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  1. Ok, so it's not just me. I use Chrome
  2. They look perfect as is. With these all-round heads it's impossible to not use a neck or other bar.
  3. I've swapped them. Letting us know here is good. Change Request is also possible.
  4. Unfortunately the Remake project has stopped
  5. For anyone with similar questions: the list under Purchased MOCs only has MOCs that are Rebrickable hosted. This means MOCs where the instructions are stored on the Rebrickable server. In this case the instructions were externally hosted, which is no longer possible with newly submitted MOCs. With externally hosted MOCs, the download comes from a third party, where Rebrickable has no control over.
  6. You say that like it's a bad thing... 😜 I sometime use BrickStock. There you can load an inventory. If you set the status of all parts to exclusive, you can make them inclusive when you have found that part. I use extra for when I don't have the total count for that part yet.
  7. Hallo Nederbrick, Ik kreeg hetzelfde probleem. Het zit hem in dat BL de 85863 figures als Minifig beschouwt, en RB als parts. Als je de order op BL in een wanted list kopieert (link onderin de order), kun je hem in de wanted list als een .xml exporten/downloaden. Open dit bestand in een editor die een 'zoek & vervang' optie heeft, zoals Notepad++ (gratis). Klik op CTRL+ F om de zoekvenster te openen. Ga naar tab 'Vervangen'. Bij zoeken naar, vul in <ITEMTYPE>M</ITEMTYPE> Bij vervangen door, vul in <ITEMTYPE>P</ITEMTYPE> (dit kan eventueel ook handmatig, maar in mijn geval waren het 52 items, en ik ben lui 😉 ) Sla het besatnd op, en importeer het in de gewenste part list of custom list. LET OP: Dit werkt alleen voor onderdelen die door BL als minifig worden beschouwt, en uit 1 onderdeel bestaan, zoals deze microfigs. Dit werkt niet voor assemblies, zoals bv ninj001
  8. Correct. A workaround is to manually add your missing parts to the list,, flip the parts to a set, and then mark the parts as lost in the set.
  9. If you import the xml into a custom list, you can compare that list to an other custom list or set inventory. You can export your part list as a RB csv and import that into a custom list.
  10. If you have all parts for a set in part lists, there is a button 'Combine all parts into set', removing all parts from the part list for that set.
  11. TobyMac

    Gold color question

    They could both be Pearl Gold. This color is known to have some different shades
  12. Looks like a bug. @NathanNathanmaybe something going wrong with an add?
  13. Which set is it? It could be that there are multiple inventory versions of the set. If you for instance have V1 added to your set list, and the calculation looks at V2.
  14. You also have a couple of sets marked as Build. THe part might be in there
  15. What is the total count of 15391 that's needed? Maybe it's 1 more than you totally have, leaving this 1 open? And do you have all set and part lists activated for use in the calculation?
  16. Can you compare with the inventory of 75090-2? There are 2 versions of this set known.
  17. TobyMac

    Split set into parts

    There is the option to export an inventory with or without spares into a Rebrickable csv. You can then import it into a part list. But it won't look at lost parts though
  18. There are some known bugs in the 'Build set' function. Sometimes you even get a negative build count. @Nathan Do you have more info on this?
  19. Before we approve a (Premium) MOC, we always download a copy to make sure the instructions are correct. After that, we delete the copy.
  20. Depending on the brick, both. I have added all standard bricks to the database.
  21. Last night (or for him: this morning) Nathan has implemented a new system for thumbnails. The yellow 3021 has reappeared. If you find any other errors, please let us know.
  22. I've thrown it over to the admin forum to come up with a uniform solution