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  1. here too same problem and i do not load my part list or if i open one of my private MOCs not load part list of the MOC using macbook with Sierra and Chrome with latest update 54 (yesterday) But also Safari have the same behaviour
  2. Hello guys for sure all of us ordering parts from Bricklink so i want to share with you my problem if one of you have a clever solution. This is the case: i upload a wanted list on MY MOC LIST i search parts by shop with lots unique then if one of the first sellers have ALL pieces in my wanted i have to order the most of the parts from who have more, then i have to MANUALLY editing my wanted list by moving ordered parts from my wanted list to a secondary WL (called MY MOC ORDERED for example) Then i have to reiterate the steps above by search by shop lots unique, then if the "new" first sellers not have all the remaining parts i have to do it again manually. So is it possible or is there a command or an option to remove ordered parts automatically from my primary wanted list after an order is placed? thanks regards Simon
  3. TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!! I explain why for me i filled db with all my pieces i loaded a moc and press the BUILD IT button The result give me the list of pieces i DON'T OWN so i export and load into bricklink to buy them but, the pieces I OWN are not signed o deleted from anywhere so when i got pieces from bricklink i have to take the other pieces from my drawers but when i do this i also have to update rebrickable DB by removig that quantities from each type. And now there isn't a fast mode to do it so, negative quantities is a GREAT idea