this year, we hope to implement even more improvements of the LDraw images, including Eyesight renderings for all transparent, metallic, chrome, speckle, glitter, glow-in-dark, pearl colors, and using rubber black for all black tires and such. The latter will NOT change the color code for black tires, but it will make the images look more natural. Conclusion In a perfect world a quality improvement such as this might even go unnoticed; but in the real world many will immediately see some differences, and wonder what we're up to now. I hope by announcing this update in as much detail as I can, I have taken away some of your worries. I will be updating this thread to keep you informed of new developments, and if you have any questions, or you think you see an error or a problem, please let me know. Take care, Simon
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    I seem to have both, so if I have enough light tomorrow, I will create a function comparison image that shows both parts, and add links in the part description of both. They are not the same, but very fact that the length difference is difficult to see, means a good comparison image would be helpful. (If I have bad light tomorrow, it might take a few days... -smile-)
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    Tip Jar/Donations for free instructions?

    First we need more designers using the term "Freemium" in either MOC name or description. I have made sure that the term Freemium is not used within sets, so if you search for Freemium, you only see MOCs. Right now, there are only four Freemium MOC. We need to get more of them. Once we have a couple of dozen; I will ask Nathan to add Freemium as a seperate option in Building Instructions. Then the system can display both Freemium and Premium (different colors would be nice), and the community can keep an eye on the validity of the usage (check if a MOC os really Freemium).
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    Show lost parts from set page

    Hi. When viewing a set that is in my sets lists, I haven't been able to find an easy way to see which parts are marked as lost. Instead, I have been opening My Lost Parts and then selecting the set from the Sets drill down filter. It's quite a few steps to get from one to the other, and there are two points in the process where I have to wait for unnecessary stuff to load, and I think it would make sense to have a button or link or something on the set page which lets you see lost parts easier. Nathan
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    Tip Jar/Donations for free instructions?

    I'll definitely be interessted in a freemium category.
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    Tip Jar/Donations for free instructions?

    I have been thinking about this: if you want your MOC to be free, and allow people to make a small donation; why not submit that MOC as Rebrickable-hosted Premium, with a minimal price (1 euro?/1 dollar?) and then ADD an ADDITIONAL link to the freely available instructions. You can even put that in the description: "This MOC is FREEMIUM, the instruction are free, but if you want to support me, you can always buy the instructions". If the term Freemium sticks, perhaps that can be shown in the MOC searches. As far as I can tell, this can be done immediately without any technical changes. I am really hoping to see more Freemium MOCs in the near future. For the next few days, I will be searching for "freemium"!
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    I suggest that we add a button to remove all the parts of a set in My Lost Parts instead of remove part by part. Thanks
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    sort- and filtercritaria...

    Not sure if I understand your question correctly (haven't had my morning coffee yet). If you want to know exactly which parts you need besides the ones you already have, there is a green button on the right 'Build this MOC'. This gives you the list of missing parts, with links to add them to a Bricklink or Brickowl wanted list. This button is basically why Rebrickable was created
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    Part identification

    The heads an easy one. https://rebrickable.com/parts/3626bpx97/minifig-head-forestman-knight-moustache-and-forehead-tuft-print-blocked-open-stud/
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    I thought about this too. But I ended up choosing not to go for this Free-Cad & Premium-PDF. The main reason being that since I already made the instructions, I want people to be able to use them I also want people who simply can't afford to spend the money (could be as simple as not having a way to do the online payment, being a kid who saves up pocket money... you name it) not to be excluded. The mechanism I am calling for is for people, who just use your free instructions, like the work you have done and/or the fact that they are given this chance to build custom models, courtesy of the designers AND the Rebrickable team, and they just spontaneously want to support the efforts. Efforts of both the designer and the website creators and mods. Mind you I am still talking the small models which I simply have no internal need to ask money for. If I spend some serious time designing instructions for some fairly large and intricate model which brings a considerable cost just in pieces, it only seems reasonable to mark it at some price.
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    New Set Tags

