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  1. TobyMac

    Please help me to identify this part

    They are the base of levers, so any of these: Search Levers
  2. TobyMac

    Can't add key chains

    Sound fine to me. When it's just 1 single parts it no problem. This is also the reason why we have low priority in adding key chains: They are pretty useless in terms of reusing the bricks, since they are all glued. And reusing is the basic of But you are always welcome to add them.
  3. TobyMac

    How do I add lost parts?

    You can add lost parts on the set inventory page. Click on a part in the inventory, and open in the pop up, the tab 'My lost parts'.
  4. We prefer the stickers in the main inventory, because otherwise they get an part error.
  5. TobyMac

    How to find my sets with a specific part.

    Not that I know. You can always put in a suggestion on the forum for @NathanNathan to consider adding this feature
  6. TobyMac

    Easy way to find parts with color errors?

    I don't know if there is an easy way to find these. Maybe @Nathan has a tool for this?
  7. TobyMac

    How to find my sets with a specific part.

    If you open the part page, there is a list of all colors this part appears in. In a green square will be a number, if you have that part as well. Open the link to the color, and you get a list with sets that have that part in that color. Again in a green square will appear a number if you have a certain set. Hop it's clear this way, otherwise I'll add a few screenshots.
  8. TobyMac

    Suggested set part match inconsistency

    I suspect that is has to do with the fact that the set (42043-1) has 2 inventory versions. Something is going wrong in the calculation. I think it uses the parts from both inventory versions combined. @Nathan , can you take a look?
  9. TobyMac

    Part used in sets count inconsistency or a misunderstanding?

    It is used in 1 set, but in that set there are 3 of this part. So Unique 1, Quantity 3
  10. No, not directly. That's why you need to upload it to That is build just for this purpose.
  11. Yes. The easiest way is to upload them for free to and copy the link into the right field when you submit the MOC
  12. A work around is placing the set in a 'custom list'. The are found under 'My LEGO' in the menu. These lists for parts and sets are aside from your Parts Lists and Sets Lists, and don't 'count' in your collection. You can also make these custom list public, so you can share them with someone else.
  13. TobyMac

    Why is 10717 not listed?

    Correct. We import the inventory from the same place. But there are often parts missing, usually indicating they won't be available in the PaB online as well. That's why we always need to check the instructions (when available)