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  1. design_id empty but part.part_num valid?

    I don't think reporting other element-ids will be that useful. In a lot of cases. In this case, the element-id was added before information from Lego was available, and thus 'refreshing' the element-id triggered the system into trying to download the information again. In a lot of cases that has no effect, because the ids are added 'manually' from instructions etc. and there will never be more information from Lego. There is not an 'official' API, but Rebrickable (and Brickset) use the internal API used for the replacement-parts section of the Lego site. You can look up the requests that that section of the site sends (and receives) and then mimic those to get information from Lego.
  2. design_id empty but part.part_num valid?

    That can happen when Lego did not supply information about the element-id in question. You see, Rebrickable (and other websites) retrieve information (element-id, design-id, name and color) directly from Lego, but they don't always supply information for all parts. So, when Lego did not supply a design-id, a part still always has a part-num which is in 99% of the cases the design id, but taken from another color of the part or from the physical part itself. Btw, your element-id 6133767 should return a design-id now
  3. Breakdown of parts list based on set origin

    I think what you're looking for is already a feature within Rebrickable. When you press Build on a set or MOC, it shows a page with the parts (if any) you are missing. On that page, there's a button green button that says 'Find My Parts for this Build'. If you click that button, it shows a (big) table which parts are located in which sets from your collection It's not complete in terms of all your sets (as it calculates the best combination of sets), but it's something at least
  4. Technic LEGO??

    Technic is certainly not 'in the shadows' as far as I know. I'm also mainly a Technic builder and Technic is by far not a minority. The Technic forum on Eurobricks is one of the most active subforums on there. The best selling Lego sets of last year (in Germany at least) contained the (obviously on AFOLs focused) Porsche set. And the majority of popular MOCs here on Rebrickable is Technic (last year there was a monthly contest where the most popular free MOC of the month would win a prize, I believe 10 out of 12 winners were Technic models). I did hear that Technic is a lot more popular in Europe/Asia than it is in America though.
  5. Well, there are some standards/numbering conventions. The pr suffix is used for parts with a print. the pat suffix is used for parts that don't have a print but a second color plastic, most of these kind of parts can be found in the Bionicle/Hero Factory parts, for example: Granted, the difference can be a bit vague. Especially in the case of this chameleon which has a pattern (the tail) and a print (the face). Since someone once decided to use the pat suffix for the first 2 chameleons (I didn't change the first two) I just used it for the third too. The parts with the pb suffix once came from Bricklink. If I remember correctly Rebrickable once used the same numbering system as Bricklink, but at some point that wasn't allowed and Rebrickable (and Brickowl) had to change the numbers to something of their own. In Rebrickable's case the pr system. There are however some parts left unchanged... You can even find some printed parts with yet another numbering-standard; those are based on LDraw parts. I have no idea why these ever got those numbers, but they are there...
  6. The part number had to be changed to Rebrickable's standards. It's now in line with the other chameleons as you can see here: You can submit a change request for the Bricklink part number, that way you get some points
  7. Feature request of the day: the ability to view which parts I have exactly enough of for a specific set/moc/list. Why? Well, whenever I want to build something I not only check for missing parts but also parts for which I (should) have exactly enough of. Sometimes I might have enough according to Rebrickable, but in reality they are either in use, lost etc. Not sure how to implement it though, maybe another outline-color in the inventory. Something like dark-green for plenty and light-green for exactly enough?
  8. It seems the 'Buy Parts' tab on a custom lists is doubling all parts. I have a list with 751 parts and on the buy parts tab it lists stores with 631 parts as 42%. Even more annoying: the Bricklink Wanted List exports actually also exports all parts twice (after which Bricklink starts to whine that the wishlist contains double entries; well, yeah, the whole list is double ). EDIT: well, that is weird. The problem is gone now
  9. The year-filter on the search page defaults to '1990 to 3000'. When you move either end, the 3000 changes to 2018. Just a minor thing, filter seems to work fine otherwise.
  10. Maybe it already exists and I'm just blind, but it would be nice to be able to exclude alternate mocs from the build results. It's pretty obvious that I have 100% of the parts to build an alternate moc for a set I have. I'd rather see which non-alternate mocs I can build. If that makes sense
  11. Parts 46452 & 46453 versus 46452c01 & 46453c01

    Het probleem is al bekend Soms werkt het na een paar keer refreshen. We just have to wait for @Nathan now, since he's the only one with the powers to (hopefully) solve the problem...
  12. But that's about set images. @Rexfelis was asking about part images
  13. Yes, take a look at /api/v3/lego/parts/{part_num}/colors/{color_id}/ in the documentation
  14. I don't think that's possible. The images come directly from Lego and they have a white background. They aren't generated by Rebrickable and thus It's not something that Rebrickable has control over.
  15. Sub-parts

    My opinion on the matter: I highly doubt splitting torsos/legs into sub-parts is a good idea. It would just create a ton of work and a ton of possible problems and inconsistenties. And for what? The group of people that would find that useful is probably very small. Of course I haven't done any research, but I wouldn't be surprised if 99.99% of all users don't disassemble torsos/legs to use the parts. They either just buy them separately (from Bricklink) to begin with or don't use those parts at all. I definitely understand your 'problem' and your use-case @Vokhev but I personally think it's just waaay to special. For minifigure parts at least. For some other parts, like your lever example, I think the group of users who would benefit from that is bigger. Still a minority for sure, but bigger. And the workload is a lot more manageable for those few parts as opposed to the thousands upon thousands of minifigure parts.