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  1. Well, I know which set would win. This dude has made 114 alternate models for 1 set so far
  2. If you mean the large numbers with with 7 digits (for example 6123815); it's called an 'element id'. You should be able to type the number in the search-bar, then hit enter and Rebrickable should direct you to the correct part (unless the id is unknown on Rebrickable of course, of which the chance is slim). Note that real-time search results in the search-bar don't work for element ids; you just have to type in the whole number and hit enter.
  3. I think the current Rebrickable looks pretty nice as far as websites go, but to me it feels like it has a bunch of rough edges and weird things. It's been on my mind for a while now, and I decided to gather my thoughts and opinions and post them here. Disclaimer: I'm not a designer at all, these are just things I personally think can be improved from the viewpoint of a user. Maybe I'm just weird and most people like the current situation, maybe I'm a genius and everyone agrees with me. I would love to hear what others think about my improvements, either positive or negative Also @Nathan; feel free to throw this in the dump if you don't agree, it's mainly just 'food for though' I'm quite busy lately, so I certainly don't have the time to go through the whole site at once, so I'll do it page by page. The first one is the part page. I've taken part 32013 as example page. This is how it currently looks (please ignore the second menu bar...). And these are my improvements: Full image (again, ignore the 2nd menu-bar) Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 General: This is not a part-page specific change. My setting is set to Wide #1. I think this should be the default state, also for non-logged in users. The current default is just very cramped and just a tad bit too small. When I visited the site as a non-logged in user, I came across things that just didn't fit. More on that in a later post maybe. Main Column: What: Removed the part notes under the images section, either place them in a tab or in a collapsible element. Why: Some part notes are very small; only one or two lines. Some are very big though, with huge images. The latter type takes up a lot of important space: the area of the page that is immediately visible without scrolling. You generally want the most important thing on the page there and I'm pretty sure the page notes aren't. The part and color information is and by replacing the part notes, you get the most important information the most important spot. It also makes the page a little more organized. What: Added a second title to separate own inventory + existing colors. Obviously, the new title SHOULD NOT BE DISPLAYED when the user doesn't have the part at all. Why: It gives a clear separation between where the images end and the information begins. Together with the removed part-notes it makes the general layout much cleaner and organized. What: Removed padding between 'You have xxx of this part in xx colors' and the title. Why: It was just a bit too much. The site has a lot of very... generous spacing in a lot of areas. What: Removed the text that says what happens when you click a part color. Why: It's extremely obvious what happens when you click a color, plus it breaks the 'flow' of the page. Also, the link to all Lego colors isn't useful in that place either. What: Changed the tab-area to full-width; so it goes under the sidebar. Why: Because there was a sea of unused whitespace there. This felt extremely weird on the buy tab, because it's horizontal scroll-able. This change however might require a bit more though, because the example page is quite long, thus the sidebar is shorter than the color information. The part page can also be much shorter (a user as no inventory + only 1 color exists for example). In that case, the sidebar minimum length is longer than the color information. If you keep the tabs full-width, there will be a lot of empty space between the color information and the tabs (because it has to be under the sidebar) which is not desirable either... Sidebar: What: Changed the top title from [part-number] to 'Part Information' + changed it to h4 so that it has the same style as the other headers in the Sidebar. Why: Just makes the sidebar feel more organized. What: Removed a bit of padding between the sections. Why: The previously mentioned generous amount of padding What: Removed the text "This part has been known differently at other sites:" Why: It's pretty obvious what the information in there shows based on the header and the content. Just takes up valuable space and without the text the sidebar looks a lot cleaner (because the layout is now the same as the section above). What: Changed table column-headers to bold Why: I just think it looks better. What: Changed the column to be the same height as the main area, up to the bottom tabs. Why: I'm not 100% sure about this one. On one hand, it looks better, because now the page is completely filled and divided into 3 sections: color information, sidebar and tab-section (at least in the case it's changed to be 100% width as stated above), this is very well visible in this image. On the other hand, the empty gray area might be a bit weird too. All the above mentioned changes can be viewed in the images linked at the top. So, anyone has any thoughts on this?
  4. legolijntje

