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  1. Since the introduction of "Fan Photos", which by the way is a fantastic feature, I've been missing the possibility to contact other members or at least a comment field under the photo. When I see someone submitting a photo of my MOC, I would most often like to place a comment since I really appreciate when someone does that. It be nice to be able to send a PM to a member, not just for commenting photos, but for many other reasons. (As far as I know, this is not possible but I might be wrong)
  2. Hi again, and thank you! I've actually been using rebrickable for many years already. I haven't been that active in the forums though. I know that version 3 is on its way, but I didn't know there was a special list for suggestions. Thank you for adding this to Nathan's list. Your solution worked just fine for me, thank you! But as I said earlier it would be nice to have it built in
  3. Thank you! I will try that, but it would still be a nice feature to have built in to Rebrickable
  4. If a set (or a MOC) uses a lot of parts in a certain color, it would be nice to have the option to replace that certain color with another and recalculate the build. Lets take the recent Technic Crawler Crane for example (42042). That set includes a lot of parts in blue, which was a quite uncommon color in technic until that model was released. It would be nice if you had the option recalculate your build and replacing all blue parts with red, for example which is a much more common color. Switching the color match setting to ignore doesn't do the same job as it mixes all different colors, it would be great if you could check if your % would increase if you would build the crane in red instead of blue.