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  1. A "Group by" criteria which will do more than "order by category" How it is now: this page has parts from 10 categories and I can't tell where one ends and one starts How it could be 1. have the NAME before each type (readability while scrolling) 2. each type is a small grid (manageability and printable) vs the actual hell-of-a-grid Thanks for voting it!
  2. It seems pointless to me when suggested sets are picked from disparate themes. What's the point in completing a MOC by parts in elves or bionicle or castles or whatnot? Special case 1: Since I've specified a theme in build options before hitting search, it will work best if suggested sets are from the same theme I specified. In a broader sense, I'd love a way to tailor those suggested sets, by theme, year, etc. What about some combo and input boxes?
  3. Ok so you suggested something is filtering the connection. I disabled: - the antivirus - all chrome extensions (including the antivirus extension of course) and I re-enabled: - accept all cookies - accept 3rd party cookies - run all javascript - run all plugins it's still the same issue Finally, reinstalled Firefox on same pc with Chrome to compare them, so I'm using the same connection, provider, windows etc for both. result: Firefox works, Chrome doesn't load rebrickable.com.
  4. I recently switched from Firefox to Chrome. Here's how the site loads in Chrome (enlarge by click): no structure, no background, no buttons, no colors... I can't even see images of MOCs Would any of you fine developers fix the aspect soon?
  5. Limit: Only 1 list should be marked in a such way. It could work in many point of the site. When you open the part lists page, so that your preferred list always shows first. When you want to add a part, so that this is the target list auto-selected etc
  6. It will be time-saving to flip on/off that "Used in Builds?" flag in the same webpage. That way we can flip it for many lists in a single iteration. At the moment I need to open each list and flip and submit it. too slow practically speaking, i'm thinkink about checkboxes; but any other tool will do
  7. Or another way to "freeze" one or some part lists. To mark lists that are in shipment, lists that are old and closed, lists for some MOC, any lists you risk editing, etc The flag should prevent you also from ADDing new parts to it when using the hovering panel (the one opens over the page when you click a part). See that ADD to my [choose] list button, well let's prevent it from ruining readonly lists.