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  1. Yeah, that's a bit much
  2. LEGO PoweredUp App works too, including other Bluetooth LEGO components like BOOST. Only the documentation is zero. RacingBrick made a site for it:
  3. If you don;t know the print number, you can use prxxxx, and we'll find a suitable number. See also
  4. LEGO regularly updates the firmware, so it can happen that you get multiple downloads. It can get annoying when you want to test something quick.
  5. I would add wedge because of the 45 deg pieces in the corner. But it's 'mostly' slope indeed. That's why I like the tag system: no matter your preference in naming, you'll find the brick you need. But caution is needed to keep the list of tags comprehensive.
  6. How long has these error occurred? It might be a set has been changed and not all counters have been updated yeyet. Or a set has an inactive part, not showing up in the part list.
  7. Do you mean surface or side?, like this one: I see curved as a surface that might start out as a wall, but when going endlessly, reaches a horizontal line. Like a can on it's side. In a round brick, the walls stay vertically or as a cone, like an upright can. I think the base definition of Wedge is a side that may have straight upright walls (but not necessary), but are not in a 90 deg angle with the other walls. This is for instance a clear wedge: The complications come when a part is both wedge, and has slopes and/or curves, like these: I'm in favor of dropping the category system, and creating a additional tag system, limited to only attributes found in part categories: Category Tags The first image could get the tags: Brick, Round The second image could get the tags: Brick, Wedge The third image could get the tags: Brick, Wedge, Slope The forth image could get the tags: Brick, Wedge, Slope, Curve In search forms, instead of selecting 1 category, you get a list of Category Tags. You just select the ones that fit the part you search. Do you see a curve on your part? Select that tag. This way, you can find all parts that may have overlapping specifications, without on forehand knowing in which category we placed it in. To be clear: I think this should be a system separated from the standard tag system already in place, Otherwise, the selection list in the search page gets long and messy.
  8. TobyMac

    ID help please

    First thing to know: There is a difference in search function between Rebrickable and Bricklink: On RB, when you search 3001, you get every part with 3001 in it, or with a relation to it. So besides 3001 itself, you'll also get 3001pr0001, or mold variations like 3001a etc. On BL, the search is on an exact result. So a search to 3001 will only get you part 3001. If you also want to find prints (called pattern on BL). or stickered parts, you need an * as a wildcard (not sure if that is the good english term). So for the stickered part above, I first found the part number by searching for 'hinge plate' on RB.That got me 57906. Then I searched '57906*' on BL, getting me the needed result. Tip: If you want a print/sticker for a more used part, like 3001, you can narrow down a search by adding pb, so 3001pb*. That will skip you all mold variations. If there are still a lot of prints, you can also add (Stickers), with the ( and ), to skip prints and only look at stickered parts. Last note: The stickered parts collection on BL is not complete. They rely on users to submit these parts, kind of like we need you to submit b-models.
  9. TobyMac

    ID help please

    searched on Rebrickable on hinge to get the part number. Then on Bricklink for the stickered version
  10. TobyMac

    ID help please

    The black Hinge Plate in the second image is 8634-1: It looks like the other parts don;t belong there as a set.
  11. That would be great. My hotmail account is blocking all rebrickable mail because I got so many. One day I added over 100 new parts, and hotmail didn't like that, mainly because I also delete them without reading them. I use my mailbox as a central point telling me if there is something happening. If that is on 1 specifc rebrickable page, that would work for me to. At the moment I have to go through a lot of places to see if there are new comments or other stuff.
  12. TobyMac

    New Set Tags

    Is this an official LEGO category? The rest is done
  13. I had some free time. If you send me the csv with sets, I can run the script for you. If you have Python yourself: here's the script: You'll need the following download files: inventories.csv inventory_parts.csv This will give you a list of all part numbers in Reddish Brown (color 70) per set. If you also want the part names, let me know, I can edit that.
  14. I don't think this is possible directly on the site. AnI alternative would be using the download files and a csv ecport file of your set list, to create a script with for instance Python.
  15. Not sure if I understand your question correctly (haven't had my morning coffee yet). If you want to know exactly which parts you need besides the ones you already have, there is a green button on the right 'Build this MOC'. This gives you the list of missing parts, with links to add them to a Bricklink or Brickowl wanted list. This button is basically why Rebrickable was created
  16. Could this be a timezone thing? I believe the site uses London time, maybe that causes a day skip.
  17. (in Elton John's voice) It's the ciiiircle of buuuuuugs.
  18. TobyMac

    I blocked myself

    I think only @NathanNathan can fix this.
  19. Click on the part. In the pop-up that appears, you can change the part, color and quantity. Only the MOC designer and admins have access to this.
  20. You can link multiple sets. In the input field you can type multiple set numbers separated by a space.
  21. Fixed. Tip: If you submit a Change Request for errors like this, you'll get points! And the Change Request comes directly on our to-do list, so we can't overlook it.
  22. I have the same issue on my Android in Chrome. When I click the dropdown, I usually get a keyboard. Then I type the first couple of letters, so the dropdown list get shorter. Then I can select the correct list.