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  1. I have paid for my W900 instructions and I can down "something" , but can't open it or save it or anything else. AND I'm not getting any response from my questions to Jurgen's site. Can someone PLEASE give some advice on manipulating Jurgen's stuff. He's got 15 Euros and I got nothing! (so far)
  2. For anyone still looking for Jurgen's Ultimate 42009, it's still out there. I'm about finished with the build and my own R/C mod. I found it at:jurgentechniccorner.com/index.php/building-instructions/22-ultimate-42009-building-instructions. What an incredible design/build. Several times I thought Jurgen surely made a mistake, but every time it was me! I find TLG's IR remote control stuff klunky at best, so I did my normal R/C conversion: 8 (Jurgen's) motors, 8 ESCs, two RXs, and two cheap Chinese radios. It was/is challenging build. Not quite done yet.