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  1. I've noticed the two versions of: 30363pr0006 Slope 18° 4 x 2 with Classic Space Logo Print (from Benny’s Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP!) 30363pr0007 Slope 18° 4 x 2 with Classic Space Logo Print (2019 version) (from the two lego movie 2 sets) Is there a difference between them? Bricklink has the same part listed for all three sets. If there is a difference could a picture be added to the pages for each part showing the difference?
  2. Lego is using design ID 31561 for some colors of the 20482 Tile Round 1 x 1 with Pin (at least they did on a recent bricks and pieces order). Searching 31561 should bring you to the same page as 20482 but right now doesn't find anything. A quick check at bricklink has both 31561 and 31570 as alternate part numbers. Edit: It would also be nice if the page for these parts mentioned all the different mold numbers to make it easier to order on bricks and pieces.
  3. We were also missing a 1 x 1 Dark Tan brick very early on. I'm curious to know if you are missing that too.
  4. Unfortunately no I don't remember. I can only tell you it was an odd numbered bag because my wife and I split the build doing every other bag. edit: I believe it was in the first half of the build somewhere.
  5. I know this should be made as a change request but it is too big so instead of making multiple change requests I'll do it here. We just built the 71043-1 - Hogwarts Castle and these are the spare parts that we got: 1xBlack + White + Pearl Gold 90398, 2xBlack, 1xTrans-Orange, 1xTrans-light Blue 85861, 4xTrans-Green + Trans-Yellow, 3xTrans-Dark Blue + Reddish Brown, 2xTrans-Clear + Tan + Pearl Gold, 1xTrans-Purple + Trans-Light Blue + Trans-Red + White + Orange + Light Bluish Gray + Black + Dark Bluish Gray 6141, 7xLight Bluish Gray + Olive Green, 4xDark Green, 3xTan, 2xReddish Brown, 1xBlack + White + Dark Bluish Gray 54200, 3xBlack 2780, 4xTan, 2xReddish Brown + Dark Tan, 1xTrans-Clear + Black + Sand Blue + Light Bluish Gray + Dark Bluish Gray + White 3070b, 1xBlack + Dark Blue + Dark Gray 25269, 2xBlue 4274, 1xBright Green + Dark Pink 24866, 5xDark Tan, 4xWhite + Tan, 3xDark Bluish Gray + Trans-Red, 2xReddish Brown + Trans-Black + Trans-Green + Trans-Light Blue, 1xDark Blue + Trans-Dark Blue + Trans-Yellow + Trans-Clear + Red + Pearl Gold + Light Bluish Gray 3024, 1xDark Orange 93223, 1xDark Red + Light Bluish Gray + Medium Dark Flesh 98138, 1xDark Tan 53451, 1xFlat Silver 24246, 1xLight Bluish Gray 4599b, 1xPearl Gold + Reddish Brown + Trans-Clear 20482, 1xBlack + Reddish Brown 87994, 1xReddish Brown 93552, 3xReddish Brown 42446, 2xSand Green 90540, 1xTan 35464, 1xTrans-Clear 25893, 1xTrans-Orange 37775, 1xTrans-Orange 64647, 1xGreen 24855, 1xDark Bluish Gray 24482, 1xBlack 11253 We also had an extra 1x3 plate in light bluish gray but I think that was a mistake as that is never a normal spare and the same bag was missing a 2x2 tan plate which could explain how it got past quality control.
  6. Can we make a change request with just the spare parts to add to an inventory of an empty set, knowing that eventually the regular inventory will become available to rebrickable via the info from LEGO?
  7. 27393 Minifig Shooter with 3.2 Shaft and 32643 MINI SHOOTER, W/ 3.2 SHAFT, NO. 1 seem to be the same part with different numbers for the solid and transparent colors. They should probably be put together or at least show as related parts to each other.
  8. The page for 3747b slope inverted 33° 3 x 2 [Connections between studs] says that: It looks like this Part has been superseded by LEGO Part 3747a Slope Inverted 33° 3 x 2 [No Connections between Studs]. Shouldn't it be the other way around? 3747b is the newer part. The 41188-1 - Breakout from the Goblin King's Fortress says that it has 3747a but I know mine has 3747b. I am sure because it is still together and I just checked. There are a number of other newer sets that say they have 3747a that I am fairly sure came with 3747b but I can't prove that as mine are taken apart. I assume that the issue is in the data from Lego as Brickset's database has the same info for set 41188, but bricklink has the 3747b in its database.
  9. I finally took the picture. I could not get a clear picture of the back showing the part number 93218, it was just too small. In the picture I have a regular blue and a medium blue tile beside the snowboard. There seems to be both regular and medium blue on the snowboard, I don't have the one that came with the collectable minifigure, 18746pr0002, to compare to. They may be the same print and I have no problem just entering mine in as that one. I do think that 93218 should go to 18746 when a search is made. I checked a different 18746 and it appears to be identical to 93218.
  10. I just got a printed part with nearly the same print as 18746pr0002 (I think mine has regular blue print not medium blue but I'm not sure) from the build a minifig area at the lego store. The part that I have has the number 93218 molded on the underside. A search of 93218 does not return any results, so I think it should be added to as an alternate to part 18746. On a side note, does anyone add the different printed parts from the build a minifig. I have seen a number of printed parts that I don't believe are in any sets. A lot of them appear to be different colors of some of the collectable minifigs.
  11. I don't think you have to come up with different names, just do it the same as with 15672 Slope 45° 2 x 1 with 2/3 Cutout [New Version] and Slope 45° 2 x 1 with 2/3 Cutout [Original Version]
  12. I don't know if this helps, the database has the 92903 and 6005 separate in their inventories for sets. By looking up the each part number it says which sets they came in. Assuming of course that those inventories are accurate. I don't mind at all. It looks much better than the original. (I don't know much about photo editing)
  13. I figured maybe a pic mentioning it on the 6005 page would be helpful.
  14. I don't know if this matters much, but there is a difference between 6005 and 92903. I came across it when I needed all of one color for a moc and realized they had slightly different outside curves. They are both listed under 6005. In the picture the 6005 is at the back, a dark red then red 92903 in front of it, then bright light orange 33243 and 88293, to show the curve is the same for all except the 6005.