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    Editing Part Photos

    Greetings, Folks; Almost every day we receive newly submitted part photos, and we really appreciate the time and effort our members put into helping us improving our website. Obviously, any photo is better than no photo at all, but as we get more and more part photos, quality becomes a determining issue, and we have to reject photo's when the quality is too low. That is a shame, and a waste of your (and our) time. If you spend a couple of minutes to find the right part, without dirt and scratches, another few minutes to set up your lights, and camera, and to find the right angle and composition, why not spend another minute to edit your photo and turn it into a perfect part photo, which we would never reject? If you don't know how to do that, I created a small and very basic tutorial, and published it as a new Help page. It uses a free program called GIMP and in a dozen easy steps you learn to improve the quality of all your LEGO photos, including photos of your MOCs. If, after reading the tutorial, you have any questions, feel free to post them here. And if you give this a try, you can also share your before and after photo in this thread. Looking forward to seeing your photos... Take care, Simon
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    On behalf of the entire team I would like to wish all of our Forum members a very merry Christmas; for you and your loved ones; and hoping your next year will be healthy, happy and creative; Happy Bricksmas! Simon
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    I had photos ready for my new part submits but couldn't submit them at the same time, looks like I have to wait for the part to be approved before I can submit photos. That is very inefficient an it doesn't give the admin all the information to base a new mold or print entry on. Would be good if I could upload at least one photo during this process.
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    Does this count as MOC

    I modified a Creator Parrot so it would look like my real pet parrot. This involved changing brick colors, and altering the shape of the head and back (see photo.) Does this count as a "real" MOC and should I upload it as such?
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    BrickLink AFOL Designer Program Sets

    Here's the one for The LEGO Story: https://rebrickable.com/users/TobyMac/lists/46696/
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    Direct links to colour/setlist

    That's simply awesome. This will make inventorying bulk lots so much quicker. I just can't get over how much you're listening to the community for things like this and how quickly you include them. Thank you very much!
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    Well I must assume you can download a instruction you bought more than ones, so maybe someone did.
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    Updating LDraw Images

