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  1. Could this be an issue with capital letters? The import uses mmmb, the set uses MMMB. I've temperarily renumbered the set. Can you check again?
  2. If you find any missing/incorrect mappings please let us know through here or a Change Request on the part page. Then we will update the part, and come a step closer to a perfect database.
  3. agreed We only add sets when they have officially been announced, not when they are leaked. I follow several news outlets to be able to add them as soon as possible. The Ghost is a twilight issue. There has not been an official announcement, but LEGO has released other sets where there is an image of the set, like @Retrieverfalcon said.
  4. This has a slightly other meaning for the admins. It means the set has no inventory at all yet, released or not. With this tag the set comes on a special list, so we know to regularly check if anything is available from or other sources. This can be sets that has yet to be released, or for instances poly bag that can't be inventoryiesed automatically and need someone (admin or user) to add the inventory manually. These come on a special list for admins a well. So all sets that are missing something, get this tag. Also sets that are missing Printed Parts., so that tag is not needed. Details can go into the set notes. Like Jared: Not a fan. This goes to much into detail, and 99% of users won't know what they mean.
  5. I've just approved 2 sets that reappeared in the list. There are no submissions left
  6. We're missing more stuff. Nathan made some updates earlier, might be a bug.
  7. There are only 2 sets that would fit in the theme. That's not enough to make a new theme for. Otherwise the list with themes would be unpractical long. We are currently discussing to cut down that list further in the admin group.
  8. Done This can be done here, or you can submit a Change Request. There is a link for that on every part and set page. Change Request directly go on our to-do list. Submissions in the forum can slip through the cracks.
  9. TobyMac

    Finding parts

    If I understand correctly, you want the summery in the 'My Parts' pop-up to be more specific. Not by list, but by individual set. I think technically this would be possible. But it would also involve a lot of manual labor. The build-calculator doesn't look at individual sets (or part lists). It makes a total of all your parts, and compares that with the parts in the MOC. So after the calculation, you have to go by each part, one at the time, to see from which possible sets you can take them.
  10. Check your set lists. Are they marked to be taken into the calculation?
  11. It's not that the MOC will directly be rejected when you submit it. It's more as a warning system to: a) Check if your inventory is actually complete. Especially a first time it can be tricky to make an inventory. b) Rethink if you want it to be a premium MOC. We often get small submissions, where you can easily reverse engineer the build just by the main photo. (in the old system with self-hosted instructions, there was a starting fee, independent of how many copies you would sell. So submitting a MOC that clearly wouldn't sell was not smart) c) An extra reminder for the admins to check if everything went OK with the submission.
  12. TobyMac


    I think there is no app for that (yet). Only desktop
  13. TobyMac

    Embed Image Problem

    In the admin tab of your MOC page, there is an option to put in a link to On bricksafe you can upload your photos (free), and RB makes a slideshow of them for you.
  14. TobyMac

    HOG steering

    Weird: I was looking for an image of 8880-1 as an example, but all set images don't have the steering knob on top
  15. TobyMac

    HOG steering

    for instance these models:
  16. Do you have Alternate Parts activated? If so, you might have part 62531 in your collection being used in the calculation.
  17. This also solved the issue with approving Fan Photos for MOCs. The approve button disappears after approving.
  18. Firefox is known to have some issues on the site. Can you replicate the problem in a different browser? To be clear: the part does not show up at all as being missing? Or is the quantity not correct?
  19. That's why I also have a standard test account. I often forget which options are only in pro or admin.
  20. I found out the hard way. Had a very frustrating hour trying to figure out why the axle on my 8043-1 wouldn't fit. The parts got mixed up with an older set.