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  1. Hi had the response directly from Nathan: declare them as subsets and for the instructions try to upload them to other web sites.
  2. Sÿl

    Deleting Moc

    Hi had the response by mail directly: there's no way. In those cases, contact the admin to delete them.
  3. You should find them those missing pieces LDD, but you have to create a new file in it as "Digital Designer Extended" (the black tab). This is because standard "Digital Designer" hides some parts (some colors also) that are considered as more "rare" There you'll be able to import your MOC, and you should be able to change decorations/prints on part there (select the right color first, then paint tool and fourth button in the sub buttons in the menu)
  4. Thanks, I had a look but b-models don't do the job either. LEGO is providing with instructions and I can't upload them with sets declared as b-models. I think I actually don't have the choice, I'll have to declare them as MOCs (You can indicate that a MOC is an alternate build of another set exactly like when sumitting sets). I'll just mention in the description that I'm not the designer, LEGO is.
  5. Lego is proposing instructions to make other builds from existings classic sets on http://www.lego.com/fr-fr/classic/seasonal-builds. They're very cool for kids, and I'd like to declare them on rebrickable. Although I'm not sure if I should declare them as sets ou MOCs. In my opionion they sould be declare as subsets, because they're "official". But in that case, what code (10XXX-1-s?) should be given ? An option like "Completary subset" which would not request the code would be best, but it is not possible yet. If they should be declared as MOCs, the user who declares them, would be named their "designer" which is not true, since they're not really MOCs. Any ideas ?
  6. Hi, I made a mistake on some MOCs: I wanted to created subsets of 10681, so that parents with young kids like me could find more easy sets/mocs to build. So I created the following MOCs from instructions, and they have been approved :https://rebrickable.com/mocs/S%C3%BFl/10681-1-spaceships https://rebrickable.com/mocs/S%C3%BFl/10681-2-fast-car https://rebrickable.com/mocs/S%C3%BFl/10681-3-monkey https://rebrickable.com/mocs/S%C3%BFl/10681-4-girl-and-dog https://rebrickable.com/mocs/S%C3%BFl/10681-5-panda Although I realise they should not have been approved, because they should have been declared as sub sets of 10681 So I wanted to delete them to recreate them as subsets... but I can't find any delete button Am I missing something ? Or is there a way an admin delete those MOCs ?
  7. Hi, I love this idea of filtering on sets in my lists, but I wish I could filter on only one set list. In my case, that would mean filtering on the sets on my kid's list, to find what can be build with them. I could also create a new account, that the would be two accounts to maintain.
  8. Sorry if this is obvious but I couldn't find a way to change a MOC thumbnail (the one which appears in the lists). I could change images, parts everything, but the thumbnail. Thanks for your help.