    Greetings, Folks During the last three month we have been working on a set of updated LDraw part images, and with the new hardware that Nathan added recently, we can now slowly start implementing the new images. In this post I want to outline the problems with our current set of LDraw part images, describe the scope of the update project, present a schedule of the implementation, and look forward to more improvements during the coming year. In the next post, I will show examples of current and updated LDraw part images. Backgrounds Our current set of LDraw part images is based upon 11,000 LDraw part definitions and it was generated in 2016 with some small updates in the following years. As we need an image for each part in every used color, and we had about 135 different colors back then, our current set of LDraw part images totals about 73,000 items, varying in size from 100x75px to 250x250 px. There are some problems with our current LDraw part images: some images seem to have a wrong color (black and red most obviously) the quality of the some images (transparent parts) is not so good white and transparent parts are difficult to recognize the viewing angle of LDraw images is the opposite to the angle of element images some parts are better displayed full front photos can be zoomed out to 500x500px, LDraw images can't we current have 178 colors and many new colors don't have the right LDraw images most important: there are many new LDraw definitions that we currently don't use Scope November last year we started researching these problems. Our new set is based upon 14,364 LDraw definitions, consisting of full LDraw official and unofficial libraries, and several third-party libraries. The rendering of the bulk of the new images took two month, December and January, with ten quad-cores running simultaneously for 16 hours per day, approximating some 10,000 hours computer time. All bulk rendering was done with PovRay with image generation by L3P. Our new LDraw part images are four time as large (500x500px), rendered at the highest quality. Viewing angle and colors problems of all solid colors are all corrected. Most importantly, we will be adding about 4,000 new LDraw images, and our total image set is expected to grow to about 100,000 items. For special colors, such as transparent, metallic, chrome, speckle, glitter, glow-in-dark, rubber, pearl, PovRay is not delivering the most perfect results. For these colors, we are going to use Studio's Eyesight renderer instead of PovRay. For the most common parts, these Eyesight images have already been rendered, and they will be part of the initial update. The remainder will follow afterwards. Schedule Knowing that a large update like this will inevitably produce new errors, we are going to implement the new part images in small steps. I am still working on those Eyesight special color renders, and it will take at least four month to finish those, so the entire update will take at least that period. We will start by updating the Unknown images, which are used when we do not have an image in the right color. An example of this can be seen here. The color Vintage Green was introduced for parts from the period 1945 to 1958, but the thumbnails are shown in blue, because we do not have rendered those parts in the right color yet. This means that for many parts for which we now haven't got an ldraw image, an new part image will occur, but with the default color for Unknown, which is a Medium Dark Blue. We already have a lot of these unknown colored ldraw images, but if you notice some new ones, there is an easy way to check: if all the colors of the part show the same image with the same color, then the image is newly added in the unknown color. When we add all the other colors during then next few month, they will replace the unknown color images automatically, and eventually, all parts for which we have an ldraw image should show all available colors correctly. When the new Unknown images are available, we are going to take a couple of weeks to check for errors and correct them. Then all corrected parts need to be re-rendered in all the right colors. When that is done, we will slowly, color for color, update the existing set of images. More Improvements For the second half of this year, we hope to implement even more improvements of the LDraw images, including Eyesight renderings for all transparent, metallic, chrome, speckle, glitter, glow-in-dark, pearl colors, and using rubber black for all black tires and such. The latter will NOT change the color code for black tires, but it will make the images look more natural. Conclusion In a perfect world a quality improvement such as this might even go unnoticed; but in the real world many will immediately see some differences, and wonder what we're up to now. I hope by announcing this update in as much detail as I can, I have taken away some of your worries. I will be updating this thread to keep you informed of new developments, and if you have any questions, or you think you see an error or a problem, please let me know. Take care, Simon
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    I seem to have both, so if I have enough light tomorrow, I will create a function comparison image that shows both parts, and add links in the part description of both. They are not the same, but very fact that the length difference is difficult to see, means a good comparison image would be helpful. (If I have bad light tomorrow, it might take a few days... -smile-)
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    Sort parts in inventory by quantity

    Hi All, To me, it would be great if we could sort the Parts lists by Piece Count, so I could list the huge lots at top or bottom.
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    Now that Rebrickable has an integrated marketplace for instructions, have you thought about revisiting the 'Tip Jar/Donation' suggestion? I'm pretty sure someone suggested it years ago. I really like the idea of keeping my instructions freely available to the community, but having a way for those who can afford it to show their appreciation via making a donation. Rebrickable could take a small percentage for facilitating the donation. J
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    Tip Jar/Donations for free instructions?

    I have been thinking about this: if you want your MOC to be free, and allow people to make a small donation; why not submit that MOC as Rebrickable-hosted Premium, with a minimal price (1 euro?/1 dollar?) and then ADD an ADDITIONAL link to the freely available instructions. You can even put that in the description: "This MOC is FREEMIUM, the instruction are free, but if you want to support me, you can always buy the instructions". If the term Freemium sticks, perhaps that can be shown in the MOC searches. As far as I can tell, this can be done immediately without any technical changes. I am really hoping to see more Freemium MOCs in the near future. For the next few days, I will be searching for "freemium"!
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    Hi Voyager, Welcome, initially this is all going to sound confusing but I promise after a short while of handling Lego it'll all make sense. So I'll break down the terms for you Element ID - This is a unique number to a part, in a certain color, with a certain print if it has one. For example a 2 x 4 brick has a separate element ID for every color and every print. This number is the one Lego print on the inventory lists in manuals or on boxes. Design ID - This is more complicated. So every mold of a part has the same Design ID, it is usually found molded into the part somewhere. Where confusion comes in is for Printed parts. For example a 2 x 2 Brick has the design ID 3003. This is molded into the underside on the brick. BUT if that 2 x 2 Brick has a print on it Lego assign it a new Design ID. For example 3003pr0038 (which is our number designation, more on that later) That is a 3003, 2 x 2 Brick and will have that number molded on it but Lego gave it Design ID 25660. Another complication with Design ID is when Lego slightly change how they make the part. If the mold is slightly different, or they change a small detail about the part, they will assign it a new Design ID. To make things easier for Lego builders most websites (including Rebrickable) combine these parts. On Rebrickable, if the change is considerable a new part is created and a mold relationship is attached to the part so users can find similar parts. This is why you'll see multiple Design ID's connected to the same part. BOID - This is BrickOwls unique inventory number. It has no more meaning than that. Only BrickOwl use that number. It means Brick Owl ID Rebrickable numbers - We create part numbers for our inventorying needs. Our numbers usually follow the first know Design ID, which is commonly the one molded on the part. Then when that part gets prints we use the designation "pr" for Print, "pat" for Patterns (multicolored marbled parts), or "c0x" for pre-assembled parts, like a Torso, Arms, and Hands part. In my experience Lego.com isn't very helpful. Rebrickable is usually a great place to start when trying to find a part (admitting bias). We link to all other sites too once it's found. Our Search tool is quite comprehensive and once you get more familiar with Part categorizing it becomes extremely easy to find a part with no information. The easiest way to find a part is with element ID. That gets you to the exact part Lego intended. Posting here for help on part identification is also useful as our users are usually more than happy to help. Hope that helps a little. Good Luck.
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    I have uploaded on GitHub a piece of software that I have developed to manage my LEGO collection. It heavily relies on the Rebrickable API and I would like to thank Nathan and the whole Rebrickable community for having made it possible. My hope is that some of you will find it useful. You can find it here: https://github.com/aburgueno/lego-collection And a thread to discuss about it here:
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    Help with pieces please

