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  1. Ok, found the programming is changed it works now the same as ads and when you have a adblocker it is not shown anymore, can that be changed???
  2. Just a little question from me, on all my moc's the extra detailed pictures are gone has that also something to with that. With a new moc i can set and i see the pictures it but it is not shown when it is approved.
  3. But i do not understand why they can not be imported from an Bl order it are just printed parts every other printed part containing just 1 part can be imported what is different by these parts.
  4. Further addition to the wrongly import, all micofigs have to show up on this page but there are only 5 showing of the 110. So the problem seems to be that all microifigs are turned of, by my simple thought they have to be turned on just like the Technic figures and the older Junior/4Juniors figures then the import will go right.
  5. That is the problem the minifigs are not minifigs but just 1 piece printed parts so importing most go right, they have nothing to do with the other 4 piece minifigs. The unprinted versions are imported right so something in the database structure is preventing it from working right. I stil get no emails from the forum, so i can not respond on anything also did get no privat mail that is or something like that.
  6. Sorry i do not get this info that it is moved to bugs can you take a look for that, did already give up because i could not find my post anymore. Found the xml way on bricklink has to search in Bl classic and will send the xml later. Also tried an upload to my custom lists they are ignored and not mentioned that they are ignored.
  7. No idea how i can download my Bl order as a xml, did ask that yesterday in Dutch but no replay ore explanation. I can't find that option on my Bl order page.
  8. Here they are it seems to be 15 of the 120 stil not in my collection. 85863pb028/044/078/083/095/097/098 85863pb101/102/103/104/105/106/107/108
  9. Sorry not yet, in my last order there were also 8 in it and all 8 are not imported ore ignored. I have now 107 of them only 13 to go, but not 1 was imported on the right way.
  10. Sorry all but this has to be in Dutch to explain myself Wat ik doe is niet maar dan een import van Bl naar mijn standaard lege part list 00, als het goed is kun je meekijken, hij is nu leeg. Dan via de knop Import/ Delete parts, dan Bl Order en dan selekteer ik de order die ik nodig heb. Dus nu mijn vraag hoe kom ik aan een xml of csv bestand van Bl. Bij de import van Bl moet ik met een lege lijst werken omdat er tussen de 5 en 10% van de onderdelen niet worden geimorteerd dus moet ik alles 2x checken voor ik uit kan sorteren over de andere 49 lijsten. Part 11301 werkt nu.
  11. All of them go wrong, this week also other new parts reported by change request more and more are failing to be imported no idea why some did work a few weeks ago and now they don't. But all the printed of 85863 120 in total are ignored so there has to be something wrong. Toby has already don a few other parts this week and just submitted a few last night, Bl Nr is right but they won't be imported and are just ignored by the system.
  12. Hi all If anyone has the time is it possible to look at the printed parts of 85863(total 120 different) they all seem to have the right Bl Nr but not 1 is imported with my Bl orders. Also by importing my order with over 150 lots i get error 404 that is only the last days so it seems with the latest update there again is a bigger server time out problem. That also means that not the complete order is imported and if it is not recognized you loose parts. Thanks
  13. You can find more here also the NXT update programs, HDidakt
  14. Hi The 132-hollow > 132b 3660a are all there, also all 3660 Trainwheels 1a/ 1b and 2a are also there search for wheel1a/ wheel 1b/ wheel 2a wheel 2b Grts Nederbrik