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  1. Not sure if I understand your question correctly (haven't had my morning coffee yet). If you want to know exactly which parts you need besides the ones you already have, there is a green button on the right 'Build this MOC'. This gives you the list of missing parts, with links to add them to a Bricklink or Brickowl wanted list. This button is basically why Rebrickable was created
  2. Could this be a timezone thing? I believe the site uses London time, maybe that causes a day skip.
  3. (in Elton John's voice) It's the ciiiircle of buuuuuugs.
  4. TobyMac

    I blocked myself

    I think only @NathanNathan can fix this.
  5. Click on the part. In the pop-up that appears, you can change the part, color and quantity. Only the MOC designer and admins have access to this.
  6. You can link multiple sets. In the input field you can type multiple set numbers separated by a space.
  7. Fixed. Tip: If you submit a Change Request for errors like this, you'll get points! And the Change Request comes directly on our to-do list, so we can't overlook it.
  8. I have the same issue on my Android in Chrome. When I click the dropdown, I usually get a keyboard. Then I type the first couple of letters, so the dropdown list get shorter. Then I can select the correct list.
  9. I had some issues this morning (about 3 hours ago). Also for user avatars. Looks fine now.
  10. Only @Nathan has access to that. Can you take a look Nathan?
  11. Can you try a different mail adres? Some hosts like are known to be blocky. For me the mails don't even show up in the spam folder anymore.
  12. TobyMac

    Part inventory prices

    They are an average of 'for sale' prices from BrickLink, BrickOwl and Ebay. They are often a bit high. That's mostly because there are some stores, espeon Bricklink, that have a high 'for sale' price. Not sure why. Scam would be an easy answer. Some stores don't want to bother with tiny parts, so they raise the price to make the effort worth it. Anyway, is messes up the numbers. We would prefer to look at 'sold for' prices, because they give a more clear view. But that information is not easily available unfortunately.
  13. @Nathan Can you look into this? I can't check, because my hotmail account is auto-blocking rebrickable for some reason. I guess to many emails that I didn't open after adding the 2020 sets bulk.
  14. Probably because they are so long, making it easier to break in transport? The 50450 Axle 32 and the 23421 Spiral Pole 32L also come often as a spare.
  15. TobyMac


    Seems to be a scroll bar. I only get it with colors that I have, so the green box appears. That makes it not fit on the line, so the scroll bar is automatically added. @Nathan can you have a look?