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  1. This can be done with an ugly database hack, but we need 100% certainty of the transition year, because there is no undo button. Giving a hard date is difficult, because it often occurs that one color is sooner swapped than another, depending on stock and usages in sets,
  2. @Nathan can you explain this? I don't have a brockset account, so I never worked with the link stuff.
  3. TobyMac

    Help identifying part

    Looks like 3436:
  4. Should have been my first guess. I had the same issue...
  5. All 3 sets are under 50 parts. I believe the standard is put on >50 in the search (the difference between 0 and 50 is small on the scale). Otherwise, I'm at a loss here.
  6. I assume you don't have any sets marked as 'Built'?
  7. These are the settings I use
  8. I have a test-account. Can you export your setlist and post it here? Then I'll import it and test them.
  9. If all setting in the calculation are correct, the only other thing I can think of, is that the set list the missing sets are in, is not active for the calculation. You can check under My LEGO -ยป My Set Lists
  10. Might be the standard year range?
  11. There are a lot of build options. You can change them in the screen where you calculate the buildable sets.
  12. Here is the list for 8 Studs: