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  1. At the moment, if I'm looking in All My Parts, and I noticed a quantity of a part that is wrong, I have to go to my Parts List, find the part again, and then edit the quantity. That gets irritating really quickly after doing it 3 or 4 times; so being able to do it directly from All My Parts would be much easier.
  2. Is there a possibility to add 3rd-party (non-lego) parts into the database so that they can be used in MOCs? It's becoming increasingly more common to use 3rd party tyres and SBricks (amongst other things), so it would be a good idea if these could be used in MOCs. I think that custom parts would probably need to be approved by site admin first to ensure that people aren't adding unnecessary stuff and/or duplicating parts. Obviously some of these parts (like the SBrick) are available from Bricklink, so that should factor into cost calculations. Anything that you can't get from one of the lego shops should probably cause a warning to appear next to the total cost of the parts for a given MOC saying something like 'this total cost does not include costs for the following 3rd party parts:" (and then a list). 3rd party part submissions from users should also specify where the parts are available to buy from, and an image (e.g. photo).
  3. Quite often 'fewest missing parts' or 'percentage' brings up MOCs that have expensive missing parts. Not sure if you have a way of tracking the prices of parts (it appears that you might?), but if we could sort MOCs by 'Cheapest to buy missing parts' that would be fantastic for those of us (most of us?) who are on a budget.
  4. It would be nice if we could have multiple sort criteria. For example, sort by category, THEN by colour, THEN by part name.
  5. It would be nice to be able to search for parts within parts lists/inventories etc. For example if I want to see how many of a certain part I have in stock, I have to filter it and then manually look through the parts, OR search for the part (and leave my parts list)
  6. At the moment we can use the "Add MOC's Parts To List" button to add the parts to an existing list. Things would flow more smoothly if we could create a new list (maybe based on the MOC's name) right there (and in any other places where you can add parts to a list) rather than having to create the list BEFORE we can add anything to it. Not a major issue, just mildly irritating.
  7. It would be much more useful if I could set a default sort order for MOC and Set inventories to sort like this: Parts that I do not own any of in any colour Parts that I own some of (but not enough) in a different colour Parts that I own some of (but not enough) in the correct colour Parts that I own enough of, but only in a different colour Parts that I own enough of in the correct colour At the moment the part images get outlined in red or orange or green, but it's a little difficult for people new to the site to figure out what that means. Maybe an icon system or some clearer way of doing it would be better, based on the above 5 potential situations
  8. So currently when using the Build feature we have the option to either ignore colours for all parts, or allow similar colours for all parts. What would be much more useful is for each user to set a field for each part as to whether they care about the colour or not. For example, the 20T double bevel gear comes in a few different colours. I personally don't care what colour the MOC uses; I'll just use what I have in stock. I DO, however, care about the colour of the beams and panels in the same MOC. This would need to be easily accessible, and ideally with the ability to set this option for multiple parts at once. So checkboxes on every part, with a "Check All" button at the top (so you could, for example, filter the parts list to just gears, and set them all to "ignore colour in build calculations". This would also need to affect any exported data (e.g. export the parts with 'Ignore Colour' as "Unknown Colour" (think that's ID 0?). While you're at it, some people probably DO care about the mold variations of certain parts, but not others, so you could do the same there if there is enough call for it.
  9. Recently I bought a used 8466 on ebay. So I went and added the set to my collection on Rebrickable; when I then looked at 8466's inventory, the spare parts at the bottom are all outlined in red and when I hover over them it says "You do not have this part/colour in your buildable parts collection", even thought in my parts collection I have plenty of parts to cover the spares. e.g. I have 220 of the black 2780 pins in loose stock that should cover the 4 spares from 8466... Unless I'm misunderstanding how that works? Just as a note, I have since unchecked the "I still have the spare parts option" because the set I bought didn't have them, but the problem persisted BEFORE I did that.
  10. ...that into an Excel sheet (that contains your stock), and the sheet a) tells you what you are short of and can export a Bricklink-compatible wishlist. Don't hold your breath for anything to be uploaded any time soon though, it's riddled with bugs atm Sent from my phone, excuse typos...
  11. You can get lego components for Sketchup from 3D Warehouse. However, the poly count is usually too high so your machine grinds to a halt pretty quickly with anything other than small MOCs. I, however, have been slowly drawing my own Technic components, complete with a guide layer that makes them easy to snap together; I'm also working on a solution where you export a list of components from Sketchup using a plugin, paste
  12. Something that I think appears to be sorely missing from most of lego-related sites is a way of looking up which set is best to buy that will give you the parts to make the MOC you are creating. So e.g. I have designed my own MOC in LDD/LDraw/whatever (I actually use Sketchup), and have a wish list on BL or BO (I also have it in XML & CSV format) that contains all the parts that I need to buy to be able to build the MOC. I would like to see a list of sets sorted by percentage match (kinda similar to the 'BUILD' feature, but instead of showing you what parts you are short of to build the set, it shows you what parts that you want that the set DOES NOT contain). So I can then see whether I'm better off buying a set or buying the parts separately. Is that possible? Is there already a way to do it with the API?