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    Now that Rebrickable has an integrated marketplace for instructions, have you thought about revisiting the 'Tip Jar/Donation' suggestion? I'm pretty sure someone suggested it years ago. I really like the idea of keeping my instructions freely available to the community, but having a way for those who can afford it to show their appreciation via making a donation. Rebrickable could take a small percentage for facilitating the donation. J
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    Sort parts in inventory by quantity

    Hi All, To me, it would be great if we could sort the Parts lists by Piece Count, so I could list the huge lots at top or bottom.
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    As a suggestion, it would be useful to have an additional toggle option in the Inventory Options on the a Set page to "Highlight Lost Parts". Perhaps since missing parts are red, owned parts are green, lost parts should be orange? Alternatively, instead of yet another toggle option, just extend the existing "Highlight Missing Parts" toggle to also highlight "Lost" parts (but in a different colour like orange)? And since it's related, perhaps either an additional toggle to "Hide Lost Parts" or, again, extend the existing "Hide Missing Parts" toggle to include "Lost" parts as well. (See attached) My personal preference would be to extend the existing "Missing Part" toggles to avoid more clutter in the Options menu, but I'm sure there will people who use the existing functions in a particular way which would get disrupted I actually assumed that this was how it worked from the start, because when you start out with not many sets, it effectively does. It's only once you get multiple sets with the same part that the difference between how "missing" and "lost" parts becomes apparent. I realise there is the "Lost Parts" view under the MY LEGO menu, but that's like an overall summary across all sets. I feel that a quick way of checking which parts are lost from a given set when checking it's inventory list would be useful.
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    Checklist for gathering parts before build

    When I'm starting a build, I often first gather all the needed parts before building (due to the way I store my LEGO,I don't want to stand up for each part ) I think it would be handy have a page with the partlist with part, color and needed quantity, and behind that a column whit a checkbox that you can mark when you have found that part, maybe with a textbox where you can fill in the number of parts you have found if you don't have them all yet. Ideal would be some kind of refresh-function that refreshes the part-list and leaves out all parts that you have already found. For commercial purpuses: add the link that makes a BrickLink/BrickOwl wanted list of all remaining parts? Hope I'm explaining it clearly enough like this
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    Multiple sort criteria

    It would be nice if we could have multiple sort criteria. For example, sort by category, THEN by colour, THEN by part name.
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    Sort parts by ID number

    Hello, Currently there are five criteria to sort a part list: color, hue, part, category, price. The "part" criteria corresponds to the alphabetical description, I don't find this very useful. But I miss the ability to sort the parts by ID number.
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    Editing Part Photos

    Greetings, Folks; Almost every day we receive newly submitted part photos, and we really appreciate the time and effort our members put into helping us improving our website. Obviously, any photo is better than no photo at all, but as we get more and more part photos, quality becomes a determining issue, and we have to reject photo's when the quality is too low. That is a shame, and a waste of your (and our) time. If you spend a couple of minutes to find the right part, without dirt and scratches, another few minutes to set up your lights, and camera, and to find the right angle and composition, why not spend another minute to edit your photo and turn it into a perfect part photo, which we would never reject? If you don't know how to do that, I created a small and very basic tutorial, and published it as a new Help page. It uses a free program called GIMP and in a dozen easy steps you learn to improve the quality of all your LEGO photos, including photos of your MOCs. If, after reading the tutorial, you have any questions, feel free to post them here. And if you give this a try, you can also share your before and after photo in this thread. Looking forward to seeing your photos... Take care, Simon
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    Sort by "count" in Part List

    The title says it all. It would be awesome if we can have this sorting option.
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    Well, as far as I recognised, there was no change to Rebrickable. But you can add a search tag "freemium" to your model. If you search for it, there are some results. I don't know if most of the people don't want to use it or just don't know about it. For me this year worked ok, as I at least got the money for the 4x 42084 sets back. But I think the freemium concept needs more promotion directly from rebrickable to become more famous. On the other side, they just earn money if instructions are sold... Concerning your donation link, in a quick search I couldn't find any restrictions not to do it. To be sure you should ask over the official Contacts...
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    Tip Jar/Donations for free instructions?

