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  1. jensrodi

    Submitting a new set

    This is the file that failed for me. I can see that the set have been added in the mean time so my "problem" is solved. 75168.xml
  2. jensrodi

    Submitting a new set

    I want to add 75168 to my sets but as it apparently isn't available, I tried to submit it. Everything was ok until I got to adding parts. The dialog would not accept files from either BrickLink or BrickSet (both have the set listed). I gave an "internal server" error and even though the message on screen suggested that I could add parts individually, no such option seems available. Is this a known problem in V3 of the site? Is there something that I could do different?
  3. Hi, First, thanks for at realy great site. Very easy to get a lot of useful information on lego sets. I have a little "issue" though and I hope there could be a solution - already or maybe in the future. I've made a few set lists, added all the sets I own to one, sets I want to another and MOC's I'd like to build someday to a third. Only one of these lists is used for builds (i.e. the one containing sets I actually own). When I view details on a specific part, for instance from an inventory, it lists information on how many items I have and in which colors - realy nice. Only thing, I would like to limit which sets are used for this calculation. For instance use only set lists tagged for builds. Alternately, an additional option on the set lists, to indicate owner/wanted/etc. Yours, Jens Christian Rodi Hansen