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  1. xordis

    Finding parts

    Very nice. This makes my searching a lot easier as well. thanks
  2. xordis

    Finding parts

    Cool. That view will help as well. The only criticism I will make of that view is it preferences sets that have the most parts for a build. I am going to guess if you have a set with 100 technic pins, the top 10 sets it will list will be those with lots of technic pins. In my case I am usually chasing < 10 (usually uncommon) parts to complete a set. As I mentioned above. I don't build/store for MOC's (just yet), but I buy bulk boxes, separate out sets, sell what gets me some money back, rinse and repeat. For me the little app I am building using the API will help with my use case. It's really awesome that you have the API available for people to use so I thank you for that.
  3. xordis

    Finding parts

    I think I have the process worked out. So instead of searching for the parts and finding the list, search and find the part then click on the colour and it will tell me which sets I have that it is in. As for the comments above, I am in the same situation as Longshine, just want to find a part quickly and know which List (box) and Set (bag) it's in. Yes I am not a MOC'er and store my parts in two ways. First it sorted by type and the other way is partly completed sets in bags. I buy used bulk and complete the sets for selling. As for my issue I have found a need for a better way of managing parts searching and want lists etc so I am in the process of building an app using the API as suggested. So the workaround above will get me by for a while but the little app I am working on will really help when I go parts shopping or searching for parts in my sorted sets to help complete other sets.
  4. xordis

    Finding parts

    I have tried to search for this but can't seem to find the answer I am chasing. I am wanting to enter all my sets, and a location etc, and then use the search function to find a part. So I might be looking for a 3960 (Dish 4x4 Inverted) I have entered my sets into a list called "Box 2". Now in this box I might have 20 ziplock bags full of lego sorted into sets. I can then search for the part and find it, and go to my My Parts and see I have one in lime green and it's in Box 2, but I don't know which set (bag) to go find it from. Am I missing something here or is there a better way to manage this?
  5. I half get what you are saying, but I have gone to the effort to part sort the set already. Why would I then combine that back into a massive list. I get it for most people who just keep lego, but I am building sets, keeping what I want and selling off the rest to help fund the next purchase. Plan is I have bags of parts from various sets. To me it's way easier to pull out 50-60-70-80% of a set than try and sort and enter in every single part. I am talking about 50L tubs of unsorted lego (8-10kg). All of it at one point in time can from a set, be it model or parts box. To me it's way easier to id a set, bring up the parts for it and find them. Then I have a easy way they are categories and I can store them away. So later if I am trying to find a couple of parts for a set I know they are in Box X, Bag Y. I have other friends who do it this way as well. I don't think I'm crazy, I'm just doing it differently to you :-)
  6. When sorting out bulk boxes, it's very time consuming and prone to error when you find a part and have to select the list from a drop down. Being able to set a default parts list before you start will speed up the process and stop you from accidentally selecting the wrong part.
  7. Yeah the "box" part is more for storage once the "parts" are separated. I can easily manage that by labelling the "parts" list appropriately. eg "4322 - box 1" (or rebrickable could implement tagging) The main thing I am interested in is the "build" side. Being able to easily switch between different builds without having to got and disable parts lists. If there is no easy way of doing this I will just write my own interface to the API to manage it. With the existing API it looks like I can easily enough import/export lists (to hide them), and do what I want. eg - check if list exists - if not - create list - if exists - import/enable - browse to build page edit: actually thinking about it even more. Being able to select a default list will be a big help here. Also multi select hide/unhide of parts from builds
  8. I am trying to work out the best way to sort LEGO, and this site is looking like the better/best option I have come across, however it has a few limitations/improvements that could make it way better. (for someone like me at least) I have lots of LEGO. Lots compared to your average punter, probably not as much as a bit bricklinker, but getting there. I buy bulk lots. Yard sales, craigslist etc. If I think it's worth it, I buy it. Next I start sorting. I used to try and follow bricklink, but it was painful by not remember where you were up to. I might start sorting one week, and then not touch the pile for a few weeks. So this site is perfect. I create a parts list. Pull up a set, have all the other parts lists with "Used in builds?" set to no, and go to work finding a set from the pile. I will usually get 80% through and I give up and start the next set. So maybe you pull 5-10-20 sets from a box of LEGO. You end up with 20 parts list, but switching between them can be a pain. For example when you start on the next set, you find pieces you need from previous sets, so then I need to go in, disable the current parts list, enable the other one, find the set and mark the piece off as found (ie add it to the list) What would be really cool is if rebrickable (or another site, which is why I am asking) had the ability to group by the following Build - comprises of a set and a parts list. So I am working on 7498, City police station. I have that up in sets, and a parts list called "7498". If I could click on a build and it just has those sets. What would be even cooler is if it can tell me if the missing parts are in another "build" or parts list. Also when you are in a "build", you could automatically add parts to the right parts list, instead of having to select it from a list every time you put a part in. (saves time and avoids mistakes by selecting the wrong list. Also hiding a list would be cool) Box - This box contains these "builds". So now I have finished sorting, I might be 80-90% complete, so one day I will get enough spare parts from a new box to complete that one. I need to find the "build" or parts. I know it's in "Box 1", or "Box from crazy old lady", and I will have that box labelled with each "parts list" individually bagged up. My end goal here is pretty simple. I keep what I want, and sell off completed sets to keep funding my journey. It's a very hard journey, but it's an activity I like doing. Now to solve my problem, I could probably write something that interfaces to the API to enable/disable parts list, and export/import to avoid clutter. But I thought I would ask first. - Is this the best place to do what I am trying to do. - Is there a better place?