    Part Images

    I indeed have a scanner that looks almost identical to the right one in the picture on that article. It's from Canon and it's very good for scanning negatives (of which I've scanned about 2000+ so far)
  5. Parts (and sets) lists are already public. When someone visits your profile, they can also view your parts and sets. Unless you set it to private in Settings -> Privacy.
  6. I think there's something wrong with the way you pass the parameters to the api. When I send a request using python and I only add a username, I also receive a 403. When I send both username and password I receive a token. So, I'm pretty sure something's wrong in your code. How do you send the parameters? As header parameters or as query parameters (in the url)? Have you got any other api calls working in your application?
  7. legolijntje

    Part Images

    I wouldn't crop the tiles like that, I think it would look better if you leave a little empty space around the tile. I did scan a bunch of flat printed parts a little while ago with great succes, never tried a torso though. I gave it a very quick shot and this is the (raw) result:
  8. legolijntje

    Part Images

    Probably also highly depends on the type of LED strip you buy. If you buy an RGB led strip, you won't get true white light (because there's only a red, green and blue led). If you buy an RGBW led strip you do get better white light because there's an extra fourth white led.
  9. I'm currently fixing the mess regarding the Ninjago minifig head-wraps. I'll add them in a minute. The ninjago sets of 2017, 2016 (and possibly 2015) are quite incomplete because for some reason Lego doesn't supply (almost) any the minifigure parts in their api. And nobody really ever took (or wants to take :P) the job to manually add all of those parts...
  10. Element ids can be found in the instructions, those are not really a problem. If you can make photos of the missing parts (probably all printed minifigure parts) then it would be help a lot with naming the parts (and you can upload the photo on Rebrickable too of course).
  11. legolijntje

    Submitting set photo

    I see what went wrong. @TobyMac set the status as completed, but I think he meant to reject it (again) as the comment states: But since he set the status to completed instead of rejected to never received that comment. Rebrickable only emails the comment if a change request is rejected. But, I can confirm that the link does not work. You can upload the image to a site like Bricksafe or imgur
  12. Nevertheless, I think it's indeed a bit weird that users can't even (at the very least) delete disabled parts from their list
  13. I quickly checked with one of my scripts. Missing sets: 71255-1 71287-1
  14. Well, if you want it as a 'custom list' go to your custom lists, create a new one (unless you want to add the parts of an LDraw file to an existing list of course, then select the existing list). Then press 'Import/Delete Parts' and select an LDraw file to import. Then press either Append or Replace Parts and it should work. Unknown LDraw parts will be listed afterwards. Same goes for importing an LDraw file in any other place where you can import parts; your parts list, a moc etc.
  15. legolijntje

    Build list

    I don't think there is a good way to print it I'm afraid Maybe a suggestion for @Nathan to make an option for a print-friendly table?
  16. But I was talking about from Rebrickable -> LDraw. Not the other way around (you can also directly import an LDraw file into Rebrickable) if that's what you meant
  17. There is sort of. The 'Export as LDCad Parts Bin' option creates a parts list file for the LDraw editor called LDcad.
  18. legolijntje

    Build list

    Hmm, I think I know what you mean, but not entirely sure. When you got to a MOC (or set) and press the 'Build this MOC' button, you then get to see which parts you are missing. On that page is also a a button that says 'Find My Parts for this Build'. If you click that button, it shows you in which of your sets (or parts lists) the parts are that you need. Is that the table you mean?
  19. legolijntje

    Build list

    At the top of the parts list, you can press the 'Export parts' button and then choose 'Html Table' or Html Grid'. You can easily print one of those using your browser's print capabilities.
  20. Nope, the mounting points are not identical. YOu might be able to make a modification to fit the larger bucket, but note that the bigger bucket is quite a bit larger. The 8043 bucket fits inside the larger bucket
  21. I think that's 7049b.
  22. Well, I think the title is quite self-explanatory. I don't like the fact that the export inventory functionality includes spare parts, but I can imagine there are people who do like that. So, I'd like to see the ability to specify whether I want an export with or without spare parts. Hope that's possible without too much work
  23. Ok, the parts are active now and properly named and categorized. But now; what to do with the set inventories Do I understand it correctly that those sets had random versions of those disks, but in a specific (non-random) color?
  24. This is interesting. Didn't saw this topic before. I don't see any reason to not activate the parts. Photos can be uploaded soon I guess
  25. Don't forget about the compare functionality. A lot of people always seem to forget it exists, but I think it's great. And I think it's useful in this case: example. But aside from that, if an alternate contains extra pieces, it's just wrongly listed as alternate. As you can see on the set page of 42009, you can also list a MOC as based on a set but with added pieces (under the alternates).