    I have been thinking about this: if you want your MOC to be free, and allow people to make a small donation; why not submit that MOC as Rebrickable-hosted Premium, with a minimal price (1 euro?/1 dollar?) and then ADD an ADDITIONAL link to the freely available instructions. You can even put that in the description: "This MOC is FREEMIUM, the instruction are free, but if you want to support me, you can always buy the instructions". If the term Freemium sticks, perhaps that can be shown in the MOC searches. As far as I can tell, this can be done immediately without any technical changes. I am really hoping to see more Freemium MOCs in the near future. For the next few days, I will be searching for "freemium"!
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    On behalf of the entire team I would like to wish all of our Forum members a very merry Christmas; for you and your loved ones; and hoping your next year will be healthy, happy and creative; Happy Bricksmas! Simon
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    I had photos ready for my new part submits but couldn't submit them at the same time, looks like I have to wait for the part to be approved before I can submit photos. That is very inefficient an it doesn't give the admin all the information to base a new mold or print entry on. Would be good if I could upload at least one photo during this process.
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    Firstly, some clarifying info is needed. As you've discovered, we inventory levers by assembly. Base and handle, we don't inventory this part separately. Do your parts have handles? Then you say Gray Base, but what gray. You need to determine if it's Light Gray, Dark Gray, Light Bluish Gray, or Dark Bluish Gray. Secondly, in our database the assemblies are inventoried by Handle color. If, for example, you look at 298c01 you'll see they all have Yellow Handles (as stated in the Part Name), then the Yellow handle has appeared with a Yellow, Black, and Blue base in Official Lego sets so they are on the table as options. Under them you'll see the options that Users have created to use in MOC's. These are not Official Lego assemblies as they have not appeared in a Set. So you need to determine the color of you Handle, find the assembly, then add it to your List in the color of the base you have. If it's not one of the official Lego assemblies the part will display as having a Part Error or Color Error on your list. That's just telling you your part shouldn't exist, it will still be represented on your list for Build Calc purposes. Lastly, if you only have the bases you can inventory them on your Parts List using the same numbers BrickLink use (4592, & 4593). These will also show as Part Errors or Color Errors as they haven't appeared as a separate part in an Official Lego Set but they will still be on your Parts List. Hope that helps, Jared
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    How did it start?

    OK, this might be silly, but what the heck! The photo below was taken in April 1961, a couple of weeks after my 4th birthday, I am still too small to sit on a chair normally, so I have to sit on my knees, and I am playing with... LEGO! That's how it started for me! -smile- Take care, Simon
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    Storage Bin Location For Parts

    Hello, can't await Version 3! Maybe one suggestion for new version: It would be very helpful to have an additional field on each part (set parts + loose parts) where I can write in the location where this part is stored in my collection (~60k parts). Maybe other users have the additional wish to have that per part-color key (when they store same part but different color in different bin). Showing this location in the overview of a Set (MOC or TLG) would b very helpful then to find the parts needed for the build. Additionally a remark-field on a per set base (for My Sets) would be nice. If multiple set of the same ID are in My Sets (for example 2 times 42030-1), there should be a comment for each of them (for example one with "build", the other with "sealed" or "new"). Many thanks!
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    BrinkLink gives each minifigure an ID and identifies the individual parts that make up the minifigure. It would be helpful if Rebrickable allowed using ids in parts lists or, at the least, treat minifigures as a kind of set with their own parts.
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    Lore Zyra

    Multiple sort criteria

    Even better would be to remember my last filter so I don't have to always select these options!
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    Looking into it... I've uploaded the new certificate but am having trouble figuring out how to convince the browsers to use the new one
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    Set Inventories for 2020 Sets

