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  1. Over the past number of weeks I had been adding a large batch of loose pieces of various shapes and colours, the usual, to my loose parts list. I only do it to keep track of pieces I have outside of sets and they typically come from bulk buys. I don't know how many pieces I've added since I started this latest round, probably in early January but I thought I had added in the order of 8000 pieces to the approximately 2000 or so I had already logged. I'm now showing a total of around 7000 pieces and there is definitely some parts that have gone missing from my list e.g. I definitely added 18x 32506 in dark tan and now my inventory shows me as having none of these. I also have added almost 200x 3020 plates in a multitude of colours but my list count seems to be around 150 or so. These were just a couple that I checked and I obviously haven't checked what is or isn't present because of the sheer quantity of parts and colours involved. I had been adding heavily around the time of the switch to V3 and the totals seemed to be fine at that time. I had taken a break before the flag went up about usability issues with v3 so I refrained from doing anything until that was rectified. It's looking now like I'm going to have to go through the painful process of cross checking every part I've added to my storage system since Christmas to see if it is in my inventory or not. If I hadn't the 2000 or so original pieces in the list which are stored in various other places I probably would just delete the list and start again. Has anyone else come across this and is there any way to retrieve the missing data? Is there any way that a historical record of parts being added i.e, part details and date/time added can be added? Also, a total count for the quantity of each part in each set list or part list would deb useful I think.