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    Aha! I found out what's going on. For all "c00" parts, Bricklink has (recently added?) a zero before the print number. Rebrickable shows them without that zero. So the search function works correctly, but the Bricklink ID in the part info is slightly off. I guess all "...c00pb..." legs assemblies should be updated into "...c00pb0..." ?
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    I would like the ability to search for sets that contain a specific collection of parts. You can now search for a partnumber and see what sets contain that one part, but if you need a specific combination of expensive parts, it sometimes is cheaper to buy a (small) set containing those parts. For example a suspension/steering-combination of: 2x #6571 steering arms 4x #6572 knuckle arms 2x 76138 shock absorbers 1x #6574 small gear rack cost about €20,- on Bricklink. In that case the set 8048 Nitro Buggy - which contains all those parts - and costs about €20 second hand, is then relatively cheaper because you also get a lot of extra parts "for free".