    The first sets for 2020 are available in stores. And while you're adding the sets to your set lists, you'll probably notice that most sets don't have an inventory yet. We are asking for your patience. Normally, when a new set comes out, LEGO adds the inventory to their Bricks & Pieces site. We have a bot, that can import that inventory with a single mouse-click This time of the year however is the busiest for The LEGO Group, so there is some delay in this process. One way to handle this, is by manually adding all inventories. But there are some drawbacks, mainly it being extremely labor intensive. It takes a long time to add all parts one by one. Besides that, every new part en print need to be submitted as new part. Mistakes are easily made. So to save you and the admin team a lot of work: Wait it out. This goes for every set that is tagged Pending. These are waiting on release by The LEGO Group. I know, I want my collection to be complete too. And we really appreciate that many users are willing to put in the effort. But in this situation, it's just not worth it. There are other ways you can help! Some parts are not available through Bricks & Pieces, and therefor not added by our bot. These are Stickers, and most Plastic Sheets. For these parts, we are fully relying on user input. For Stickers, here is a short how-to: Each sticker sheet has a number on it, in the format xxxxx/yyyyyyy The xxxxx section becomes the part number for the Sticker Sheet. The yyyyyy section is the Element ID. Please add this number in step 3 of the Part Submission process. Part name standard: Sticker Sheet for Set 00000-1 Category: Stickers Material = plastic Please also upload a photo of the sticker sheet when possible. You are our only source for these. We can't accept photos from other sites, only home-made. Also, when an inventory is added, there might be mistakes in it. For some reason, LEGO sometime leaves out parts, other than Sticker Sheets. If you have the set, grab the building instructions and check the inventory against the list in the back, If you spot a mistake, send us a Change Request. You don't have to submit an entirely new inventory, just let us know which parts are missing. If everything is okay, please let us know too, so we can tag the set Checked/Complete. That way, other users don't do double work. Thanks for your support! Regards TobyMac
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    Can't find a part...

    Yeah, I got it in a bit bulk lot and it's one of only 2-3 parts I really couldn't find for a while. Glad to be of service.
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    Does this count as MOC

    I modified a Creator Parrot so it would look like my real pet parrot. This involved changing brick colors, and altering the shape of the head and back (see photo.) Does this count as a "real" MOC and should I upload it as such?
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    BrickLink AFOL Designer Program Sets

    Here's the one for The LEGO Story: https://rebrickable.com/users/TobyMac/lists/46696/
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    The post about stickers in the Help forum got me thinking. I think there is a way to manage stickers in Rebrickable as is, without development. The key is the alternate inventory feature. Stickered parts would be inventoried as printed parts (Bricklink's term "decorated" would be better but that's cosmetic). The default inventory would stay as it is and have all parts unstickered. If someone has a set for which they want to keep track of stickered parts, they could submit the stickered parts then submit a second inventory where the stickered parts are included instead of the unstickered variations. This would require no development and it would have 0 impact on people who don't care about stickers since the default inventory stays the same. Even if someone includes stickered parts in a MOC, since there is already a feature to ignore printed parts so the stickers could be ignored. Obviously, a separate feature for prints and stickers would be ideal and this solution doesn't take into account cases where people only apply some stickers in a set but it would still be pretty good. The only impact I see is that the admins would have to manage the new parts and inventory submissions. But since these would be added on demand, not systematically for all sets in the database, it would probably not be massive.
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    Well I must assume you can download a instruction you bought more than ones, so maybe someone did.
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    Mark set as build/assembled in SetList

    In the "My Sets" overview of the sets (in a setlist) add a button to mark a set as "build/assembled" (see attachment for suggestion) This makes it easier for owners of bigger collections, who have maybe a lot of sets assembeld and don't want to use them in build calculations. Going into each sets details and then doing the same is a little bit awkward. Best regards Dietmar
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    Finding parts

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    Tip Jar/Donations for free instructions?

    First we need more designers using the term "Freemium" in either MOC name or description. I have made sure that the term Freemium is not used within sets, so if you search for Freemium, you only see MOCs. Right now, there are only four Freemium MOC. We need to get more of them. Once we have a couple of dozen; I will ask Nathan to add Freemium as a seperate option in Building Instructions. Then the system can display both Freemium and Premium (different colors would be nice), and the community can keep an eye on the validity of the usage (check if a MOC os really Freemium).
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    I added the numeric count (in addition to the many checkboxes) to the live version: https://chkno.net/lego-pieces/?set=8820-1 The count seems useful for folks that have their pieces sorted into many different bins (and so are unlikely to be tracking the counts of multiple piece types while picking), while the many-checkboxes are essential for folks with unsorted or minimally-sorted (eg: just by color) pieces. Thanks!
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    Currently when creating a ''color switch'' MOC it is added to the ''other'' custom list. However there is no ''Mark as built'' option. Thus I cannot plan my next MOC as I do not know what parts are in use. Can we add option of ''Mark as built'' to color switched MOCs
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    After starting to catalog all my loose MOC parts, I found the post about the limit on parts lists (the number of parts in my list by this point was 4,329) & had to move all the parts to lists broken down by part types to avoid the limit. This was an extremely time consuming task & would have been sped up if I could have tagged/selected multiple items to move to another list, can we get something like this happening?
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    Help with pieces please

