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    Searching parts by Element IDs

    When searching parts by Element IDs, it seems more reasonable to redirect user to the page with the corresponding color of the part instead of the general part page. Considering that currently there are no Element IDs on the general part pages (sadly), it may be not obvious why this page is shown and which color we were searching.
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    Inventory change notification

    I think it would be great to have the option to get an email warning us when the inventory of a set we own is modified. Ideally, the mail would tell us exactly what was added and/or removed but I don't know if that's possible. When you buy a set new and just add it to your list, the impact of a change to the inventory is minor. Usually, it will only make your inventory more accurate after the change. Though you could end up with inaccuracies with the spare parts either because you actually got what was in the previous inventory or if you had assumed your copy was just off and adjusted your inventory to compensate. So the warning could be useful there. But where it would really be great is for collectors who reconstitute old sets from parts. If I've marked a set as owned because I have all the parts in the inventory but suddenly that inventory changes, my inventory is now inaccurate and I will never know it. If I got a warning, (especially if the specific changes are indicated) I could then adjust accordingly. Obviously, there should be the option to deactivate this email in your profile for those who don't care about that level of detail.
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    I did something very similar over the last few days: I already knew a bit about Node.js, so to learn more about it, I learned the RB API good enough to use it for moving parts. 🙂 My hacked-together script now takes a CSV file containing the desired state of a part list (e.g. exported from a custom list made from a MOC), the "target list" to be filled with the desired parts, and the lists to take the parts out of ("donor lists"), and then moves the available parts from "donor" lists to the target list using the API. It was a really good learning experience. 🙂
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    Just noticed you have BL's bslot16 as corner brick with the description of 2 slots and a matching image. This number relates to a single slot brick at either end. BL's bslot17 is the corner brick with 2 slots.
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    no download link after purchase.

    For anyone with similar questions: the list under Purchased MOCs only has MOCs that are Rebrickable hosted. This means MOCs where the instructions are stored on the Rebrickable server. In this case the instructions were externally hosted, which is no longer possible with newly submitted MOCs. With externally hosted MOCs, the download comes from a third party, where Rebrickable has no control over.
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    I would like the ability to search for sets that contain a specific collection of parts. You can now search for a partnumber and see what sets contain that one part, but if you need a specific combination of expensive parts, it sometimes is cheaper to buy a (small) set containing those parts. For example a suspension/steering-combination of: 2x #6571 steering arms 4x #6572 knuckle arms 2x 76138 shock absorbers 1x #6574 small gear rack cost about €20,- on Bricklink. In that case the set 8048 Nitro Buggy - which contains all those parts - and costs about €20 second hand, is then relatively cheaper because you also get a lot of extra parts "for free".
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    This is now possible in the Find Sets page. Using the advanced options you would enter (using your example): 2x6571 4x6572 2x76138 1x6574 eg https://rebrickable.com/sets/?get_drill_downs=&min_year=1945&max_year=2019&min_parts=0&max_parts=5000&q=&top_theme=&parts_in_set=2x6571 4x6572 2x76138 1x6574
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    i will let you know how i do it when i get some bulk second hand lego , maybe it will help . if i have instruction manuel i will create a new "part list "with the set # for reference.then i make sure to not use any parts of my " set list" and "part list" to build . then i search for the set # ( you should have 0 parts ) an click on "build this set " once the new pages open i just click on the part that i have , adjust the qty i have into the part list you just created . once i a while i refresh the page to get accurate count of what i need to complete this set, when you used up all of the part you have you can see what part you are missing. when you are working with multiple part list it's very easy to make a mistake when you are adding some part because you have to scroll down to the right list every time ( even in bulk edit ) the trick that i use to help reduce this mistake is before i start adding a lot of part to a certain list i modified the part list name by adding a 0 (zero)in front of the name so this list will be first in the part list when you add part , this way reducing the mistake of adding part to the wrong list hope this will help
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    MOC Tags

    Jared, I feel your pain. I'm deep in the weeds of tag wrangling for our site (which has nothing to do with Lego). I've reviewed all the tags manually to map them to a smaller set of standard tags, a painstaking, iterative process (just when I think I've got some logic to guide how to map the tags, an edge-case comes along and blows up the whole thing). Next we're planning to lock down the tag vocabulary and add a "suggest a tag" feature to allow users to point out any gaps in the vocabulary. We're also working to have the system recommend tags to contributors based on the title and descriptions they enter. That will be based on a machine-learning model trained on our the standardized tags. Not sure how well that's going to work, but I'm hopeful that in a couple more months our tags will be a lot more useful. Everything we do is open source, so if we get something that seems like it might be useful for RB, I'll link to it here, and we blog about our work at the Centre for Humanitarian Data. So, if you get bored after cleaning up all those minifig part numbers . . . :) --cj
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    Editing Part Photos

    Greetings, Folks; Almost every day we receive newly submitted part photos, and we really appreciate the time and effort our members put into helping us improving our website. Obviously, any photo is better than no photo at all, but as we get more and more part photos, quality becomes a determining issue, and we have to reject photo's when the quality is too low. That is a shame, and a waste of your (and our) time. If you spend a couple of minutes to find the right part, without dirt and scratches, another few minutes to set up your lights, and camera, and to find the right angle and composition, why not spend another minute to edit your photo and turn it into a perfect part photo, which we would never reject? If you don't know how to do that, I created a small and very basic tutorial, and published it as a new Help page. It uses a free program called GIMP and in a dozen easy steps you learn to improve the quality of all your LEGO photos, including photos of your MOCs. If, after reading the tutorial, you have any questions, feel free to post them here. And if you give this a try, you can also share your before and after photo in this thread. Looking forward to seeing your photos... Take care, Simon
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    Submitting Part Photographs

    One part per photo. We got some submissions where there were several of the same part in different angles on 1 photo. This looks messy in an inventory or search result. If it is of importance to show more angles of a part, please submit multiple photos.
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    For main set inventory Rebrickable says "There are X items in this inventory, with Y total quantity", but for spare parts it only says "There are Z items in this inventory". Please show the total number of spare parts since there may be more than one part of each type.