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  1. Took a while to create the building instructions: In doing so I learned a lot.
  2. Dear all, When exporting from LDD to LDraw format (.ldr extension), the orientation from many parts is lost. LDD uses an XML translation configuration file to convert from LDD format to LDraw format. While experimenting a bit, I see that there's a Transformation operation that allows a part to be translated in space (tx, ty, tz) and another part that apparently seems to represent a rotation around an arbitrarily oriented axis with direction vector specified by (ax, ay, az) and rotation expressed in radians (pi radians = 180 degrees). My algebra is a bit rusty, I'm trying to find a way to convert a rotation of 90° around the X axis plus a rotation of 90° around the Z axis into a direction vector for the (compound) rotation axis and an angle. This could help fixing a lot of part orientation problems when exporting from LDD to LDraw (e.g. with custom ldraw.xml file). Best regards, Olivier
  3. Hi all, Notwithstanding some limitations of LDD I managed to recreate the VTOL as a 3D model, with the exception of one 4-stud Technic cross axle that's floating (it should be connecting two universal joints). 3D models can be found on Warning: the .ldr file is an export from LDD and contains several part orientation bugs (hence some parts don't appear or appear with an incorrect orientation or with x/y/z orientations that differ from the ones in the LDD source file). I couldn't create meaningful building instructions yet. For the .ldr cleanup and for the instructions I could use some help. Best regards, Olivier
  4. Hi all, I've created a VTOL variant of the recent 42029 Technic cargo plane (using only the parts from the 42029 set - including maybe 1 spare part from the set). The engines can pivot while the rotor blades are spinning. To do so I used the linear actuators from the cockpit bay and the cargo bay and placed them in the engines. The axis powering the rotor blades also serves the purpose as engine tilt axis to reduce parts use. See this short Youtube fragment for engine and tilt operation. Now comes the model generation part. I already started with LDD but the model complexity makes this job rather awkward so I could use some guidance on how to produce the model and instructions. Any comments are welcome of course. Best regards, Olivier