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  1. Working on it. Also 41322
  2. I think about 95% comes directly from people who have the set as new. The rest are copies from for instance briicklink.
  3. Agreed and done. Just comment on and like a few MOCs to get clearance to make change suggestions.
  4. @thea has dedicated this month to adding as many Duplo as she can. I know these 2 are on the to do list
  5. Added to the set
  6. @thea?
  7. I had the same question. From what I could find they are assembly-codes/batchnumbers. Every assembly seems to have them, like Duplo figures, Linear actuators and Technic motors. I assume it serves to keep track of batches in case there is an problem somewhere.
  8. Yep Added it to the set
  9. @legolijntje is right. Hit the wrong button I guess.
  10. I'm not sure why I disabled this part a while ago. I think it had something to do with the print. I've activated the part for now so you can make your changes
  11. @thea is working on adding all Duplo sets. This will be on her to-do list
  12. Correct. I've removed the photo. Do you by any change have a correct photo to submit?
  13. Inventories are not available yet
  14. I've added all Dimensions sets that are missing according to our 'Missing Sets'-list. The list is not always accurate so let us know if you still miss one