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  1. Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Parts Here

    It sometimes happens that LEGO makes a random new part-number for an existing part. I've normalised the 28920 into 13770. That means all part-lists and sets with 28920 are changed into 13770, and 28920 is deactivated.
  2. Midas Badge

    I believe that involves shiny parts like chrone gold and chrome silver
  3. Ability to edit a change request

    Not sure if priority is needed. We can easily see if a submit has priority or not. At the rate that Change Request are coming in at the moment, we are able to handle 99% within a few days. (I'm on vacation right now, so they could take a little longer) . Only trickier suff takes longer, but that usually is not a priority issue, just a matter of finding the right info to handle the CR. Ontopic: From what I've heard from Nathan is that he is going to use the same system for adding parts and sets for the Change Request. It's just a matter of having enough time to build it. For us admins that would be a great help because we are then able to response to CR and ask follow-up questions. Now I usually try to contact a submiter by private message on the forum.
  4. Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Parts Here

    Yes. For some reason when we add Ninjago sets the minifigures are not provided bij LEGO and have to be added manually with unknown partnumbers, what is a pain. Same goes for Nexo Knights Shields
  5. Best way to catalog parts collection

    Yep, I use one at my work, sorting used LEGO for a brickowl/link shop. Especially colors like Reddish Brown and Brown are hard to tell apart
  6. Part query

    It's part 827
  7. Best way to catalog parts collection

    What I usually do when I buy a mixed lot is sort all the parts and then enter them into rebrickable. With the Build-function you then can see what sets are (probably) in the lot, and what parts there might be missing to make a set complete. When you have a complete set, you can automaticaaly put all the loose parts for that set into the set and remove them form the part-list
  8. For the first set: I'll switch those About v2 for v1: that's for @Nathan
  9. Many inventories for a set?

    Indeed. Just let us know what parts need to be replaced, you don't have to send in the entire inventory.
  10. Many inventories for a set?

    By Change Request
  11. Many inventories for a set?

    Take a look at 8880-1 for example. There were 2 version released of this set.
  12. Photo reviewing process

    They can.also be usefull in other cases. For instance there are a couple of printed panels where the ldraw image shows the backside and the print is not visible. Or double sided heads. And sometimes a photo from a different angle (or angel?) can show specific sections of a part, like the bottom of the 3010a
  13. Photo reviewing process

    I've approved your photo. Looks good!
  14. Group by type in My Part Lists

    I'm in