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  1. i think he did not get you're answer, he did close his forum account for the time being, and terminated his test accounts. You can only reach him on the normal website, most users know who he is on the website
  2. Maybe you have to read what he is writing he did that for me and my nephew, it was not his statement but mine so if you have any problems with that blame me, i asked my nephew if he would ask it eddy to post it, and he did but only got a very agitated reaction from jaredhinton, but it seems the contributer is a little friend of him that seems to be why i think. But i'm still waiting on an answer on my last mail to you, i was 3 months for my job in south america on a oil rig and there we have no internet possibility so in that time it would have been possible for you to answer but hé just as you're admin says he is not from this world, and answering is very hard for him. The problem is Jarethinton has removed all the part pics from my nephew by uploading the shitty baseplate pics(yes that is my name for them and not eddy's they appear everywhere and look really like that) but h'e when you think that we only want attention maybe you indeed live in another world. The website did have class, whit all the input it did have, but now it looks even worse then peeron, but if that is you're choice it just is bad but hé the contributer of the pics has earned 100000 points in a month so if that was the purpose he did succeed. further more the rules of the pics that was started in 2014 by Simon(now admin) janteuh, biodreamer and some more and that went on till 2017 and that became the minimum requirements so don't say i is not through it did sort that out it is all in the forum, and that is why i did make such a point of the rules because Simon also did that about the minfigs and after that toby.. just went on by making these changes mentioned in the forum so the whole way of working is shit and very prejudice by the admins. In the months offline i get a copy of the forum of our systemguy he makes every week a complete copy for me so i have something to do but it is offline.
  3. Why do you not get any extra features like a few extra part list and some extra private moc list for every 50000 points you earn and starting on 100000. If you are so active then there has to be a reward for it otherwise it seems pointless to me to do so many work for free. Nathan i hope you will read this and answer positive i know i am maybe a bit annoyng but with the best intentions.
  4. what i mean is resent post where nobody seems to be willing to responding there are more of these but i do not have the time to search for them now. other thing was that i found in the forum that parts that could not be devided without tools they should stay together and not filled seperate shuch as the old ship parts and the turntables other part found 6051c02/ 04/ 05 half of them are combined others are now split up what do you want this was answered in you're name id all has to be split up it has to be done otherwise combine the loose that is what i mnat whit consitansy. you can not seperate them without breaking someihing so they should stay together
  5. Not all delivered were printed mine was delivered with a sticker sheet.
  6. i want to report this as a bug. There are so many questions completly ignored by the moderator that i am questioning the use of the forum on this moment. I think this asks for aktion from you're site, if the moderators don;t want to respond on the quesions you have to. Sorry maybe for my hars words and i am Dutch whit very little noltige of English, i work on a offshore plaform an can manage with hand ans feed to exlain myself so i will try to explain. I'm only 2 days ad home every 14 days and every time i have to see that only topics are answered which are liked by the moderaters ore that of users that are liked by the moderators, at least so it seems. Often reactions of users are completly ignored by the moderators, ore they answer in you're name, and those ansers are for me questionable, because if you read furhter back in the past you're answers were the oposit as that is now, also the old moderators who are not active animore so as it seems did have other answers, and i think you didn't turn 180 degrees whit you're opitnion on part and sets Hope to see an answer of you why this happens.
  7. Hi Toivonen I have a friends who can help you i will send you a privat mail if i can figure out how it works.
  8. Ok sorry but i'm only 2 days ad home in 2 weeks and all seems to go so slow here.
  9. Is there realy nobody who want s to solf this??????????
  10. This is very interesing i only do not understand why nobody is taking any action to give the numbers free so as Nathan did ask. I think it is for you Thea. I'm waiting a long time for these parts to use.
  11. Problem stays i can't read it when it is green. The color green is bad for me so why not a choise in color soi can set it on black. If it stays green i have to stop with rebrick.
  12. Hi i have a problem with the color green i can't read the website anymore. The color green is very hard to see for me so i can not read the website anymore. How can i set the color of the text to blue(darkblue) ore most favorite form just black. I'm not color blind but can't make the difference between some color and the 2 ways to set the text are not right for me.
  13. Hi This is a post for my son, he was checking and trying to build with rebrickable, but a few times he encountered an difference in parts he owns and which he realy has. After cherching and counting several times we discovered that the problem was the spare parts of sets. He has many second hand sets but not the spare parts of these sets. In what can i build and also in my parts there is no option to say do not use of show my spare part. So can you make a button to exlude the spare parts in the what can i build, but also in my parts, he should have arround 1000 spare parts but he has only arround 150 off them. It is not nice to find out the website says you can build it but in real life you can't, because you do not have the little spare parts to complete a model. This is a problem everybody has so please make a button. Thanks Henk
  14. Maybe then this is not the right place for you if you do not want to serve us the users. Just make the changes for all the users of rebrickable, was allready asked 6 months before the post with 50 changes. There was the question to check and move all the parts not belonging to Others and Mechanical. Mechanical is still ful of electricalparts, and you can also check that by browsing through mecanical just as i just did. You do not need a link, by the way whole parts of rebrickable are not working anymore with Internet Explorer 9(my son is still on a vista/IE9 machine) so you can't ask to make links form people who do not understand that and where the site does not work properly anymore. That is why i did report it as a BUG.
  15. Hi I'm new here and i did read a huge bit of the forum. I have a smal collection of the older sets, and a lott of spare parts. It wonders me that changes submitted are not made anymore, see part change request and more. That seems for me a very bad case, only thing that was changed are the rules by sheo for submiting them, that seems for me not the way. Also parts not in the data base are not added anymore after request. A part i have and not in the database is the 36 Hollow bricklink 36h and a lott are placed in other where they do not belong, there is a list of over 50 part move request a few of these are also in my collection but they are never done and still pending i think. So there fore i want to report this as a bug, maybe there will happen something. Thanks Henk And not so good in English.