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    Click on the part. In the pop-up that appears, you can change the part, color and quantity. Only the MOC designer and admins have access to this.
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    Link one MOC to multiple lego sets?

    You can link multiple sets. In the input field you can type multiple set numbers separated by a space.
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    Now that Rebrickable has an integrated marketplace for instructions, have you thought about revisiting the 'Tip Jar/Donation' suggestion? I'm pretty sure someone suggested it years ago. I really like the idea of keeping my instructions freely available to the community, but having a way for those who can afford it to show their appreciation via making a donation. Rebrickable could take a small percentage for facilitating the donation. J
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    Editing Part Photos

    Can we please add this step into https://rebrickable.com/help/editing-part-photos/, so this helpfull tip isn't lost to new users.
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    I think the addition of all measurements will be more work than to just go for it. Especially when your collection is continuously growing. I use takeout food trays. When a tray is full, I pick a larger one, ore I sort on on color. The images for the labels can be downloaded here: https://www.bricksafe.com/pages/TobyMac/div/ldview file images.rar
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    I am located in Australia, which means most online Lego stores are located far away and have expensive postage that often outweighs the cost of the set. I have set my region setting to only show me sets/parts located within Australia to help save on postage. I am watching a number of sets and frequently get e-mail notifications saying this set is on sale! only to click through and see no copies of the set available in Australia. At all. Let alone on sale. I would love to get notifications of sets I can actually buy, but I am never going to see them because I am used to them all being false alarms.
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    Is there a way to add a location to a set in our set list? I keep my sets in zip lock bags. Then those bags get put into organizers. Each drawer is labeled with a number and inside each drawer it is sub divided. It would be nice to pull the set up on rebrickable and quickly know where to look for the set, ie - Drawer 12, section c (12-c or 12c). Obviously this would only be a field we could edit and see but it would be nice especially when we are pulling parts to build other sets. Any thoughts?