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  1. Well, the recommendations are aren't bad at all (for me at least ). I mean, when I look at all recommendations (not just the first 4), they are certainly builds that I like (although, I know most of them already, but that's something you can't do anything about). It's just that it's showing the same 4 ones on the homepage for months now
  2. I've been seeing the exact same 4 recommendations on the homepage since the new Rebrickable launched. It's getting quite useless now, because, well, I've seen them so often now I know they are recommend. Not to mention I actually already built 2 of the 4 recommendations Maybe it's possible to change the recommendations once a month or something like that? Or maybe only include models that have been released in the last ~6 months or something like that?
  3. I don't know if there's a guide for it. Here's a really short one though: Go to you 'Custom Lists': Top Menu > My Lego > My Custom Lists. Press the big green button 'Add new List'. If you want, you can change the name by pressing 'Edit List Details' at the top, just under the list title. Press the button 'Import/Delete Parts'. Select your lxf file and press Append Parts. From here there are a couple of different options: If you want to buy all parts, no matter if you already have them or not you can: Use Rebrickable: Go to the Buy tab at the top of the list and see which stores have the most parts. You can also use the Multi-Buy feature. Use Bricklink: Bricklink has a really powerful multi-buy tool too. From the Buy tab, you can add parts to a Bricklink Wanted List. After you've done that, go to Bricklink, go to 'Want' in the top Menu. Then select your wanted list. Press the green button Buy All. The page you're on now is quite an advanced page with a lot of options such as selecting only stores in certain countries (to save shipping costs), mark parts as really important etc. etc. I really recommend reading the help pages on Bricklink. The easiest (can most of cheapest way) is using the Auto-Finder. Note that it uses the country-filters defined previously. If you only want to buy the parts you're missing, it's almost the same as above, but instead of going to the buy tab on the custom list page, you first press the 'Build this List' button on the Parts tab of the list. Then it lists all the parts you're missing (if you have added any parts to your Rebrickable inventory of course). From there, you can go to the Buy tab and follow the exact same steps as for buying all parts (above). Hope that helps
  4. legolijntje

    Shape of part photos

    Well, if you upload a photo to rebrickable, you have to crop it to a square anyway if I remember correctly. So there's not really a reason to crop it into a different ratio (or actually crop it at all, since you can do that on-site when uploading).
  5. Well, I think it has something to do with the (kinda not 100% working) responsiveness of the website. Certainly no offense Nathan (if you read this), but I've noticed an incredible amount of quirks and problems regarding the responsiveness of the website. Especially on mobile-sizes, but also smaller desktop-resolutions don't always work very well. All kinds of little things that go to the wrong places, things that fall off-screen, things that don't line up anymore, things that are just not very intuitively placed anymore etc. Nothing major, but certainly not perfect.
  6. I think that the problem is that the dropdown isn't drawn outside of the browser window (which is understandable of course), but it is also not responsive like the rest of the website. It would be the best if the drop-down would know where the bottom of the window is so it could automatically adjust the vertical size of the dropdown (and the scrollbar). However, as it is now, the dropdown has a static size and if a part of it is rendered outside of the browser, it's just not accessible. Well, now I've written that, I think it's quite obvious that is the problem, but I'm not gonna delete it now Anyway, I don't know how much control Nathan has over de dropdown, since they are partly rendered by the browser itself I believe.
  7. Did you just fix this? Because I was able to reproduce it (or something like it), by making a lot of custom lists. But suddenly the dropdown is rendered above the selectbox instead of under it, which kinda fixes it.
  8. I think you're wrong. I believe he means the number that displays the length of the part (e.g. Technic axles)
  9. The set appears to be an Elves set, the image is wrong (from a Chima set). I've fixed that. Thanks for pointing it out. As for the missing set, I'm sure one of the other admins will add it soon
  10. There's a lot of possibilities, the most common are: Lego counts the sticker sheet as part(s), Rebrickable does too, but we haven't added the sticker sheets for most sets. Lego counts the Brick Separator as a part, Rebrickable doesn't (on Rebrickable it's in the spare-parts list). Sometimes Lego counts things as 1 piece while Rebrickable doesn't, most often it are parts that come attached to a piece of plastic such as flowers or minifig-tools. Lego count's the whole assembly as a single part, while Rebrickable count's it as separate pieces (every tool or every flower is a single piece. And last but not least, sometimes the inventory on Rebrickable is just plain wrong If you encounter any errors, feel free to notify the admins using the 'submit change request' button.