    Greetings, JB, A 100 kilo, right? That's gonna take a couple of month... -smile- On the other hand, with a bit of perseverance, you might find some real treasures! All the tips you've had are valid and good, but here's a few more. First, check your privacy settings (your name top right > Settings > Privacy tab). At the bottom you'll find your LEGO Collection Privacy, that controls what other's can see about your LEGO Collection: Public My Sets (all Set Lists will be shown, estimated values are hidden) Public My Parts (all Part Lists will be shown, estimated values and Part Notes are hidden) Public My Lost Parts Set everything to Yes. Now you can copy and paste the link to your part list into a forum post, and others can view your parts and, perhaps, make some suggestions. Secondly, as Przemos notes, look for markers. Those are parts that were only used in a few sets, and some are even unique and only used in a single set. If you can identify a marker, you can more easily find the set to which it belongs. Good markers are all printed parts - use rebrickable to find them (just try searching the text or a description) stickered parts - use google "lego sticker [keywords]" large parts - like those plane noses and wings and such special colors - most common colors are white/black/blue/red/yellow find some orange or brown or tan - search the right part category with an additional color filter doors and windows - all kinds of them, but easier to list (windows and doors), and lots of doors were only used in a few sets. special parts - things like flags, traffic signs, battery boxes, light bricks, ladders, wedges some are used generally, but others only in a few sets Finally, try to get a feel for the age of your bricks. Look at the amount of non-common colors - the more special colors you have, the newer your bricks. Look at the gray bricks. In 2003, LEGO changed the color of Light Gray and Dark Gray into Light Bluish Gray and Dark Bluish Gray. The older gray colors, when seen in sunlight, are somewhat dull, the new colors seem more shiny. If you find the new grays, then your sets are from after 2003. Look at the bottom of your 2 x 4 bricks. If you see: pat pending - bricks are from 1958 to 1974 pat pending obscured - 1974 to 1979 clean (nothing) - 1979 to 1984 3001 (part id) - 1985 to current Now look at the studs, is there a tiny point in the middle of one or more studs? That's a moulding pip. It used to be on de side of the part, but LEGO changed that and put the pips were they can't be seen so easily. So: moulding pip on the edge (short end): 1949 to 1963 moulding pip on the side (long end): 1963 to 1974 moulding pip on the studs: 1974 to current When you know the age of the bricks, say before 1974, it can't be from a set from 1980. -smile- Bricks older then 1963 have a different font used for the logo, but looking at your image, that's unlikely. Good luck, and when in doubt, just ask. Take care, Simon
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    Diniz Vilhena

