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  1. I do not consider myself an expert on the subject, but have done quite a bit of research myself, and this is also my take on it; any use of IP for commercial gain is illegal. To sell a one of physical copy based on an IP is ok and falls under the creative work. And fair use means that there is no commercial loss for the company. When it comes to selling multiple instructions for an IP based model I believe that this is whole other story, in particular if it clearly states the the MOC is a model of X (x is then the Trademark name or IP). In this case there is a clear income loss for the company who owns the IP, and that's why licenses were created. Cannot agree more. The problem is that the majority of the most popular MOCs here are clearly IP infringements, especially when they bluntly state the name of IP, or trademark without having a license to do so. All Star Wars ship names and character names are protected, all car brand names, all characters from DC, Marvel Comics, Nintendo,... I could go on and on. But if I understand correctly I basically can sell instructions of a MOC which represents Link, the character from the Legend of Zelda franchise from Nintendo, as long as I do not mention any of those in the title or description?! I don't know, but that just doesn't make much sense to me...
  2. As with so many things, we can't please everyone and there always has to be some kind of compromise/ trade off. Allowing older sets would make some people happy, but it could frustrate others who perhaps might particularly be interested in rebuilding an alternate from someone else, but the set in question is not in retail anymore. I talk from experience here with some complaints I have received. And like Nathan mentions, allowing only sets of the past 2 years will keep things fresh as well. Still with over 100 models to choose from in a reasonable price range, I believe that we have opened up for a lot more possibilities than the previous competition. I have to admit that I'm also quite pleased to read that alternate building is considered hard, now some of you have experienced it yourself. Imho this type of building discipline is greatly underestimated, so hopefully competitions like this will also result in more respect and appreciation for it. Besides, I also believe that limiting ourselves in this way, actually results in more creative solutions, because we're forced to think of alternatives with the restrictions we're facing. Anyway, good luck to everyone and be creative!