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  1. Got one here for you. A minifigure that was included if you did a preorder of Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham video game. Figure of Plastic Man. Seen on bricklink under 5004081 on their site. Don't know if this is the correct place to mention this, but all the minifigures from Lego Batman Movie are in the catalogue, but are not connected to the list for the minifigures in the search drop down list for Collectible Minifigures>Lego Batman Movie. It still says zero figures and nothing comes up when you search that way. Thanks
  2. Found some more missing books. 1. Legends of Chima Official Guide, ISBN 9780545537544, 2013 with figure 2. Ninjago Official Guide, ISBN 9780545348294, 2011 Hardcover with Figure, Softcover no Figure - ISBN 9780545362580 3. Ninjago Character Encyclopedia, ISBN 9780756698126, 2012 with figure
  3. Found 2 books to be missing. 1. I Love That Minifigure, Item number at Lego [email protected] is 5004907. , isbn = 978-1-4654-3683-2 2. Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu The Secret World of the Ninja, # 5004856 , ISBN 9781409352624 Both come with minifigures, but since only some of the books you have listed have the figures included, I wasn't sure if you wanted the info for the figures. If you do, I can get that also.
  4. Not a problem. Was curious. Am going away for a month, so I can definitely wait no problem....
  5. Or any way to keep a list of sets I like is another alternative without adding parts to inventory.......gah.....hmmmm
  6. Not really a bug I guess, but I had a bunch of Lego sets that I "liked" that showed in liked MOCs that now do not show up there. Are they listed somewhere else, or do I have to try finding them all again? Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Are you allowed to publish MOCs that are in essence inventories? For instance, a moc that has an inventory of parts for every R2 and R5 droids from Star Wars?
  8. Wasn't sure where to ask this, but where do you get the images you use for the parts? Or how do you make them? Thanks.
  9. I have a minifigure of a star wars clone trooper, that according to Bricklink is Boba Fett from the 2015 Star Wars Character Encyclopedia updated version. Is this book in rebrickable? I can't find it, but that doesn't mean anything with Thanks.
  10. I made a private MOC and then clicked on build it, then clicked combine to add the parts as a set and take out of inventory. Only problem I have now is that the parts are out of inventory, but the MOC is not listed as a set anywhere I can find on my profile. I am terribly confused. Is there a setting I am missing somewhere in order to see it, or ???? Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Never mind, I am a complete was my options for building......*rolls eyes*......why can't I delete this everyone will know my stupidity.....argghhh. LOL
  12. Sorry if the answer is somewhere, I looked, but couldn't find. Anywho, The problem is that I have a private MOC. When I go to build to see what parts I need, a couple of the parts do not show up as me needing them, despite the fact, that I don't have them. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? It says that all parts are correct and in their correct colours, etc. Kinda confused. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  13. yeah, i don't know....all of a sudden started working for me too. shrug.
  14. This thing totally hates me. I did all you said and never get a page saying to combine. Is it because it has less than 50 parts maybe? It is a bionicle set. 8535 to be exact. This is driving me insane...... Finally got it to work on the one that doesn't have the CD. But the one with the CD would not work at all and every time I change my build options to uncheck the Non Lego parts box, it just automatically comes right back. Therefore, it keeps saying I have 100% (-1 ignored part). I wonder if that was the problem all along. I am not sure how I can fix that though.
  15. Ahh... Ok. Great. Thank you so much. I was getting so confused.
  16. I got a bag of bionicle parts from a second hand store, and all but 2 of the pieces I can find in the inventory, The two I can't are 2 Nuva masks. The entries say that they don't come in the colours I have, yet, I have them in front of me. They look exactly like a real one, same marks, lego words, etc. and the plastic all matches, just that the colour is not here. Any help is appreciated. They are mask from 8568 Pohatu nuva in Green - 43615 and mask from 8572 Tahu Nuva in Blue - 43853
  17. I have managed to gather all the parts for a particular set, yet, when I add it to my sets, it doesn't remove the parts from my inventory. It also doesn't come up with the option to combine parts. I have all the parts in loose parts in their exact colours. It is set 8535. Is there something I am doing wrong or is it the system? Thanks
  18. that sounds like an idea. That would probably work. I managed to do it with 3 brackets, but am iffy on its strength. Going to have to find my die. Thanks!
  19. I can answer since it took me forever to find this myself. It is a Krana holder from Bionicle., no pic on rebrickable, but there is one on bricklink -[bionicle]#T=S&O={}
  20. It might use a flash based system which doesn't run on Apple. I don't really know, but that would be my guess. or maybe Java.......I still don't know why Apple doesn't provide support or programs that will display these.
  21. Thanks a lot. I need to reverse 2x2 bricks on a build I am designing. Have to decide what I am to do, maybe I can use the 2x4 with the studs on both sides, will have to see. All the info you gave is great and gives me some ideas to try. Thank you again.
  22. Hope I can explain what I mean. I am looking for a 2x2 plate that had studs on both sides. I have one made by mega bloks, but was wondering if Lego ever made one. Thanks
  23. Any updates on if this is going to be fixed or a work around other than individually adding all the parts?
  24. Thanks a lot. The brown could be, I just grabbed some from the box and I have both. This is what I plan on doing since some of the colours can be difficult to figure using the computer. Appreciate the help.
  25. Having a really hard time figuring out the color of some plates/tiles I have. They look like a very dark olive green, however....there doesn't seem to be such a colour. When placed beside dark bluish grey, they have a green cast to them. It seems to be the same colour all over, so I don't think we are looking at sun damage or something. Any help is appreciated. I have a 2x4 plate, a 2x6 plate and a 1x8 tile. Picture shows tan at right, dark tan top right , brown top left, then the weird onesbelow that, then a large dark bluish grey. image by Jenna, on Flickr