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  1. I have a bionicle body part, with number 47477 on it. When I search for this part with given number, it doesn't show any parts (including search for printed and unused parts). If I search for the entire number, 47477c01bp01 (as found on bricklink) it does show the part.

    I have noticed that when I search for example: tile 1 x 2 with printed parts included it does show all printed parts. When i search 3069 or 3069b it does not show the printed tiles



  2. No, I mean that I have bought a set online that was incomplete. I have a lot of parts so I completed the set with some of my parts (that are listed in my parts list), but now I want to delete these parts I took from my parts list. In rebrickable v2 I could easily subtract a number of parts from the list. But in the new website I can't seem to find how to do that.

  3. That's how I do it now. I buy per month about 20kg of lego blocks to sort into Original sets and until now I did it manually. I just recently started to enter the parts here in a database so I could speed up things. I have about 8 - 10000 new pieces a month so it would be a lot easier if rebrickable could tell me what sets I have. The reason I asked for a search based on rare parts is that they are a 'lot' more expensive to buy afterward to complete a set than instead start from rare parts and buy missing pieces that are not so rare.

    I just like to see it automated so it would save me some time.


    And in case of searching for sets based on minifigs, I find it difficult. It usually takes me a lot of time to find the right body here on rebrickable so I skip this way of searching.

    Printed and numbered pieces a help, yes, but I have for instance a certain color container that are only in a few sets. There are many more bricks that are limited in color that I don't know about. Hence the reason for the automated search based on rare parts.

  4. When I'm adding parts to my list, and I have a lot of them, I like to use my parts list so I won't have to search for partnumbers. My problem is that once in a while, lets say every 100 parts I add, I would like refresh the page. It doesn't show any parts so I have to expand every block of them (bars, baseplates, bricks, plates, ...)

    It would be so easy if there was a button to expand everything so I could just see all my parts at once.