    Help with pieces please

    first thing to do: certify that all parts are Lego... every time I buy loose parts, always have some non-Lego mixed second thing to do: take some patience pills
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    Books 1 and 3 build, so I have the entire rocky foundation ready. No missing missing 2x2 plate or 1x1 brick. I did ran into a problem with the potion bottles in Prof. Snapes office; from the instructions it looked like I needed an Trans-Orange 6141 Plate Round 1 x 1 with Solid Stud, and I really couldn't find it, so I took one out of my own collection, only to discover, a few steps later, when I seemed to need a Goblet in the same colour, that the actual colour was Pearl Gold, and that it was just a weirdly print problem, not a missing piece. So up to now, no real problems...
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    Wow, you guys sure know how to make a new member feel like they joined the right community. I was expecting a couple of responses from other users about how they live with issues like this...or maybe, at best, an explanation of what I was doing wrong... For anyone keeping score, this comment thread has likely made me a rebrickable evangelist for life!
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    Click this link to watch full video : https://youtu.be/_Hpc36klZM0 youtube
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    Lego Disney Frozen 41155

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    At the top of a topic there is a follow button. If you follow something, the options for that are in https://rebrickable.com/forum/index.php?/notifications/options/ On the main site, notification options are in Account - Settings - Notifications tab.
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    Why some sets don't show under Buid?

    All 3 sets are under 50 parts. I believe the standard is put on >50 in the search (the difference between 0 and 50 is small on the scale). Otherwise, I'm at a loss here.
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    Hi Bastiaan, The errors probably occurred because the b model submitter built it with parts on hand. I'll work on getting the 2 inventories in sync. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Thea Edits for corrections and comments done in green.
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    Hi, I compared the inventory of set 42078 main build with it's alternative build. I found errors in the alternative build inventory (or otherwise around). According to my research the alternative set has zero unique parts which aren't in the main build. Main set: https://rebrickable.com/sets/42078-1/mack-anthem/#parts Alternative set: https://rebrickable.com/sets/42078-1-b1/mack-lr-garbage-truck/#parts Comparison: https://rebrickable.com/sets/compare/slow/?1-set=42078-1&1-inv=21270&1-user_list=&2-set=42078-1-b1&2-inv=23063&2-user_list= Here we go... Errors (in order of right side of the comparison page inventory): 8x black 2905 should be black 99773. 5x black 32269 should be black 18575 (or vice versa, should match main inventory item number) 1x black 2431 (didn't check this one, probably with print) 1x dark bluish gray 3022 (didn't check this one, could be black) 1x dark bluish gray 3648b should be dark bluish gray 24505 (or vice versa, should match main inventory item number) 1x flat silver 2412b should probably be 2412b metallic silver (or vice versa, should match main inventory item number) 1x 14720 (Main set has 5, alternative has 6, so the comparison page shows 1x. I count 5 so this part shouldn't bementioned in the comparsion. To be clear: the alternative needs 5 instead of 6) 1x red 4519. I cannot find this part in the manual in red. There are plenty in bluish gray. 1x Red 33299a should be 1x Red 33299b (or vice versa, should match main inventory item number) 4x trans-clear 3069b should be trans-black 3069b. Greetings, Bastiaan
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    The post about stickers in the Help forum got me thinking. I think there is a way to manage stickers in Rebrickable as is, without development. The key is the alternate inventory feature. Stickered parts would be inventoried as printed parts (Bricklink's term "decorated" would be better but that's cosmetic). The default inventory would stay as it is and have all parts unstickered. If someone has a set for which they want to keep track of stickered parts, they could submit the stickered parts then submit a second inventory where the stickered parts are included instead of the unstickered variations. This would require no development and it would have 0 impact on people who don't care about stickers since the default inventory stays the same. Even if someone includes stickered parts in a MOC, since there is already a feature to ignore printed parts so the stickers could be ignored. Obviously, a separate feature for prints and stickers would be ideal and this solution doesn't take into account cases where people only apply some stickers in a set but it would still be pretty good. The only impact I see is that the admins would have to manage the new parts and inventory submissions. But since these would be added on demand, not systematically for all sets in the database, it would probably not be massive.
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    Inventory change notification

