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  1. I'm currently fixing the mess regarding the Ninjago minifig head-wraps. I'll add them in a minute. The ninjago sets of 2017, 2016 (and possibly 2015) are quite incomplete because for some reason Lego doesn't supply (almost) any the minifigure parts in their api. And nobody really ever took (or wants to take :P) the job to manually add all of those parts...
  2. Element ids can be found in the instructions, those are not really a problem. If you can make photos of the missing parts (probably all printed minifigure parts) then it would be help a lot with naming the parts (and you can upload the photo on Rebrickable too of course).
  3. I see what went wrong. @TobyMac set the status as completed, but I think he meant to reject it (again) as the comment states: But since he set the status to completed instead of rejected to never received that comment. Rebrickable only emails the comment if a change request is rejected. But, I can confirm that the link does not work. You can upload the image to a site like Bricksafe or imgur
  4. Nevertheless, I think it's indeed a bit weird that users can't even (at the very least) delete disabled parts from their list
  5. I quickly checked with one of my scripts. Missing sets: 71255-1 71287-1
  6. Well, if you want it as a 'custom list' go to your custom lists, create a new one (unless you want to add the parts of an LDraw file to an existing list of course, then select the existing list). Then press 'Import/Delete Parts' and select an LDraw file to import. Then press either Append or Replace Parts and it should work. Unknown LDraw parts will be listed afterwards. Same goes for importing an LDraw file in any other place where you can import parts; your parts list, a moc etc.
  7. I don't think there is a good way to print it I'm afraid Maybe a suggestion for @Nathan to make an option for a print-friendly table?
  8. But I was talking about from Rebrickable -> LDraw. Not the other way around (you can also directly import an LDraw file into Rebrickable) if that's what you meant
  9. There is sort of. The 'Export as LDCad Parts Bin' option creates a parts list file for the LDraw editor called LDcad.
  10. Hmm, I think I know what you mean, but not entirely sure. When you got to a MOC (or set) and press the 'Build this MOC' button, you then get to see which parts you are missing. On that page is also a a button that says 'Find My Parts for this Build'. If you click that button, it shows you in which of your sets (or parts lists) the parts are that you need. Is that the table you mean?
  11. At the top of the parts list, you can press the 'Export parts' button and then choose 'Html Table' or Html Grid'. You can easily print one of those using your browser's print capabilities.
  12. Nope, the mounting points are not identical. YOu might be able to make a modification to fit the larger bucket, but note that the bigger bucket is quite a bit larger. The 8043 bucket fits inside the larger bucket
  13. I think that's 7049b.
  14. Well, I think the title is quite self-explanatory. I don't like the fact that the export inventory functionality includes spare parts, but I can imagine there are people who do like that. So, I'd like to see the ability to specify whether I want an export with or without spare parts. Hope that's possible without too much work
  15. Ok, the parts are active now and properly named and categorized. But now; what to do with the set inventories Do I understand it correctly that those sets had random versions of those disks, but in a specific (non-random) color?