    Jasmine, Aladdin (Movie), Hercules (Movie), The Nightmare Before Christmas and Edna Mode all have multiple uses already. You are correct that Hades and Jafar are the only representations currently but both would fall within their respective movie lineups as named characters. In this case, since other characters in the same movie are already existing tags -Aladdin/Jasmine in "Aladdin (Movie)" and Hercules in "Hercules (Movie)" - not creating these tags creates a variety of filters that would require users to look between both the tags and the set names to find what they wanted.
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    Finding sets for old bricks

    Thanks! I overlooked the part count lower limit. When I set it to 0, I get quit a lot of 100% matches :)
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    Crowd pleaser badge bug

    You are correct, although I really can't remember my original intention with that badge. It wouldn't be very nice to remove the badge from about 80% of people who have it. So, I've just updated the description to reflect the actual calculation.
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    'Illegal' building techniques

    Yes, that would work, though I'm building a MOC out of set 31007. I'm only allowed to build with bricks from that set, so sometimes I have to improvise how to make certain connections.
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    Is your script on github or anything? The best I've come up with is to 1. Create the custom list 2. Move all the sets into parts, delete the sets 3. Export the custom list as rebrickable csv 4. Use the csv to "subtract" the parts from the parts list 5. Use the csv to create a new parts list Much easier.
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    Go to the set your alt is from. Download the inventory (options on top left of inventory, below image). Go to your submission and upload the inventory from the file you downloaded. Bear in mind, you should only list the parts that are actually used in your MOC. If it uses them all then great, but any not used you’ll need to remove.
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    From Nathan's latest blog on the new Undo function: I guess login every single part will be a massive load on the database.
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    no download link after purchase.

    For anyone with similar questions: the list under Purchased MOCs only has MOCs that are Rebrickable hosted. This means MOCs where the instructions are stored on the Rebrickable server. In this case the instructions were externally hosted, which is no longer possible with newly submitted MOCs. With externally hosted MOCs, the download comes from a third party, where Rebrickable has no control over.
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    Hi Nathan, Thanks for the update. Looking forward to future updates. Steven
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    As a suggestion, it would be useful to have an additional toggle option in the Inventory Options on the a Set page to "Highlight Lost Parts". Perhaps since missing parts are red, owned parts are green, lost parts should be orange? Alternatively, instead of yet another toggle option, just extend the existing "Highlight Missing Parts" toggle to also highlight "Lost" parts (but in a different colour like orange)? And since it's related, perhaps either an additional toggle to "Hide Lost Parts" or, again, extend the existing "Hide Missing Parts" toggle to include "Lost" parts as well. (See attached) My personal preference would be to extend the existing "Missing Part" toggles to avoid more clutter in the Options menu, but I'm sure there will people who use the existing functions in a particular way which would get disrupted I actually assumed that this was how it worked from the start, because when you start out with not many sets, it effectively does. It's only once you get multiple sets with the same part that the difference between how "missing" and "lost" parts becomes apparent. I realise there is the "Lost Parts" view under the MY LEGO menu, but that's like an overall summary across all sets. I feel that a quick way of checking which parts are lost from a given set when checking it's inventory list would be useful.
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    Search function on Rebrickable

    Probably because I renamed the powered up parts recently. I've copied the names directly from a forum post, and that sometimes gove problems. There can get unseen data/characters into the copy, messing up the search funtion. I've updated the name with plain text, and now it does appear in the search. I'll fix the other powered up too.
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    bugs on 79115

    Added Similar Image-relation to 3626bpr0472 Fixed
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    LEGO Database Download page - suggestions

    Hi Ian, I have an ugly little workflow that I knocked together in Python (mainly using Pandas), with Dropbox to move the result around, and Google Sheets to view it. It runs nightly from my local machine and pulls out all my parts list into a single CSV (with a column indicating which Rebrickable part list the part is from). It creates a date-stamped version of the CSV (for backup) and a "always the latest" version. The latter is synced to Dropbox and I have a Google Sheet that reads it live (using the IMPORTDATA function). This workflow gives me a backup of my parts lists and and a quick way to search for parts in Google Sheets if I don't want to go through the Rebrickable interface. I find that I use both Rebrickable and the Google Sheet depending on what I'm doing. Also, as an intended benefit, I can go back through the date-stamped versions to see how my parts total has changed over time, which is probably about the nerdiest thing I've ever done for fun. If that sounds like it might be helpful to you, send me a DM, and I can send you the script. You'd need to be comfortable in python to make any sense of it, but it sounds like you probably are. --cj
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    Part ID

