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  1. But there is multiple variations for Dark Stone Grey? Some bricks are more "bluish" than others? Even my eye tells me that there is two different colors in The set now. Should be only Dark Stone Grey.
  2. Hi! I have bought Lego 7781 and 4752. In both sets I have the same problem. Dark Gray Bluish pieces looks all the same but when I look the pieces in different lightning - some pieces are more blue than others and it's not the "old gray". I believe the color in those pieces is not Dark Gray Bluish. I couldn't match the unknown color in any name, could you help me?
  3. About the head of Anakin in the set 7113. Is there multiple options for the face? I found angry one, but most of the items on eBay and the Bricklink offers happy face? Angry face - eBay
  4. Tried those, found one head and R2-D2... phwww... Picture 14, fourth from the left: not Stormtrooper, ha?
  5. I think its Lego 7200 Star Wars Final Duel.
  6. Is this the best forum to get answers in questions liike this or do U have other forums on mind?
  7. Is it possible that Picture 14 third from the left is a head to the set Lego 7255 Star Wars Darth Vader Transformation?
  8. More: Picture 9 - Robots #3 Picture 10 - Without head #3 Picture 11 - Without head #4 Picture 12 - Without head #5 Picture 13 - Without head #6 Picture 14 - Complete minifigures #1
  9. Hello again! I'm back! Actually I have been "playing" with my Legos so here I have been all the time. So my story started here with this topic: Easy part was to organize the pieces, hard part is to try get full sets. It felt like everything was missing. So I decided to continue and keep moving. I took few sets as ready as possible and I will try to complete these. Lego 7255 - Star Wars - General Grievous Chase Lego 4711 - Harry Potter - Flying Lesson Lego 7251 - Star Wars - Darth Vader Transformation As you notice, I try to complete sets that are popular. Maybe reselling or maybe keeping it for myself. But I'm not interested to complete example Lego 4746 Alpha Team Mobile Command Center. I got it quite full, but thats all I going to do with it. My kid is playing with it now. Now I would like to know, is there any good sets left on the package. Next I will show you pictures of all the minifigures from the "7 kilos of legos". If anyone could tell me, is there any good sets left I could trying to complete? Picture 1 - Heads #1 Picture 2 - Heads #2 Picture 3 - Heads #3 Picture 4 - Without head #1 Picture 5 - Without head #2 Picture 6 - Robots #1 Picture 7 - Robots #2 Picture 8 - Unknown Darth Vader (parts doesn't move, says Lego)
  10. Hi and thanks for your message! I'm trying to find the time to continue my work. I have made quite nice sorting so it's quite easy to continue... when I have time!
  11. I'm trying to find the best way for me to get the pieces I need. Did I understood correctly that in Rebrickable there is MOC what I can use on my shopping list? And it shows how many percent of pieces some seller has for you? And in BrickLink there isn't this kind of service? I chose 15 pieces in BrickLink and then I needed to "mark or unmark" the pieces in shopping cart - and that's the way I tried to see what seller had most of the pieces for me.
  12. Okay. I worked with these legos yesterday. Next time I know right from the beginning that it's best to arrange all the legos very nicely in the beginning. It's back-and-forth if you don't know where your parts are. Now I know! So next time that I have time to build - I know right away do I have the piece or don't I. Thanks all the help!
  13. Thanks a lot! Your help is a big thing for me, this is very nice place. If you see some pieces you need/want, please write me a pm. If there is some leftovers, I would like to thank you if possible.
  14. Work continues. So, I started to find parts on Lego set 7255. Quite quickly I noticed that the General Griveous is almost totally out of the game. From Obi-Wan and Boga I'm missing parts as follows (and I will get these later hopefully): 40380c1 x2 40393 x4 I had only a few parts on General Griveous. And the question is: is there a platform where you can change parts with anothers? Like the ideal would be to give the General Griveous parts and get the legs for the Boga.
  15. But with MOC I can make my "shopping list" and with that it's easy to make orders including multiple pieces? I don't know is it important to have headliners. Maybe just to make little bit easier to know where every piece belongs. I was wondering to make an Excel for it, but I prefer if my list is in one place. So... if I don't need headliners and I remove the piece from MOC after I got it, I think I'm ok. I don't believe that I have so many Lego sets that I wouldn't regonize where to put the new piece.
  16. Hi and thank you. If I do this one "shopping list", can I make groups under that "shopping list"? I mean, can I make like headliners there: Lego 7251, Lego xxxx etc?
  17. Okay, I made a quick check with the set 7251. I used this list: I believe that I will find more pieces to this set later, because it was my first time to organize Legos. I didn't really know what I was doing when I started. This is the list of pieces that I am missing in the set 7251 at the moment: 3626bpb0224 30157 3684 55300 55299 55296
  18. Thanks again for all the help! Now the pieces are in some kind of order. So, if I would like to see what parts I have for example Lego 7251. Should I get the list below and check what can I find? And if I don't find it, I make somekind of wantlist in somewhere?
  19. Thanks for answering anyway. You think this is the best place to get help for regonizing? KamalMYafi is my only one at the moment... but I think he is quite good at this... I hope he still is.
  20. Sure about 42620 is from 4770-1? Not:
  21. Okey, half of the legos have been roughly sorted. Here is some pictures, any help of knowing what we have here? How can I regonize these myself? Picture 1 1 2 3 4 5 Picture 2 Up 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Down 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Picture 3 Up 1 2 3 4 Down 1 2 3 4 Picture 4 Up 1 2 3 4 5 6 Down 1 2 3 4 5
  22. Is it hard to get the missing parts if and when we have to find new parts? If any possible we would like to try get the full sets. We like to collect so "the chase is better than the catch... how much is the fish"... or how the famous singer ones wrote.
  23. Thanks for the quick reply. We are going home tomorrow and will start the sorting. Lets get this in order so my son can play with these... without correct order he would not have fun... right? And I want (atleast try) to learn how to recognize correctly these sets. I believe we *I* are going to buy this kind of boxes more in the future. I paid 50 euros for these 7 kilos... what you get with 50 euros from the shop? Half of "Millenium Falcon for dummies".
  24. Hello! I bought to my son *for myself* 7 kilos of Legos. My son *I* would like to build correct sets out of them. Where to start? I think it's best way is first to recognize some parts. But I don't have a clue. I started with Google: lego dragon. Nice try... My son *I* hope here is also some kind of space sh** in here... Is there a professional lego masters in internet who would help me? Do the masters recognize the sets from one piece? Thanks!