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  1. Currently when I sync my set lists with Brickset, any MOCs/B Models/Sub-set Builds end up being purged as these don't exist on Brickset. Can we have a way to set if a list will be checked when syncing with Brickset, that way people can create a set list for these items & not have to hunt down each one & re-add it to their list every time they sync their lists.
  2. It may be the way it's meant to work, but "Microfighters" only brings up the first series & micro fighters only brings up a ninjago make & take build. I figured that since Brickset BrickLink & BrickOwl treat it as a Star Wars sub-theme (since all four series so far have been Star Wars) it would be better to bring it in line with that here.
  3. Can we have a new sub-theme added to Star Wars for the MicroFighters series? Trying to find them is problematic with the way they are all currently catalogued. I have included a complete list of the sets with it broken down into each series, just in case it would be the preferred option to include that info: Series 1 75028 Clone Turbo Tank 75029 AAT 75030 Millennium Falcon 75031 TIE Interceptor 75032 X-Wing Fighter 75033 Star Destroyer Series 2 75072 ARC-170 Starfighter 75073 Vulture Droid 75074 Snowspeeder 75075 AT-AT 75076 Republic Gunship 75077 Homing Spider Droid Series 3 75125 Resistance X-wing Fighter 75126 First Order Snowspeeder 75127 The Ghost 75128 TIE Advanced Prototype 75129 Wookiee Gunship 75130 AT-DP Series 4 75160 U-wing 75161 TIE Striker 75162 Y-wing 75163 Krennic's Imperial Shuttle
  4. Just noticed the following sets aren't importing when I download my Brickset data (Rebrickable id in brackets when different): EL241501-1 EL241502-1 EL241601-1 (241601-1) EL241602-1 (241602-1) ISBN0241195810-1 (5004853-1) ISBN1338112120-1 ISBN1409324621-1 (5002506-1) ISBN1409347389-1 (5004798-1) LOC391504-1 SDCC2015-1 SDCC2015-4 (comcon046-1) TRUKAYAK-1
  5. I've noticed with the sub-set builds they're being treated differently under v3.0, so can these two "MOCs" I'm credited as the creator be changed over to sub-set builds like 31054-1-b? MOC-6149 MOC-6154
  6. Have uploaded new renders for TRUNINJAGO-1, TRUNINJAGO-2, TRUNINJAGO-3 & TRUNINJAGO-4 (tried something new with LDD to POV-RAY, as I wasn't happy with the originals). http://bricksafe.com/files/VorpalRyu/promotional-builds-and-sets/_tru shinto shrine truninjago1.png http://bricksafe.com/files/VorpalRyu/promotional-builds-and-sets/_tru electro mech truninjago2.png http://bricksafe.com/files/VorpalRyu/promotional-builds-and-sets/_tru kais fighter jet truninjago3.png http://bricksafe.com/files/VorpalRyu/promotional-builds-and-sets/_tru morro dragon truninjago4.png While on the topic, these sets aren't transferring across from my Brickset data.
  7. Not sure if this is the best thread for it, but it seems that 4085b - Plate Special 1 x 1 with Clip Vertical [Thin U Clip] is still in use, these are Tan, Orange & Light Bluish Gray parts from recent sets (two of the orange 4085b I have came from a Cobrax Mixel if memory serves), also have this in Reddish Brown.
  8. Incorrectly listed as 2016 release, this set was released this year, 2017.
  9. It's nice to have this function, but would it be possible to make it so you can do it with multiple sets at once, I generally put the extras into spare parts/MOC parts & I'm not looking forward to going though all my sets to do this.
  10. I understand that, there are a few parts out there that are clearly custom modified parts, but at the same time, I have the trapezoid flag piece in LBG (bought the last of them one of those wonderful rare parts sellers BrickLink sellers had), when I was looking for them, several people who are knowledgeable about rare TLG made parts not available in sets confirmed that the part was made in LBG. The issue is how to confirm which is which, especially when the element was made & due to the rarity of the official part other modify parts to get the custom part. The reality is, I think you'll find that there are people already listing modified parts in their collections, if I got some of the lances or halberds in trans-green (I have had visual confirmation these exist, TLG originals) & cut them down to get Bar 4Ls, I would be listing the end result as Bar 4L, of course I wouldn't be selling the end result (if I were to, I would be informing the buyer as to it's origin), but if my children inheriting my collection one day may make the error of assuming it was always a Bar 4L. Custom vs TLG special rare parts, it's a big gray area & a big can of worms.
  11. The issue there is, that parts existing in a colour is based 99% on it being released in a set. There are some BrickLink sellers out there that seem to be able to get their hands on parts that are in colours that "don't exist," but yet, these sellers do have them. I live in hope of getting original trans-green Bar 4Ls or other parts that could be cut down to make trans-green Bar 4Ls, because some collectors have shown off pictures of such parts.
  12. After starting to catalog all my loose MOC parts, I found the post about the limit on parts lists (the number of parts in my list by this point was 4,329) & had to move all the parts to lists broken down by part types to avoid the limit. This was an extremely time consuming task & would have been sped up if I could have tagged/selected multiple items to move to another list, can we get something like this happening?
  13. Filter by themes, minifig characters, etc, so only the relevant sets are displayed? *Edit* By this I meant being able to select multiple options, like Iron Man + Spider Man or Marvel + DC, etc.
  14. Previously clicking on a part colour on the part info screen, it came up with the sets that contained it as a pop-up, with the sets you owned highlighted in green, can we see this return in some form, even if it's a user configured option?
  15. The limit makes this a pretty useless function, the only sets not built currently are either future presents or still boxed because I have to finish setting up the Lego room, just a rough count of the sets in our lounge room, there is 97 sets in one room.