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  1. Thanks Biodreamer, The only problem is that lego is quite expensive when you buy the parts separately, if I spent thousands on lego I'm confident that my wife would be less than pleased! I'm currently playing around with LDD, so far so good but obviously not as quick as using real parts.
  2. Thanks for your advice Berth, I'm specifically looking at designing Technic models with ease of use (or near to easy as possible) being the priority. My idea is to make a rough estimate of my designs on paper, in sections and then recreate the thing in the software. It has intrigued me how someone could create a masterpiece like the MOC Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grandsport with a 7 speed sequential gear box, fully motorised! I'd love to know the process that they go through; Do they design the elements first! Do they just spend thousands of hours of trial and error! Does design software help! These are the things I want to understand. Does anyone have any experience with SR 3D Builder? Is there anything better for Technics?
  3. Hello chaps and chapettes I've always thought about using software to design some lego models, now I've just read about MOC. Can someone point this newbee in the direction of some windows 7 compatible software that would help me to design some fresh Technics models? Any kind of advice would be appreciated, Thanks