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  1. I don't have the set, but the instructions are available for download in the instructions tab of the set page. It's a tedious job, but then you're certain where the parts are needed.
  2. 1. I believe this is sort of possible already, at least for premium rebrickable-hosted MOCs. You can send buyers a message that the instructions have been updated. 2. Depends on how you offer the instructions. If you have them rebrickable-hosted, you can upload multiple files. If you use, you can link to a folder that can contain multiple files.
  3. Looks like this one:
  4. TobyMac

    Error on exporting

    When I'm on and looking at all total parts in all part lists, and I export to BrickLink XML, I get a 504
  5. TobyMac

    Error on exporting

    I'm getting the same error when I export all my 'Loose Parts' (20,000) at once, sow without selecting a part list first. It does work for 'All Parts' (169,000) @Nathan Can you have a look?
  6. TobyMac

    Error on exporting

    This is probably a temporary time-out of the server. I've seen it happen before. Usually this solves itself within a few minute (max 1 hour). If not, please let us know.
  7. At the moment this is not possible yet. Hopefully Nathan can add this.
  8. First result on googling stephen hawkings
  9. 'All My Parts' doesn't use live data directly from a set inventory. The number of parts in a set is calculated once in a period, and then stored as flat data for usage in the 'All My Parts'. So when I make a change to a set, you'll have to wait till the next period for the change to have effect in your 'All My Parts'. Otherwise, everytime you hit refresh, the system has to go through every set in your collection. That would go into overload. When you add a new set to your collection, the partcount is available in the flat data, so that change has a direct effect.
  10. If it's just a recolor, you can submit a Change Request for the part with the new color. We'll add it to a dummy set so the color error disappears. For new parts or new prints, you can submit a new part (see here how to do that). After approving, we'll add it to a dummy set so the part error disappears.
  11. TobyMac

    List of set rankings?

    No. But I would like that feature as well.
  12. First question: you'll receive a email Second: not that I know. There is an option to get an email when a designer that you follow posts a new MOC, but not fo comments.
  13. I've changed the BL mapping for 2 and 3. Can you check if they work now? @Nathan can you look at the flexed hoses? I suspect they'll me labelled differently in the .io-file now.
  14. TobyMac

    42100 Stickers

    See my 2nd reaction EDIT nope, wrong again. I searched 42100 and this was the sticker sheet I got. Apparently BrickLink (still) doesn't have an inventory or stickersheet for the 42100