    I think it would be great to have the option to get an email warning us when the inventory of a set we own is modified. Ideally, the mail would tell us exactly what was added and/or removed but I don't know if that's possible. When you buy a set new and just add it to your list, the impact of a change to the inventory is minor. Usually, it will only make your inventory more accurate after the change. Though you could end up with inaccuracies with the spare parts either because you actually got what was in the previous inventory or if you had assumed your copy was just off and adjusted your inventory to compensate. So the warning could be useful there. But where it would really be great is for collectors who reconstitute old sets from parts. If I've marked a set as owned because I have all the parts in the inventory but suddenly that inventory changes, my inventory is now inaccurate and I will never know it. If I got a warning, (especially if the specific changes are indicated) I could then adjust accordingly. Obviously, there should be the option to deactivate this email in your profile for those who don't care about that level of detail.
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    no download link after purchase.

    For anyone with similar questions: the list under Purchased MOCs only has MOCs that are Rebrickable hosted. This means MOCs where the instructions are stored on the Rebrickable server. In this case the instructions were externally hosted, which is no longer possible with newly submitted MOCs. With externally hosted MOCs, the download comes from a third party, where Rebrickable has no control over.
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    I would like the ability to search for sets that contain a specific collection of parts. You can now search for a partnumber and see what sets contain that one part, but if you need a specific combination of expensive parts, it sometimes is cheaper to buy a (small) set containing those parts. For example a suspension/steering-combination of: 2x #6571 steering arms 4x #6572 knuckle arms 2x 76138 shock absorbers 1x #6574 small gear rack cost about €20,- on Bricklink. In that case the set 8048 Nitro Buggy - which contains all those parts - and costs about €20 second hand, is then relatively cheaper because you also get a lot of extra parts "for free".
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    Fixed, thanks. It’s unusual to get part 92946 in modern sets so I have changed the part, but if 92946 get verified in this set a second inventory will be created.
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    Test it without load is all I can say but all my pneumatics is old school. the type you had to manually pump to get things moving...
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    Huge problems to access my total parts

    I managed to make some significant improvements to the All My Parts page (and My Parts) that should make a big difference for you.
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    LEGO Club Magazine Builds??

    These should really be tagged in a way that group them with idea books builds.
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    Better sort the search results

    The search results and ranking should be much better now
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    Vonado - Stolen MOC designs?

    @Simon, did you notice the footer: I'm going to guess that they don't have any agreement with Rebrickable to be a "Trust By Brand" site. (Whatever that actually means.)
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    Vonado - Stolen MOC designs?

    It sure looks like it, but Rebrickable is not authorized to represent MOC designers in such matters. In other words, only the copyright holder (the MOC designer) can issue a cease and desist letter. Perhaps you could inform the designer(s) by posting a comment to the MOC involved. Take care, Simon
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    Part ID

    I've never seen one in person so can be sure but https://rebrickable.com/parts/2983/electric-9v-micromotor-pulley/ looks like it might be this part.
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    Pretty low priority, but it would be nice if a couple of improvements could be made to this. The most useful, I think, would be to include all the parts that are displayed using a 'similar image'. Right now, they aren't in this list, despite having no images. Another useful addition would be the ability to filter out Stickers and parts in the Non-LEGO category. Somewhat related, I think it would be cool to be able to choose which images are displayed when viewing an inventory - Photo, LDraw, LEGO or 'Best' (which would be the current implementation). Obviously default to best. That way, it would be really easy to see which parts are missing photos when viewing a set inventory. Could be applied to any list of parts for that matter. J
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    That’s because you have the show printed parts box unchecked. So the results are ignoring parts with print relations. Tick the box and they all should appear
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    Profile - Your changes

    Hi, lorien_tirith, welcome to the forum! The FAQ is right, if you have a set, inventory or moc submission in progress, a message is displayed on your home page. Below an example: under Your Changes you will see I have set 12345-1 Test Set in progress. Hope this helps! Take care, Simon
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    [high] BUILD CALC - negative part count

