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  1. Whatever you want. I can add them for you, but then you won't get the xp for adding new parts, only for the photos. If you can make a list of the partnumber (first 5 digit number on the stickersheet) and set I have enough info.
  2. I had the same problem. Nathan is working on it
  3. Unfortunatly we are not allowed to use pictures from Bricklink
  4. Done
  5. It's in both MOCs and Sets
  6. Weird thing, not sure if it's a bug or it's at my end. Sometimes, in about 1 in 10 times, the number of items on a row in an inventory is reduced. See Image. In this case it's 5, it also sometimes is 3. When I hit refresh it's the normal 8 again. I use GoogleChrome with Windows 10, res 1280x1024
  7. There were some issues with the Elves sets, @thea is working on them
  8. Done, Also 41593-1. Some images of printed parts are not availible yet
  9. Working on it, should be done today
  10. I'll process them as soon as I have time. Kind of distracted with other stuff at the moment. Same goes for the many open change requests
  11. Please list the sets in the admin-forum or tag them as 'incomplete'. Scraped Ninjago-sets always miss the minifigs for some reason
  12. The official release was in 2017, but it was already available in 2016.
  13. fixed