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  1. Hello Great Site! i have one question/suggestion, is there a way to print the inventories for a set in a nice fashion. my boys and i are often searching to find all the parts for a set in our 50000+ collection and even though we have it sorted (somewhat) it is nice to print an inventory and use it to mark off what we have found in the set we are looking for. it would be great if there was a way to print just the inventory on the set page so that we can X out the parts. is there a way to print just the inventory from the set page? Alan
  2. Thanks! So should I go over all the extras in my sets and ensure that Rebrickable has them? DawnTreader
  3. Hello Yesterday my son and I were talking about the "web" from our spiderman sets and found that rebrickable told us we had 2. Today he found a third. We have never recieved those in a Pick-a-Brick or a bulk buy so I am not sure where the third came from. After scouring Bricklink and looking at the inventories there it turns out that 76004-1 has 2 of 63141 and not 1. However 1 is an extra. Does Rebrickable count extra parts as a part of an inventory? Or all the extras something that I would have to add as a loose parts list so that I can get an accurate parts list? Thanks
  4. Hello 5000023-1 has a picture here: http://images.brickset.com/sets/images/5000023-1.jpg?201302231050 thanks.
  5. it would be useful to me to have a field for how much I paid for bricks that are in my brick lists. not for each part, but for the whole list. for instance I went to garage sales one day and came out of it with over 1000 parts for $10 total. it would be nice to have the ability to store that little piece of data with the title of the list. additionally it would be great if I could put in a note about the list as well, just a small text field would do.