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    Does this count as MOC

    I modified a Creator Parrot so it would look like my real pet parrot. This involved changing brick colors, and altering the shape of the head and back (see photo.) Does this count as a "real" MOC and should I upload it as such?
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    Lego Disney Frozen 41155

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    Help identifying part

    Looks like 3436: https://rebrickable.com/parts/3436/vehicle-tipper-end-sloped/
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    At the top of a topic there is a follow button. If you follow something, the options for that are in https://rebrickable.com/forum/index.php?/notifications/options/ On the main site, notification options are in Account - Settings - Notifications tab.
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    Yeah, I understand that. And once I'm done with my project that I'm using it for I'd surely like to give back a little by submitting some contributions. It's just too bad that for so many parts, the Rebrickable system understands the BL name and converts it to the Rebrickable name... if only you enter it in the search field, like in the picture attached. And that's awesome. But for any kind of programmatic automation, this data is not available. There isn't any way that I can request some page that contains the Bricklink number in the URL, and lists the Rebrickable number in the result. So, even though there is a really good database inside Rebrickable for converting the Bricklink number to the Rebrickable number, this data does not seem to be available in any other way than in the pop up search suggestion in the attached picture. Not that I am in any position to complain.... but well, shoot. That's just too bad :)
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    Why some sets don't show under Buid?

    All 3 sets are under 50 parts. I believe the standard is put on >50 in the search (the difference between 0 and 50 is small on the scale). Otherwise, I'm at a loss here.
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    BrickLink AFOL Designer Program Sets

    Here is the list for 8 Studs: https://rebrickable.com/users/TobyMac/lists/52785/
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    Is your script on github or anything? The best I've come up with is to 1. Create the custom list 2. Move all the sets into parts, delete the sets 3. Export the custom list as rebrickable csv 4. Use the csv to "subtract" the parts from the parts list 5. Use the csv to create a new parts list Much easier.
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    Does this count as MOC

    @thea here she is! Her name is Chiclet
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    Firstly Bricklink list stickered parts which add thousands. Secondly A lot of parts on RB probably don’t have the correct Ldraw mapping which causes the discrepancies between databases. Also the difference will be from older parts and assemblies which LDraw probably don’t have or inventory differently to us.
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    BrickLink AFOL Designer Program Sets

    Here's the one for The LEGO Story: https://rebrickable.com/users/TobyMac/lists/46696/
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    Sunshine Surfer Van

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    LEGO MOC Beach Lifeguard Tower

    Click link below, to watch video : https://youtu.be/xb3go_I8D_I