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  1. Thanks will try it this week, very busy whit rebuilding a part of my house very little time on the moment.
  2. No problem, when i know what is happening then it is ok, i will then restrict the search within the 500 then it will work ok. Only takes a little more time. Thanks for the replay. Grt ED
  3. Hi When i use the Build Search to see which parts i'm still missing i noticed that when i set the years from 1945 till 2004 i get all the sets that are still missing some parts in my case there are 231. But when i use the same search but don't set the date i get no results for sets smaller then 75 parts, so from the 231 form the search till 2004 there are 36 sets whit only missing 1 part. These sets most also show up when i search from 1945 to 2019 but then all sets smaller then 75 parts are ignored, so 28 sets are missing from 1945 to 2004 when you look ad the time to 2019 there are much more missing in the Build Search, is that an automated system thingy. Ore is that a bug and does the search not now what it wants. Above was for 1 missing parts, when i miss 2 parts in a set then all sets smaller then 135 parts are not shown anymore in the search from 1945 to 2019, these are then missing . From all normal sets ever made by lego i'm missing still parts from about 1000 sets but when they are not shown on the place that should be i can never build them. Can you take a look ore explain what is going on in the search. Last point parts is from 0 to No Limit Thanks ED
  4. Dankje voor je reactie, ik krijg nog steeds geen directe mail van het forum, krijg het niet ingesteld alles staat aan maar het werkt niet. Ja was ik al achter maar het gaat bij mij nog maar om een paar en ik moet toch alles controleren wat binnen komt dus voer ze handmatig in is net zo snel, per bestelling zijn het maar 1 of 2. Maar Nathan had er een oplossing voor maar die werkt niet, voor andere gebruikers misschien handig te weten dat bij deze de import fout gaat en niet te verhelpen is voorlopig.
  5. Any chance on changing it back to what it was, now 1 set is pastel and the other set is Maersk see all 10152 +10155 set, just keep it all the same, just Maersk. If this split up will stay then the Dark Red old sets and the new, and the Dark Green and new ones have also to be split up, these differences are much greater, and to see for everybody. And there are a lot more just like Red and Yellow made before 1980 are stronger in color then the parts made after that, so are they also gone be split up. The main thing is you can rebuild something in something new but it most be possible, so do not split up colors which are not split up by anybody else. Just wait whit splitting it up till Bricklink does it, otherwise it is useless if you can not even buy the parts. And i'm not the only one who is thinking this way.
  6. No problem i had the same problem it is to light to see the part, but i did build the set and i know the part list is complete.
  7. See part 30034 The 30034pb01 is a stickered part and is not in the database only in use on Bricklink.
  8. Hi Nathan It seems this problem is solved. When i open a page my browser now stays on top of the page and no longer jumps down to the comments row. Thanks.
  9. And again fully agree with @Retrieverfalcon
  10. Completely agree and please change it back to just Maersk blue so everybody can try to build the sets with the parts ordered on BL ore BO. Otherwise indeed every color has to be split into periods beginning with Pink in a Old pink and the nicer looking Pink were the difference is much greater, these are from the Paradisa Sets, and that is not the new Bright Pink.
  11. I have posted a pictures from the difference in color but it is so little that even the Light Bluish Gray differences then should be classified as a new color ore even the difference in Red.
  12. Hi Just a silly question. Why is Maersk Blue split into 2 different colors while they are exactly the same, this is a unnecessary split up. And is only confusing when ordering them on BL(BL does not have any reference to Pastel Blue), and don't say you keep the Lego colors then there has to be a name change for about 90 colors to be done, all are following the Bricklink naming. Even a set from 2004 is still Maersk blue and the same set of 2005 is Pastel Blue, on this way everybody's spare parts are beginning to be useless because there is no longer a match. I have almost all Maersk parts and a lott more which are never used in sets, so what will it be in the future in what kind of name do i have to rename them, this is a lot of unnecessary work for all the users. Hope there will be a simple explanation and a satisfying one. Grts ED
  13. It seems to work again, thanks for that.