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    Adding Part Without Part #

    My advice is to find a similar part (if youre adding batman parts for example, find a different batman head, torso, etc...) and use that parts name as a starting point. Change the specific details to match the part in your hand, just don’t change the ‘style’ of the description, if that makes sense. And if you submit a photo with the part submission we can fine tune any errors for you, no problem.
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    Adding Part Without Part #

    If you don;t know the print number, you can use prxxxx, and we'll find a suitable number. See also https://rebrickable.com/help/parts-submit/
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    MOC wanted list

    Could you add an MOC wanted list as a feature of this site? That way, people can easily save the MOCs that they are considering buying, and be notified of any discounts. Also, the designer could be notified when their MOC is added to a wanted list, so designers can see how many people are considering buying their instructions.
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    I've changed it's behaviour so it now remembers the last filter setting you used via a cookie, so it's specific to whichever device you use.
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    Incorrect inventory for set 42027

    I think the inventory for set 42027 (Desert Racer) contains a part that doesn't belong: https://rebrickable.com/parts/15457/technic-worm-gear-3l-with-bush-ends/ Unfortunately, the instructions are of terrible quality and one can only guess what some of the listed parts are but I've built the set and it definitely didn't need that part. I would have filed a change request but I can't find where to do that. I think I'm too low level
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    Incorrect inventory for set 42027

    The part was included when this set was produced. It was used in the combi alternate build.
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    Email notifications fail to work

    Just looked at your account and all emails are disabled for you: https://rebrickable.com/users/KWAH_DRAHT/settings/#notifications That happens if your account bounced or you marked something as spam. Assuming it was a temporary issue, re-enable it and you should start getting them again.
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    Email notifications fail to work

    Maybe you could add these things like "new comment on your moc" to the private messages? Or introduce a new personal notifications page? Then it wouldn't matter if emails get lost in the future. This could also help to reduce the email amount, because people might opt out of emails if they can get the notifications elsewhere. Currently email is the only option to receive them I guess.
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    Sort by "count" in Part List

    The title says it all. It would be awesome if we can have this sorting option.
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    Often, it helps for me to see the high count items (in addition to color, category and price). Adding Item Qty to the this of sort options drop down with help me out greatly! Thanks!
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    Sort parts in inventory by quantity

    Hi All, To me, it would be great if we could sort the Parts lists by Piece Count, so I could list the huge lots at top or bottom.
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    Part Identification

    It's from Bionicle. It was used to hold their 'heads' in one of the series of sets. Bionicle Krana Holder - https://rebrickable.com/parts/42042/bionicle-krana-holder-3-x-4/ J
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    Part identification

    Heads are our trial part tag category, so check them out. Also filtering by color can be useful. I searched using the facial hair tag and yellow as the part color. and I knew that was a windscreen part so I just looked in that category under yellow to find the part number then looked on Bricklink for stickered versions of the part. always happy to help. Black is the only color that may be missed in the part name. If it’s other colors it should say. There’s a common assumption that if it doesn’t say, it’s black.
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    Sort by Set Popularity

    Would it be possible to add a new sort to the set search based on set popularity? We already track a set's ownership stats and provide them on the right sidebar per set with numbers of users who own the set, ownership rank (all) and ownership rank (year). I'm not sure if multiple copies in a user's set lists impact these rankings or if they are a one-per-user system. What I'm proposing is using that information as an ordering mechanism in the set search screens (to add to the year, name, num parts and set number) that are already there. This would let us have a running view (subject to user's keeping their set lists up to date) of which sets are the most popular. I could envision using this ordering to prioritize corrections to the database - adding sub-sets and ensuring accurate inventories / tags / alternate site mappings / historical information in set notes / etc would of course be of the most value for sets with the most owned interest.
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    Lore Zyra