  11. But, it can be added as a B-model right?
  12. It seems another admin has changed the old image and deleted your set-submission Just a tip (maybe you already knew): if you have a suggestion to change/improve data regarding an existing set (or part) such as a better image, you can use the 'Submit Change Request' button at the bottom of the right-sidebar (on a set or part page). Edit: well, that's timing @thea
  13. You can make 'professional'/LEGO-like instructions using an LDraw editor in combination with LPub3D. As for the LDraw editor, I would personally recommend LDCad (although make sure to turn part-snapping on, it's off by default). LDCad does have a steeper learning curve than LDD, it also has a lot more features and a lot more freedom (and is not that difficult really when you get the hang of it). But, keep in mind that making instructions like that is a lot of (manual) work. Especially if you do it for the first time, there's a lot of things you need to know and lots of stuff to do. It's not like in LDD where you press the button and instructions roll out. There's no algorithm, you have to define your own steps and your own rotations and your own submodels. I've made instructions for models like this or this (the latter is newer and has a much higher instructions-quality) and I did not record my time spent on it, but I'm pretty sure it has to be over a hundred hours. Although, on the other hand, Technic models are way more difficult to create building instructions for a 'normal' bricks&plates model is quite a lot easier (from experience). I personally enjoy creating these instructions, it's kind of a hobby in the hobby. But I can also very well imagine that other people would rather spend their 100 hours on something else
  14. I saw nobody ever replied here. I took a quick look and: 1- set 1147 seems to be in the database since at least 23 april 2016. So, I don't really know why you didn't see it earlier. 2- your submissions has the 'in progress' status, so are you sure it says 'Waiting for appoval' for you? That would be kinda weird In any case, you can delete your submission yes, since (as you also stated), it's already available in the database.
  15. Yes, the 2017 Ninjago sets still have to be added. We have inventories available from Lego, but they have to be checked/confirmed by one the admins to make sure they are complete. I can't do that, it should be @thea, @TobyMac or @zurno. I don't know if there's a specific reason the Ninjago sets aren't added yet, could be there is.
  16. @Nathan I'm curious about this too
  17. I hope you don't mind me asking, but your question made me wonder how you actually get a parts list with element id's. I'm genuinely wondering since I don't know any software/website that can create such a list (it's always the standard combination of design-id + color id)
  18. Yes, it's a known issue. There are (much) more 2016 sets with missing parts (but I'm slowly working through them so it's getting better), but the Ninjago sets are a little more 'difficult'. Rebrickable gets most of the information (part numbers, images, names etc.) from Lego, but for whatever reason pretty much all 2016 Ninjago minifigure parts are unavailable.
  19. I think they (emails) are disabled. I used to get emails of approved change requests, but then suddenly they stopped. I didn'r really realize it until only a few days ago. So, I discovered that they were disabled because there were a lot of emails being sent to my adress (I submitted a lot of requests a little while ago). However, the page also included a link to enable them again. Go to your Rebrickable settings (white topbar > [ username ] > settings) and then go to the tab 'Notifications'. There it showed me the page that my emails were disabled, including the link to enable them again.
  20. But, if he already submitted change requests in the past, one would think that he would've already accumulated enough 'xp' and have the right level to keep doing it in V3. But, I don't know exactly how that whole level-system works, especially not from V2 to V3. Maybe @thea has better information.
  21. Oh, whoops. I missed the edit part of the post. But, yeah, that link is the one I meant. Anyway, let's not turn this into a topic-hunt. Not really necessary right?
  22. No, that's another thing. Not the post I was talking about. Ah well, maybe I'm imagining things (although I'm still pretty sure... :P)
  23. Yes, I'm pretty sure I posted about this before, but I think it was in the V3 tests/bugs subforum. I'm also pretty sure Nathan replied back then. I'll take a look if I can find it. EDIT: can't find it. Probably because the V3 forum is gone.
  24. I believe I also came across this bug this morning, but I'm not sure. I automatically changed the 'wrong' color to the correct one and pressed the button and only then realized 'wait a minute, why did I have to change the color '. I was on an color-specific (element-id) page,so it should've had the correct color. I went on with my work and did not saw the wrong behaviour again, so I though I was just seeing ghosts. However, I'm pretty sure I saw the wrong behaviour on a black part and you say it only happens on black parts. Which would explain why I did not see the problem again (I went on with other colors). I can't reproduce it though, so I'm still wondering if I really encountered this bug or was just not on the page I thought I was.