    I just saw a negative build %. It happened when I had marked a MOC as assembled, but also had the inventory of that MOC as a part list marked as not buildable. So for those parts that I only have enough of for the MOC, it's like they were being subtracted out of the build calculation twice. When I removed the MOC from my assembled list, I got an accurate build calculation. Hope that helps track it down, @Simon
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    Hi, seejay. My apologies, I am the culprit -smile- I am working on basic bricks, adding new part images and link lists, and I added and LDraw mapping for 3002a to get the system to display the LDraw image (as the top of 3002a looks exactly the same as the top of 3002 - the difference is with the bottom of the part); and I forgot to switch off the import/export translation. I switched that off now, so your import should now be OK again. To be sure, we do have an import/export translation for 3002old (Bricklink) and 3002a (BrickOwl). So those still get translated to 3002. If that is still a problem for you, please let me know. Take care, Simon
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    Have you submitted mocs that are in the "waiting for approval" queue ? they should be visible here : https://rebrickable.com/home/ displayed on the top of the page just over the last news/blog post.
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    Global part notes

    Hi! I love this idea. It allows to simply click on a set and you know where to search the parts. And: You don't have to store your parts in categories any more, because you will find the part you are looking for always very fast, no matter how often it changes its position. Best regards Tettzo Edit: actually I hoped, that this was already implemented and I haven't found it.
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    Personal lego inventory

    Found it:
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    Christmas is Coming

    Greetings, Folks; The busiest time of the year is approaching for you, for us, and for the LEGO Company: Christmas. For LEGO it seems all personnel is put on sales for that period, while also a lot of new sets come out. For the last two years, and probably even before that, this resulted in some issues with our automatic part retrieval and inventory update system. It takes well into February for new Element IDs to become active, and for LEGO inventories to become available to us. This is one of the reasons why last year we decided to add sets prematurely with the 'Pending' tag, and Nathan added the Submit Inventory feature. This allows our users to add new sets to say a Wanted List, even though the inventories for those sets are not yet available. It also allows users to add new 'empty sets' (thank you, Diniz -smile-). Last year there were a few users that put in hundreds of Change Requests to manually add new element IDs to existing parts (based on instruction pds of newly released set that were still without inventory) and others who submitted (partial) inventories for the December/January wave of sets, which was a lot of work for us, even though, of course, it was very nice that users took the time and effort to do this. And this year, with our new Levels System and Level Prizes, we fear that there is even more incentive to submit change requests and new empty sets. Now, for sets released in 2018 or earlier, it is relatively simple: we only accept complete sets, with all set info, image and inventory. For newly released 2019 sets we will accept sets without an inventory, but only with all info and image. Newly released 2019 sets without an image will be put on hold until an official image become available and is added by whomever submitted the set. Obviously, the set number and set name need to be correct. We do not accept sets with confidential or prematurely leaked images. We will not accept single part change request for new sets without an inventory. If you have bought such a new set, and you really want that inventory to be available, you have to use Submit Inventory for the full inventory of that set. We ask respectfully that you do not submit Element ID Change Requests for new sets, as long as we don't have an element image for that particular part/combination. Our automatic update system will add Element IDs and element images simultaneously when LEGO releases that information. Obviously, if you spot errors in 2018 or older sets, we really appreciate your input, and submitting a Change Request in those cases will still get you additional points. Thanks for your cooperation, Take care, Simon
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    I made a simple printable checklist generator using the Rebrickable API. For example, use https://chkno.net/lego-pieces/?set=8820-1 to make a checklist for set 8820-1. Source code is at https://chkno.net/lego-pieces/index.phps if you want to modify it to display differently, sort differently, etc. Screenshot of a generated checklist attached. lego-pieces-checklist-generator.phps.txt
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    Thanks. Will do. I usually do a CR but wasn't sure about books as I've never done them before.
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    Possible app for parts?

    If you'd develop that, you'll be a rich man.
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    For main set inventory Rebrickable says "There are X items in this inventory, with Y total quantity", but for spare parts it only says "There are Z items in this inventory". Please show the total number of spare parts since there may be more than one part of each type.