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  1. The PFx Brick was designed and developed by longtime LEGO® fans Jason Allemann and Michael Gale in order to add light and sound to own LEGO® creations. Videos and more information you will find on Kickstarter: http://kck.st/2nEBBn6
  2. Yesterday I checked the content of the Brick-Wall at LEGO Store Frankfurt. Here you can find the latest content: http://wallofbricks.com/pab-display.php?country=Germany&pab_store_id=46
  3. If I start a new project I have sometimes a list of parts and the number of items i need. Then I look into my collection and pick out the parts I have. Sometimes there is a gap and I want to enter the parts I have already and the missing parts. Let's say as an kind of checklist. All parts in stock (green), no parts (red) and some parts (orange). So I know what to buy.
  4. Here i found a source for lables crating the ucs millenium falcon dish with a plain grey dish. 10 lables for 3 Euro ist cheap compared with getting an original dish of the ucs model. http://www.steindrucker.com/zubehoer/magnetclip-3.php Only a shop in german.
  5. This is a nice tool and gift. A folding rule for LEGO bricks build with LEGO parts specially printed.You can measue pins, plates and Bricks. http://www.steindrucker.com/bedruckte-teile/kombinationen/lego_-massstab.php Website is only in german (i do not find a language switch)
  6. AkumaTheCat

    Unknown Part 64125 Black Dinosaur

    Thank you. I'ts not good to read. 5/6.
  7. AkumaTheCat

    Unknown Part 64125 Black Dinosaur

    I can't find the Dino Model 64125 in the Database. Find attached a photo. The Lego Logo is on the tail.