    Greetings, JB, A 100 kilo, right? That's gonna take a couple of month... -smile- On the other hand, with a bit of perseverance, you might find some real treasures! All the tips you've had are valid and good, but here's a few more. First, check your privacy settings (your name top right > Settings > Privacy tab). At the bottom you'll find your LEGO Collection Privacy, that controls what other's can see about your LEGO Collection: Public My Sets (all Set Lists will be shown, estimated values are hidden) Public My Parts (all Part Lists will be shown, estimated values and Part Notes are hidden) Public My Lost Parts Set everything to Yes. Now you can copy and paste the link to your part list into a forum post, and others can view your parts and, perhaps, make some suggestions. Secondly, as Przemos notes, look for markers. Those are parts that were only used in a few sets, and some are even unique and only used in a single set. If you can identify a marker, you can more easily find the set to which it belongs. Good markers are all printed parts - use rebrickable to find them (just try searching the text or a description) stickered parts - use google "lego sticker [keywords]" large parts - like those plane noses and wings and such special colors - most common colors are white/black/blue/red/yellow find some orange or brown or tan - search the right part category with an additional color filter doors and windows - all kinds of them, but easier to list (windows and doors), and lots of doors were only used in a few sets. special parts - things like flags, traffic signs, battery boxes, light bricks, ladders, wedges some are used generally, but others only in a few sets Finally, try to get a feel for the age of your bricks. Look at the amount of non-common colors - the more special colors you have, the newer your bricks. Look at the gray bricks. In 2003, LEGO changed the color of Light Gray and Dark Gray into Light Bluish Gray and Dark Bluish Gray. The older gray colors, when seen in sunlight, are somewhat dull, the new colors seem more shiny. If you find the new grays, then your sets are from after 2003. Look at the bottom of your 2 x 4 bricks. If you see: pat pending - bricks are from 1958 to 1974 pat pending obscured - 1974 to 1979 clean (nothing) - 1979 to 1984 3001 (part id) - 1985 to current Now look at the studs, is there a tiny point in the middle of one or more studs? That's a moulding pip. It used to be on de side of the part, but LEGO changed that and put the pips were they can't be seen so easily. So: moulding pip on the edge (short end): 1949 to 1963 moulding pip on the side (long end): 1963 to 1974 moulding pip on the studs: 1974 to current When you know the age of the bricks, say before 1974, it can't be from a set from 1980. -smile- Bricks older then 1963 have a different font used for the logo, but looking at your image, that's unlikely. Good luck, and when in doubt, just ask. Take care, Simon
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    Books 1 and 3 build, so I have the entire rocky foundation ready. No missing missing 2x2 plate or 1x1 brick. I did ran into a problem with the potion bottles in Prof. Snapes office; from the instructions it looked like I needed an Trans-Orange 6141 Plate Round 1 x 1 with Solid Stud, and I really couldn't find it, so I took one out of my own collection, only to discover, a few steps later, when I seemed to need a Goblet in the same colour, that the actual colour was Pearl Gold, and that it was just a weirdly print problem, not a missing piece. So up to now, no real problems...
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    Wow, you guys sure know how to make a new member feel like they joined the right community. I was expecting a couple of responses from other users about how they live with issues like this...or maybe, at best, an explanation of what I was doing wrong... For anyone keeping score, this comment thread has likely made me a rebrickable evangelist for life!
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    Submitting Part Photographs

    Also when it comes to stickers and sticker sheets, paper, some cloth I would use a scanner if possible rather than a camera. They really don't need an angle or 3D effect..
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    Submitting Part Photographs