    Remember "Sort by" options

    Please save my "Sort by" options! It wastes time and network bandwidth to wait for the page to load my parts by type. Also, it would be great if the Drill Downs list would remember if I collapsed them or not.
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    What is Rebrickable all about? Rebrickable will show you which LEGO sets you can build from the sets and parts you already own. You can choose from official LEGO sets or custom made MOCs by many different designers. All MOCs include building instructions, some of which are even better than the official LEGO ones! What is a MOC? MOC simply stands for 'My Own Creation' and is a term used to cover all the fan-based LEGO creations other than the officially released sets. Rebrickable stores hundreds of user-submitted MOCs all with building instructions. How do I use Rebrickable? How can I see what sets and MOCs I can build? First of all, sign up for an account here. It's free, and you only have to supply your e-mail address, a username, and a password. Next, let us know what sets and loose parts (if any) you own. Further on in the FAQ is shown how this can be accomplished. Once you have created an account and updated your set lists and loose part lists, you can start using the site's main 'build' functionality. You can access this functionality using the 'Build' option in the top menu. Rebrickable will then look at all the parts in all the sets you own, as well as all the loose parts you may have added. It then calculates how much of each set or MOC you have, based on those parts. If specified, it can ignore colors in these calculations or use some fuzzy logic to equate close matching colors such as yellow and orange. Finally, it shows you exactly which sets and MOCs you can (almost) build, and which parts (if any) you are missing. Note that you can also 'Build' a particular set or MOC by hitting the 'Build this set/MOC' button on that set's/MOC's page. There are obviously many more features that Rebrickable offers besides the 'Build' functionality, so feel free to explore! If you need help, don't hesitate to create a new topic in the Help! subforum. How do I add parts to my loose parts list? There are three ways you can accomplish this: Find the part you want to add using the part search, then click on the part's image to load the part popup. Next, select the correct colour and set the correct quantity, and hit 'Add part'. Alternatively, you can also navigate to a part's page, and then hit the 'Use this part' button. Go to My RB -> My Parts, then click on the '+ Find parts to add' link to start searching for parts to add. If you have a previously compiled list of parts in Rebrickable, BrickLink, BrickStore, Peeron, or BaseBrick format, go to My RB -> My Parts, then click on the appropriate 'Import' link. Note that you can also sync your BrickOwl parts list there using the BrickOwl API. Note that by default these parts will be added to your default parts list, but you can also create additional parts lists at the My Parts page, and add parts to these using the methods described above. For each of your part lists you can then separately indicate if you want to include the parts on these lists in the 'Build' calculations. How do I add sets to my sets list? There are three ways you can accomplish this: Browse to the set's page using the set search, then click on the 'Add to my sets' link below the 'You might also like' selection. Go to My RB -> My Sets, then click on the '+ Add set' link to start searching for sets to add. If you have a previously compiled list of sets in Brickset, Peeron, or BaseBrick format, go to My RB -> My Sets, then click on the appropriate 'Import' link. Note that by default these sets will be added to your default set list, but you can also create additional set lists at the My Sets page, and add sets to these using the methods described above. For each of your set lists you can then separately indicate if you want to include the sets on these lists in the 'Build' calculations, i.e., if you want to break down these sets for parts or not. I can't find some of the parts listed here on BrickLink! Bricklink uses a different numbering scheme than Rebrickable, so some parts may have different numbers there. We try to have every Rebrickable part mapped to an appropriate BrickLink number, but sometimes the mapping is missing or outdated. If that is the case, please let us know in this topic and we will fix it as soon as possible. Note that you can easily export the entire inventory of a set/MOC to a BrickLink format, by clicking on 'Import/Export Parts' (just below the comments section) and then selecting 'Export to BrickLink (XML)' (or 'BrickStore', and then use that application). Alternatively, if you just want to upload your missing parts (or the entire inventory if that's your fancy) to your Wanted List on BrickLink, click on the 'Add to your BrickLink Wanted List' link (just above the inventory) and copy/paste the generated XML into BrickLink's wanted list uploader. How can I submit my own MOC? We accept MOC submissions from anyone via the MOC Designer page. To be approved, your MOC must meet some basic requirements: You must have building instructions that anyone can follow if they have the parts to build your MOC. These instructions can take any form such as photo sequences, digital LDD/MPD files, rendered PDF documents, or even Youtube videos, as long as they are clear enough. You must have a parts list which you can import from CAD file or add via the Part Search. You must have an image of the finished MOC. Either a photo or computer rendering is acceptable. You must be the designer of the MOC or have permission from the original designer to submit it. You do not need to have your own website, you can use Bricksafe for free LEGO-related file storage. How do I submit the inventory of an official B-model? You should submit an official B-model as a new set using the set designer; do not submit it as a MOC, as it will be rejected then. For the set ID, use the format <original_set_id>-b<alternative_number>. For instance, the first alternative of set 8043-1 would have set ID 8043-1-b1, the second 8043-1-b2, etc. I found an error in the inventory of a set or MOC, what should I do? Any requests to update the inventory of a particular set or MOC should be submitted using the 'Submit a Change to this Set/Inventory' button on the bottom of the set's or MOC's page. For more complicated requests, you can also consider posting in the Set Inventories subforum. I found an error relating to an individual part, what should I do? Any requests to change or update particular parts, part colours, part images, etc. should be posted in the Other Data subforum. Note that we have several pinned topics there for various types of requests, to make handling these requests more convenient.