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  1. I've thrown it over to the admin forum to come up with a uniform solution
  2. I'll gladly reverse the policy 😉 I'm not sure why we changed it, I think because of the change to add stickers to the main inventory, this went over as well? EDIT: It might also have to do with sets that like the 3in1 that don't have a main model. Those often have parts that are all used in every model, so we chose for the instruction list.
  3. That's been changing lately. It used to be every part that is in the box, but not used in the instructions. Like for example your case with the 21302-1. This is now changed to: Every part that is listed in the back of the instructions + sticker sheet. Seen the instructions for the 21302-1 lists all cutlery, all those parts are in the inventory.
  4. I've disabled rhe element images. The issue is that LEGO doesn't distinguishes between the mold variations. And if I move the element id to the 2850a, future sets will get the wrong version when importing a inventory.
  5. The problem that that information is not easily available in the API. The only way to get that specific information is going by every set page on BL and get the information with a bot. That is very server intensive, so they won't like it...
  6. TobyMac

    Minifig subsets?

    No, all minifigs are in sets as single parts.
  7. It's because that is the information that is available. RB can only look at the average 'for sale' price on BL, BO and eBay. The information is presented is such a way by these sites, that there can't be a distinction between new or used. There are cases where 1 store has a set for ridiculous high prices, driving the average up.
  8. Go to, first item in the top menu. Here you can see which sets and MOCs you can build. Under Build Options you can change all kinds of settings, including if you want to search for sets and/MOCs
  9. Bricklink has a good comparison photo: BL 91968c01 = RB 91994 BL29085c01 = RB 29084
  10. Probably because I renamed the powered up parts recently. I've copied the names directly from a forum post, and that sometimes gove problems. There can get unseen data/characters into the copy, messing up the search funtion. I've updated the name with plain text, and now it does appear in the search. I'll fix the other powered up too.
  11. LPF2 comes from the Part Name that comes with the info from the Element ID (the 7 digit number in the back of the instructions): LPF2.0 MEDIUM MOTOR for 21980/. At the time there was no 'clean' name known yet, so we used this.
  12. I've renamed all the Powered Up parts. Can you check if I missed anything? @Retrieverfalcon already had CRs to rename all PU sets, so I assumed they are correct now. I've left the term Powered Up out of the names for the sets, because they are already in the Powered Up theme. The parts are in the general Electric Stuff category, so they need a Powered Up reference
  13. In the latest news, the PF will be phased out in 2020. I think this is in part why they are bringing in the 42100 Liebherr. It has 7 motors and 2 4-channel hubs. So people will directly have a good part pack of PU stuff to go MOCcing.
  14. I have a overhaul on my todo list