    I've never seen one in person so can be sure but https://rebrickable.com/parts/2983/electric-9v-micromotor-pulley/ looks like it might be this part.
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    Finding parts

    Just to be sure: as I said before, you don't have to look up every part separately, in the BUILD SET - Find My Parts page you can ALL the parts you need, and ALL the part lists and ALL individual sets that contain those parts. You can't get more detail than that:
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    I think I've figured this out now. For some reason the new load balancer I am using was defaulting to cache all the things. Since some pages might still be cached in your browser, it might take a day or so for it to all get cleared out and start working again properly.
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    Profile - Your changes

    Pro users get do get a personalised CL for changes made to their collectoon.
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    Yes, that's a point I also thought about: 1. The best solution would be to have a similar tag for Freemium MOCs, maybe with a green background instead of the blue one. But it's not easy verifiable by the system and therefore error prone. 2. Or the MOC creator can decide if the Premium tag is shown or not. For both solutions a system change is needed. 3. A quick fix could be to have special prefix in the name of the MOC... like [Free] or something like that.
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    Thanks, I appreciate it. There's a thin line between good and greedy when it comes to pricing MOC instructions, and over the last few month, I felt we were on a sliding slope, and so I coined the term "MOC-spamming" to express my concern. Here on Rebrickable we are all AFOLs, we are an adult community, and we should be able, by respectful reasoning and argumentation, to put a halt to this kind of unwanted development. I sincerely hope that more of your fellow MOC designers follow your example. Take care, Simon
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    Hi, I like the idea Simon mentioned and I instantly turned it into reality. My MOCs are all available via the Mecabricks Online editor for free. Users don´t even have to be registered to open them. In the last few weeks I still get some questions about step-by-step instructions, but thats not an easy task as Mecabricks doesn´t support generating instructions. So, I set up my own quite complex "production chain". The resulting PDF file is now available as a Rebrickable premium file. I gradually update the remaining MOCs and will continue this process for future models. Keep on searching! I definitely stick to the term "Freemium" and place it in the descriptions of my models.
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    Image not displayed in part list

    This is in a newly made list. When you open the part pop-up for the Dark Red, and hit save, does that work? That's a known bug
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    Premium MOC name restrictions

    Folks, we have anticipated these kind of discussions - for every term we consider trademarked there's bound to be a member who does the research and claims the term free of IP (99% certainty). Problem one: we can't verify the quality of the research. Problem two: the non-existence of proof is NOT proof of non-existence. Problem three: the legal situation is dynamic and changes with time. Yesterday X was trademarked, today it is free, tomorrow trademarked anew. Which is why we decided to follow LEGO's use of trademarks. LEGO has a legal department of several hundred full-time employees, Rebrickable is maintained by a mere handful of part-time volunteers. Yet we both follow the precautionary principle for the same objectives. Finally, we depend heavily on LEGO's IP for our set and part images, and we are a website about LEGO, so it makes perfect sense to follow LEGO's example. If LEGO uses a term with TM on their main website - we consider the term trademarked. Take care, Simon
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    Is there a way to add a location to a set in our set list? I keep my sets in zip lock bags. Then those bags get put into organizers. Each drawer is labeled with a number and inside each drawer it is sub divided. It would be nice to pull the set up on rebrickable and quickly know where to look for the set, ie - Drawer 12, section c (12-c or 12c). Obviously this would only be a field we could edit and see but it would be nice especially when we are pulling parts to build other sets. Any thoughts?
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    For main set inventory Rebrickable says "There are X items in this inventory, with Y total quantity", but for spare parts it only says "There are Z items in this inventory". Please show the total number of spare parts since there may be more than one part of each type.
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    Voting for Suggestions

    Vote in the Suggestion Category by using the ^ and v arrows to the left of the Topic Title. Using the green square next to the Heart icon gives reputation points to the individual post. If you previously posted a possible suggestion in another category, (Help or Bugs for example), please re-post for voting in the Suggestions (unless Nathan has specifically said NO, I can't do what you asked.)