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  1. Whenever you come across these cases in a set, let us know. It happens a lot that there are more than 1 mold in a set. In that case we can make a 2nd inventory version so the color/part errors disappear. And photos of part colors that have no image are also always welcome.
  2. I like the idea. I went with labelling all my boxes with images of the parts, so I can recognize them. Downside is that I don't have a specific order in the boxes (food storage trays, stacked 8 high, 2 rows deep), what makes searching for them time-consuming. If I would number them like you did, that would solve the problem.
  3. TobyMac

    Importing inventory from IO files

    I reported this issue a while back (in the admin forum) when I noticed it too, and @NathanNathan replied that he fixed it. Had something to do with the way the parts are stored in the file.
  4. TobyMac

    Using Estimated Value to Appraise Collection

    The site assumes nothing, it does the best he can with the available data. Correct. Only the 'For Sale'-prices is easy excess-able. The "Sold for'-prices are harder (= near impossible) to obtain on this scale
  5. TobyMac

    Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Parts Here

    I've deactivated 3008apr0002 and moved the photo to 3008apr0001
  6. TobyMac

    Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Parts Here

    They are both linked to the same bricklink part. Maybe this is a duplicate? The 3008apb07 (yes, we need to normalize the numbering system, working on it 😉 )seems to be the Bold version
  7. TobyMac

    Possible app for parts?

    If you'd develop that, you'll be a rich man.
  8. TobyMac

    Known variations from box part count

    I'm still a bit on the fence for putting the brick separators in the main inventory. It's not needed in the build itself, so according to our standards it should not be counted in the build calculation, so be placed in the spare parts. Same a your change request for the tools in the Big Ben set from a few days ago. Other admins that can weigh in?
  9. TobyMac

    "LEGO" mark on the studs

    Like I said: I learn something new about LEGO every day 😊 Thanks!
  10. TobyMac

    "LEGO" mark on the studs

    Could be a off-brand? I've seen COBI on some. Most off-brands don't take the effort to brand the studs it seems. As far as I know all LEGO only has LEGO, but I learn new things about LEGO every day ;-). Only exceptions are some Dulpo and Modulex.
  11. TobyMac

    My lost Parts - Enhancement

    Correct. Custom Lists are made for this purpose. An other feature of Costume List is you can make them public to share with others when needed.
  12. TobyMac

    Rebrickable Themes

    That's just 1 of many forms of AFOLs. Going from 'don't-open-the-box-to-keep-it's-value' to 'let-the-children-play-with-them-until-they-are-worn-down' and everything in between. There are many collectors out there that keep the set without ever mixing them with other sets/parts. I keep all parts sorted on part type to be able to use them for MOCs, but I (or my children) do regularly rebuild sets.
  13. TobyMac

    Rebrickable Themes

    I think the basic question is: is there a mention of the term Modular anywhere on the box? Or is it used anywhere else like the LEGO site? Because that's where people get their first information from their set, besides the set number itself. If the box says Creator, then that's where the set belongs (in my opion of course). They possibly can go in a subtheme under Creator, but I think the box and should be leading in this. Not everyone knows alll terminology and lingo. The big downside of subthemes is that they go in 1 direction. At the moment a set cn go in multiple themes, like Junior and Jurassic World, it gets tricky what the main and the sub themse are. Tags don't have that issue. Put it in the theme that's mentioned on the box, and add other info in tags. I feel that should be a combination. If you are going to move a set, you have to open it, and when you have it open, you can directly add the tags. Saves you from coming back. And when you put it in a more streamlined theme, you need those tags to find the set.
  14. TobyMac

    Rebrickable Themes

    That's basically the plan. It's kind of messy at the moment. Some sub themes are so long the name can't be displayed correctly, and some have only a few sets that can easily be put in the main theme with a tag. If you have to dig far to find a set, it beats the purpose of the sub themes. Similar situations are for instance in the Seasonals, where the box clearly says Creator, so logically that's the first place you look. Also the Star Wars theme is a mess, with more and more sets appearing that fit into multiple episodes, while for for instance Micro Fighters there is no sub theme. These are scattered around in episode-sub themes or in Mini. Tags are the best solution for this. But 1 theme at the time, and we'll keep users up-to-date and available for input via the Forum.