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  1. Parts are missing in the exported lists

    Those all look like parts in the minifigure category. Can you check your build-options? Minifigure parts are deactivated as default if I remember correctly
  2. unknown new gar in garage

    That a tricky one, because it's listed under Fabuland: 4796c01
  3. Arocs 42043 B model inventory

    Found the 33299. It's the b-version. At least in my set, there might be 2 version like with the 32005, but I can't find evidence of this.
  4. 200000 Points and wrong parts in new sets.

    That's probably because the import-mapping of the parts is incorrect, or the element-ids are at the wrong part-version. This is caused mainly because LEGO doesn't distinguish between the different variations, and calls them all by the same part-number. So for each part this has to be manually updated to the latest version.
  5. Arocs 42043 B model inventory

    I've edited all the parts. For the 32005: There are 2 versions of this set, with the a-, or with the b-mold, so I've made an 2nd inventory version For the 33299: The A-model has the new b-version, so I assume the B-model has that one as well. Unfortunately Bricklink and Brickowl don't distinguish between the 2 versions, and I can't find the part in my own model. Must be somewhere on the inside.
  6. unknown color

    There is a guy/girl on Instagram called rarelego. He/she is specialized in rare stuff like prototypes, unusual colors etc. Maybe he/she knows more?
  7. Comment Spam?

    I've reported it. No matter what your believe, I don't think this is the place to discuss it. Comments should be relevant to the MOC. But it's up to Nathan to decide.
  8. Comment Spam?

    That would be a job for @Nathan
  9. Comment Spam?

    There are some spam-filters because there were 'funny' people in the past who left one-worded juvenile comments.
  10. Can't move new sets from 2018 to another set list

    Should work now. I've activated the inventories
  11. criteria for pricing the parts

    Useful to remember: This is the price stores has listed it as selling price. It doesn't mean the parts are actually sold for that price. There are people that have a bricklink store purely to keep track of their own collection, and use bogus prices. Maybe it would be useful to included the sold-price in the calculation.
  12. It's the correct torso. The number after the pr is a random number assigned by rebrickable, and doesn't always align with other sites. If you search for the element number from the instructions 6214338, you find that 937pr2722c01 is the correct part.
  13. Add a global "consider spare parts" toggle

    If you open your set list, there is an 'edit'-button at every set (pencil). Here you can uncheck the 'I still have the spare parts' option.