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  1. Yeah, there's a change request open since 19 February for that. I think 28973 can just be merged with 32555, no reason to keep it separate.
  2. I believe the problem comes from this image: %231.png And I think I know what the problem is. The filename contains the character #. While that's not a problem perse, it is in this case. Compare the following two links, the first one is from Bricksafe itself, the second one is the one Rebrickable tried to use: As you can see, the link from Rebrickable directly contains the hashtag, while Bricksafe encodes the hastag to %23. You can fix it for now by renaming the file without the #, but I think it's something that @Nathan needs to fix anyway. Maybe other special characters don't work either?
  3. legolijntje

    Logging In

    I don't completely agree. Logging in is something you do only once, it shouldn't be quickly available all the time, that's a waste of space. I mean, a log-in link at the top of the website is pretty standard so it can be easily found anyway. And on most of websites it's like that. However, I can imagine that the double-header can cause confusion when scrolled down, but still the problem is pretty minor I think.
  4. Do note that a lot of sticker sheets have 2 different element ids. One for North America (NA) and one for the rest of the world. I believe Rebrickable has a 'rule' to only one version of those. I'm not sure which one though (maybe @thea knows that). Bricklink always lists both versions in the catalog so that way you can find out which is NA and which isn't.
  5. Hmm, that makes sense. Didn't thought of those filters (I personally don't really use them on a part-color page).
  6. Well, this morning the pages didn't load either (here in the EU), so... I don't think it has a lot to do with US being awake or asleep though. I would agree it looks like something like that is happening yeah, but I don't know if it's the actual loading of the 'sets (or mocs) with this part' or if it's the loading of extra details of the sets with the part. Or maybe it's just something completely else, we don't have all the inside info that Nathan has haha. Don't know the full workings of the site, but I would think it would be relatively easy to fix/improve by limiting the query to only fetch items between the page*page_size and (page*page_size) + page. For example something like [96:144]. As far as I know queryset slicing limits the actual query performed on the database. Of course this doesn't take in account the fact that a set can be added right before a user presses 'next page', but chances of that are slim and I don't expect anyone to really notice. But, I'm just guessing a bit here, let's just wait what Nathan has to say.
  7. That's interesting. I can't remember this being a problem earlier, but I can confirm I get a 504 error too.
  8. As far as privacy goes, you're being followed everywhere nowadays no matter what browser you use (unless you're one of those people that blocks all javascript, but even then there are ways). Unless you log in in Chrome with your Google account, it doesn't track you any more than Google does in other browsers. And Edge being slow? It's one of the fastest browers at the moment. I don't use it as my main browser, but I did use it for a short while and it's pretty great in my opinion. In fact, I think I would switch to Edge if only all my plugins were available in Edge. I also used a browser called Vivaldi for about a year, don't know if it's something for you, but I personally like it very much
  9. Well, no idea why you don't want Chrome or Edge... But, you can also use Firefox.
  10. That would be nice. If there isn't any noticeable difference I think the new number can be merged with the old number.
  11. Using my script, I found that (for the 2017 City sets) the following sets are also missing parts (not including sets which aren't yet on Rebrickable): 60143 - Missing 48 parts 60140 - Missing 3 parts 30354 - Missing 2 parts 60147 - Missing 19 parts And a bunch of sets missing 1 part, but that's probably due to brick separators and/or sticker sheets.
  12. No idea, I asked the same thing months ago, nobody knew, nobody changed it. Lego did change the numbers, so it's likely there's a (tiny) mold change somewhere, but they seem identical to me. Do you happen to have both versions?
  13. I think the image speaks for itself:
  14. Since it is unreleased and you also had to modify a few things, I think it can be submitted as a MOC. But, just my 2 cents.
  15. They do exists on Rebrickable. For example, here's 8870 or 8886. I think you were searching for parts instead of sets. The long numbers you mentioned are the part numbers. The 4 digit numbers from Lego are set numbers. Lego doesn't sell the power function parts as parts (like in Pick a Brick) but only as a 'set' (even though they all just include 1 part).
  16. Hmm, that's interesting indeed. When I look at the available images (admin stuff you can't see) the image of the black legs is correctly labeled as black. I think we might have to summon @Nathan here.
  17. @Nathan I don't know how you currently import lxf files, but maybe the newest (and continously updated) ldraw.xml could be of use to you? It's the file that LDD uses to export LDD to LDraw. The ldraw.xml file tells LDD what LDD part numbers should be exported to what LDraw parts numbers (and how to transform and translate the coordinates and rotations). Maybe you can use the LDD -> LDraw part number conversion in that file for (some problematic) parts? Just thinking out loud here
  18. That's interesting. Normally Rebrickable uses the element id of the plain part (if available) as part number. But it seems the element id of the printed part is used as base number in this case (also for pr0003 and pr0004). Probably an error that nobody noticed. Bricklink does uses 23766. What I think needs to be done is all three parts should be renamed to 23766prxxxx and they should be linked together (related parts) to a plain version of 23766. But I'd say someone like @thea should give a second opinion. Maybe I'm missing something here
  19. legolijntje

    Unusual pieces

    I believe the left part is part 42042.
  20. Uhm. I changed my email adres a little while ago but the api token I requested before that change still works At least, I'm 99% sure I got that token before the email change, not 100.
  21. You have to remove the slash and question mark in front of your key. So an example url would look like this:[KEY]
  22. Oh, wow, didn't know that there was a level requirement for that button. Ah well, I haven't said anything then
  23. @Paupiette For the admins it would be easier and more organized if you'd use the 'change request' feature for things like this. At set or part pages, you can find the 'Submit Change Request' button at the far bottom of the right-sidebar. We certainly appreciate the help, but by using that button it's easier for admins to keep track of what's done and what's not yet done
  24. I happened to have asked Nathan the same thing a couple of days ago. I don't know the details, but apparently there were still some problems with some features. But he's working on it
  25. Regarding the card numbering: I believe almost all trading cards from Lego (and stickers for that matter) exist in 2 versions: US and EU. The US and EU versions have different element ids. Rebrickable only uses one of those and not both. But, I'm not a 100% sure, more like 99.9% As for your other questions, I think another admin can better answer those.