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  1. Hello, I am a big fan of Technic sets and it seems to me at least that Technic LEGO lives in the shadows where AFOLs are concerned. Just wondering whats people views are on this? Thanks
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    Export set list

    Brilliant thanks alot both
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    Export set list

    Thats great thanks alot
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    Export set list

    I can export complet sets - the CSV contains the set number and quantity. What I need is a breakdown of the individual pieces and qty - sorry to be a pain
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    Export set list

    Hi, I have not, knowingly, added anything - I have imported my sets from Brickset
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    Export set list

    The parts list has been populated automatically from sets I have added
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    Export set list

    Hi, No I dont have any lists setup, so I tested and added a part to a list and after there was an export option. Does this mean I have to add all my parts individually to a list? Thanks
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    Export set list

    Do I need to upgrade my account from the free version?
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    Export set list

    Hello Simon, Thanks for you reply but I don't seem to be able to see any buttons? Thanks
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    Export set list

    Hello, I am needing a complete list of all my parts as displayed onscreen. Is there an export facility? I dont seem to be able to see/find one Thanks
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    Hello, I have started to use this software for designing Technic MOCs however the parts don't seem to be complete. Does anyone know, and tell me, how to import a new catalogue? I have looked through the hep but can't seem to find anything. Thanks
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    Hope this is the right place to post - could not decide which was best board to put it!! Anyway I have technic sets 42047 and 42046 (Getaway racer and Police interceptor) and they can be combined together to form a third model but I don't seem to have any instructions for it. Where can I get them from? Not knowing if it has a set number designation or its name I'm not sure where to begin. Thanks
  13. Hello, I hope this is the right place to post this - please move if not. Also I have searched but not able to find an answer. A few people have said the the product life span of Technic sets is only a couple years. Is there a resource anywhere why I can find out when sets are going EOL? Thanks
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    Printing parts list

    Hello, Apologies if this has been asked before but I was unable to find an answer to this specific question. I don't have an individual parts list set up just the 'All my parts' list from my sets. I am unable to see a way of exporting or printing this as a batch. I can see it is possible to print individually or from a user defined list. Hope this make sense - still finding my way around this site! Thanks
  15. Hello, long story short and I have lost the charger for the NXT recharagble battery box. Is there another way I can charge it such as through the NXT USB port or do I need to buy a new charger? Thanks
  16. Hello, I have been looking at a few of the MOCs listed on site. Just a quick question - how are the instructions put together? They look very professionally done. I want to submit a MOC but don't know how to create a nice looking set of instructions? Cheers
  17. Thanks Bobflip - if only that were true :lol: I am not familiar with Lego so this is my first venture into it world. I was just wondering if pieces were stamped with ID codes or other quick look up codes. From the IT industry which I work in every piece of IT equipment in production can be ID'ed if you know where to look
  18. Hello, I have been given a big bag of assorted Lego parts (figures, blocks, Technic gears and bars) so I was going to enter them in my Rebricable account. Do I literally need to go through each piece to match it to a part number in the data base or is there a quicker way? Thanks
  19. Hello all, Exciting day today - picked up my first set. #42023, looking for to starting to build.
  20. I love the rebrickable idea and played around checking what other builds and MOCs I can do with sets I am intending to buy. However if I do a search and say find a set that I have 90% of the pieces for how do I find out what the missing 10% are? Cant seem to see a way to do this - am I missing something? Thanks
  21. Again thanks for your reply........its all still double Dutch to me but I'm sure I will pick it up the more I get involved
  22. Thanks, I will have a look at those
  23. Hello everyone, I have recently been diagnosed with mental illness and have been advised by my therapist that I need to take up a hobby to focus my mind. Due to ill health I am unable to do any form of physical exercise such as Gardening or Fitness programs and due to learning difficulties I cannot take up reading or playing a musical instrument as this would frustrate me. After a lot of discussion we thought about Lego as this would involve following instructions precisely and I would have something at the end of it to show for my efforts. Can any recommend any of the Technic sets that would take a long time to complete? Thanks for your time