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  1. Would be awesome if every official LEGO set had a link to the LDD file. I'd like to import it to STUD.IO to modify and create my own creations.
  2. I had this problem too. To resolve it, I cleared the remember hash in the Sync to BrickSet section. Then went to the Sync sets to BrickSet section and started that process. From there it asked for my credentials. At that point it started to work!
  3. Worth noting that going back to the My Parts page does show the list and extra parts are removed.
  4. Consistently shows this error when deleting a parts list with parts. I see this CloudFlare gateway error: Error 504 Ray ID: 330944942a7e2e3f • 2017-02-13 15:21:33 UTC Gateway time-out
  5. This does not seem to work. I've used two CSV files where that part is set with a quantity of 9999 and 1702. When I look at the parts list, it only shows 1702 and not the appended 9999 parts. Additionally, I've attempted to simply edit the parts count and the form limits me there as well. Using the Add Part function does not error out, but does not seem to add those parts. I fail to see the point in trying to claim one has more than they actually own. Likewise, I see little value in limiting what people are proclaiming to own. Out of the 99K registered users, was this truly a big issue?
  6. YES!!! Please! I would love to quickly find parts within my parts lists. It's a pain to find a part and update my inventory...
  7. Humans are social animals that enjoy "gamification..."
  8. It would be great to hide the MOCs I have already built and focus on those I have yet to build. Perhaps you could add a filter to hide those I've built? By hiding the built MOCs, I can see what I need to order parts for. Currently, I have to uncheck the "Liked MOC" button to remove it from the list. It's not that I don't like the MOC, I just want to see what I should build next...
  9. It would be great to sort the liked MOCs by the number of parts I own. This way I can figure out what MOCs I can quickly build. Also, this would tell me what MOCs require the least amount of parts to BrickLink.
  10. I only have one list for my parts lists... Clicking on the "BackUp Parts List" returns the error : Too many list backups This is strange when I have only one list. Also, when I saw this I originally thought it was the backup function for all my parts. Then I saw that feature below: Export parts... This seems to be a bug where you cannot back up your lists...
  11. If I only have one list for spare parts, why must I click on that list before I can see the import button? Took me a while to figure that out. I had thought that function was lost in the V3 upgrade. It's confusing to have the Backup and export buttons below the lists and not have the import button.
  12. OS: MacOS 10.11.6 MacBook Pro 15 Chrome 56.0.2924.87 (64-bit) Attempted to delete new test (Parts) list with over 69K parts. https://rebrickable.com/users/LoreZyra/partlists/38589/delete/ I see this CloudFlare gateway error: Ray ID: 3305e2d35fea2e03 • 2017-02-13 05:30:32 UTC
  13. Please save my "Sort by" options! It wastes time and network bandwidth to wait for the page to load my parts by type. Also, it would be great if the Drill Downs list would remember if I collapsed them or not.
  14. Even better would be to remember my last filter so I don't have to always select these options!
  15. It seems you have a restriction on the maximum number of parts you can own... Why??? I've hand-counted every part I own. That count is accurate. Why are you limiting to 10,000??? To recreate the error: I exported my parts list directly from Rebrickable as a Rebrickable CSV. Created a new list. Renamed the list Imported the CSV file I just downloaded. Waited for page to load and process file. See error for one part... Additionally, the export only exported 69762 of the 81,742 parts I actually have listed... Why is the list incomplete?? For the import warnings, there is little explanation for why parts are getting removed and other parts added... When the import is complete, there is no reload of the page when I close the import window. I started to believe the entire import failed and would have to reload the CSV file due to stated errors. Then I manually reloaded and saw the list was partially updated.