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    Part relationships

    HI Nathan, Would it be possible to include the sub parts in the "lego/parts/{part_num}/" API? (and possibly also when using inc_part_details=1 in other APIs) Like for example, a technic shock absorber (95292c01) is composited of part 109 and 2909. This information is already present on your website so it should be technically possible. If it is possible, can you also include this information in the downloadable part relationship file. It would be greatly appreciated. Also, I was wondering how the "inc_part_details" parameter behaves with the "lego/parts/{part_num}/" API. The changelog says it was added but from my tests I don't see any differences. Thanks again for all your hard work! I can't tell you enough how useful your API is.
  2. Hello, I've found that for some parts, the related parts section is very bugged. Some relations are duplicated and sometimes the same part id has two different types (e.g. mold and pair). Also sometimes the relations are outright wrong. For example, with the part 4265 'Technic Bush 1/2 Toothed', the API returns '87414' (a tire) as a mold variant. (This part also have duplicated relations) The problem clearly comes from a bug in the API because the web page for the parts show the rights relations, so this is not due to wrong data in the database.