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  1. legolijntje

    Converting CSV to LXF

    Now you mention it, I can vaguely remember using LdSetsConversion a few years ago. But I forgot about it, completely missed it on the peeron_to_MLCad site too When googling it, I even found posts from myself on the LDraw forums. Thing is, it converts to LDraw and not to LDD which the original question was. Of course, you can import LDraw into LDD, but in that case you gotta be sure there are no clashing parts. There is a native Linux version available, so you don't need Wine right? But, I'm not really a Linux guy, so what do I know? It's completely off-topic anyway.
  2. legolijntje

    Converting CSV to LXF

    Not really. The pbg files are only a parts list. So you can build a model in LDCad using a limited number of bricks (for example if you want to build an alternate model, or if you just want to digitally recreate an existing model). There isn't a way to turn that list into an LDraw model. LDD Manager used to be able to turn a parts list into an LXF file, but that software has been abandoned. There is (was) also peeron_to_MLCad which creates an LDraw file from a peeron inventory, but A: that software is ancient by now and B: Peeron is ancient too Ah well, this is all a bit useless. It should work on Linux though... If you have any problems, you can always come by the LDraw forums to ask for help
  3. Oh, now I see. I Didn't notice the difference between the text and the link. I already fixed it yesterday myself anyway. Thanks!
  4. Rebrickable part 973c17 is/was a bit wonky, but the Bricklink ID is not 973c73. 973c73 is DBG, which is this one:
  5. legolijntje

    Minifig assemblies

    I believe this has been discussed by the admins before. And If I remember correctly it was agreed it would be a nice feature, but there was some disagreement about the (technical/under the hood) implementation. But don't quote me on that
  6. legolijntje

    Plan ändern

    I can imagine that is pretty annoying. I think @Nathan should take a look at this.
  7. legolijntje

    .pbg Part list export

    You can only use the file in LDCad. To use it, navigate to: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\LDCad\partBin\default\sets And put the exported pbg file there. Then open up LDCad and in a part window/tab go to sets and your exported pbg should be there (although without image, since Rebrickable doesn't export an image with the pbg). It's maybe a bit cumbersome, but I believe Roland (the author of LDCad) wants to improve it in LDCad 2.0, but don't qoute me on that To make it a little less of a hassle I added the location of the pbg files to my quick-locations in Windows so I don't have to traverse through all these folders everytime. Hope that helps EDIT: just noticed this post is a week old already. I completely missed it before, because I have some stupid formatting/layout problems with Chrome since recently (long story, doesn't matter). Ah well...
  8. legolijntje

    Adding Tags to Sets

    I see I have been summoned by Simon I fully agree. Not only would I like to see tags for parts, but also a category/subcategory system for parts and a reorganization of the categorization of parts at Rebrickable. But, it would take a ton of time and we don't have much admins so progress (if any?) is/will be going pretty slow... But this topic is not about parts so if you have any thoughts on the matter, feel free to make a new topic about it to keep things... organized
  9. legolijntje

    I cant find the right ID for this Tile

    Could be this part: But the Rebrickable entry is a bit... incomplete (part number is wrong, missing relationships etc.). Bricklink has more information: EDIT: Or this part:
  10. legolijntje

    Interface between Power function and 9V

    I don't have that part, but that part is in set 8456 which contains this part which is in set 8421 which contains this motor which I do have. And that motor can be connected to power functions via that PF -> 9V cable. So, I think you can use your parts using that cable, but I'm not 100% sure.
  11. legolijntje

    Interface between Power function and 9V

    The bottom of the light gray connector is the 9V connection. What light and sounds bricks do you mean?
  12. He was referring to the app and not the website I don't know either how to get a -2 set in the app though... Good question
  13. legolijntje

    Moc search

    Well, there isn't really a filter, but you can go the Build page here: And then under 'Change Build Options' deselect 'Include Official Sets' and only select' Include Custom Sets'. It won't return 100%-only matches, but it's sorted on percentage so the first results should be the 100% matches (or as close as possible with your inventory). Hope that helps
  14. legolijntje

    design_id empty but part.part_num valid?

    I don't think reporting other element-ids will be that useful. In a lot of cases. In this case, the element-id was added before information from Lego was available, and thus 'refreshing' the element-id triggered the system into trying to download the information again. In a lot of cases that has no effect, because the ids are added 'manually' from instructions etc. and there will never be more information from Lego. There is not an 'official' API, but Rebrickable (and Brickset) use the internal API used for the replacement-parts section of the Lego site. You can look up the requests that that section of the site sends (and receives) and then mimic those to get information from Lego.
  15. legolijntje

    design_id empty but part.part_num valid?

    That can happen when Lego did not supply information about the element-id in question. You see, Rebrickable (and other websites) retrieve information (element-id, design-id, name and color) directly from Lego, but they don't always supply information for all parts. So, when Lego did not supply a design-id, a part still always has a part-num which is in 99% of the cases the design id, but taken from another color of the part or from the physical part itself. Btw, your element-id 6133767 should return a design-id now