    One part per photo. We got some submissions where there were several of the same part in different angles on 1 photo. This looks messy in an inventory or search result. If it is of importance to show more angles of a part, please submit multiple photos.
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    Hi Toni, I guess these are at least two sets combined - most likely more.There are plenty of Space > M:Tron parts, but the red canopy is either from Classic Space or Space Police 1 as are the blue pieces. Maybe if you walk through the lists of Classic Space / Futuron / Blacktron / M:Tron / Space Police 1 and probably Blacktron II with your son, he can remember which sets he owned. I am his age and I remember very well which sets I owned. Best is of course if you can find the instructions. If all fails, it is possible to enter all the pieces in your Rebrickable Account and then re-combine them into actual sets... Best regards, Markus
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    Is there a way to add a location to a set in our set list? I keep my sets in zip lock bags. Then those bags get put into organizers. Each drawer is labeled with a number and inside each drawer it is sub divided. It would be nice to pull the set up on rebrickable and quickly know where to look for the set, ie - Drawer 12, section c (12-c or 12c). Obviously this would only be a field we could edit and see but it would be nice especially when we are pulling parts to build other sets. Any thoughts?
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    MOC from The Last Jedi

    Introduction to Virtual Building Guide to LEGO Digital Designer Guide to Bricklink Stud.io Guide to Rendering (will follow in two weeks or so...) If you have any questions, after reading these, please let me know
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    As Dragma explained you can use the page_size-parameter. But you should also look into the thread in this forum. Nathan explained that the standard page-size has been lowered to 100 and 1000 is the maximum you can give it in a call. In case your set has more than 1000 parts (unique in part_num and color; is there a set like this?) you have to use the next page URL given by the response-field named "next" in the very beginning of the response. If you want to fill a list or alike in a program/app, you can collect all results by calling first the API-function and then call the URL given by "next" until "next" is null. By this way you are not depending on changes in the defaults Nathan may change from time to time due to performance or other reasons.
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    I got it working, the part_img_url field should show the appropriate image color now.
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    Comment Spam?

    I missed the parts of the thread which have been edited by Nathan, so I am not sure excatly how 'bad' things became in the comments, but I can sense that there was something which was not ideal in what remains. I am pleased that this site has a policy of non offensive comments. It is nice to be able to enjoy the creativity of others abilities and comment and read comments from others without worrying about whether you will come across offensive language etc., such as I sometimes see in comments sections of you tube videos about most things, but even videos of lego creations seem to get polluted with bad language (and often it is not the creator of the Lego model, just other people). Thanks for encouraging a nice clean and polite site.
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    Help identifying Minifig part

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    I just noticed that there is a function to move the set to another list in the exact same screen. It's not a bulk move but it can do the job.
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    If you go to your set list, there is a button on each set "Edit the set". There, you can change the number or delete it. But I also wonder if there is a way to move sets from one list to another, ideally in bulk. Removing and adding sets again forces you to reenter things like lost parts and whether you have spare parts or not. I didn't find it that important before but with the new limits on how many sets can be in one list, people will eventually need to split lists in two or more lists.
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    What happens to old part numbers?

    There is sort of. The 'Export as LDCad Parts Bin' option creates a parts list file for the LDraw editor called LDcad.
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    From forum back to the main page

    Is it me or can't I find a link back to the main rebrickable.com when you're on the forum?
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    From forum back to the main page

    Clicking the logo now takes you back to the main site
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    Voting for Suggestions

    Vote in the Suggestion Category by using the ^ and v arrows to the left of the Topic Title. Using the green square next to the Heart icon gives reputation points to the individual post. If you previously posted a possible suggestion in another category, (Help or Bugs for example), please re-post for voting in the Suggestions (unless Nathan has specifically said NO, I can't do what you asked.)
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    I suggest that we add a button to remove all the parts of a set in My Lost Parts instead of remove part by part. Thanks
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    Build Option For Minifigs Only?

    I think so too! But...It won't happen in v3. This is a bricks and plates(especially Technic ones ) kind of site. I've managed to infiltrate it, and get some minifig stuff past the bouncer at the door. Just give me a little more time.